Letters to the Editor February 2006

Letters to the Editor February 2006

I always love the quizzes you publish regularly, keep it up.

Thanks, for your articles and quizzes are a great addition to my studies

Frauke Kuchenbecker


That was a great work of heart and soul from Leela. It was a mind opening article to read.


Ref: homeopathy medicines from allopathy drugs

The basic idea is intersting, but, (there are always buts), the prescription of allopathic drugs prepared with our method, will not result in patients´ improvement. The side effects of Prednisolone mentioned here are just toxic manifestations of material doses of the medication. If prednisolone is dilluted and succussed, it will turn into another drug, which, once properly experienced will give out a reliable pathogenesy on which we will be able to prescribe.(Ask Dr. Hahnnemann…)(
– Anonymous


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