Letters to the Editor – Feedback from October 2021

Readers comment on the October 2021 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone

From: Interview with Dr. Banaras Khan Awan
Many thanks for your interview with Dr Banaras Khan Awan. You have pointed out many issues of homeopathy in Pakistan. Your interview will inspire learners of homeopathy.
Dr Muhammad Arshad

A few years back I attended a conference where Dr. Banaras gave a lecture on Nux Vomica. His style was so simple, yet engaging that to this day I use this remedy with ease and confidence. Salute to a great homeopath and teacher!
Dr. A. Ahmad

I intend to write a book on the topic of miasms and of course, it will be published in the Urdu language. I am in favor of using anti miasmatic remedies if and when required. In my experience, without using these remedies, one cannot cure any chronic disease. Apart from Carcinosinum, the sycosis and tuberculosis miasms dominate nowadays.

From: Too Occupied by Religion – Part II –  Maja Letić 

Too Occupied By Religion – Part II

Simple, clear, easy to understand! Wonderful knowledge of the subject and fantastic writing style. I had the honor of attending Maja’s lecture on this topic, and my colleagues from that group were delighted. We have all benefited greatly. Well done to Maja and well done to your choice to publish this. Lots of success and benefits to everyone who reads!
Ljiljana Perović

From: Homeopath Joette Calabrese is Interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopath Joette Calabrese is Interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Excellent article! I too have wondered about using more than one remedy. The vital force is subject to all kinds of “interference” daily…often supporting it comes in multiple ways as well. We dont isolate exercise from healthy eating! Or yoga from healthy relationships… it takes “compliments”.
Laurie Teal

From: Announcement of Hpathy Free Library:
Thanks for this excellent link for ordinary people who are interested and have faith in homeopathy. it will increase our knowledge in this field. I  go through most of the articles posted here and save them.
Ana P.

Thank you for the link sent this morning of free homeopathy books. Wonderful resources made readily available.
Best wishes,
Anais Starr

From: A Quick Recovery from COVID with Homeopathic Treatment  -Charlote Ritschel

A Quick Recovery from COVID with Homeopathic Treatment

In India when in March 2020, lockdown started, we were given a course of Arsenicum album 30c. We felt normal and healthy and for one year the normal state of health prevailed. On account of compulsions of the official regime we were vaccinated with covishield, two jabs at the desired interval. The homeopathic treatment was called prevention of COVID 19. We consider ourselves lucky that homeopathy was available at the time and no vaccines were there, because it was novel for the conventional system which is ruling the regime of pandemics in the government today.
Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

From: Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) Managed with Classical Homeopathy –  Aleksei Ermolov

Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) Managed with Classical Homeopathy: A Case Report

Very nice case. Did you at all notice any correlation between MMR vaccine and onset of the ITP?? There is often a link…
Firuzi Mehta

From: A Case of Epidermolysis Bullosa – Berfin Duman

A Case of Epidermolysis Bullosa

You said skin bled after scratching but you took rubric different as well as there is not any PQRS symptom except consolation amel but it is common in children. Any way good case with good result. My analysis : 1 mental insecurity 2 eruption bleeding after scratching 3 chocolate and tomatoes agg.   remedy is triticum vulgare.  If case is relapsed think of it.
Dr Siddhant Desai

It is not common for a child to feel fear and cry and consolation amel at such times. I’ve also seen in a few of my pediatric patients that consolation makes them worse. Pathology in the patient’s mental-emotional state trivializes the physical rubrics. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t shared the 2nd fu yet, but the patient’s leg skin has started to normalize. I will continue to follow developments
Berfin Duman

That’s a really great case with really good response where allopathic treatment shows no positive result. Proud of you and classical homeopathy. Great learning case. Thanks for sharing this wonderful case.
Dr. Sandip Gaikwad, Pune, India

Thank you for sharing this case! Will definitely be interested to see how the case progresses further!
Dr Firuzi Mehta

The pulsatilla is accurate constitutional  remedy as her mental make up, physicals like repeated infections of skin.  Cantharis will be her specific remedy for bullous lesions.
Dr. Salunke

From: Dengue with Paralysis Treated with Classical Homeopathy – Atul Jaggi, Latika Jaggi

Dengue With Paralysis Treated with Classical Homeopathy

Very good case, thank you for sharing!! With severe conditions, sometimes it is difficult to keep one’s head and follow the proper rules, but your case shows that following the rules is so important and the best way forward!
Dr Firuzi Mehta

From: The Homeopathic Use of Nosodes and Blood Isodes in Infectious Diseases  – Cornelia Richardson-Boedler

The Homeopathic Use of Nosodes and Blood Isodes in Infectious Diseases

An extremely informative article. I would like to read more articles written by this author.
Sylvia greenwood

From: Tidbits 84: Kempson v. Lewis: Treating Vaccine Damage with Homeopathy – Elaine Lewis
Well said Elaine. This is the reason I gave up on homeopaths in my country. They didn’t have a clue how to antidote ailments from drugs and substances. I was a hostage of their practice for years until I found your articles.

Hi Elaine,
This is an excellent job explaining what to do when a person has a bad reaction to a covid vaccine.
Shirley Reischman

Who else can be a better teacher than Elaine Lewis. God bless you. Long Life
Ravi Sondhi

Very well put argument Elaine. It’s common sense to treat the aetiology when it’s  staring you in the face. My husband had a massive stroke due to Astra Zenica vaccine.
Margaret Warden

From:  Epistaxis in a Girl of 12 – Ramkrushna Valaki

Epistaxis in a Girl of 12

Very good case Dr. Exact matching of the symptoms and correlating it with system point of view brings a good result…well done.
Dr Rajesh Chauhan

Ravikumar Solanki
Thanks for sharing your case details. You have great knowledge of medicine and physiology. I had experience of your treatment very close and you cured our 4 family members. Your behavior toward patients is very cool and homely. I wish great success in future.

Wonderful Case with beautiful understanding sir
Dr. Missam Rajani

From: A Case of Exacerbated Latent Psora – Anaswaradev Atmadev

Very good article.  Could you send the listing of anti-psoric and no- antipsoric remedies?

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