Letters to the Editor – Feedback from August 2020


Readers comment on the August 2020 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone.

From: Dr. Alberto Sacristán Rubio Interviewed by Katja Schütt

I wish all of our doctors here in the US could read this article and start using homeopathy. People in Spain are so fortunate to have Dr. Rubio seeing to their health.
Linda S.

From:  Editorial: A Holistic Approach to COVID-19

Great article, it should be read by all those in the ‘health’ field. Homeopaths around the world should be employed to make quick work of this virus, yet big pharma has their grip on the media and the world. Natural ways are always the best.
Renita Herrmann

Thanks Alan for addressing the widespread view that in Covid-19 the immune system over reacts creating a Cytokine storm which damages organs…which is misleading and does not present the full picture or sequence of steps in how our vital force responds to infectious disease…..”though there is an initial hyper-inflammatory phase, immune suppression by the virus is the real cause of death. ” Yes, I agree that allopathic treatments that suppress the immune response….rather then supporting it, are not helpful and do more harm. Thankfully, we have do have treatments that help bolster immunity and support the vital force – autopathy, homeopathy, and many others.

RE: “It is difficult for me to constantly read, There are currently no effective treatments for covid-19”.” Yes, it’s heart-breaking. Tells us something about the way the world is run though.
Richard Laing

I am glad for the homeopathic community that exists here.

From: Therapeutics of Acute Respiratory Tract Infections – Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

Very informative, well written. Comparison of certain remedies is remarkable.
Aslam sherwani

From: Tidbits 71: Blood From The Sword That Wounded You

It’s said that we learn with our bodies. This is in the tradition of those passionate scientists who experimented on themselves. Anaesthesia -Nils Löfgren,
ABO blood group system: Dr. Karl Landsteiner , AIDS vaccine
Daniel Zagury, and others.
Alan V. Schmukler


Alan, thank you! I don’t know if I deserve to be in such exalted company; I was just trying to get well.
Elaine Lewis

This is a fascinating description of what happened to you, Elaine, and how you figured it out! (And now that you’re well, you get to go enjoy all the stuff you bought on your big shopping trip.) Thank you for sharing your story so we can follow in your footsteps, if need be.
Linda S.

Dear Elaine, I do wonder why you resorted to razor blades et al when you could have used either myristica or gunpowder. My experience of myristica is that although it doesn’t work with everyone, when it does, it acts better than gunpowder which is excellent. I occasionally develop dental abscesses but for me myristica works beautifully, bringing down the swelling rapidly. In my experience, when it does act, it acts wherever in the body pus forms.
Kevin Morris


Wow, thanks Kevin! As it happens, I do have Myristica and Gun Powder, I will try that next time for sure! Thanks again!
Elaine Lewis

From: Covid-19 in a 90-Year Old Russian Woman

Thanks for the case although it would have been good to see you explain on what basis you have given these remedies: Some rubrics and excerpts from materia medica perhaps 🙂
Nick Taylor

What an inspiring woman! Thank you for the story!
Laurie Teal NPP

From: Placenta Humanum Cases from Paediatric Practice – Mike Andrews

Can you guide me where can I get these remedies: Amniotic fluid, Umbilical cord, Vernix Lac maternum and Lac humanum.  I am not getting them in India.
Dr Gayathri Vadapalli

Excellent discussion and examples of using Placenta Humanum. Thank you for pointing out another tool in our homeopathy toolbox.
Martin Earl

From:  My Success with Lesser Used Remedies – Rajiv Peres

Thank you for this fine presentation of lesser used remedies. Some cases just defy the polychrests.
Martin Earl

From: Cholelithiasis and Gall Stone in a Woman of 92

Nice case. Thanks for sharing.
Vatsala Spering

Good case, nicely described
T Dr Meha

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