Letters to the Editor November 2007

Letters to the Editor November 2007

Dear editor(s),

Thanks for creating an internet Homeopathic Journal, to all who have been involved in this process.

It is much needed and likewise much appreciated!

Although your last email requested me to read all the articles and then respond, forgive me if I have only sufficient time just now to reply to the Alize Timmerman article.

I found the subject matter very interesting, both in history of timing (1980’s I recognize all the names studying with Vithoulkas at that time-which explains a lot in current matters as of 2007), and also the topics touched upon during the interview were interesting.

Causticum jogged my memory of a case long ago of suspected lead poisoning and it was good to be reminded of that at this time.

Lac remedies are interesting-in terms of consumption, both USA and India are large consumers of milk/dairy products-i find this interesting, as these two countries are maturing very rapidly, and towards each other-materialism vs spiritualism…it will be very informative to learn more about the Lac remedies…

It might be interesting to present provers info on various lac remedies and clinical cases as well, so that the significance of these great works will be more widely recognized…

Wishing you all the best in your continued endeavors, and thanking you very much,



I just received it (Hpathy Journal) today! Good job you guys!

Miranda Castro


Hello colleagues,

I wish I had more time to be specific about what I like about but let it suffice to say that you are doing a great job! I finally got around to reading Scholten’s interview in last months issue and I learned so much. I had never explored his system before although often looked at his stages to shed light on a case.

Keep it coming!

Shawn Mehu


The unconventional medicine

Dear Doctor Bhatia

I have just read your article in this month’s Homeopathy for Everyone.

I wholeheartedly agree with you about the need for homeopaths to know about conventional medicine in order to better treat their patients and recognize what is pathology, what is normal, what is strange, rare and peculiar, what the prognosis might be. This helps us evaluate whether our remedies are working or not.

However, it raises another very interesting question – how can the schools of homeopathy which train the so-called ‘lay/professional homeopaths’ help their students to acquire this knowledge? I studied anatomy and pathology at college, but compared to a doctor, my knowledge is pitifully limited, I feel.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, one day, homeopaths were accepted into hospitals as a part of their course so as to shadow doctors and learn real medical knowledge?
Liz Brynin (SECH MARH)


myself dr. atulkumar regularly used to read the articals send by u on my email id . i enjoy it & i came to know so many new things about the practice . i li ke it very much to read the articals . please send me some articals on the skin treatment . i would like to know more thing


I really enjoyed this article. I don’t think people realize how important Breat Milk is to an infants immune system! Also Breast feeding is very important when it comes to Infant and Mom bonding.

Clinton A. Chrisman.BS, MA, P.h.D

i did enjoy this issue a lot
do send your mail regularly. I will wait for them.

Rudi Verspoor states following in his article:

“The term homoeopathy has been misused to mean the whole of Hahnemann’s healing system. Hahnemann used the word heilkunst to describe his entire system, which is comprised of the German terms “heil” (whole) and “kunst” (art).”

Since German is my mother tongue this may be of interest to you? The word “heil” really means “heal” so when Hahnemann uses the term “Heilkunst” he speaks of ‘Healing art’ and not of a ‘whole’ system. We Germans would use the word “ganz” more likely when we speak of the “whole” even though the dictionary says differently.

Kind regards,
Britta Gisder


I am very impressed by the quality of articles in your journal. My name is Nicky Pool and I run a College of Homeopathy – Purton House – in the UK that offers a BSc in Homeopathy at the end of four years training. I also have a busy practice with many patients who are intelligently involved in homeopathy, and complementary colleagues who want to know more.
Thus my question is – Do you mind my copying some of the articles (obviously quoting the source and website) and emailing them to appropriate recipients? They are then to free to sign up themselves – though in my experience a lot of people want the sifting done for them!
Keep up the good work. How different – and how much more rewarding in many ways – from the days when such information was not so easily available. Thank you. All best Nicky Pool


I love the dialogue between the masters.

Thank you,


Dear Editor

You are right – this is a subject that preoccupies many of us, it has certainly troubled me quite a lot and my more recent positiion has been to suggest to patients that they ask their GP for a diagnosis.

I take your argument on board – that certainly would be an ideal way to practice. The problem is that many of us are at a disadvantage in that, though our college curriculum included A & P and some pathology most of these courses are very different from what is taught at medical school – there is no hands-on experience, no dissecting, no clinical training. Book learning is far from satisfactory in this area.

How does someone not trained in medicine acquire a working knowledge of pathology that actually feels real?

However the other point made by B which you do not address is our conviction that most disease arises out of an imbalance of the emotional body in which case the specifics of the actual physical manifestations are less important that the aetiology.

Yous sincerely



Dear Dr Bhatia
How are you
I am Dr Syed Abid Ali Zaidi Practicing Homoeopathy in Rawalpindi
I am very thankful to you that you send me mails and useful knowledge about our field and doing something more for Homoeopathy
I really appreciate your affords
Would you please inform me what and how you are practicing and where
And also send me Audio Lecture specially Aphorsum in mp3 format
Dr Syed Abid Ali Zaidi


Int with Alize

It would have been good if the Lac theme had been developed a bit more with some more examples. Some good ideas in this interview. Thank you



It was very stimulating to be exposed to Alize Timmermann’s ideas. Three ideas I found particualrly thought- provoking:One,anything and everything in a patient’s surroundings is potentially a remedy for the patient. Two, most substances that homeopathy uses are older than mankind and hence, are ‘better informed’ about the basic life force, if I may put it that way. This superior information, when conveyed to the patient via the homoeopathic dose, helps him cure himself. Three, patient ‘knows’ the remedy he needs. In the right environment he leads a homeopath to it.
I found Alize Timmermann’s ideas on helping patients when their death is imminent somewhat foggy. Maybe it is because of some deficiency in my power of comprehension. Maybe, some day, will get Alize to explain her insight on this subject in greater detail.



this Jan Scholten issue is fantasticand very useful specially because he explain his own theories and make them easier. I hope in a future you make and similar issue but with Massimo Mangialavori, the other great revolutionary homeopath after Sankaran and Scholten , it’s very needed because there is less information about him.
Thank you



True, diseases could very well begin in the womb itself and depending on the care given thereafter, turn life-threatening or be rendered ineffective. Hereditary endowments in the form of miasms and other undesirable abberations are unfortunately passed down to the innocent and unsuspecting infant. Clarke was on the dot when he calls this ‘wages of sin”



The unconventional medicine

dear friend ,your thought are very practical.i abide by your views.

Dre. Moses


I just read your article about MS and i was impressed, not only because i am an homeopathy student, but also because i have MS.

This is the kind of article i will use in my assignements.

Thank you!



cannot agree with you more, Dr. Bathia. I am horrified sometimes by the level of ignorance about the human body and how it functions, and about common diseases and drugs, that I see in some aspiring or practising practitioners who are hoping to help patients with their health problems. Your editorial was very well stated. Thanks!



Thank-you so much for providing a website so rich in pertinent homeopathic information, articles and lectures. I am a teacher of homeopathic philosophy at Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario and your recorded lectures on philosophy and in particular the Organon (with Dr. Bhatia) have been incredibly helpful. Please keep up the great service to homeopaths worldwide.
With Gratitude,

Andrea Groff


“We have to deal with man as a whole”; and to ignore or undervalue what he tells us of his ideas, emotions, or sensations, because they may be termed “subjective symptoms,” and be held therefore unreliable, would be to shut out from ourselves that which, egotistic and, fearful prejudiced and ignorant as man may be, yet forms an integral part of his life, and therefore disease. The distinction between “general” and “local” symptoms need not detain us, since the terms are obvious in their meaning and the difference is gradually dying out by the recognition of the fact, that no one organ can have its functions or structure changed, without the existence of some relative change in all the rest, We have to more focus on genuine homeopathy treatment through of the country-or particular place start the

genuine homeo medicine – to faith of all particular place of citizens, being a homeopathy doctors to be follow – result will be come bright-bright.

Thanks and Regards

A.R. Khan


Hi, I’m a bit new to this. I have read what information is on the page, but I don’t seem to be able to follow along really well, and I would not be able to contribute to it because it seems to be making individual points on diverse topics, and needs no cementation to emphasize any of the points being made.

I’m Autistic, and don’t follow along well unless things are laid out on the yellow brick road if you will.

I turned 50 this year, and am learning to be more normal with the help of homeopathic substances, such as the HGH enhancers and L-Dopa with Quercetin.

Maybe if each topic were laid out like a forum with each topic having it’s own following, things would be easier understood by people like me.


Victor Pirie


Thank you these are great reads and extremely useful – the BUT comes in the form of soooooooooooooo many emails from all and sundry, seeing such a huge daily mail is off putting and I must say I tend to leave ‘interesting’ mail until I have time to digest and that can be months.
So yes, your work is great but I do need more email reading time!!!!
Kind thoughts D


Dear sirs,
thank for reminding to write you few words about newsletters I get from you.
First of all, i`m a beginner and afraid that my knowledge about Homeopathic is equal to zero.
So, I`m not able to involve myself in any discussion.
I wrote you before about my case, that I`m suffering because of Hepatitis C, and my liver was a step before Cirrhosis, when I was early diagnosed. After treatment with dual therapy,
my condition was unchanged.I try to find some remedies trough different sources, and finally the only Homeopathic medicine convinced me to looking for.
But, I hardly find information what I need to do. Must be someone who`s able to give suggestions about Homeopathic remedies I can use and how to reach to them.
So, please again, reply and write me word or two regarding my case.
Thank you very much and Best Regards.


am intrstd to be in touch with this site and to gt necessary informations about h.pathy.

It is wonderful, I agree with her. I had the same think about the milks before reading this interview. She is very intelligent. I agree ith her and Scholten about dinamization / potency too. I saw the same in my practice.
I am writting a materia medica in protuguese, It will be on-line in internet.
I hope anybody will translate to it to English and Spanish. I will put in the site the firts chapiters this month.
If you have interest I will send to you the chapter about china in portuguese, it is read. Qt november 21 it will appear about (1) china, (2) what is my method to elect a remedy? (c) a promenade através through. It is almost read about “Why does the homeopatic remedy works?” (in theis article there are a lot of information which was tested, but the public in general does not know. In it It explain that the test with the basophils presented by BBC is correct, but the interpretation of the phemenon iss wrong. I have other interpretation and I am sure that you may show in what flask with dinamizided remedy will happen the degranulation or the basophils or not.
carlos lima melo
brazilian homeopathic physician


C4 Rubish

I find it alarming that some person comes up with a “new and different notion” and then it gets put up – advertised – written about in journals and the such – all to stimulate healthy discussion (hhmmm). Then the proponets of this garbage say that “Homoeopathy is Evolving”. Really?” I think if a journal/site is reputable it should also be discriminating. At the end of the day Homoeopathy is Homoeopathy. and I for one find no problem with the Homoeopathy that was laid down in the Organon, practised according to these principles – results follow. Many of the greatest cases are still from the old masters (oh lord and with so few remedies then tooooo. I think the C4 notion is alarming and puts Homoeopathy in the realm of quackery and open to be critisized. This type of hype is someone trying to be something… unfortunately doing a lot of harm along the way to patients, vulnerable practitioners (who get confused)and finally to homoeopathy. Remember at the end of the day Homoeopathy is a science because it is repeatable, not a FAD…. and should not be treated so lightly. So shame on Timmerman and shame on Hpathy for promoting such nonscense.



this is one of the best articles i ever read for prostate enlargement.its really beautifully explained with eloquent presentations regarding treatment.really such articles must be there for physicians and students of homeopathy

my best wishes

dr meakin mittu



It’s rather amazing that Alize starts her article wondering why §265 seems to be overlooked…

Reading the rest of her article makes me wonder if she ever read the other aphorisms?

Hasn’t she ever read that provings should be done following amphorisms 123-124-128. Povings are done by ingesting the remedy on an empty stomach…

Doing provings by meditation, collective ‘experience’ and what so ever may sound very esoteric but this has nothing to do with homeopathy!

I hope Alize and collegues are fair enough to not include their ‘proving symptoms’ in our materia medica? Please, let’s not polute them with false information!

I have no problem with people who try to discover new bounderies, on the contrary but please, together with your new system, invent a new name for it; don’t call it homeopathy!

Last but not least, I would like to jump to the beginning of Alize’s article again where she quotes Hahnemann: ‘Machts richtig nach’… I would say: ‘Interpret, but interpret right’

Marc Van Wijk


First of all thank you for sharing your articles with all of us. I´m a new one who got your information via e-mail and I agree with you about “the unconventional medicin”. Then I have read Alize Timmerman and her article too. Sometimes when you have a patient you look too much in the repetorium insteed of using your brain and look at the patient and think who is in front of you. Often when I have a patient the first homeopatic medicin who comes up shows later it was the right and now I´m listen to my voice inside.
Maybe it sounds crazy but I check it up before I give the medicin and for the most cases it is right.
Then to the other letter you sent over. YES we must fight together for homeopathy.
I have five grandchild and they always use my “pills” instead of allopatic medicin when it is possible. I can give you two cases: one who use homepathy when she was leaving this planet.
My mother who I took care about has emphysea a bad one. From the beginning she has got from the doctor lots of medicin in fact a hole bag!!!!!!! I throw it away and started with only homepathic medicin. Because the allopatic medicin gives her ecsema an other problems. When she has gone, the doctor says she has live l5 years overtime.
And when she was ready to go I put in one little pill every hour and she was very clear in her brain and know what was going on to the end. She could say god-bye to everyone before she left. It was wonderful.

The other case. A man with acut heartproblems. When he came to the hospital they couldn´t find the heartproblem. In the end of this problems they operated in a pacemaker and a difribrilator and of course triatec and selokin for the pressure. I didn´t take away the heartmedicin for the man but I put in two homeopathic medicin beside and told the doctors what I was doing. After two years they check him up and find the heart was much better and the man too. And the best they say ” The homeopatic medicin must have done good things”. And this is from a very big hospital in Stockholm and specialistdoctors. Isn´t it good for us when the doctors says homepatic medicin is good?

We all have to fight against them who don´t believe in homepathy and they who don´t use their mind. I wish we could work together the allopatic doctors and the homeopatic doctors. A dream , and then let the patient decide what he
or she wants.

thank you again for your articles and we don´t stop to fight, dont´we?

Gun Ståhl/ Sweden


I have been through the article and I found Aliz to be truely Homeopathic way. As mentioned she founds the patient as the whole and materializes Homeo as a whole strength.
I do appreciate her foundings and do agree with what she says, following a book or blindly reading and prescribing is not the right way, one has to use own intelligence as well while prescribing or knowing the patient.
I thank her for her valuable commentes and time dedicated to all the readers including me.




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