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Letters to the Editor  – Feedback from the March 2023 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

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Letters to the Editor  – Feedback from the March 2023 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. Comments on A case of bipolar disorder, paraplegia in a case of spinal arachnoid cyst and much more.


A Case of Bipolar Disorder

Great work Elka! The MONARCH inclusion adds extra weight to the outcome. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Penrose

 From: Homeopathy Crossword

Love this!  How do i get to review the answers to the puzzle? The link didn’t open to it.

Terri Q.

Hi Terri,

When you type in an answer, a block should open with the word “SOLVE.” If you click that, it will provide the correct answer.

Alan V. Schmukler

From: Myasthenia Gravis Treated with Classical Homeopathy – Berfin Duman

Myasthenia Gravis Treated with Classical Homeopathy

An excellent case that demonstrates the power of homeopathy when practiced in a classical manner.

Martin Earl

Thank you

 From:  Homeopathy in a Holographic Universe – Doug Brown

Homeopathy in a Holographic Universe

Hi Doug,

Thank you so much for your research, excellent writing and work. Thank you for your homeopathic practice! Thank you, as always, for serving on the Board of A Promise of Health, bringing homeopathy to the indigenous populations of rural Oaxaca, Mexico.

Barbara Grannell

From: The Use of Temperaments in the Healing Process – Kenneth Silvestri

The Use of Temperaments in the Healing Process

I first learned about temperaments from reading the Swiss homeopath, Dr Rudolf Flury, 1903-1977. His understanding of temperaments were founded on his knowledge of Aristotle. He also developed a card repertory which included rubrics for temperaments. He showed that the person’s gaze and manner of walking gave a good clue to the temperament.

Richard Laing

Homeopathy Tips & Important News – Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy TIPS and Important News

Excellent and very practical homeopathy TIPS

Martin Earl

From: Dr. Soledad Ramirez Medina is interviewed by William  Grannell, president of the board of directors of A Promise Of Health.

Fantastic interview Bill! Well done! And I’m so glad you are going backwards in time from your current age of 85 to 79! Co-founding A Promise of Health with you has been the biggest highlight of my life! Thank you Alan, for publishing this interview and for your continued support of A Promise of Health!

Barbara Grannell, Exec. Director, A Promise of Health

From: Role of Mistletoe Therapy (Iscador) In Integrative Treatment of Cancer by Arvind V. Kulkarni, Anil Sanganeria, Farhan Nadaf

Role of Mistletoe Therapy (Iscador) In Integrative Treatment Of Cancer

I am a homeopath with 35 years’ experience. In late 2020 I was diagnosed with Diffuse large b cell lymphoma stage 4 b prognosis a few weeks. I did not accept this diagnosis and started my long journey to eventual remission and recovery. I did have chemo but 50% and very limited radiation as i was too ill. after the radiation in October 2021 I started iscador injections this was a life saver. I continued with homeopathy throughout the time which helped me in acutes.
In December 2021 after pet scan it showed tumour gone but scar tissue in my stomach meant I had to have a stent inserted. Once I was able to eat again I could start my recovery. The oncologist was shocked as she had me on palliative care. I continue to be well and enjoying my life.

Shauna Wyldeck-Estrada

Thank you very much for sharing that, Shauna.  It’s a very inspiring story and serves to affirm the power of homeopathy and the value of Iscador.

Alan V. Schmukler

From: Paraplegia in a case of spinal arachnoid cyst treated with homeopathy -Kamal Jalodia

Paraplegia in a Case of Spinal Arachnoid Cyst Treated with Classical Homeopathy

An extraordinary case and fine analysis. Patients that receive this level of homeopathic treatment are fortunate indeed.

Martin Earl

From: Praying for Poop – Elaine and Shana Lewis

Praying For Poop!

I think the answer is Collinsonia

Rohini Roy

Thanks for voting, Rohini. I will enter your remedy choice into our vote totals. Be sure and check “Revisiting: Praying For Poop” in the April ezine for the answer.

Elaine Lewis



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