Dr. Krutik Shah – Interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Krutik Shah, who founded Gujarat State’s first private computerized “Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital” and the Samuel Hahnemann Academy of Homeopathy, is interviewed by Alan Schmukler.

Dr. Krutik Shah M.D. (Hom.), PG. IACH (Greece) is the creator of Gujarat State’s first private computerized “Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital”, the largest and most modern in the state of Gujarat. He is also the creator of the Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy – SHAH. He is a consultant homeopath to His Excellency the Governor of Gujarat and a recipient of various National and International Honors. The homeopathic world knows him as a “Proud Child of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.”

AS: How were you first introduced to homeopathy?  

KS: It was an accident. I was an academically brilliant student and a passionate cricket player too. I scored 90% in my 10th class and was selected to play Cricket at Gujarat State from my district where I live, almost at the same time due to my excellent cricket performances. I had decided to pursue my passion as a career in cricket.

While I was pursuing my 12th class studies – I was “dropped from the cricket team despite performing well”. It was a shocking and very traumatic incident of my life where I was in a dilemma to choose either studies or cricket. Destiny and my family advised me to pursue studies as we belonged to a middleclass family and being an elder son, my priority and responsibility was to support the family.

My father is a great visionary and despite being eligible for the medical profession, he couldn’t become a doctor due to lack of guidance in his time. So he wanted me and my brother to choose the noble profession of serving humanity and hence I came to homeopathy and my brother became a dentist.

AS: What experiences or events originally contributed to your passion for homeopathy?

KS: The first traumatic incidence of life gave my “Breech Presentation in homeopathy”.  I was having a conflict with my conscience whether to accept homeopathy as my profession, as I always wanted to be a cricketer – Another traumatic event happened in my life before I could overcome my first traumatic incidence!

One of our professors in college, being unaware about the passing marks criteria, failed many bright students in college final exams – and I was also declared failed. This was a 2nd and extremely painful event of my life and I was in suicidal depression!  Eventually my respected professor accepted that a mistake happened, and we all were declared passed. That trauma ignited my basic winning instinct of a sportsman and I decided to win homeopathy, as if I was playing a cricket match against homeopathy.

Out of frustration and aggression I started reading all remaining academic years syllabus in advance, homeopathic books of different authors, journals, Materia Medicas.  This not only made me rich with a lot of information but created a great confusion in my mind as all the authors had different understandings even on the same topic! I thank my professor, who mistakenly failed me in the final exam which eventually led me to a very successful homeopathic practice!”

AS:  What people or institutions had an influence on the way you currently practice?

KS: After reading vast literature in Homeopathy I was very confused as varied authors gave different perspectives on a single topic, mainly because homeopathy doesn’t have standardized literature internationally.

When I discussed this with my father, he said: “You are my son and the way you follow me religiously, you should read and follow your father of homeopathy religiously!!” and that was the time of enlightenment!

I then started reading all the literature of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, be it Organon of Medicine (which I have read more than 350 times) or Theory of Chronic Diseases, or Lesser writings etc., which gave me the authentic understanding of homeopathy. However, I was still lacking in learning the practical applications.

It is because of Prof. George Vithoulkas’ teachings that I got pure and clinical information with its successful application. He is the reincarnation of Dr. Hahnemann, as I have seen in my life. Through his teachings – I met Dr. Hahnemann dynamically. Whatever I have achieved today is because of his teachings and blessings! I would recommend Prof. George Vithoulkas’ E Learning course of homeopathy conducted by IACH, promoted by in India to each and every homeopath.

The teachings of Dr. J. T. Kent, Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel, Dr. Luc De Schepper and Dr. Robin Murphy have had a tremendous impact on my career. I am yet to read the contributions (works) of many contemporary homeopaths.

I always say to the world that “Yes! I am proud to be a homeopath and a proud child of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Practicing homeopathy is one of the noblest professions a human being can be gifted with!

AS: In addition to practicing homeopathy you took on the huge project of founding a hospital. Can you tell us something about the hospital?

KS: The Legendary Indian Cricketer and my role model Mr. Sachin Tendulkar has always said, “When people throw Stones, you give them back as Mile Stones” and this is the story of my career. Having sincerely read the stalwarts especially Dr. Hahnemann – I was clear what homeopathy is all about, and how it should be practiced. But I was witnessing the opposite scenario (e.g. practice with polypharmacy) in the profession, which I did not want to pursue.

The virtue of a sportsman, “To be at the best when under stress” which I possess, and knowing what the truth for homeopathy is – I decided “Dare to be Wise” and as a result, I received a lot of criticism in my career. However, this gave me opportunities to be more with the original source books for my clinical patient management, and that made me what I am today!

Trying to be at the feet of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann continuously – I received his blessings in the form of the first private digitized Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital – The latest, largest and most modern technologically equipped in the state of Gujarat. Here patients are admitted and treated strictly on homeopathic fundamentals including emergencies as well.

Having read from the source books about successful homeopathic management of acute pathologies like pneumonia, acute appendicitis, convulsions, acute asthma, high fevers, hepatitis, etc., I developed a special interest and it became my dream.

But to give such patients an indoor facility and to clinically observe them continuously, giving acute homeopathic care was not possible for me earlier, which made me create this homeopathic hospital with indoor patient facility.

“Homeopathy – Hope for Hopeless and Help for Helpless” is the logo of the hospital, and it confirms what we do. We have a special interest in challenging cases, complex cases and incurable cases to make the logo of our hospital turn real.

My special area of interest is in cancer, AIDS and de-addiction, as these disorders not only ruin the health of patients but also produce devastating effects in the lives and economies of families.

Our Shree Sai Homeopathic Hospital is dedicated to practice, promotion, research and education in homeopathy.  At present, we have a team of 9 efficient homeopathic doctors and we offer 10 different types of consultation to patients worldwide, which people can very easily view on my website

AS: Could you tell us how you handle difficult cases or “failed” cases. Do those involve more than one doctor?  Is video technology ever used?

KS: The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent. With the help of the hospital’s own “Patient Data Management Software – SAI” and video recording facilities, we try to provide the best individualized homeopathic care to all the patients.

I strongly believe that, you can earn the money which you have lost but you cannot earn the time which you have spent. New cases will give you earning but failed cases will give you learning, and I am more interested in learning rather than earning!

Consultation of failed cases is an attempt to minimize our failure rate and many times a single trick solves the case clinically! We take (believe in taking a) limited number of patients as I always feel, “Homeopathy is not the science of mass, it is a science of class”. If you want to do classy work (i.e. long-term successful case management), then take a limited number of patients and manage them well.

Therefore, Saturday is a day dedicated for solving such “Failed Cases”. For failed cases we have two approaches:


2 to 3 regular “not-better” follow ups of a case is an indication for a review consultation. Review is usually done by the consultant who has taken the patient’s case primarily and who already shared a very good rapport with the patient.

Detailed critical point by point qualitative evaluation from the original case is carried out by the primary consultant, to evaluate the effect of a given remedy and/or indication of another remedy.

Every chronic patient is given a “Day Book” to record changes since the remedy was prescribed. All the patients regularly receive a telephone call from their in-charge doctor.

The Day Book becomes extremely valuable for our consultation for the failed cases, as it will exactly show us the pattern of response in a patient from our treatment. The case is studied in details for: (a) new symptoms including change / modification of original symptoms with its causes, (b) old suppressed symptoms reappearing, (c) allopathic drug withdrawal symptoms etc.


Two failed reviews mean a re-case taking. A new consultant is appointed for the case re-taking, with a fresh mind and unprejudiced approach. Before going for a re-case consultation, the new consultant is briefed by the primary consultant, to get a basic understanding of the original case.

All the advice given by Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon for case taking is followed during the consultation with a special emphasis on “observation”. Homeopaths must know how the patient has spontaneously expressed his individualized information (complaints) during the consultation.

Once re-case consultation is completed – The primary consultant is consulted again, to understand the case differently for the best of homeopathic interactions. The difficult cases are discussed with the entire team and analysis is done to best serve the patient.


The best way to learn “Clinical Homeopathy” is through successful case studies, as patients are our real teachers in homeopathy! Materia medica, Organon of Medicine, rubrics, repertorization, acute management and chronic disease management are best learned from the case studies.

With the consent of the patients, their successful cases studies are edited by my technical team and the videos are made available for quality education of our students at our Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy – SHAH.

AS: Cancer and addiction are two very difficult issues for any homeopath. Can you tell us something about your special approaches?

KS: Cancer and Addiction are such issues of humanity in which the patient is sick but the entire family is suffering, mentally – emotionally – physically – financially – socially – morally etc., and the result is hopeless in most of the cases unfortunately.

The logo of my homeopathic hospital “Homeopathy – Hope for Hopeless and Help for Helpless” symbolizes the same. My mission of healing the sick is in these areas where I can serve the higher purpose of my existence as a Human & a Homeopath.

Inaugurator of my Gujarat State’s first private Shree Sai Homoeopathic Hospital and Hahnemannian Homeopath from India, Legendry Dr. R. P. Patel is my teacher, from whom I learnt homeopathic care for cancer cases. You must be aware that Dr. R. P. Patel had dedicated his whole life for homeopathic treatment of cancer cases. We take his legacy forward and use his excellent concepts of managing cancer cases with homeopathic remedies including organ remedies, LM potencies and tautopathic prescribing.

Addictions fall in the mental disease Aphorisms viz. 210th to 230th of Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine and by following these aphorisms – the results are outstanding. Many patients having addictions are treated with marvelous effect, without their knowledge following the lines from aphorism 228 from Organon of Medicine “……the small doses of the appropriate medicine never offend the taste, and may consequently be given to the patient without his knowledge in his drink, so that all compulsion is unnecessary..”

Detailed history from the patient and relatives is taken and medicines are given either in water or alcohol (with or without the knowledge of the patient). Of course, counseling the patient as well as the family members is a must.

AS:  You’ve now done seventy five globinars, an amazing accomplishment.  How do you find the time to oversee the hospital, the school and do all that teaching?

KS: Inspiration to be a teacher comes from my teacher Prof. George Vithoulkas, as he once said to me that, “A healer must be a teacher otherwise homeopathy will stop its future progress!!”

I belong to a small city, Anand, in the state of Gujarat, India which is not much known for Homeopathy. Along with having my Gujarat State’s first homeopathic hospital, I have been teaching homeopathy for more than a decade but was not known much earlier.

Lockdown due to Covid19 has made the homeopathic world united digitally beyond time, distance and situation which gave me an opportunity to teach globally.

I think that I am the first one, or one of the few ones to achieve this 75 homeopathic globinars milestone in Homeopathy in the world since lockdown. It allowed me to communicate with more than 35,000 homeopaths globally.

Apart from my well known 11 days each series “Organon – Access to Success 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (6, 7 coming soon)”; I have shared my homeopathic experience on almost all the homeopathic platforms’ internationally with heartwarming remarks from the attendees.

“Proud Child of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann” has become my synonym in the Homeopathic world and the same is my inspiration in practice as well. Dr. Hahnemann could do so much in his life without the help of technology or associates surrounding him. We manage the practice and education both digitally and at my school (Samuel Hahnemann Academy for Homeopathy – SHAH) in such challenging Covid19 times. We managed this with the help of my homeopathic and administrative team along with the technology we have in our hospital.

The secret of my success in my homeopathic career is the application of Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon Aphorisms in each and every case I see and that is my suggestion to the enthusiastic reader of this interview.

If you want to get the shining success in your career, you will never find a better teacher in your career and life than our beloved father Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Go to the roots to have the best of fruits!

I thank you Mr. Alan and  for giving me an opportunity to share my experiences in this wonderful journey of Homeopathy.

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