Letters to the Editor January 2010

Letters to the Editor January 2010

Dear Elaine,

I love your quizzes and usually print them and try to work them out on my own at home. This time for the November issue I had just gotten back from India and also my printer wasn’t working. Left husband behind in India and so no Mr. Fix it. I also thought of rhus tox and was delighted to find the correct answer . Please do keep up the quizzes. It helps to restore my faith in classical homeopathy and each time you do a terrific job of explaining your method . It’s just so basic and down to earth. Thank you again. Please continue with the teach-ins via the quizzes.

Vernetta Oberoi


Dear Dr.B,

Sai Ram. I went through with interest the article on the homeopatic treatment of NDDM by Sadeghi. I wanted to discuss that article but when I click on the link at the end of the article, I am taken to our Hpathy Forum page and not to the article.

I wanted to mention that the study would have been more useful if the homeopath had not prescribed a special diet along with the Phosphoric Acid 30C. If the FBS levels got reduced in that condition, we the homeopaths can justifiably claim the positive intervention of homeopathic medicine. Now, there are two factors and skeptics will try to dilute the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment.

Thanks to the author and of course our own editorial team for presenting this study.




I read all the new papers and found them very helpful. Put them on my save docs.

Thank you so much.



Dear Sir

I thank you very much for sending me your most valuable and informative Newsletter of December 2009 containing various articles of great importance in enhancing knowledge in various fields and subjects of homoeopathy contributed by many honourable authors. Every month when I receive your Newsletter it is always my great pleasure to have the articles on new subjects and all the authors’ contribution to your Newsletter is highly appreciated. It is really a great service to homoeopathy. God bless them all.

With best regards

Sincerely yours

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Thank you so much! You’re articles are amazing!

Just wanted to thank you, and wish you Happy Holidays! I read one of your articles on MS and was able to share it with a friend. Thank you for all that you do.


Carolina Cavazos


Dear Alan,

I realized as I read your editorial that it presents the feelings of all of us who practice and love homeopathy for its gentle and successful healings. I know too that the hearing failed to reach its agenda of reducing Government support for Homeopathy. Hurrah!!! I hope you now build on this success for Homeopathy as we all are doing and continue to help the world come to know it can and should be treated better, and do so inside modest cost. We are winning this battle thanks to the failures of WHO to frighten the world with its campaign for vaccines. Everywhere people are opting out and that is a sign we can all take as correct and build on as people look for simpler safer ways of caring for themselves.

On another note. I am working hard with WHAO to create a world event of Hahnemann’s 254th Birthday a party around the world. To do this I will try to mobilize the entertainment industry worldwide. It will be a task that I relish and one that will need all the help it can get to make events in each city and town worthy of Hahnemann’s great gift to us all. Over the next few weeks we will begin and I hope HPathy will be a fan so to speak and join in making this a truly splendid moment in our history.

John Board


I stand obliged to you for posting me regular updates on hpathy. This website is really serving the humanity. Well done and keep it up.

Abid Ali


Dear Respected Readers:

With great respect for the articles written in Hpathy ezine, I was deeply moved by this article by Alan V. Schmukle. It is highly important for all Homeopaths to take this issue very seriously, without DELAY! It is becoming more and more a topic about whether or not homeopathy works or not, thus threatening the greatest and most advanced medicine of time through laws that to extinguish the Art. We must, never let down our guard, and always stand the ground and keep the foundation for Homeopathy strong. It would be of a great service to the medical community and the pharmaceutical community, should Homeopathy fall. Now, from a very recent incident that occurred just a few days ago, I understand why some feel that Homeopathy does not work, but it is due to the lack of knowledge, understanding, and experience. I was at a local health food store, when an elderly lady was asking for advise from the clerk about Arnica, I overheard her say little things like “l read in the National Geographic that taking Arnica for extended periods of time is extremely dangerous.” and “that these drugs weren’t very good…” When she was about to leave with her vial of Arnica, I did just exactly the opposite of what my wife likes me to do, I butted in… I immediately pointed out that these remedies, if used properly, were highly curative and to say that they were no good, was a fallacy. We discussed for an hours length the problems she was having, her husband etc. and the clerk at the store was very amazed, as she had no knowledge. Then I expressed my deepest dislike for the labels on their little vials with one or two “diseases” to be helped. How misleading, we all certainly understand that is no way to practice this Art. But then it dawned on me, it is a lack of knowledge. And for all the failures, for all the “it just changed to another place”, for all the “it must be marijuana pills” , it is not a benefit to Homeopathy. Thus there is doubt about “If Homeopathy really works or not”, and should “government laws against it” be instilled. My mother-in-law in Canada reported to me that the government has taken steps to remove homeopathy… And a Dr. isn’t allowed to practice homeopathically without the consequence of loosing their medical license and substantial reprimands (whatever that may include). We must remain true to the Art, we must honor the system set forth by the founder Samuel Hahnemann, and above all we must speak out. It is our honor and duty. Please understand, that I am a student myself, and my passion for Homeopathy extends to the very core of my spirit, I am very sincere about learning it in the very purest form and wish to do the absolute best and not in anyway leave a negative mark against Homeopathy. I certainly wish that some practitioners felt the same way. I can babble on and on about what I know, and that is little, very little. I hope that all Homeopaths take the time and express emphatically the importance and truthfulness of homeopathy and not allow disgrace to fall upon the only true form of medicine.

Many Blessings and kind regards.

Gene Hazen


Wonderful effort and a great service to the human kind. with best regards and god speed.



Thanks, I read the Hering law article with the Praful Vijaykar theory excellent.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Christian , but also all who try to make and form a world full of peace and peaceable, we know there is a beautiful, happiness, and health life under it.. Today people like to have a global full of love and empty of confliction. Our responsibility at this time enforces us to rise up against of Earth Warming to protect our home. Again I want to give my hearty thanks to you Dr. Manish Bhatia and all homeopathy 4 everyone staffers, those work hard. I’m sure India can be a stand and base for improving & developing homeopathy and hold this nonstop train on the rail to continue its progressive movement. What I have got from December, 2009, interview is the Brilliant point ” simillimum ” which we’ve discussed too much before, and certainly appearance & symptoms help to have this correctly especially for animals.

Jafar Vakili


Dear sir, Namastey .

November 2009 issue is great . All articals are well written by lerned authers , thanks to all of them . This is what we needed. Articals on water memory , mathemetical expression of vital force and effect of homoeopathic medicine on sick and healthy are well deserved . They are pushing homoeopathy towards scintific ground with the help of modern laws of maths, chemistry and physics , from physical to metaphysical i.e. towards nano and hance infinite minimum force needed to bring about natural change in living and non-living bodies. NOW TIME HAS COME.

With regards

Anil kumar Kulshreshtha


Another excellent edition! Schumukler really is very good, and quit humorous.



I have been offline for about a month, but have looked over the very interesting contents. Took a quick look at the “double blind” cartoon and I love it. Will check out the rest -it all looks interesting.




Herring Law article by Ms. Leela Disouza is well written in accordance with law of writing. Law of writing is when the article is understood easily and conceived as well. I extend my congratulations to Dr. Leela for excellent knowledge release on this subject.

Dr. Shiv Dua



The magazine in eform seems to be a blessing to many amateurs in the field.I would like to add a feature on treating one sided diseases(mental cases,medical problems with negligible symptom apparently and the like).

Also,please incorporate advertisements of homeo products,like books, medicines,devices,systems ,including new inventions etc.




Dear editor

Thanks for sending the homeopathy news letter Dec 2009.The articles are very nice informative, educative and we all gain lot of knowledge.

thank u

josephine suinder raj


Hallo! The last issue was as interesting as ussualy. I like the” Hering’s Law of Direction of Cure – A Reliable Tool in Homeopathic Therapeutics” which remind us how important is to study more and to stay more with the pacient to find THE SIMILIMUM. As one of my collegue said:there are no cases that we cannot solve-there are cases where we don’t know enough or have no enough time to look for the real similimum! I have no special wishis for the new editions-I like them! I wish only to have MORE TIME FOR STUDY!!! I wish more time to read homeopathy and to learn! Happy New Year!!!

From Romania with greetings,



I have read them all and here is little feedback.

The latest campaign Against Hom. and Going armed into battle by Alan Schmukter

Yes!! fight for peoples right to choose the kind of treatment they wanted. In Sweden/Stockholm there I live, many people don´t know about homeopathy at all, and we had to fight to learn them. /Gun

Academy of Classical Hom ….. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about right och wrong and “aha” “aha” in homeopathy. About the last I remember when I man coming into my practice and he couldn´t raise and move his arm. My first thought “aha” this is a Calcarea carb and I give him Calcarea carb D200 once. Two days later he gives me a call and he was very suprised ” My arm is okej”/Gun

Reflections on Pedagogy…….Ann Jerome

You write ” To me the classroom has always been a place for creating community helping people, discover the untapped potential inside them, coming to appreciate who each of us really is and how we can participate faithfully in our own evolution and that of everyone and everything around us ” Why can´t we have teacher in ordinarie classes as you?What a different world we should have./Gun

Musings (and the Muse) of the vital force

Thank you!! for all your listed books (works) and the poem in the end of the article (life request) Wonderful. Often I print out articles who goes to my heart directly and this is one of them. I wish I should live near you and we could sit down and have a long talk. You inspired me of that. And people suprises me and confused me too, this is a part of life /Gun

Also thanks for telling me about books, The foundation of the chronic miasm in the homeopathi by Henny Hendens-Mast and The spirit of Homeopathy, Rajan Sankaran

And I wish you all a Good New Year 2010

Gun Sweden


Hi There,

Based on your question of what would I want……short video cases of acute issues for folks who are just learning homeopathy. Pulsatilla, Calc, Lycopodium etc. That would be such a great learning tool! I teach intro classes on homeopathy, first aid classes etc and I’m constantly looking for a teaching tool such as this.

Many Thanks,



Hello from Germany,

i would like to read more of miasmatic homeopathy (i liked the article of Rosina Sonnenschmidt, excellent!)

and of experiences with Peter Chappelles PC´s Remedys, i had good results with Diabetes mellitus and i just have some patients who take Peter Chappelles Aidsremedy.

Happy New Year,

Christoph Roggendorf


Guess that the tip section is one of my favorite sections. I had my husband try the one on “colds”. By the time he sipped on the second cup, his sever cold was almost gone. The next morning he did another cup. When he got home from work, he had no symptons. He and I were amazed! He, being a diabetic, usually hangs on to colds for several days and looses lots of sleep. Not this time. Thank you for your tip.

From Toni’s Tiger Den


Having a Nursing Home for ten years and observing patients with chronic ailments in great discomfort and at the stage where their doctors considered that apart from “keep taking the tablets” and please give them TLC.

I can only say that my staff and I quickly realised that a great many problems were in fact caused by side effects of often a cocktail of drugs,given in good faith, the side effects of one needing yet another remedy. In one particular case unrolling eleven different medications.

It was always our practice that we should read in depth from reputable clinical pharmacologies the substances our patients were to ingest and then with the doctors permission to gradually diminish the dose and with their consent try a more natural approach. I have to say that most hardworking GP,s were very supportive when seeing the improvement in their patients health. Many asked to read my books and their only comments were that their medical education did not touch on homeopathy or indeed on any natural manner of treatment. My reply was always the Hippocratic oath is still as valid today as when used those many years ago “First do NO harm” The inevitable reply was we have to rely on the pharmaceutical business we no longer can mix our own remedies. The consequence being that drugs companies have become richer than governments, one making 34 billion per year.

It would be a tragedy indeed if natural remedies were to disappear and the world has to rely on the big business of Pharmaceuticals . The Indians and Africans still have a selection of plants as yet untouched by the synthesisers .

My own experience was that patients were grateful of the care we took and the release of the dumbing down of heavy drugging and would ask their doctors to allow our approach. I wish I had written a book on cases that had improved on homeopathy, the greatest problem being that one must match the remedy to the patient for absolute success, so it is imperative that OBSERVATION is primary. I have to say that I noticed most nurses are better at that than doctors, maybe because they spend more “hands on” time.

It still amazes me that those who decry the minimum, unseen dose. readily take on board, Magnetic resonance, sonar searching by unseen sound, and surgery by light laser. My grandson, with a Degree in Physics readily uses homeopathy and I do think that it will be physicists and not chemists who will find the answer to “the minimum dose”.=



Dear Hpathy team,

You are all doing a great job! It’s so inspiring to see how dedicated you are promoting the homeopathy to the world! The December issue is very interesting because is about miasms. We all have to know how to deal with the miasms in prescribing homeopathic treatment . This is the right path to the true healing. This I came to understand by reading the issues about miasms from your Ezine. So, enlightening the minds of the beginners like myself regarding the right way to practice homeopathy, this is the result of your dedicated work!

Thank you for all that you are doing and please, more about miasms

Daniela LUNGU, Romania


I went through the entire journal for the month of December. The issue was indeed informative especially the tips and secrets that you publish are very useful for day to day practice. I had a query in my mind,

Thanking you, Regards,

Dr. Rupal Shah.


Thank you for an excellent ezine – one that have learnt many things from and always look forward to. Here are some suggestions – what I think will be useful to me as a homeopath:

1. Case management – what are the various ways of looking at the case when a remedy that has worked well so far stops working? Live experiences would be very useful as there is already a lot of theory about this. Especially new ways of looking at the case.

2. More experiences with potencies – Lms vs. C etc.

3. A forum for homeopaths to interact and discuss cases.

Regards Charu


Dear Sirs;

Can’t give you any feedback since I’m a layman but wanted you guys to know that here in LA, CA we loooooove your work.

I’m a sulphur and have had a very good friend and now homeopath (Dr. Terry Vanderheyden) for almost two decades now. He’s Canadian and turned me on to a few years ago. I lived in Canada twenty years ago.

Keep up the good work.



I really look forward every month to reading the articles at

I especially enjoyed the article on Homoeopathy and Jungian Psychology as this is an area of particular interest to me.

Keep up the great work and many thanks for your efforts.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Rochelle Hadjiloukas


Editorial Dec 09 e-Zine. I would be interested in beng part of a Working Group to generate a working paper on ‘Is homeopathy based on scientific evidence?’. I have a background in technology, communications/public relations and modern aspects of the principles of homeopathy. This paper, when finalised could be presented as input to influence government policy. This would be positive support for homeopathy as a valid healthcare option.


Richard Thomas

ND Adelaide Australia


Thanks so much for your newsletter which i don’t often read till your reminder! This month’s articles on diabetes and tips i found most interesting. Please keep up the good work even when i don’t write, please realise your work is appreciated.

maggi burnett


Thank you so much for such a wealth of information! I am deeply grateful for the work everyone shares. Trust that your efforts are being put to good use, helping me to become a better homeopath, and guiding me to select remedies that promote healing.





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