Letters to the Editor – Feedback from the July 2023 issue

Readers comment on the July 2023 issue of homeopathy for Everyone. Comments on “When Computers Lie”,  “A Large Aural Haematoma in a Dog” and much more.

From: Editorial – When Computers Lie  – Alan V. Schmukler

Great insight in the editorial. Wasn’t expecting such results in chatgpt, so the conclusion of the author is sad truth.


I can’t believe it! It had to go on the attack even though it was asked not to!

Elaine Lewis

Alan, thank you for sharing. I believe that if all homoeopaths start using ChatGPT as a research tool, we will be able to train it to be less prejudiced and more knowledgeable about homoeopathy over time.


I already had a similar experience. I asked CHATGPT about homeopathy and got the same answers. The so called ‘intelligence’ is only as good as the information fed into it and the ‘powers that be’ have already inputted their negative propaganda. I concluded my session by inputting that the information it was fed was purely propaganda not based in truth so therefore, it could only recite back to e the incorrect propaganda!

Elena Upton, D.Hom.

Indeed. I tested it too, knowing already what would be the answer. However, it let itself be trained and it apologizes when it is evident that it made mistakes. After a long dialogue with “her”, “she” was capable of giving me a sound review on a book by Michel Schiff written in defense of homeopathy. But then when I started a new chat, she told me she did not know such book! Can you imagine, though, the power of it?  (…continued below the editorial)

From:  Idiopathic Facial Nerve Palsy Managed with Classical Homeopathy  –           Dr. Aaditi Lakshmana

A Case of Idiopathic Facial Nerve Palsy Managed with Classical Homeopathy

Hi Dr Lakshmana,

Congratulations for successfully treating this case of Bell’s Palsy. Well explained case!

Dr. Paramjot

A detailed case study, helps to spread the possibility in treating difficult cases under Classical Homeopathy. Congratulations Dr.

Dr Aishwarya Madhu

From: Interview with Dr. Keith Souter by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Keith Souter is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Souter is so very creative and fits Abraham Maslow’s idea of the self-actualized man. Thanks so much for this interview!

Martin Earl

Well, Dr. Souter is absolutely right about how anything you write about homeopathy will lead to a deluge of negative comments and reviews by what I call the ever-present internet Lynch Mob! I don’t know where these people come from but they can’t wait to go on the attack! It’s not just homeopathy. It seems there is an army of idiots willing to attack almost anything and believe almost anything! I’m always arguing with them, Shana says, “Mom, stop feeding the Trolls!” And then I say, “Silence is complicity!” But there’s usually one of me and 100 of them.

Elaine Lewis

From: Uterine Polyps Treated with Homeopathy –  Sabina Negrut, Adriana Sirbu

Classical homeopathy is a medical science with great results in hands of a professional homeopath. This is a very good article, a strong argument to start large scientific studies in gynecological pathology. Congratulations Drs. Negru.

From: A Large Aural Haematoma in a Dog –  Archana Dethe

Good to know. I don’t think I use the high potencies enough.

Madeleine Innocent

My black Lab got a multiple hematoma in one ear from shaking his head from an ear infection. I panicked and took him to a mainstream vet who fixed it with surgery…. They gave him various drugs and even offered “something to calm him down after the surgery”. The waiting room was full of drug posters and I got totally spooked out. I found a homeopathic vet 2 hours away that I now use for my 2 dogs. She told me that she routinely cures hematomas without surgery. Veterinary medicine seems to have more wanabee pharmaceutical distributors than actual doctors. This was confirmed when I asked the mainstream vet what the safest flea prevention was and he suggested the Seresto products which Congress tried to have removed from the market due to many complaints about deaths and seizures……

Alex Rife

A good case Archana! May I just add some observations here from a veterinary perspective. High potencies like that will resonate at a deep level of disturbance especially mental. This dog has chronic skin disease and maybe immune deficiency and as a potential “street” dog(?) may also feel a bit “battered” in general. Given that it was able to cope with such a high potency, it probably did a lot more than just fix the haematoma. The smell and discharge you describe is pyoderma/otitis and pus and Arnica is antibacterial. I have never used such high potency either so good to see.


The author replies:

Thank you! More than a veterinary case, I would like to stress that the effects of homeopathic high potency are observed within 24 hours of administration. Especially Arnica 10M and 50M in contusion-injuries.

Dr. Archana Dethe

From:  How I Became a Homeopath – Dr. Bonnie Camo

How I Became a Homeopath – Dr. Bonnie Camo

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences Dr. Camo. My family were devotees of Dr. Carl Pfeiffer’s work as well as the writings of Linus Pauling. We were practicing an orthomolecular approach back then. You were years ahead of the times and in in fact orthodox medicine never caught up.


 From:  The Scorpion V’s the Spike Protein – Isaac Golden

The Scorpion V’s the Spike Protein

Thank you for sharing! Very valuable information!


From: Questions Patients Ask – Featuring Meningitis, the Vaccine and the Remedies – Elaine Lewis

Thanks Elaine for another column of down to earth, practical information for questions most people ask.

Alan V. Schmukler

 From: Palliative Care Provided as an End of Life Support – Rekha Karnam Srinivasan

Palliative Care Provided As an End of Life Support – Case Report

Tarentula Cubensis is also to be remembered for the pains of death.

Hector Sutherland

From: Atopic Dermatitis Treated with an Anti-Miasmatic Approach –

Prajot Parmar / Kinjal Sanghavi

An interesting case but I wonder about vaccine status and which remedy is rubrum?


The authors reply:

Rubrum is nothing but placebo. There are several names for placebo in India like Rubrum, phytum, nihilinum, SL (Sac Lac) etc.

From Cartoon: FDA At Its Game Again

FDA At Its Game Again

Howdy Alan: thanks so much for your cartoon.

Jack Tips

 I love your cartoons!

Stefania Vignotto

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