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The Spiritual Journey – Morphinum

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov shares her remedy portrait of Morphinum, finding that it oscillates between the polarities of an ecstatic state of euphoria and a profound melancholy.

This is my remedy portrait of Morphinum. In the remedy Morphinum, the principal emotions gracefully oscillate between the euphoria’s celestial peaks, reminiscent of the exalted realm of the Morpheus, and the melancholy’s profound depths.

Note: The Matrix Method is based on the concept of individual Codes of a person, central to life and development of that person. The Matrix method helps us recognize this Code and prescribe the Simillimum, that has the same Code as that person.

The Codes of the Remedies used in the Matrix method were discovered by Dr. Mirjana Zivanov, using the Matrix proving and verified through 10 years of homeopathic practice by her team.

Homeopathy is a sphere of very subtle energies, which find their expression in a slightly more subtle world of thoughts and emotions, and only then do they materialize as a condition in the physical body, just like the worlds of Myths and dreams, with which they are intertwined.

In this sense, the story of Morpheus can help us to better understand the remedy Morphinum, by connecting this story with the experience of our numerous Simillimum Morphinum cases, their feelings, and emotions.

In the ancient pantheon of Greek gods, there was one who held sway over the realm of dreams and slumber: Morpheus. He was a deity of great mystery, often depicted as a handsome young man with wings on his back, his body adorned with ever-changing, shimmering colors that mirrored the shifting hues of dreams themselves.

Morpheus’ domain was the world of dreams, where he could shape reality according to his whims, weaving together the hopes, fears, and desires of mortals into intricate tapestries of the mind. His power was unparalleled, and his presence was felt by anyone who closed their eyes and drifted into the realm of sleep.

But there was a dark side to Morpheus as well, for he was intimately connected to a substance that had the power to both enchant and ensnare: morphine. Morphine, known to mortals as opium, was derived from the milky sap of the poppy flower. Its effects were legendary, inducing a deep and dreamlike EUPHORIA, an ECSTATIC state, much like the visions Morpheus himself wove in the minds of those who slumbered.

The connection between Morpheus and Morphine ran deep, for it was said that the poppy flower was a gift from the god himself to humanity. Legend had it that Morpheus, in his benevolence, had bestowed the poppy upon the world to grant mortals respite from the trials and tribulations of their waking lives. In doing so, he hoped to provide a glimpse of the enchanting dreamscape over which he held sway.

However, much like all things of formidable power, morphine bore its ominous perils. It possessed the ability to seduce mortals into a realm of addiction, where dreams intertwined with reality, creating a fog of obsession. Morphine, with its bewitching allure, had the capacity to entangle those who sought solace in its embrace, much akin to how Morpheus ensnared the minds of dreamers.

Yet, lurking beneath the initial ECSTATIC state of EUPHORIA, was a profound MELANCHOLY and a looming SADNESS that followed, leaving those ensnared by its clutches mortified by the consequences of their pursuit.

The tale of Morpheus and morphine was one of duality, a reflection of the delicate balance between dreams and reality, pleasure and pain. Mortals would seek the poppy’s embrace to escape their troubles, to glimpse the visions of Morpheus himself. But in their pursuit of this ethereal paradise, they risked losing themselves to the dark side of Morpheus’ power.

As the centuries passed, the legend of Morpheus and morphine endured. The poppy, with its vibrant red petals and milky sap, continued to be both a symbol of beauty and danger.

Morpheus, the god of dreams, watched over the dreams of mortals with a mixture of benevolence and caution, knowing that the line between the blissful world of dreams and the harsh reality of life was a fine one.

There is so much of Morpheus in a person whose soul remedy – Simillimum is Morphinum.  The basic idea of this remedy – its Code, according to the Matrix method is:


Every decision and thought of a Morphinum person affects the continuous interaction between pairs of opposites: ECSTASY/EUPHORIA on one side and MELANCHOLY on the other. These emotional and mental states are deeply embedded in the psyche of individuals, shaping their perceptions, choices, and overall worldview.

The feeling of MELANCHOLY is complex, and in the Repertory, it is described by the following sections from the Mind category: depression; despair; sadness; morose; lamenting; indifference – apathy; dullness. The feeling of ECSTASY/EUPHORIA can be associated with the Mind – cheerful and Mind – excitable sections.

Morphinum will be in the polarity of ECSTASY/EUPHORIA when in society, but as the center of society, the king of celebrations, who magnetically attracts and binds young people to himself. He does this benevolently, with feeling, and in an unobtrusive way.

When alone, he enters into his other polarity of MELANCHOLY. This MELANCHOLY is the feeling that there is no hope that things will get better, where you can only accept the situation, because there is no way out – it’s the end of the road. Therefore, it is a remedy that indicates the state of older people, as well as states preceding death itself.

When a Morphinum patient was asked, “How do you sleep?”, he was thrilled and replied: “Good topic! (and Morpheus is the god of sleep!) Better than in Germany, here I am with her (Morph), so that’s why! (he does not like to be alone)”

Many remedies do not like to be alone, but with Morphinum, this is particularly emphasized. Morphinum children are greatly saddened when their parents leave them alone at home, and for years they cannot forgive them.

They feel abandoned, like children without parents, so they help and gather other children, and later youths, in similar situations. They are ready to help in every way, thus creating a circle of loyal friends.

So, he gathers and leads young people. Therefore, he can be in the role of a teacher, and that would be in accordance with his personal karma. When in the role of a singer, he is captivating with his gentle voice and many girls and young women fall in love with him.

Thus, a Morphinum child is very popular in society: “The children behaved super towards me. I have nice memories of the whole school, I can’t remember anything bad.”

A center for children with disabilities or developmental disorders would be another sphere of Morphinum where MELANCHOLY, the state without hope for a complete cure, intertwines with the EUPHORIA of children gathering and socializing.

Morphinum will help in life’s dead-end situations, for example, financially help in someone’s difficult financial situation.

Morphine was used as an anesthetic for surgeries, and today it is used as a palliative drug in terminal stages of cancer patients.

We have noticed that patients, whose Simillimum is Morphinum, have an elevated pain threshold, and it is well known how Morphine is used to reduce severe pain. The opioid crisis in America, about fifteen years ago, was caused by painkillers based on the semi-synthetic morphine Oxycodone, which led to an epidemic of addiction disease.

In the end, the main protagonists ended up in prison, and close to 10 million Americans became some kind of morphine addicts. Here we see a connection with the remedy Crotalus horridus whose Code is TRAPPED – FREE, where patients temporarily FREED themselves from pain, but remained TRAPPED in dependency, and doctors and dealers ended up TRAPPED in prison.

When someone’s child dies, the parent enters a state of MELANCHOLY, because it is an irreversible state, the state of Morphinum. In contrast to this is the ECSTATIC happiness of children at play.

Another situation that introduces a Morphinum person into Melancholy is when they enter into sadness out of disappointment. Thus, one patient said: “When I was thirty years old, I was at the doctor’s and he told me that the problem is that I am 30 years old and do not have a family, a wife. It felt like I had not succeeded, it was a huge pressure. The feeling that I was unsuccessful! (not meeting expectations) Disappointed in myself and sad.”

Dr: “When you are disappointed how do you feel?”, he admitted: “I get a little ANGRY (Caust)!”

Usually, it is a nervous person who adapts well… “Traffic annoys me, disrespect for nature, but I adapt (Morph)!”

Morphinum is a remedy for difficult conditions that last a long time, for those who suffer for a long time…

And he himself says: “At work, if there are some deadlines that I cannot meet, especially for something I have no personal influence on, then it torments me (Morph).”

“It annoys me when they work slowly in the company. It torments me (Morph), and there are no results (Morph)!”

The idea of enduring difficult conditions for a long time is emphasized…

“I can endure (Morph) everything, there is nothing I cannot endure (Morph)…”

“I would not like everything to quickly fall apart (Morph, rather enjoys a slow decline). We have only been working for 4 years. I love my job….”

Key Words and Precodes of the Remedy Morphinum

Just as a poppy seed is small and black, resembling a tiny hole (Morph), so are changes of such appearance often associated with Morphinum. For example, the custom of piercing (Morph) the ears of female babies and little girls for the placement of earrings was intended to make them look prettier and more attractive to be accepted (Morph) by boys, but also to mark (Morph) them.

Thus, in this example, the tiny hole in the ear is Morphinum, the theme of acceptance and marking, while the earring would be Lotus, the theme of surrendering to inevitability. The Lotus state follows after the state of Morphinum.

In severe diseases that last a long time and where death cannot come, the remedy helps to accept the situation where there is no going back, and it allows the soul to leave the body. It eases the torment of the dying. It helps the soul’s transition. A remedy of transformation 🙏🏻.

It has the theme of number 1 or number 10, symbolizing the beginning and the end, connecting Sefirots Malkuth and Kether, i.e., Chakras Muladhara and Sahasrara.

Morphinum is administered with a needle, through a tiny hole in the skin. Thus, the tiny hole is one of the key words for Morphinum.

It can also be compared to a spinning top, which spins with ease.

Morphinum is a person who is different from others, in some way stands out, a problematic case…

“My wife is phenomenal. With me, there will be more problems (Morph), ha ha…”

Morpheus is depicted with a wing in place of his ear, resembling a huge ear – and Morphinum is characterized by exceptional sensitivity to noise, especially the sound of cutlery hitting plates.

The First Precode of Morphinum is Arsenicum album, with the Code BURDENED-UNBURDENED, because Morphinum thinks a lot (Ars) about everything, which BURDENS him. The thoughts are related to spiritual questions, religiosity, so that over time, deep thinking can lead into MELANCHOLY, one of its two basic polarities. Here we clearly see how the Precode of the remedy opens the door to the Code, i.e., how the Precode introduces one of the polarities in the Code of the remedy.

“I am a person who likes everything to be by the book, and that non-stop (Ars) creates pressure (Morph).”

“I wake up easily, but fall asleep hard. The first entry into sleep (Ars), while the body calms down a bit… And then, if I go to the toilet in the middle of the night, I can easily fall asleep again.”

In these examples, it is clear how much the Precode of the remedy has a great impact on a person.

The Second Precode of Morphinum is Formica rufa, with the Code SAFE – UNSAFE. So, one of the Morphinum patients said: “I was just thinking (Ars), it is SAFER (Formica rufa) that both my wife and I are in therapy with the same homeopath.” In this sentence, we see how he invokes the keyword of his precode Arsenicum album, and one polarity from the Code of his other precode Formica rufa.

Key Words:

Parting (Borx)

Tiny hole, dot (Carc)

Acceptance (Phos-ac)

Pressure (Ferr)

No going back (Opium)

Needle (Sil, Kali-p)


Number 1

Number 10

Sensitivity to sounds (Theridion, Arg-n)

Thinking (Arsenicum album)

Religiosity (Aurum-m)

Beauty (Mandragora)

Water (Lotus)

Example for the Keyword parting: “And how did you feel at that time? It was a difficult moment…(Started to cry (Morph – involuntary tears)) Excuse me…I had a good relationship with my grandma and grandpa…(Why must I (Carc) leave (Morph) something that I LOVE (Phos-ac) and go into something I do not know, nor do I know the language, or anything.

Where did that mistake (Morph, Carc) happen… To prevent the child from losing a year, they immediately enrolled me in the first grade without going to preschool, it was hard to understand why I must (Carc) leave loved ones (Morph) and go somewhere where I know no one. It’s impossible to explain to a six-year-old what war is!”

Example for the Keyword pressure: “5-6 years ago, I had too high blood pressure (Morph), it spiked temporarily, I went to the emergency room and calmed down then. I came from training and felt warm and that my heart was pounding (Morph), and then I measured the pressure, 200 over 120. Went to the emergency room and it got corrected, but since then I have consistently slightly elevated blood pressure. I avoided allopathic drugs, and everyone in the family has high blood pressure on a nervous basis.”

Example for the Keyword dots/tiny hole: “When asked, ‘What do you want to be better?’ he says: ‘People are mistaken (Morph, Carc) when they think there is some main reason – all these are dots (Morph) that together have that result (Morph, Aur).’ Here we see how the patient himself invokes the idea of dots…”

Example for the Keyword number 1: “I am the owner of a company (Morph, no.1) and I want (Phos-ac) everything to be good for the clients.”

Relationships with other remedies:

Precode: Arsenicum album (movement, restless)

Precode: Formica rufa

Complementary remedy: Kali-ars (intestinal bleeding)

Similar remedy: Aurum muriaticum, Aurum metallicum

Morphinum and Aurum share a common theme of religiosity, a fondness for alcohol and taverns, being the center of attention, wanting everyone to listen, but Morphinum is much gentler and less imposing.

For differential diagnosis, it should be noted that Morphinum is chill-prone, while Aurum is warm; Morphinum is sensitive to noise, while Aurum is noisy; Aurum feels better after eating, has a good appetite, whereas Morphinum feels worse after eating and lacks appetite.

“Surely she can do better than me (Morph, Aur) ha ha…”

“I was lucky with teachers. The biggest problem for me personally is that I set too high expectations for myself (Morph, Aur), which I cannot fulfill (Morph).

“Like in sports, I want to be among the first (Morph, Aur).”

Safety (Form) is important to all of us nowadays. To have money, to worry about everything (Morph, Aur).”

“I get angry at myself for not having that material wealth – a car worth 100,000 euros, an apartment worth 800,000 euros, and I know that personally for me – it’s not that important. I can be happy with what I have, but the expectations… (Morph, Aur)

Both remedies have suicidal tendencies, Aurum in his SADNESS, and Morphinum in his MELANCHOLY, and we can see it in the following Repertory rubrics as well:

Mind sadness – suicidal disposition with

Mind suicidal disposition, sadness from

These remedies are prone to suicide by hanging.

Remedies that follow:

Lotus: Morphinum is dried out like from fire (the poppy is red like fire), and Lotus provides water (a white flower floating on water).

Crotalus horridus: “However, there was also a dark side to Morpheus, as he was deeply connected with a substance that had the power to both enchant and trap.”, and for Crotalus Horridus the Code is: TRAPPED – FREE.

Causticum: “When you are disappointed, how do you feel?” “I get a bit ANGRY (Caust)!”

“I get ANGRY (Caust) at myself for not having that material wealth – a car worth 100,000 euros, an apartment worth 800,000 euros, and I know that personally for me it’s not that important.”

Mercurius corrosivus: “I can drink a lot! In my family, everyone drank, the father, the grandfather, and the great-grandfather… They were well-known in taverns!”

Mandragora: Morphinum is prone to suicide by hanging, and there is a folk belief that Mandrakes grew beneath gallows where people were hanged.

In our Family circle therapy, we have noticed that these remedies have affinity to one another.

For example, when a Mandragora patient of ours, got better on therapy, she brought only one patient – her niece, a Morphinum, to our clinic, as her favorite in the entire family. Another Morphinum patient could only have sex with a Mandrake girl since he was a teenager, because of his potency, and later they got married.

Morphinum as a karmic remedy:

Dizziness with the slightest movement, Morphinum’s theme is rotational motion

Treats habits and addictions

Restlessness, anxiety, insomnia

Terrible fear of dentists

The prick of a needle triggers a fear of death: “I was often sick, during that period there was a lot of blood drawing…(Morph)!”

Pain, cramps, fever, chills (Opium, Stram)


With hair loss after vaccination

After an electric shock, lightning strike

After burns

For bone fractures

Fainting during blood drawing, faints during blood draws

Faints also from menstruation – again related to blood, and poppy is red like blood

Myocardial infarction

Bloody diarrhea, vomiting

Potency theme: “Behavior towards your wife and everything you must (Carc) be successful (Morph, Aur). Since then I have had problems with erection, must (Carc) succeed (Morph), must not fail!”

In malignant diseases, in pain therapy, in accepting the inevitability of the end, of parting

Modalities of the remedy:

Very chill-prone

Ameliorates: warmth, summer; company and celebrations

Aggravates: cold, winter; noise; solitude; food

Physical level of manifestation

Affinity of the remedy:

Abdominal aorta

Heart – palpitations

Intestines – bleeding, peristalsis, ileus

Stomach – vomiting

Eyes – narrowed pupils, increased sensitivity to light

Hearing – increased sensitivity to noise

Eardrum – rupture (tiny hole)

Head – headache, heat in the head

Hair – loss

Skin – changes in the form of black dots, ulcers, which last a long time without an inflammatory process, including metastases

Extremities – injuries and loss


Feeling of numbness, exhaustion, fatigue, depression.


After the remedy, an increase in appetite is expected, as Morphinum is usually a thin person who eats poorly, less nervousness, better mood, expressing love towards a partner, less sensitivity to noise, better communication with the environment, less thinking, taking off black glasses, the light of truth, seeing the world with different eyes, excluding people who were draining him, because before the remedy he could not say “no” to anyone.

Liberation through Integration

The essence of the remedy Morphinum represents the end, but also the beginning of a new, brighter, freer life. Morphinum can help to experience this as ecstasy, instead of sadness and pain… Morphinum, in all its warmth, tenderness, and graciousness, offers the soul a remedy, a remedy for parting, in the form of an ECSTATIC feeling where in warm tears SADNESS and EUPHORIA become One.

In the end, Morpheus served as a reminder that dreams, like morfium, could be a source of both inspiration and peril. It was up to each individual to tread carefully in the realm of dreams, to seek the beauty and wisdom that Morpheus offered without losing themselves to the seductive pull of addiction. The story of Morpheus and morphine was a timeless one, a testament to the enduring power of dreams and the ever-present need for balance in the lives of mortals.

About the author

Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov DDS, Registered homeopath, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. She has 20 years of everyday clinical practice in classical homeopathy, at the Homeopathic Clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is the founder of this Clinic. She is an associate member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK. She is the author of the books: “Homeopathy in Practice”, "Homeopathic medicine - Principles", "Homeopathic medicine - Invisible Influences", and many published articles. The books published by BJain on her Matrix Method in 2018 are: "Matrix Method with Tetractys Model in Homeopathy" and "Opening the Secret Door with Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy". Dr. Mirjana is the creator of the "Matrix Method" in homeopathy, and she presented it at international congresses: IHS London 2015, IHS London 2016, IHC Bangalore, India 2017, lecture at SLD Novi Sad, Serbia 2017, and at the IHC London 2018, IHC London 2019. She was awarded with the HCH “Star of Homeopathy” in London, 2019. and in 2020 with CoA CORONA WARRIOR by SYSI, New Delhi. In 2021 Dr. Zivanov developed the Karmic Labyrinth method. More information: www.karmiclabyrinth.com and www.homeopatskamedicina.rs Dr. Mirjana Zivanov’s contact: [email protected]


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