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Letters to the Editor. Readers comment on the Dec 2020 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone

From:  Interview with Dr. Krutik Shah

Very inspiring Dr Krutik. I will surely would want to see your hospital and learn from you. We have heard your lectures too. All the best.

Great Dr. Krutik.  You are an inspiration for us all.
Sunayana R. Agrawal

From:  In Search of Optimism Amidst the Chaos of Corona Virus  – Gill Graham

A true reflection of how homeopathy, can and will help us overcome Covid, and become stronger from it. Thank you.

Gwynne Grayson

From:  Does the Novel Coronavirus Really Exist? – Diderik Finne

Couldn’t agree with you more Diderik. Covid 19 is the biggest scam ever to be perpetrated on the human race and is an obvious smokescreen for all the political and economic changes the powers that be wish to institute.
Kieran Linnane

This is just another conspiracy theory – same old same old. There is no truth whatever to motorcycle accidents etc being classified as Covid-19 – that has been thoroughly debunked! So has the idea that PCR is being used to manufacture levels of the virus. Your idea that Fauci is shilling for vaccines is ridiculous – at least come up with a believable conspiracy theory.

Jesus you homeopaths are unbelievable, dumbest idea ever. Covid is real – there is no hoax. people are really dying – get over it.  Btw your diluted water and sugar cubes aren’t going to be of any use against the real thing when you do encounter it so better see a real doctor when the time comes.
John Harris

REPLY from Elaine Lewis
Mr. Harris, there’s no use in saying “you homeopaths” because, just like doctors, some of us are liberals and some of us are conservatives. We don’t all agree with Dr. Finne. However, as for your final warning about our diluted water and sugar pills not being effective against Covid? Look at what, in fact, is not effective against covid– pretty much everything the orthodoxy has thrown at it! We don’t have a health crisis here because of covid 19, we have a health crisis because standard medicine has no treatment for any virus whatsoever, which is a pretty severe short-coming, wouldn’t you say?   Homeopathy, however, has an excellent cure rate against viruses. So, for sure, I will not be seeing a “real” doctor if I ever come down with covid 19. You’re the one I feel sorry for.

From: In Memoriam – Catherine O’Driscoll

I wasn’t expecting this bad news at all! So sad!
Elaine Lewis

I wasn’t aware that Catherine was sick, my deepest condolences. I had the honour to translate one of the documents on the Pet Welfare Alliance page. She will be greatly missed.
Maria Segreto

From: Acipenser transmontanus: The Spirit of Sturgeon -Doug Brown

Acipenser transmontanus: The Spirit of Sturgeon

Great article, thanks Doug
Laurie Teal NPP

Incredibly useful, thank you. The indications for the fish remedies are few, I have just this week prescribed Sea turtle, admittedly a reptile, but I see some overlaps. Also reading this made me think of Adamas, the conflict of yin /yang – male /female.. and the search for a balance. Is this what you mean by centre of gravity, or is that a case analysis process?  It would be great if that were teased out some more. Great article, thank you.
Pauline Wilson

From:  Symbolism of the Homeopathic Remedy Naja Tripudians – Indian Cobra (Naja) In The Light Of Jung, Alchemy, Indian Mythology And Cosmology.  – Dragana Blagojevic

Impressive Naja, stunned with your study and writing skill. Regards and best wishes!

Amazing text! Epochal, philosophical, true.

Highly inspiring! Lijep pozdrav iz Pule  –
Zaklina Dodig-Soklic

From: Help Your Patients Get Bounce Back Power -Kiran Grover

I am a holistic therapist based in Cambridgeshire, and used to attend a local Homeopathic Clinic in our area. I saw the same homeopath for 18+ years. Joel Jaffey…..but unfortunately he passed away a few years ago, leaving a hiatus. I have studied homeopathy for many years, but have never settled with another homeopath as I did with Joel….who I suppose became my mentor over the years, encouraging me to learn and get involved with Homeopathic First Aid training. Now, with these new restrictions upon us, I am finding I cannot get to see my GP, and needed to renew 2mg Diazepam which her previous GP (our family GP) had prescribed to me for dental anxiety. They will not, and I am left without sedation in a situation not of my own making. (I had 7 teeth removed at the age of 11)..this was the original trauma. I managed well with the occasional sedative, and only took one when needed. Without anything to take I feel out of control, and so I think I should perhaps be looking at the Homeopathy available. I might add that I have done a lot of work over the years to try to deal with this situation, but am with a kind and patient dentist now. However, at 70 years old, my teeth are not getting any younger, and hence work on them becomes more complicated!! Since you understand anxiety and panic attacks yourself (I had depression twice 30 years ago, with associated panic attacks, etc.) I wondered if I could ask your advice on where I might go from here…..if you are able to help, or point me to somewhere, please can you contact me…..thanks.
Janine Elizabeth Parkinson

Kiran Grover Kiran Replies:
Hi Janine
Thank you for telling me about yourself and for your comments. I would be more than happy to try and help you. Please email me directly and we can talk from there. Kind regards Kiran

I recently read somewhere that all physical ailments like diabetes, hypertension, have their origin in stress or prolonged anxiety. This made me read Kiran Grover’s note on stress/anxiety with keen interest. Having been through it in her post teen years, she is THE homeopath to advise and treat this ailment. Does stress and anxiety in pregnancy have any contributary role in autistic behaviour and other neurological symptoms in the children from such pregnancy.
R C Awasthi

Kiran Grover Replies:
Thank you for your comments. I think stress and anxiety experienced by the mother in pregnancy can impact the developing baby. In homeopathic treatment we can address these underlying issues to help resolve symptoms. Feel free to get in touch with me to discuss this, or other anxiety related issues. Kind regards Kiran

From: Tidbits 75: The COVID Vaccine: Safe? Effective? -Elaine Lewis

Dear Elaine, Thanks a lot for the eye-opening article. Covid is sure a cause of worry, but the Vaccine is going to create all the more problems is my hunch. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
Vamsi Sudha

A nice one Elaine. We might also ad that Pfizer has been fined over $2 Billion for breaking the law, the largest such fine ever. If someone told you he was a felon and wanted to inject something into your veins, would you trust him?
Alan V. Schmukler

Alan, right. “You don’t want references, do you?” Sounds like a great cartoon idea!
Elaine Lewis

I heard the homeopathic Covid-19 nosode is made from the mRNA vaccine, not the actual disease material, as is usually done. Won’t that be a problem, if this vaccine is made differently?

Sinueux, I haven’t heard that at all. It actually couldn’t be a nosode unless it’s made of diseased material. If the remedy were a vaccine, it would be sold as “COVID 19 Vaccine Pfizer 30C”. Or words to that effect. Look up the other vaccine remedies at Helios’ website, for example, and see how they’re worded.

From: Burn Injury in Infant Treated with LM’s – Dr. A.P. Sivakumaran

God bless you for the wonderful and sincere work.
Sathi Singh

From: Revisiting: Spider Bite! – Elaine Lewis

Yes Elaine, Ledum would have been chosen, but Ledum has severe pain and quoted by Kent ” If, after such punctured wounds, the part becomes cold and then pale, paralyzed and mottled think of Ledum. “.  So Ledum is not under RED for sure. And Ledum is prominent for Tetanus, and cold extremities is noticeable.
That looks a simple quiz, but learnt new pointers regarding LEDUM and APIS.

From: An Overview of Chalazion and Hordeolum – With Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Jesna V. Jose

An Overview of Chalazion and Hordeolum – With Homoeopathic Therapeutics

An inspiring effort

for all interns….Keep it up.. All the best

Jose Francis

From: Rhetoric Versus Reality in the Removal of the Totality of Symptoms

-Kathrine Dehn

I appreciate the honesty of Dr. Kathrine Dehn in admitting the successes as well as failures which most of us have experienced but not too willing to confess.  Such willingness does not come unless the homeopath has had much success in one’s career. It is puzzling to see that a case has progressed in a direction other than what is expected according to Hering’s rule as well as our own better experience. But my experience tells me there’s nothing odd. Homeopathic cures are not scalar by any standard. ie. If the severity of disease is measured as 65 in a scale of 1 to 100, after the simillimum we can’t measure the improved condition in the same scale as 50 or 45, 30 etc. The entire disease picture would get transformed. ie. If symptoms are directions and the disease picture the resultant direction, after the dose of simillimum, one of the directions would get changed to its symmetrical opposite and hence the resultant would undergo a 90 degree rotation.This rotation is consequent to the change in direction of one of the symptoms such that the original similimum is no more the similimum. A repetition is absolutely unnecessary and happens to be a wrong remedy. A single dose alone is admissible. Acute diseases would improve quickly and tissue changes might take longer to occur. If at all complete recovery doesn’t occur, we follow up with a related remedy or usually a partial antidote..and so on..

A second dose being a wrong remedy, would behave in a manner explained in aphorisms 179..183. They would invariably cause a scalar aggravation. ( ie..there’s no change of similimum but such next remedy would be required sooner than otherwise) . Only a similimum can make a change in the totality of symptoms, but a wrong remedy can just add more symptoms -usually those lurking inside waiting for an opportunity to manifest. A similimum which has acted so vigorously wouldn’t stop acting the second time though its utility has just exhausted. It would still cause manifestation of hidden symptoms in accordance with aphorisms 179…etc.  This has been my experience for the last 25 to 30 years of my practice.

That is what could have happened in this case. The girl who had strong family history of diabetes might have been given the simillimum even after its utility had exhausted. But the homeopath has done her job in good faith and is undoubtedly an expert. Only experts can be so honest and willing to share their experience for the benefit of others. There’s no guilt since what has manifested can only be something which even otherwise would have come out at a later date. That is strictly in conformity with the master.

Venkatesh K N

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