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Role of Mistletoe Therapy (Iscador) In Integrative Treatment Of Cancer

Drs. Arvind Kulkarni, Anil Sanganeria and Farhan Nadaf report on results of treating cancer patients with Iscador therapy. Eighty patients suffering from cancer were treated at the Integrative Cancer Clinic, Marine Lines, Mumbai.


Iscador, an anthroposophical drug, a preparation made from various kinds of mistletoe growing on apple, pine, fir and oak trees. Viscum Album was first proposed for the treatment of cancer in 1920 by Rudofl Steiner, founder of the Society for Cancer Research, in Arlesheim, Switzerland and introduced in the treatment of human cancer as early as 1921.

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni an integrative oncologist, Dr. Anil Sanganeria a surgical oncologist and Dr. Farhan Nadaf, a homeopathic consultant treated 80 patients with mistletoe therapy (Iscador) along with conventional medicine through an integrative approach at Integrative Cancer Clinic, Marine Lines, Mumbai

This observational study aims to explore the effect of mistletoe therapy (Iscador) along with conventional medicine through an integrative approach for the treatment of cancer.

80 patients suffering from cancer were treated at Integrative Cancer Clinic, Marine Lines, Mumbai during the year 2019-2020. They were either given homeopathic medicines or mistletoe therapy (Iscador) or ayurvedic medicines or a combination of the above mentioned complementary medicines.

Patients were asked to fill out questionnaires at their first visit and follow up. Pain scale and qualitative and quantitative assessment was used to measure the changes in patients’ conditions.


  • Out of 80 patients, 42.5% were treated with lscador therapy alone, 30% with homeopathy, 65% with ayurvedic medicines, 6% with homeopathy and lscador therapy together, 47% with iscador therapy and ayurveda and 6% with homeopathy, ayurvedic medicines and lscador therapy together.
  • 69% patients were under Mistletoe therapy (lscador) andconventional systems of medicine, 19% patients underwent Mistletoe therapy (lscador) after the convention medicine protocol, 12% patients were under Mistletoe therapy (lscador) only.
  • Follow-up parameters in patients under Mistletoe therapy (lscador) alone and Mistletoe therapy (lscador) along with conventional medicine were pain, general condition, mental distress and symptomatic relief.
  • Among patients treated with lscador Therapy and conventional medicine, scale of pain reduced from 8 to 3, General condition improved from 1.6 to 3, mental distress reduced from 8 to 4.25, symptomatic reduction from 7.4 to 3.2 was observed.
  • In patients treated with only lscador Therapy, it was observed that scale of pain reduced from 7.4 to 2.4, general condition improved from 1 .25 to 2.4, mental distress reduced from 8 to 3.33, symptomatic reduction from 7.42 to 2.43.

This study shows more positive outcome in patients when complementary systems of medicine such as Mistletoe therapy (Iscador) was used in an integrative treatment of cancer. However, a randomised controlled study using specific individual parameters is required.


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About the author

Arvind V. Kulkarni

Dr. Arvind V. Kulkarni, graduated in Medicine from the B.J.Medical College, Pune in 1963. He did his post-graduate specialization abroad, securing a Diploma in Radiology from the Liverpool University and a Fellowship in Radiation Oncology from the New York University. After practising in New York, Dr. Kulkarni returned to Mumbai in 1973. Initially he worked at the Jaslok Hospital and later at the Bombay Hospital as Head of Radiation Oncology Department. In the year 1995, under direction of Shri Sardeshmukh Maharaj, Dr. Kulkarni helped start cancer research project at Wagholi.
Dr. Kulkarni was called back in USA in 1998 by Allegheny University Hospitals in Pittsburgh to start an Integrative Medicine Service. He returned to India again in 2004 and joined Indian Cancer Society as Director of Radiation Oncology Department in Mumbai. Dr. Kulkarni is now director of modern oncology section of the Integrated Cancer Hospital at Wagholi Pune. With like minded oncologists and AYUSH consultants, Dr. Kulkarni is also running Integrative Cancer Clinics in Mumbai and Pune to guide cancer patients.

About the author

Anil Sanganeria

Dr. Anil Sanganeria, a renowned surgical oncologist having more than 30 years’ of practice at Saifee hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Bombay Hospital, Elizabeth Hospital, Cumballa Hill Hospital, Parel Hospital and Integrated Cancer Treatment and Research Center, Wagholi, Pune. He is also a visiting surgeon at Bhagvan Mahavir Hospital, Jaipur. He has attended various national and international conferences on surgical oncology and presented numerous papers

About the author

Farhan Nadaf

Dr. Farhan Nadaf - Co-Founder - Remède Clinics - Guest Asso. Professor - Department of Pathology & Microbiology, VH Medical College, Hon. Homeopathic Physician - CSD, Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India, Homeopathic Physician - Integrative Cancer Clinic, Mumbai, Homeopathic Physician - Tumor Clinic, Pune www.remedeclinics.com


  • I am a homeopath with 35 years experience. In late 2020 I was diagnosed with Diffuse large b cell lymphoma stage 4 b prognosis a few weeks. I did not accept this diagnosis and started my long journey to eventual remission and recovery. I did have chemo but 50% and very limited radiation as i was too ill. after the radiation in October 2021 I started iscador injections this was a life saver. I continued with homeopathy throughout the time which helped me in acutes.
    In December 2021 after pet scan it showed tumour gone but scar tissue in my stomach meant I had to have a stent inserted. Once I was able to eat again I could start my recovery. The oncologist was shocked as she had me on palliative care. I continue to be well and enjoying my life.

    • Thank you very much for sharing that Shauna. It’s a very inspiring story and serves to affirm the power of homeopathy and the value of Iscador.

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