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The Blessings Of Gold Not everything that shines is gold

Written by Siegfried Letzel

Aurum metallicum materia medica and drug picture of homeopathy remedy Aurum metallicum by Siegfried Letzel. Symptoms of Aurum met mainly occur at upper parts of the body – the area housing our mind, spirit, emotions and soul, and the most vital organs.

One of the most striking properties of homeopathic Aurum metallicum is its association to suicide.

If it comes to suicidal disposition, the following out of 150 remedies associated with it are of greater importance: Alumina, Anacardium, Ant-c., Ant-t., Arsenicum, Aurum, Aur-m., Belladonna, Calcarea, Caps., China, Cimic., Hepar, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Iodof., Kali-br., Lac-d., Lachesis, Medorrhinum, Mercurius, Merc-aur., Natrum mur., Nat-s., Nux-m., Nux-v., Parth., Plb., Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Spigelia, Stramonium, Tuberculinum, Zincum met.. Not to be mistaken, those of the remedies not listed here are of greatest importance to a patient if it is her/his similimum. This is why all of them have to be considered when doing repertory analysis.

It was gold that always played an outstanding role in human cultures and mythologies, and even in mysticism. Gold never was a material good for ordinary people. In ancient times, gold has been a privileged property of Gods, kings, and priests. It was Alexander the Great ousting this metal from divine dimensions down to daemonic abyss when printing his head on golden coins. Greedy desire for gold is what humanity was stricken by from now on. Gold as a vehicle to power, wealth and blissful happiness – it was degraded to become a secular object of desire.

What would have been the result of a homeopathic remedy proving of Aurum metallicum if being performed in times before Alexander the Great? We cannot tell.

Aurum metallicum, as a homeopathic remedy in the modern world, does not show much of its divine and sacred properties of the past. What has remained is the fact that symptoms of heavenly Aurum mainly occur at upper parts of the body – the area housing our mind, spirit, emotions and soul (according to most sciences, philosophies, and religions), and the most vital organs.

In remedy provings, the effects on the body can be compared with mercury poisoning and syphilitic infection. Aurum tends to attack blood, lymphatic nodes and bones.

Mr. Aurum is a heavy person. His walk is heavy, slow. Easily he’ll get short-winded and feeling hot. He doesn’t like heat. Congestion to the head, furuncles on the scalp, severe headache and pains in the bones of the skull are common. He may encounter diplopia, the upper half of objects may be invisible to him. Stinking discharge from the ear; rotten smell coming out of the nose (ozaena), wimpering aloud during sleep with frightening dreams; blood seems to flow from the head into the lower extremities causing edema. His blood starts to seethe, as if boiling in the blood vessels. This is gold in action.

Aurum patients are tight-lipped persons. They can’t easily describe their inner feelings openly, frankly. They may name their state as being depressive, but they won’t be able to describe it closer. Failure drives him to despair. He is feeling upset, sleepless at night, thinking about his whole life in frustration; thinking having done everything wrong, never having reached his aim in life. Violent-tempered explosions are followed by a prolonged phase in deep depression. His symptoms are worst from sunset til daybreak.

Aurum is dominating people close to him. This extrovert egocentric has to be followed. His brief explosive states of excitement appear to be dangerous. But they are followed by fairly long-termed states of exhaustion, in melancholy, which might get manifested in suicidal thoughts.

Going through the symptoms of mind of this remedy, You will encounter that positive emotions have faded away. The instinct for self-preservation may be turned to the opposite. Aurum is longing for death, seeking for the best method to commit suicide. Once the patient has reached a state of deepest depression without any hope, the desire for death will become overwhelming. The really dangerous characteristic of Aurum is, that the person affected will not tell others about his trouble. His family may find him the next morning – hanged. Or he has jumped down a cliff, but a window in appropriate height will do just the same.

Aurum can be really happy one day – for no obvious reason, and sad the very next day – for no obvious reason, and finally be dead the following day – for no obvious reason.

Mind – Mania, madness – suicidal (3): Aurum
Mind – Mania, madness – suicidal – sexual symptoms, with (1): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – abortion, in threatening (1): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – delivery, parturition, during (1): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – children, in (1): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – love, from disappointed – weeping, with (1): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – menses – before (2): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – prolapse or induration of uterus, with (1): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – pregnancy, during (1): Aurum
Mind – Suicidal disposition – prepares himself silently (1): AUR.
Mind – Suicidal disposition – throwing himself from – windows – pain, from (1): Aurum
Mind – Joy – general – death, when thinking of : Aurum
Mind – Cheerfulness, gaiety, happiness – general – death, while thinking of: Aurum
Mind – Fear – general – death, with desire of: Aur.
Mind – Fear – general – death, of: Aurum
Mind – Death – thoughts of: Aurum
Mind – Death – thoughts of – joy, give him: Aurum
Mind – Death – desires: Aur.
Mind – Death – desires – alternating with – laughing: Aurum
Mind – Death – desires – evening: Aur.
Mind – Death – desires – fear, with: Aurum
Mind – Death – desires – hypochondriasis, with: Aur.
Mind – Death – desires – hysteria, in: Aur
Mind – Death – desires – prolapse or induration of uterus, with: Aur.
Mind – Death – desires – convalescence, during: Aur.
Mind – Dreams – death, of: Aurum

This is the basic idea of Aurum metallicum: DEPRESSION and DETESTING LIFE. These persons do not want to live. This attitude is found practically in any case of Aurum, regardless whether the patient admits or not.

Here a list of other homeopathic pathologies of higher valencies of gold:

Abdomen – Atrophy – liver

Generalities – Morning, five am.-nine am. – <<
Emaciation – general – anxiety, from bodily and mental
Emaciation – general – pining boys
Abuse of, poisoning with – mercury
Obesity – old people
Old – people, complaints in
Orgasm of blood
Irritability – physical, excessive
Pulse – frequent, accelerated, elevated, exalted, fast, innumerable, rapid
Pulse – weak
Lassitude – general – mental exertion, from
Pain – boring, grinding, grating – bones
Blowing the nose – <<
Weakness, enervation, exhaustion, prostration, infirmity – mental exertion, occupation – <<
Fatty degeneration of organs

Respiration – Sobbing – sleep, in
Difficult – palpitation, during
Inflammation – scrofulous
Injected – cornea
Pain – general
Discoloration – yellow – spot, yellow in white of eyes – marked by a network of bloodvessels on conea

Chest – Angina pectoris, stenocardia
Anxiety – heart, region of
Oppression – heart
Oppression – heart – ascending stairs
Complaints of the – heart
Constriction, tension, tightness
Inflammation – heart, carditis – endocardium, endocarditis
Inflammation – rheumatic – heart – endocardium
Fat about the heart with nervous irritability
Palpitation heart – anxiety, with
Palpitation heart – exertion – <<
Fatty degeneration of heart
Hypertrophy of – heart
Tuberculosis pulmonalis – sycotic
Pain – crushing – sternum, behind, on ascending
Fullness – general – heart – ascending stairs

Extremities – Orgasm of blood – lower limbs
Coldness – general – lower limbs – feet – mental exertion
Paralysis – sensation of – lower limbs
Weakness – lower limbs

Chill – Night – <<
Bed – <<

Mind – Anxiety – pining away from bodily and mental
Anxiety – emaciation, with
Anxiety – chest, in – heart, region of
Anxiety – conscience, of
Work – fatigues
Anger, irascibility – general
Anger, irascibility – general – contradiction, from
Anger, irascibility – general – violent
Ailments from – disappointment, deception
Ailments from – excitement – emotional, mental symptoms from
Ailments from – grief, sorrow, care
Ailments from – love, disappointed, unhappy
Ailments from – contradiction
Praying – general
Sensitive, oversensitive – general – pain, to
Prostration of mind, mental exhaustion, brain fag
Industrious, mania for work
Fear – general
Mental exertion – <<
Excitement, excitable – general
Company – aversion to, << – solitude, fond of
Violence, vehemence – general – pain, from
Grief – general
Grief – general – deception, from
Smiling – never
Laughing – general – hysterical
Laughing – general – convulsive, spasmodic
Lamenting, bemoaning, wailing
Weary of life – evening
Morose, sulky, cross, fretful, ill-humor, peevish
Music – >>
Talk, talking, talks – indisposed to, desire to be silent, taciturn
Irritability – general
Senses – acute
Jumping – impulse to – window, from
Jumping – impulse to – height, from a
Jumping – impulse to – prolapse or induration of uterus, pregnancy, during
Moaning, groaning – general – sleep, during
Quarrelsomeness, scolding
Desires – prolapse or induration of uterus, with
Dreams – frightful
Dreams – vivid
Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy
Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy – evening – <<
Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy – mercury, after abuse of
Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy – suicidal disposition, with
Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy – prolapse of uterus, in
Forsaken feeling
Despair – religious
Despair – pains, with the – prolapse, in, or induration of uterus in pregnancy
Contradiction – <<
Contradiction – intolerant of
Loathing – life, of – evening
Doubtful – souls welfare, of

Face – Congestion
Inflammation – bones – periosteum
Eruptions – acne
Eruptions – pustules
Caries, necrosis – bones
Nodosities – nose
Pain – boring
Pain – burning – caries, necrosis, in
Pain – tearing – cheek bones
Pain – stitching
Pain – sore, bruised
Pain – sore, bruised – jaws – lower
Swelling – general – nose

Extremity Pain – General – joints – morning – bed, in
General – joints – motion – >>

Tearing – upper limbs – elbows
Tearing – upper limbs – wrists
Tearing – upper limbs – fingers – joints
Rheumatic – joints
Wandering, shifting – joints

Throat – Pain – general – swallowing – <<

Urine – Milky

Skin – Eruptions – crusty – dry
Eruptions – dry

Hearing – Acute – noises, to
Acute – music, to – >>

Head – Exostoses
Hair – affections of, in general – falling out, alopecia
Caries, necrosis

Head Pain – General – mental exertion – <<
General – air – cold – <<
General – blowing nose – <<
Tearing – vertex

Larynx & Trachea – Mucus in the air passages

Male – Itching – scrotum
Pain – general – testes – right
Pain – aching – testes
Pain – sore, bruised – testes – evening – six pm.-eleven pm.
Pain – drawing – testes – right
Swelling – general – testes – right
Enlarged – general – testes – right

Mouth – Caries, necrosis – palate
Ulcers – palate
Ulcers – syphilitic – palate

Nose – Discharge – purulent
Discharge – yellow
Discharge – hard, dry
Discharge – offensive – fetid
Inflammation – right
Inflammation – bones
Inflammation – inside
Caries, necrosis
Catarrh – general
Ozena – syphilitic
Pain – general – night
Pain – general – bones
Pain – boring – night
Pain – boring – bones
Pain – ulcerative – touch, on
Pain – ulcerative – internal – right
Pain – sore, bruised – bones – right
Pain – sore, bruised – external – touch, on
Pain – sore, bruised – internal
Scurfy nostrils
Syphilitic affections
Ulcers, internal
Agglutination, nostrils – general
Obstruction – general
Obstruction – sensation of

Ears – Discharges – general – sequelae
Discharges – general – purulent
Discharges – general – offensive
Discharges – general – fetid
Discharges – general – suppressed
Abscess – behind
Caries, necrosis – bones, mastoid
Caries, necrosis – threatening
Pain – burning
Pain – pricking

Smell – Sensitive to odor of – strong odors

Vertigo – Syphilitic

Vision – Diplopia
Hemiopia – upper lost
Foggy – hemiopia, in
Dim – old people

Urethra – Discharge – testes, involved

Female – Induration – general – uterus
Induration – general – uterus – cervix
Cancer – uterus
Prolapse – uterus

Siegfried Letzel

About the author

Siegfried Letzel

Siegfried Letzel is a biologist and he also qualified as a natural health professional specializing in TCM and homeopathy. For the last couple years, he has been studying historical papers and the works of early homeopaths in search of the original and true homeopathy. Letzel is the curator of the Hahnemann Exhibition of the International Hahnemann Center Torgau and a board member of the umbrella Association of Hahnemann Sites in Meissen, the city where the founder of homeopathy was born. He has also contributed to various books on homeopathy.


  • cm boger is known for key notes.many prefer it when they feel allen keynotes bulky.boiling blood phase is when associated with pleasure,indians are fond of getting their cool blood boiled by gold powder called savarna bhasma very costly medicine.only thing is one should monitor bp by a pressure gauge now available on line electronic type.beyond 150 release the pressure by opening your lips,beyond 180 by aurum mur30,no boiler explosion no depression.homeopaths put all blames on aurum for pain in bones suicides etc.that is the reason old time homeopaths advise use q with caution as it is equivalent to savarna bhasma.bengali tip is use viscum to lower bp from high and viscum 30 or 200 to raise bp an boil the blood,whether it will substitute savarna bhasma is million dollar question.similar effect of conium on senior citizens can be experimented.old saying is old is gold what it means is question mark.regards.

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