Letters to the Editor June 2008

Letters to the Editor June 2008

A fantastic ezine. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of info in it.

One suggestion I would like to make is to see good write-ups between comparisons of remedies. For example, Hepar Sulph and Silica; Aconite and Belladonna; Arnica and Bellis Perennis etc.

I am a student of homoeopathy, studying with the British Institute of Homeopathy towards my Diploma and then Practice. Getting to know the remedies really well is part of the course, and to be able to read comparisons between similar remedies would be useful and interesting indeed.

Christine Wyndham-Thomas


I truly enjoy all the articles provided in the E-Mails. Although I may not agree with everything 100% they are very valuable as tools and for learning. I have changed some of the ways I do things after reading some of the articles so I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. I have recently completed a course on Past Life Therapy and plan to start adding it to my practice, unfortunately in America they are mainly stuck in the Traditional Western Medicine and Give me a drug for this attitude.

Thanks again for all the great articles and information.

Clinton A. Chrisman.BS, MA, P.h.D


I am writing with regard to Alan Shmukler’s article about the Celebrex advert.

As homeopaths we all know about the undesirable aspects of conventional drugs. However I get annoyed when I read smug and patronising articles written asif we as homeopaths have all the answers. I wonder how many cases of severe R.A. Alan has cured or significantly helped with homeopathy? I know for a fact that there are many failures, including by some of the ‘top’ homeopaths. It is an incredibly difficult thing to treat, especially in its most severe forms. For all the drawbacks of using strong drugs, the fact is there are many people who are very grateful for the relief from extreme suffering they can afford. I would do everything possible to avoid using Celebrex or anything similar but we dont have all the answers and it is not good to pretend that we do.

Robin Logan


As time goes by we all will see what makes homeopathy work.

Words like “magic” and “invisible” will eventually, in the eyes of the scientific community, describe less and less of our healing art.

I often wonder why phrases like “double blind” form one of the cornerstones of the scientific method, maybe this has a true hidden meaning?

Thanks for a wonderful editorial.


Norman Pearson


Thanks a lot for the quizzes. They are a very nice way to learn for students like me.

Best Regards, Sameer


It is a wonderful site with lot of information and those who are interested in academics can make a wonderful use of it and it can benefit the teachers and taught. There is so much material that we dont get time to go through, so not to feel guilty I dont open it and when I open it I feel guilty that I am not able to use it to the optimum level.

Anyhow you are doing a yeomen service to Homoeopathy,

Dr. Patel

former Principal Govt Homoeopathic Medical college and Hospital Chandigarh and Bangalore


As usual your page is chock full of so many fascinating articles of different angles of homeopathy hardly have time to finish them before the next one arrives! But what gems! Thank you again for this monthly “tutorials”…

Meriem Laouiti


Dear Editor

I am really thankful for sending me such a great ezine. I always found it greatly informative and very helpful in my practice. I believe you are doing a very noble job for the homeopathy community.

M Noor Asi Pakistan


Political information is so important to me. I was indeed pleased reading about the homeopaths without borders including the article of ECCH. thank you.

margarita segkou


Great. very good

maly suissa


I really like this quizing and even the articles in I would like to advise you to make this ezine bimonthly ie twice in a month. I am still a student of 2nd yr of BHMS. And this quizing really helps me in checking my abilities and capabilities but i have to wait for full 1 month to get other quiz which really becomes difficult for me.

Thanking You

Nishita Gupta


I received so many mails lately that it has been very hard to send you my feedback to your magnificent articles. Please keep sending them, and be patient with my responses.

Thank you. Nacho Moncayo


ES! – YES! I received my email newsletter – have read most of it – so educational, as always. I am not a homeopath, though you have helped me so much.

sincerely –

LPLinda Pranzitelli


Dear Editor,

You just keep getting better. I find myself printing articles to keep, despitesixty textbooks and RADAR. The summary on cancer type remedies was a great reference. I am really looking forward to the final summary article after wadingmy way through the technical language in the scientific series. Despite my limited understanding of the sciences (my husband is the physics teacher), I could still seethe basic trends of the articles. Top quality work all around.

Eileen Klinck


Dear Sir,

I have been receiving journal since registration and enjoing reading thesame. Thanks once again for the same. Being a stock broker and financialadvisor, I get very little time to inform you whether I am reading youresteemed journal. That does not mean that I am not reading; whenever I gettime (mostly during nights) I try to grasp the contents as deeply as I can.Once again I beg your pardon for not getting in touch with you always. Please hereby note that our family is a great follower of HOMOEPATHY for thelast two years, since when I was diagnosed with chronic Bronchitis andstarted treatment with this system of medicine after fed up with Allopathictreatment. Now, for whatever ailment- minor or major we depend onHomoepathy. My sister and her family are also an ardent follower ofHomoepathy. In my college days, I used to read lots of books on Homoepathyon my friend’s recommendation, but never followed as a way of treatment. And today I am almost cured of my Bronchitis. I hope to receive the journal for a long long period. With regards,

Yours faithfull reader,



I do value the regular mails and appreciate the effort and time that must go in to preparing the articles. I do have a problem managing to read everything – time being the main constraint, but keep up the good work and thank you



Dear editor,

Just read the article of tips which I found very useful. Has anyone complied a list of remedy relationships? This could also be extremely useful.

Thank you for the lovely newsletter.



hi Alan….i just read your interview with beth rotonda….great work…..convincedme that she is the person i need to work with…..i will read more of the newsletterand send you feedback….i do not enjoy reading on line…so perhaps i will printsome articles out…great work again…

thanks Lois


I go through the articles, i feel it is much helpful in my practise, Sothank you very much

Thanking you, Dr. Siya BHMS


In response to the poem of Katja in Homeopathy for Everyone, May 2008 issue:*

* *


*You will realize your dream -*

*Dream or prayer,*

*Presented as poetry or prose,*

*Written in English or any other language -*

*Homeopathy will triumph,* *As Truth alone triumphs.*



Dear Editor Dr Bhatia,

I must appreciate the amount of effort being put in by you and your team to promote homoeopathy around the world and creating an awareness about homoeopathy among the masses, simply great. I am the one who have seen and observed homoeopathy working. a couple of years back when i was in 4th year of homoeopathy, I incidently met a proffesor of the college, who was talking so high about homoepath, by that time i had no idea about what miracle it can do, I was a chronic heart patient, been through angio graphy and later on angioplasty, fitted with an stent in my heart, chronic irritable bowl, gastro intestinal ulcers, having nasal blockage for the last 8 years and using xynosine nasal spray for the last 8 years, sufferd from sever depression attack, and kept taking anti depressent for a couple of years,and lot many other problems like servical problem, anxieties, ulcers, itching, constipation, lassitude, frequent cramps, anger, impotency, etc etc etc, and by the way for your information i was just 40 when i came across this professor. my previous health record is like I was the most healthy guy in the town, a bodybuilder and title winner of mr islamabad of 1986, mr colligeate,even participated in national games, the highest level in the country, an athlete and a good sports man. but when had a fall it came nose down. so to cut short, he (the proffesor of the college) started off with my treatment and in one year time he gave me lechesis cm, lyco 30, thuja cm, tuberculinum 1m, calcaria 30 and nux vomica cm, among other couple of small potencies like gelsimum 30, brynia 30, rhustox 30 etc, and to tell you,my complete personality has been changed, i have become a very active, very very potent, very energetic and a complete new person as i use to be back in my teens. so just to let you know yet lot many homoeopaths are around in pakistan as well who can do wonders in homoeopathy, since then i took a new start and started studying and practicing the art of healing, lot many declared cureless cases have been cured by us.*

*so there is no doubt about the fact that homoeo medicine does work and in a miraculous manner provided the prescriber is a true homoeopath.*

*At the end there is a request about the attitude/impression most of the journals and publishers carry or create, and that is the sorry attitude, i mean the passive attitude, instead of being on the defensive wicket , all the homoeopaths must play a role on the front foot, instead of cutting a sorry figure, we must all should have a very very certain attitude about it, letting others defend themselves. May be it has become a way of gaining sympathies or attracting others. Almost every journal i came across starts with the premise of saving homoeopathy. THIS ATTITUDE MUST BE CURBED. *

*Rest be assure that you and your team is doing the best possible job, I learn a lot , and keep it up*


*Dr Amir Abbas Ansari*


Dear Sir,

I am very much thankful to u for sending very good Homeopathic information through this ezine.

I wanted to get clarification about one thing that, while downloading the ezine for my personnel archieving and future use purposes what is the method to download the entire ezine (say May 2008 all articles) at one go, instead of opening each article at a time and doing FILE-SAVE to save each file, so that i can save a lot of time. Please clarify me at the earliest. thanking u, with best wishes,



Dear Manish Bathia

I have read them all and from all it is always something to learn and think about and then put into your mind. Katja Schutt, I had a dream. We all have dreams but don´t let it be a dream- fight for your dreams and for homeopathy too.

Edvars De Beukelaur The cat story helps me to know my own cat. He cames to our house one day and he was special. After reading about Belle I know we have a British Short Hair too. thank you.

Dr Ajit Kulkarni, A very interesting article and I had to print it out and put it together with all others I collect. Body language, we had to learn and observe even small details. Thank you also for the other one , “Carcinosinum” both you and Katja Schutt again.

There are so many but Vaccination and homeopathy by Dr Johann Loibnev is a subject always in light- for and against.

Tips and secrets, Alan V Schmukler I can´t miss it. You can find “gold” there.

Dr Joe Rosencwaig, When the perfect simillimum is not working. Please let us know when his book about Dranaige, Detoxification and Organotherapy is coming out.

And for the end I`m sending a big hug from Stockholm/Sweden there the sun is shining and from me who never gives up /



The article of Luc De Schepper:

As I wrote to Dr Luc in an e-mail:

‘Can’t wait to read the rest of the book! This is Core information, leading to Core homeopathy!



I have received the issue of Homeopathy for Everyone and I thank you for it. I was very busy in the last time, but I am very pleased of it.

All the best, Doina Pavlovschi




Dear Editor,

While I enjoyed all the articles in May’s issue, I would have to take issue with Dr Loibner’s article on vaccination. It is obvious that he is against all vaccinations per se, which would concur with many homeopaths. However it is practically irrefutably true that smallpox vaccination was so successful that it has eliminated smallpox completely and saved countless lives. This was a disease that killed and maimed and we must be better off without it. I’m afraid that just having better hygiene, living conditions etc was not the sole cause for the end of this terrible disease.

The same could probably be said for polio and diptheria, at least in much of Europe and the States.


Dr Charlotte Mendes da Costa MFHom


You give such nice explanation about unerstanding of kent’s and hahnneman’s philosophy and their point of help me in my understanding.Thank you very much.

Maulik Joshi


The issues are now so large, and my time so limited, that I hardly get to read them at all. The articles are excellent, and of course I’d love to see more animal cases and vethom interviews, but I’d like to see the size of each issue limited. JMO, of course.

BTW, is there a way to search articles on the website according to topic?

Joy Metcalf


Despite your numerous requests for feedback, I can’t say I have much tooffer. Although I have been studying various forms of medicine, western aswell as various alternate forms for several years, I have only recentlybegun a deeper study of homeopathy. There is much I do not understand inyour newsletters and I often give up before completing an article despite myyears of medical training. I hope to be able to contribute more as myknowledge increases. My fear is that this newsletter is more for those whopractice homeopathy professionally rather than patients and inexperiencedstudents such as myself. If you have any suggestions to aid my attempts,I’d be most grateful.

With deepest regard,

Toni Cook


Dear friends, I am a 60-year old Brazilian who studies and uses homeopathy for decades. Notformal study, but I have read the few books available in Brazil. Now I am very happy because I’ve found this wonderful site. I’ve read carefully -and thankfully – each one of the articles. As soon as I can produce something intelligent to write you, I will send youanother email.

Best regards, Ismar


I am very much interested in hp. I enjoy reading the articles. I have some healthrelated problems and I believe that I will have the answer. I will write in detailsafter hearing from you. I am sure if there is remedy for those (my) conditions,scores of people will be benefitted from it.

regards, Jas


Have enjoyed the hpathy ezine immensely but have beenunable to write any comments of late.  Have been very busy caring for familymember with cancer and just started a different job.  I am a new student andvery interested in learning from all different avenues of education. I lookforward to the next issue.



Dear Editor,

Your e-zine is providing an invaluable service to all homeopaths and students ofhomeopathy alike. Please continue with the electic choice of subject matter that you cover each month; I particularly like the very insightful articles of Rudi Verspoor. Please keep them coming.

Sincerely, Neil McKinney


I enjoy your fine newsletter. Thank you for publishing it. Thanx.Regards,

Joseph, Canada


Dear editor,

had time to read it this month-short but informative, thanks,

Deborah Shewry.


Dear Sir

Thank you very much for the excellent work and I am great full to great masters and most experienced doctors to give me the opportunity to learn. Please accept my gratitude.

Thanks Ravi


Reading your articles gives me deeper understanding of our  profession- homeopathy. I am grateful for giving me such continuous professional education.


Dr Sam O. Igho


hello hello —–

I forget now how I got on to you guys – maybe through the AHA website (Australia) – I was reminded to go there for links by the webmaster Peter T. WHAT A THRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To discover this publication: GOLD! Silver, precious. Have not had time to read every single article, but the David Little article cleared up the whole myth of one pill is the same as a hundred, fascinated to see that the Canadian government has a homeopath on an advisory committee, Looking forward to buying the Drainage book when it’s published: just the weekend before I had asked David Lilley what was out there……………am thrilled beyond belief that the net is being used by you guys to disseminate thinking, cases, philosophy etc etc without requiring membership or payment. I can’t help but feel that we all do the wonderful practise of homeopathy such a huge disservice when we sequester information and share cases only with the chosen ones – I for one am not at a point where I can spend lots of money on journals, etc., but am ravenous for contact with other practitioners and educators (I’ve been in practise for 7 years now, and beginning to really know what I don’t know, if you know what I mean). The standard of what you include is clearly very top notch. And you are contributing, for sure, to the need to make the quality practise of homeopathy more availabe and wide-spread.

Thank you so much,



The magazine is worthreading thanks



Neither Homeopathy nor allopathy &antipathy can give any one  alive permanently . Nobody comes to stay in life for ever , but God is the first and the last.

I don’t want to change homeopathic atmospher to religion , but its really needed to talk about because these are linked together in somehow. let me to tell an anecdote which happened in the homeopathic class room . The teacher was explaining how the homeopathic remedies do work on the Vital Force by primary & secondary actios and finally put it back to health position without side effects . one of my classmate said , “so, we can be alive for ever ” ,the teacher hesitated , i demanded to answer , he allowed me then i said, ” life on this planet without death has not been granted to any one” , in holy Qruan God said to his prophet , “we granted not to any one before you permanent life ,every soul sall have a taste of death. to every people is a term .apointed : when their term is reached , not an hour can the cause delay , nor (an hour) can they advance (it in anticipation)”,i continued , Hahnemann was the first homeopath , is he alive now ?so ,as Beth Rotondo said ,”we try to give the people the quality of life”. I had a patient 3 weeks ago , her husband told me , please help us , i shoud take my wife to hospital every day morning and has 2 shots ,I said its ok, every thing will be allright the patient sighed loudly and said i’m full of griefs then she cried, i gave her some doses of Ignatia ,2 weeks later they come back to give me their thanks. Homeopathic remedies are miracles just to give quality not to give permanent life.

this interview gave me the high heartforce to be very satisfied of my homeopathic beleives Beth , plz have all my thanks hearty.

Jafar Vakili


It is really helpful to me. It is a good job which you are doing. By reading such articles, I get more interest in Homoeopathy. And many things which are in dilemma can be resolved. Please keep on sending me these articles. tahnking you, kavita


Thanks for the May edition of your ezine. As usual it was extremely informative. It was so informative I have not had time to finish reading it all.



Editor Sir, I’m immensely grateful to u sending thiis useful Mag for free. Pl. keep sending this! I’ll try to contribute my thougts and experience, Thanks! Dr. Khawar


Dear Editor,

I do have increasingly positive feedback regarding hpathy journal. Of this, there’s no doubt that not only I but the whole homeopathic world is benfitted by the journal. I do wish the every success of hpathy journal.

Best Regards,

Tapas Barai


Dear Editor,

I am ineffably thankful for Hpathy Ezine-May2008. You are doing a great job for all Homeopathic practitioners as well as humanity at large.I am all praise for your efforts.I really enjoyed all the articles published in this issue. Particularly,I am ineffably impressed by Beth Rotondo’s wonderful experiences regarding endless possibilities of Homeopathy during her research oriented practice. All the cases,including her own,cured and narrated by her, are really very helpful for all homeopaths.I suggest that Thimerosal should be proven and included in Homeopathic Materia Medica to meet the challenges of autism which is spreading like an epidemic now-a-days. The potentiated Thimerosal as a homeopathic medicine for autism should be made available to homeopaths by Homeopathic Pharmacies all over the world. My grandson is autistic and I would request Beth to send me a course of this medicine for him.I am a Homeopathic practitioner and have been experiencing miracles of Homeopathy frequently during my practice in India for the last thirty eight years.At present I am staying with my daughter in San Francisco for some time for treating her autistic son. I have one more suggestion.I earnestly request the research oriented Stalwarts of Homeopathy that the bacteria ‘Helicobacter Pylori’, which causes gastric ulcers,chronic gastritis and GERD etc. should be introduced in Homeopathy as a nosode for the benefit of patients afflicted with these diseases and also as prophylaxis for these diseases.

With warm regards,.



You never disappoint me, wonderful as usual.



Dear Editor,

Your e-zine is providing an invaluable service to all homeopaths and students of homeopathy alike. Please continue with the electic choice of subject matter that you cover each month; I particularly like the very insightful articles of Rudi Verspoor. Please keep them coming.


Neil McKinney Canada


Hi, I had a great time reading the ezine. Good copy and great insight. Keep it up. I’ll keep coming back.

Dr. Corso


Dear Friends,

I just want to say thank you for sending me hpathy again. Somehow I was taken off the list and missed so much.

I am delighted to be in touch again…thankyou…thankyou. It will take me awhile to read all these great articles, but I will.

Pat Mccabe


Greetings and best wishes for carrying the mantle of Homeopathy forward.

Best, Mike Garodia


Dear Editor,

I can resonate with Beth Retondo’s insight of choosing the modality that you feel is consistent with what you believe in and the way you were raised. This illustrates the importance of consulting all levels of our person e.g. physical, emotional, spiritual, intergenerational links before deciding which treatment to choose. A process allopathic medicine has taken for granted inadvertently because of its focus on pathology and disease. The beauty of the practice of homeopathy is the way it enriches one’s appreciation of the principle of the treatment of the person as a whole and contributes to one’s growth in sensitivity and respect for life. I see her experience, of feeling what her patients go through and using this experience to come up with the simillimum, a stage in becoming a homeopath. The compassion a homeopath develops can result in empathy, a virtual clinical tool.

Homeopathy without Borders by Elisabeth von Wedul inspires me to work out a similar program for women in my country. One of the reason health programs for women are not effective in my country in lowering maternal morbidity and mortality rates, I suspect is because it uses allopathic interventions in non-hospital settings. The work of Homeopathy without Borders with the midwives affirms this and I would like to pursue in the near future something similar in this direction.

The tips and secrets by Alan Schumukler is a beautiful and creative way of sharing clinical experiences that are gems to anyone practising homeopath. I enjoy it a lot. The greatest high is when you crack a puzzle or resonate with another’s clinical insight or experience. Fun to learn and read this section.
All the best to your great work.
Dr Marisa Casals


I enjoy reading your newsletters very much especially the author /Homeopath interviews.
Thank you
Diane Fowler

Cyril Smith is exploring homeopathy at a level no one has done before. In the battle to legitimize homeopathy, these are silver bullets. Thank you for publishing his series.
R.A. Merrill


I have been reading Rudi Verspoors articles since you began publishing them. He is chronicling aspects of homeopathy often misunderstood or simply passed over. This knowledge is precious. I learn something new and important every time!
J. Hartman



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