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Burn Injury in Infant Treated with LM’s

Written by AP Sivakumaran

Dr. A.P. Sivakumaran treats an infant burned on the hand, using LM potencies. The hand had severe blistering and was very painful. No External applications were needed.

I recently got an urgent phone call from a patient who was panicked and said: “Sir, my infant unknowingly entered her hand in hottest boiling sambar (South Indian dish) and her whole hand fully boiled sir. It’s full of baggy blisters. Please save her!”

I was 5kms outside the town in covid19 homeoprophylaxis camp. I asked him to take the child to my clinic immediately, and requested our junior doctors by phone, to take the case.

I reached my clinic at the earliest. When I entered my clinic many of the family members were gathered and the parents of that child were weeping. The baby did not allow me to touch her hand, and even when I looked at her hand she cried.

I looked at case note of junior doctors who mentioned some rubrics and remedies:


Fear of being touched

Fear of suffering

Aconite, Stramonium, Arnica, Chamomilla

Finally, we prescribed Cantharis LM 0/1 every 3 minutes (10 strong succussions each time) through her feeding bottle.

Within a few minutes after some doses of remedy she stopped crying and started sleeping in her mother’s hand. Within a short time, we noticed the inflammation was getting reduced.  Then gradually we extended the intervals between doses and raised the potency, going up to LM 5.

She ultimately recovered completely without a single scar (photos below). No external applications were used.  Master Hahnemann mentioned LM potencies as a highly perfected methodology. We can make more rapid gentle permanent healing through Hahnemann’s new methodology. In such acute cases, we can repeat a number of slightly heightened doses until cure ensues.

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AP Sivakumaran

Doctor.Sivakumaran graduated from Dr. MGR. Medical University , P.G in psychology, prof in yoga and natural living, dietitian, and is the founder of the Genuine Homeopathic Clinical Research Center, Tamilnadu India, where is practices classical homeopathy. Visit Dr. Kumaran’s blog:


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