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Stand Up for Homeopathy!

A new and independent Homeopathy Heals Campaign was launched on 1st November 2009 to promote Homeopathy to the Public. The Campaign started off with a three-pronged approach – Homeopathy Heals car stickers, website and book.

Now a Skeptic Campaign has been launched to discredit homeopathy, called the 10:23 Campaign, ‘Homeopathy:  There’s nothing in it’. This is taking off at alarming speed.  We think it is in direct response to counter the Homeopathy Heals Campaign and may also be timed to coincide with the UK Science & Technology Committee’s Evidence Check Report on Homeopathy.  We therefore need to each take some kind of action NOW.

The internet is the new media and the only one where homeopathy has a voice, so we must get to learn how to use it well as the skeptics/denialists do.  There are some things we can all do to fight back.

Things You Can Do


If you have a homeopathy blog, you need to put up positive articles by copying & pasting them in.  It doesn’t matter if all homeopathy blogs put up the same articles, as that will get homeopathy up the search engines.  Please use any articles from the Homeopathy Heals website as there is a large collection there.  To open a homeopathy blog, if you have a gmail address use or Try to use a name for the blog with the word Homeopathy in it.  You then need to link to as many other good homeopathy blogs as possible by ‘Following’ them.  This will bring your blog up the search engines.


If you have a Twitter account, you can update with positive homeopathy articles and put the #homeopathy tag at the end, so that it appears in the search engines to give readers good homeopathy info!  Noone has the time to read every single Twitter but linking together will create a big homeopathy force on Twitter to counter this negative attack. Debby Bruck is also giving Twitter Tutorials, so check it out on the HWC website and find out about linking with all the other homeopaths there.

To shorten long weblinks, go to this site, copy and paste them in and use the short one given.  If you have a Twitter account, please follow ours which is HomHeals

If you have a website, LINK to the following websites:

Homeopathy Heals

Homeopathy for Everyone

Homeopathy World Community

Dana Ullman, MPH.


As these are so prominent, it will push Your website up the Search Engines and create a greater presence on the internet for Homeopathy.!


Send articles to your local newspaper about homeopathy and promote yourself in your area.

Long Live Homeopathy!

Homeopathy Heals Campaign Team

About the author

Louise Mclean

Louise Mclean, LCCH MHMA, is a homeopathic practitioner and was the owner/editor of the website ‘Homeopathy Heals’, which helped inform people about homeopathy. Previously she was Editor of Zeus Information Service and Zeus Homoeopathy News.
Her book "Homeopathy Heals" can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle.
Follow Louise on Twitter: @HomHeals .

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  • The queen and the royals use homeopathy, Lord Moran Churchills doctor under advice from Stephen Ward recomended it for Churchills alcoholic out bursts and depressive fits, Churchill was soon able to go out and take up landscape painting.
    The drug company cartels have been running a long campaign against real medicine for some time, and employ quacks such as Ben Goldacre, Richard Wiseman, and the disgraced Susan Blackmore.
    to run down homeopathy.
    My freind the top Psychiatrist at the famous Maudelsey hospital was denied the use of homeopthy, and said he wished he could have brought it in.

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