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Letters to the Editor – Feedback from the Feb 2023 issue

Readers comment on the previous (Feb 2023) issue. Comments on the interview with Dr. Bipin Jain, the cartoon “Survivor”,loss of all vocalization after vaccination by anke Zimmerman and much more.


Letters to the Editor – Feedback from the Feb 2023 issue


From: Dr. Bipin Jain is interviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Dr Bipin Jain interviewed by Dr Manish Bhatia

Thank you for this interesting discussion of homeopathic education, including some current flaws and how to correct them.  Emphasis on the Organon is certainly a primary goal for students who wish to practice correctly.

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Homeopathy 101 – Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Homeopathy 101: The Basics

This is such a helpful article! The information is clear and understandable, and the message is inspirational.


From: Cartoon “Survivor” – Alan V. Schmukler


Oh wow! That’s really a punch Alan! sad.

Rina Amir


Thanks Rina. That comes from my own experience working in a hospital as well as that of friends and relatives.


Thank you for another great issue Alan!

Ronald D. Whitmont, MD


From: Discussions with Francis Treuherz – Part 1: Faith and Homeopathy

A Visit to and Discussions with Francis Treuherz – Part 1: Faith and Homeopathy

It surprises me when a homeopath lacks any religious faith, considering that the fact that homeopathy refutes any materialistic view of the universe.

Richard Laing

Yes Richard, I too am surprised and tend to agree. An interesting topic for further discussion no doubt.


Tidbits 97: More COVID Vaccine Damage!  – Elaine Lewis

Another timely and important article by Elaine Lewis, who writes plainly but passionately.

Thank you, Elaine!

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Tics, constipation, insomnia and loss of all vocalization after vaccination -Anke Zimmerman

Hello Anke,                                                                                                 This was a beautiful case! How do you do applied kinesiology testing?

Arpana Sali

Anke, you were lucky that you got a positive answer to a vaccine given separately. What if you had gotten a yes to a vaccine that was part of Infanrix-hexa? For instance, polio? Or do you actually have Infanrix-hexa 200C there, and would you have had to give that? I’m greatly disturbed that vaccines are now given as combinations, so many vaccines in one shot. Then what does a homeopath do if there’s a bad reaction?

Elaine Lewis

From:  Psoriasis in a Girl of 4 by Shishir Paranjape

Psoriasis in a Girl of 4

Deep and thorough case analysis, evaluation, rubric selection and follow ups explained in detail.

Thanks for sharing.

Poornima Mishra

From: It’s The Flu, And New Job Starts Tomorrow! – Elaine & Shana Lewis

It’s The Flu, And New Job Starts Tomorrow!

Hi Elaine,

I enjoy your quizzes and learn a lot. For the headache quiz, I’d go with Bryonia 200.

Thanks for voting, Debra! Be sure to check “Revisiting: It’s The Flu and new job starts tomorrow” in the March issue for a discussion of the case!

Elaine Lewis

From: Burning Pains and Anxiety -Woman of 59 -by Aarti Ramchandani

Burning Pains & Anxiety -Woman of 59

Very nice case Aarti! Continue to share your understanding.


From: A Case of Poorly Managed Anxiety – Kylie Jones

A Case of Poorly Managed Anxiety 

Virginia, the list on the left of the chart are the Repertory rubrics (headings) that the homeopath thought matched the case. The first column to the right is the remedy that covered the most headings and in the highest degree (as some remedies will cover a heading, but only slightly, those remedies score a “1”. We’re not too happy if the remedy that covers the most headings (symptoms) does so with only “1’s”. We might prefer a remedy that covers fewer headings but with all 2’s and 3’s. It appears in this case that Nat-mur came up in the #1 position, covering all 11 symptoms with a decent number of 2’s and 3’s; in other words, not a weak showing.

Elaine Lewis

From Editorial: Got the Remedy? A Note to Novices – Alan V. Schmukler

 Got the Remedy? A Note to Novices

Alan, what a great editorial! Yes, so wise a saying: “If you don’t know you have something, then you don’t have it.” So many people resist buying a remedy kit because they’ve “got remedies”, but of course, they’re out of order, in a shoe box or a large sandwich bag…. or they say, “I’ll buy it at the health food store tomorrow.” I always say, “Tomorrow your Belladonna could change into Gelsemium, but you’ll buy Belladonna and it won’t work.” The prescription is only good for the moment that you gave your symptoms. If you’ve got scores of loose remedies around, go to Amazon and do a search for lipstick cases. I’ve got two of them here that hold various sizes of 22 remedies each. By the way, I didn’t know people were calling you in the middle of the night! Well, I guess that’s no different than getting emails in the middle of the night, which is what I get.

Elain Lewis

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