Letters to the Editor December 2009

Letters to the Editor December 2009

In Praise of Hpathy

I understand little and know less but I am an experiential healer using Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies. I carry the books for everyday diagnosing and a large kit of Homeopathic remedies either 6C 30C or 200C and all the Bach flowers. I let the patient choose and if I have the remedy I offer. If taken I will always go some time later and ask what happened. I ask myself that too. Almost always there is improvement and sometimes it is startling. I know Homeopathy and the Flower Remedies are effective.

I have been reading your magazine for many months, sometimes understanding what is being said and most often not. But I enjoy every moment with the articles both on the practical side and the scholarly side. I too marvel at the energy/directional electricity that renders itself into mathematical equations and am so happy that our Einsteins are progressing. Not that I care other than it may mean more people will embrace the remedies and reap the rewards.

I often laugh with excited joy as I read and learn here. Thank you so much, all who manage and all who contribute. HPathy – Better than Boys Own Annual when I was a boy.

I recommend this month to all including medical doctors. It is a wealth of knowledge and responses to the challenges of science and health.

John Board


Respected Sir,

I have been following your ezine since my BHMS course and now I am a practicing Homeopath. I want to thank you for providing this international portal, where we can always gain from our seniors, which otherwise would not be easy. The present november issue is dealing with the my favourite topic. The working methodology of Homeopathy is the subject I am also finding explanations since the day I joined the field. I also thank you for intiating the idea of implementing a module on Homeopathic research within the curriculum. This will be very beneficial as the students can get the direction to satisfy the limitless queries in the mind. Homeopathy has so much in the depth which needs to be explored from the very begining we step in it.

Thanks & best Regards,

Dr. Jaya


comments on editorial

es, there is a need of real research norms if our science is to prosper, In conventional medicine,educators, manufacturers and practitioners all are engaged in research work spending billions of dollars, whereas we still religiously follow the texts written a century and a half ago.Some manufacturers have come out with their specifics,but they are just mixopathy up against our philosophy of a similimum.There is still a large number of plants,herbs, and other creaturesthat has not yet been properly investigated into.A few of our Indian plants and herbs have found their way into our Materia medica as stray remedies and not as polycrests. More research is needed in that direction. With the larest following homeopathy in India needs more research and experimentation both at the government and public levels, God sent an idea to hahnemann and he revolutionised the exixtin system of cure, Who knows your idea may initiate another revolution in making homeopathy look more scientific, appealing and acceptable.


Avinash Agnihotri.


Dear Dr Bhatia,

Ur article on catch them young as an eye catcher is very relevant for all homeopaths, especially the budding homeo students, as also the homeo colleges especially in India. The oldsters like me shd be happy that now atleast, homeopaths are opening their eyes that clinical trials are a must especially now when homeopathy is on a hot seat. Dr Vithoulskas’ article on clinical trials was also a fantastic essay to show & stress how important such trials are. Let us all go forward to accomplish this.

Best wishes KN Raghavan


Dear Editor

As consagrated writer of homeopathic books and works and retired professor of homeopathic therapeutics in Brazil

Despite all insights presented in the this month articles on Homeopathy concerned its advances in Immunology and memory of water

I may ask your kind pay attention regarding such two main points as follow below:

1)Immunology model on Homeopathy.

Late Prof.Dr.Roberto de Andade Costa,MD and top immunologist in last decade of 80 20th.century developed in Brazil the clinical basis of the well knowed ALIVE NOSODE with further clinical appliances in infectious diseases and even on AIDS with top range clinical results confirmed for more tham two decades of experiments and so on.

And certainly this top discovery deserve a better approach and overview by your journal as soon as possible for all readers worldwide.

2) Memory of Water-

Despite all silly discussions on this scientific model developed by late french medical scientist in Inserm,France,last century, the main better results for near future will be certainly the real research and approach concerned the model on Energetical quanta absorption of Energy on the human cell mithocondria, as cell basical element to keep and perform the release of quanta of energy of homeoapthic remedies into the human cell, tissues and whole organism as well.

As defended in rational thesis since this time by my own person to give in common sense a final end on this borrow matter as well.

Thats is all to say by now

Kind regards,

Prof.Paulo F S de Lacerda,MD,PhD


Dear Hpathy Team!

I have just started to read the last issue of Homeopathy for everyone, and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it! This issue with research as theme is very interesting!

When I have read trough the articles (it takes me some time because English is not my first language) I will be happy to give more feedback.

Thank you for your work!

Best regards, Annica Uddenäs


Dear Editor

I have been longing to receive copies of your ezine, since I am very interested in many of the links given in the messages, but my computer is geared so that it does not allow me to access the internet as such. I was quite upset this month when I realized there was a specific report on Rheumatoid Arthritis for instance (which I have), and wonder whether it would be possible to send me a paper copy? I would be willing to pay for this, and indeed would like a regular copy monthly, if this is at all available.

Please reply.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Joy Schlaudraff



I am a happy person who has been ccured by homeopathy from difficult case of Rheumatoid Arthritis. after reading research paper on Rheumatoid Arthritis i felt more & more such cases can be cured if awareness is created about how wonderful this treatment is. lot of people suffer from deformity ad painful conditions due to rheumatoid arthritis because they take conventional treatment which is steroid based only. thanks to homeopathy.

vibha mishra


Dear Dr.Bhatia,

I have been getting the Ezine articles for couple of months now and I enjoy reading those. Thank you so much for making it available for us. Thank you Dr.George Vithoulkas for enlightening us on Clinical Study in Homeopathy and its protocol for a Homoeopath. Thanks to Elaine for Quiz every month. I like the way she puts up th idea of presenting the case. Thanks to the whole team for their contributions. I highly appreciate it.


Dr.Nirupama Desai MD (Hom)


Hi Homeopathy4everyone………..

A friend of mine forwarded on (via email) the Nov 2009 issue. I really enjoyed it.

Many thanks, Felicity Hartigan


Thank you for Martin Chaplin’s “Memory of Water”. He introduced the many variables than can affect the process of making a remedy; dissolved silica from the glass, gaseous solutes, ethanol, molecular species etc. This must give us pause when we think we are just whipping up a remedy. It may also explain differences in clinical results using remedies prepared by different laboratories.

Paul Atkinson – U.S.


George Vithoulkas’ article Clinical Trials in Homeopathy was very welcome and I hope future researchers will pay heed. To be valid, clinical studies in homeopathy must allow long term follow up and take into consideration temporary aggravations and return of old symptoms. We cannot discount these important aspects of homeopathy.

Johanna Staneva


Thank you for the interview when Lionel Milgrom takes us on a journey into the chemistry world. It is interesting to read about it and also read what he has to say about water. Then it comes up in my mind a book I can recommend written by Masaro Emoto and it is about water – The Hidden Messages in Water-published by Beyond Words Publishing . Inc, Hillsboro, Oregon Dr Masaro Emoto is also Doctor of Alternative Medicin, Open International University. Read it and I think you will enjoy it too.



Dr. Milgrom’s metphor for the vital force as “a quantized precessing gyroscope” affords a way of understanding and predicting results, and lends the language of mathematics to understanding homeopathy. I’m glad he’s taken up this challenge, as he is one of the few scientists conversant in both physics and homeopathy.

R.C. Pollard


Your November issue on research made me wish I had paid more attention in physics class. Well done and quite challenging!

Sue Neil


I have been reading your ezine for over a year now. I find it very informative and full of excellent cases. I truly enjoyed reading the article by Irene de Villiers on Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Keep up the good work everyone.

Dr. Max Ingold, DC, DHM, DiHom


Lionel Milgram’s hypothesis of quantum macro entanglement between patient, practitioner and remedy is fascinating. But how does one explain healing that occurs when there is no practitioner? Is the individual’s own intention part of another entanglement? If the remedy is wrong, there is no healing, so why must we speculate on entanglement?

Arianne Bogden


Three cheers for Dr. Salvatore Raino and Hydrobiotronics. This sounds like very original research which has the possibility to transform the practice of homeopathy. Can we find the frequency of the ill person directly? What magic that would be! Let us hear more in the future.

Boris Korotaev


I loved Irene de Villiers article on FIP, a disease which claimed five of my cats years ago. If only I had this information back then. The vets gave up too easily. I will send this to all my cat loving friends. Thank you!!

Desiree Goodman – U.S.


Respected sir ,

I am a homoeopathic practitioner from pune.have been a regular visitor of your site in the last 2years. I would like to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job and i benefited from these aricles a lot.

Thanking you

dr.shrikant talari


Robert Mathie’s article on clinical research in homeopathy addresses a most important point. The clinical importance of a study, rather than just its statistical significance, must also be considered. Five or ten lives saved, or suffering relieved, may not be mathematically significant, but it holds great significance to the patient and his clinician!

Barbara Kline


In Immunology and Homeopathy, Paolo Bellavite, produce some interesting models to explain homeopathic mechanisms (disease as a disturbance of internal oscillators and their communications). I must take issue however with their view that reductionist and holistic models are not conflicting. On one level this is true, but in the clinical world, the reductionist model causes havoc and leads to invasive therapies which pre-empt the possibility of holistic cure.

G. Froysa – Norway


I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Quack’s humorous and upbeat speculations on how homeopathy works. It was a wonderful primer and synthesis of the latest ideas in physics. My favorite part was his lensed theory of succussion, which suggests that succussion produces energies far in excess of anything we imagined. This would explain why the changes in water persist and why our remedies can be so powerful. This is one smart duck!

Simon Chang


All the research papers given in the November issue are very informative. It gives the detail scientific explaination for the mystery of functioning of Homeopathic remedies in high dilutions where chemically even molecular presence of the parent material can not be traced.

Ram Birkish Singh


Hi Manish,

Already acquainted with Lionel Milgrom and his work, I was happy to see your interview with him exploring all the scientific possibilities of what the homeopathic remedy energy could be. It is important we have a learned opinion rather than a theoretical debate on these issues – and I thank Lionel for being so ready (as always) to share his experience, his writings and and his scientific insight. I wish him sucess in his exploration and work which will be a definite plus for the homeopathic system of healing.

Leela D’Souza


Dr. Khuda-Bukhsh’s demonstration that potentized Arsenicum can remove Arsenic from victims poisoned with it, is exactly the kind of research we need. It helps establish homeopathy and serves humanity at the same time.

Karen McKinnell – Ireland


Evidence for use of homeopathy in Rheumatoid Arthritis (Jacqueline Dodding) makes the excellent point that homeopathy acts holistically, but randomized controlled trials measure individual variables. The effects of homeopathy are not properly measured by such trials. This is such an important point that it needs to be repeated often and forcefully.

R. Lebreton – France


Dear editors,

this month, Homeopathy for Everyone seems to have taken the next step in direction to become a serious source for studying homeopathy together with contents derived from ‘old’ and new sciences.

Different from almost all other articles ever published in your Ezine, this issue presents some articles which make use of mentioning references and which introduce with abstracts and keywords. Such articles I really welcome. They not only just serve reading purposes but they really help in studying the subject matter more thoroughly and they are worth being kept for later reference.

Before, articles usually do not differentiate private opinions from approved knowledge. Speculation from facts. If there is a change now and in the future, Homeopathy 4 Everone has a good chance helping develop a firmer ground for homeopathy as a means of reliable and trustworthy information around this modality. Please do not let go this opportunity.

Best wishs,

Siegfried Letzel


Many thanks for latest edition of Homoeopathy 4 Everyone

As usual many,many useful & interesting articles on homoeopathic subjects various too numerous to mention in detail.

could do with evidence for homoeopathy to overcome the Ernsts of this world & enhance our standing with the sceptics in the NHS.

Best Wishes,

Dr.Nigel Bird,

Director Alliance of Registered Homoeopaths


Respected Sir,

I have been getting ur Homeopathy for Everyone for the last 2 months, Its very informative and useful as a good guide for the homeopathic practitioners. Especially I would like to thank u for giving TIPS and SECRETS and on Disease, Healing, Our higher purpose, Miasms, Aids and more…. and many more articles. We are very thankful to u for providing such a useful work for the benefits of the practitioners as well as for the people. I would suggest u to enhance this project in regional languages if u can so that a lay men can also identify the power of homeopathy and understand it is one of the best in alternative treatments.

Thanking u,

yours friendly,

uma maheswara rao.P


Thank you! You are doing an excellent job with this website, with relevant articles at the right frequency (monthly). I appreciate the articles that have at the beginning an abstract/snyopsis/summary at the beginning especially if they are long articles. I find this with most academic articles. Keep up the great work – I look forward to your issues every month.

Pearl Prevost


Excellent issue, thank you very much, I thoroughly enjoyed the ideas about research and the general trend of looking to explain and expand the understanding of how homeopathy might work using contemporary and forward looking ideas, rather than the historical tendency to look backward and consider ourselves a special case.

Much needed and much appreciated.

Thank you for all the good work.

Robert Bannan


I am always touched by most of the articles from hpathy emagazine and this time I like the article by Dr quack. In short your emagzine is excellent and complete. I dont think I need anything else to upgrade my knowledge of Homoeopathy . Thanks and all the best for many years to come.



Dear Editor,

I am a regular reader of Hpathy and am thankful that such a site exists. It gives me thought provoking, illuminating insight into the practitioners’ world. Your current newsletter is particularly interesting and full of enlightening articles on questions that come up often in my mind while studying Hpathy.

Thank you for your efforts.





love the case study and the Mappa mundi article. thank you.

I tried to go back to the Oct issue to read Misha’s article on disease, higher purpose, miasms etc – but could not access the subsequent page. Would love your suggestions so I can read the rest.

Many thanks for the work you do



I didn’t like Misha Normand’s articles. He lost me in the first paragraph. He’s on a different plane. All the rest of it was good.

Jim Hebert


Dear Editor For lack of time I did not give much feedback before although in general I find your e-zine interesting with room for everyone’s point of view. This edition was especially interesting with a view on research and the future for homeopathy.


Christel Lombaerts Leuven


Dear Sir,

I do hope that you continue your section on

“Ask The Plant Doctor”by V.D.Kaviraj.

I found his answers very interesting an educational.


Bob Luzader


I found your november issue very informative and thorough as a student and health practitioner I enjoy the articles written by homeopathic communities across the world.

keep up the good work, did you hear about the recent parliamentary debate on Boots Pharmacy and Robert Wilson debating the efficancy of homeopathy…again the science world state it does not work, when you have tried it for illness and disease you will only see the benefits…

i look forward to decembers issue


Moriom Kamir


Dear friends, thank you for this site.I am homeopath in start of the road and I try to read almost all articles. I am MD and scienific approach to homeopathy is very important to me.

With my regards.



Dear Editor,

November issue is good one specially your article of Drug and alcohol abuse.Request for making the journal practice oriented.Thanks.

Dr.Suresh Jain.


I found the articles very interesting and since this is my first issue look forward to what is to come. I use homeopathy and am glad to see the research to back up that it works.



Dear Sir,

Now-a-days Homeopathy 4 everyone has become more interesting with the contributions form many professionals. It is a great learning experience. May GOD Bless all to keep up the Good work. Everything in this issue was very good.

Regards, Manjunatha.


Dear sir,

I am a deep fond of ‘Tips and secrets’ by Alan V. Schmukler and go through it very regularly & minutely. Every edition of it appears something new and valuable.This chapter must continue with more factual understanding and thinking.


Mir Quasem


So much to read and absorb- this is not skimming reading…

So far I found the following of interest: ADHD research Homeopathy & Influenza Treatment of malignant Tumours Intro to Boericke Mappa Mundi Tips & Secrets When the Remedy Doesn’t Work Homeopathy for Drug & Alcohol Abuse



all your issues i have read and i doont find any difficulty in telling that your doing a great work and we juniours are getting good information from a renowned homeopath like you , iam proud of you and seek your guidance always.

great regards

dr kiran rathod.


November-09 issue is very informative , especially interview of Dr. Milgom is full of information. Dr. M. Bhatia artical ” Cath the young ” is an excelent well done

Dr. Faiz Muhammad Khan Battagarami


I shall write generally. Lately I have seen a case of MS, a son of one of my older patients. While weighing his case, I have searched the internet, and in your excellent website two very instructive articles, concerning guidelines for treating these patients, Alice Timmerman’s and Andre Saine’s.

I also could show these to the mother who had not believed a change for the better is possible.

Many thanks to you.

Henia Simone, RCHom Israel


Hi Alan and Manish, I thought the interview with Lionel was very interesting….went a bit over my head really, which is a pity because I would love to understand a little more fully actually how our remedies work.

All the negative publicity over here in the UK recently has prompted me to write the enclosed article if you would like it? Best wishes

Mary English DSH


The article from the plant-doc- with V.D. Kaviraj was very informative and useful. I will be perusing his website very often. It’s a pleasure to use the very same remedies for my gardening needs that I use for my family. Thank you so much for his article and also the many other informative articles I appreciate.


Elisabeth Lashley


Dr B;

Congratulations once again on a wonderful issue of Ezine.Each article is a storehouse of valuable information,which helps us to understand homeopathy better, and see that the science of homeopathy is now being driven by more research and its benefit going to its lovers and followers.

I have not had the time to go through all the articles but would like to comment on three of them as i managed to read them. But will go through all in due course;

Article by Dr Vithulkas on approach to doing future research on homeopathy and his guideline are very timely and need of the hour.Protocol laid out should be studied and then put to practice after its pro and cons for individual research organization.One point in the article was very pertinent.

“The main reason is that in conventional research protocol there are certain rules (patho – physiological , patho logo – anatomical, statistical, epidemiological) for studying of disease, but no law or principal for studying the patient .

He then lays down guidelines on which the research is to be done so that it can stand up to the modern needs of to day;.

The other article by Dr Khuda Baksh on Arsenic poisoning of drinking water in various part of West Bengal and the use of Homeopathic ARS ALB to fight the menace was very enlightning indeed. Such research are need of the time and shows the way how Homeopathy can be used under such condition.Specially in sector of community health.

Last article is input by Dr Kaviraj, on use of homeopathic medicines on plants.I have been following his articles and inputs in Ezine and other forums very eagerly. He has definitely brought HOMEOPATHY to the fore front in its application to plants and farming.

Wishing you and your team all the best;

Dr Wequar Ali Khan, Florida


Dear Editor

Thanks for the lively newsletter this month which was quantitatively as well as qualitatively quite exhausting. I like the articles on Research the most.

I appreciate your recent editorial where you requested every institute/college to incorporate research component in their syllabi.

I think we still need to educate an average homeopath physician a lot as far as research component is concerned. By his or her prespective, he or she is interested in knowing how research can be incorporated in his or her clinical practice? How documentation has to be done? What’s the difference between scientific research and clinical research?

I think it would be interesting if you planned a series of newsletter for an average homeoapth physician keeping research in mind.

Only research can save and uplift homeopathy.


Dr. Nancy


Like all other issues this issue was most instructive and interesting. I enjoyed reading the articles thoroughly. Hope you continue this good work. Our expectations are rising higher and higher from your team. I would like you all to research and write about the treatment of serious nervous disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson disease and related topics. I know that homeopathic treatment is entriely symptomatic and not disease name oriented, but I have named these diseases as they are called by the orthodox medical fraternity as I would like all to benefit from your e-zine.

Best wishes,



Thanks for the November issue.of HPathy articles. I have used some tips and it works wonders. All the papers are very interesting informative and knowledgable. thanking you with kind regards.

Gopalan Krishnan


The November 2009 issue was of a very high standard. I have learnt to expect the best from you and my expectations have never been belied.




I wonder whether you would be kind enough to forward a message to Martin Chaplin with reference to his article on the memory of Water

He should read Cyril Smiths’s work on the electro-magnetic properties of water and everything else. He fully explains it all


Robert Mathie knows all about Cyril’s work and chooses to ignore it, I cannot understand why

I still enjoy reading homeopathy4everyone. Keep up the good work

Brian Teall


Good day I have resaved November’s homeopathy. I have read article Mappa Mundi Method and Boericke’s Repertory. I like to hear lecture of Aphorism Dr Marish Bhatia and I had took very interesting cartoon I held it on the desk in my children hospital for the doctors. I like to know more remedies children about.

Best wishes

Lyubov lyan


Dear editor,

Interview between you and Dr. Milgrom was very important & interesting , especially subjects which talk about using a powerful spectroscopic technique which is called, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance(NMR), and he said,” water/alcohol mixtures ( or triturated with lactose or glucose ), HYDROGEN is most common element in this mixture. And the Nucleus of Hydrogen Atom can be thought of as a tiny magnetic gyroscope. This behavior of Hydrogen Atoms in a chemical mixture can be quite easily detected using NMR. It is one of the most powerful analytical tool used by”. This subject pushed me to think about Spectrometric Analysis Program to interpret and evaluate a Homeopathic Mixtures before and after Dilution, Trituration and Succussion then compare the results. I mean if after each one of the upper processes and steps there is an Atomic Exciting, Then photon happens, so we have different wavelength and finally different out put. Plz let me have Dr. Milgrom Email, or send my feedback to him.

Jafar Vakili


Some of your articles, such as those by Ms. Danheisser and Ms. Dodding suggested a holistic approach to research. Of course! Why keep repeating reductionistic studies on a holistic science? Great issue.

Jerome Kovsky


My friends think homeopathy is just for runny nose and bruises. This issue was filled with great research articles. I especially like Charlotte Yde’s discussion of homeopathy for malignant tumors. Keep up the good work!!

Angela Mariano


My husband has always gotten relief from arthritic pain with homeopathy. We saw Sharon Townhill’s overview of research on homeopathy for musculoskeletal pain. It seems strange that research is needed to prove something to doctors, that thousands of lay people already know. But if that’s what it takes…thanks Ms. Townhill!

Susan Fisher – Portland OR


I’ve always wondered about the archaic types of sanguine, choleric, melancholic phlegmatic and how the early ideas of earth, air, fire, and water were intrepreted. Claudia De Rosa (Mappa Mundi) explained it all so well and tied it into constitutions . The wisdom of the past meets the present.

Helena Ludwig


I’m giving doctor Leela D’Souza’s article on ADHD to my pediatrician. I’ll give her some of the other studies too. Thank you Hpathy for this wonderful issue.




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