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Mobile Phone Tower Radiation is Ruining Your Health!

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A useful article about Mobile Phone Tower Radiation is Ruining Your Health!.Full details about Mobile Phone Tower Radiation is Ruining Your Health!

Effects of Mobile Phone Tower Radiation on your healthThe safety of cell phone towers is the subject of extensive scientific debate.There is a growing body of scientific evidence that the electromagnetic radiation they emit, even at low levels, is dangerous to human health. Radiation from mobile phones and towers has become a significant risk to public health in urban hubs and cities and the Indian government is trying to work out solutions to solve the problem.

“We have proposed 1/10th of the existing radiation emissions from mobile phone towers over buildings and the proposals will soon be in force. Six metres within the direct range of any mobile tower is a danger zone, but such problems cannot be avoided in a city. The standards that we had accepted so far were applicable to the United States and now are drawing up our own which will suit Indian conditions and need,” former advisor (operations and technology), department of telecommunications (India) has said on Wednesday, 2nd Feb 2011.

Radiation from mobile phones and towers poses serious health risks, including loss of memory, lack of concentration, disturbance in the digestive system and sleep disturbances, according to an inter-ministerial committee formed by the ministry of communications and information technology in India to study the hazards posed by mobile phones.

The committee has also attributed the disappearance of butterflies, bees, insects and sparrows vanishing from big cities to mobile phone-related radiation.

The eight-member committee, which included representatives from the health ministry, department of biotechnology and member secretary, DoT, has recommended that mobile phones not adhering to standard levels of specific absorption rate (SAR) – a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body while using a phone — should be barred.

It has said mobile towers should not be installed near high density residential areas, schools, playgrounds and hospitals. “The localized SAR value as per the Indian guidelines standard is 2 watt per kg, averaged over a six minute period and using a 10 gram average mass. With higher SAR values of mobile handsets the public could potentially receive much higher radio frequency exposure. We have recommended that SAR levels to be lowered down to 1.6 watt/kg, as prescribed by the Federal Communication Commission of US,” said a member.

Dr R S Sharma, ICMR scientist who represented the health ministry on the committee, said the findings are based on case studies presented by different experts. He added that the recommendations would be used to formulate a national policy and guidelines on electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation for telecom towers.

“In the case of a person using a cellphone, most of the heating occurs on the surface of the head, causing its temperature to increase by a fraction of a degree. The brain blood flow is capable of disposing this excess by increasing the local blood flow and increasing body temperature,” states the report. It says that the non-thermal effects of cellphone use – attributed to the induced electromagnetic effects inside the body’s biological cells – are more harmful.

People who are chronically exposed to low-level wireless antenna emissions and users of mobile handsets have reported feeling several unspecific symptoms during and after its use, ranging from burning and tingling sensation in the skin of the head, fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, lack of concentration, ringing in the ears, reaction time, loss of memory, headache, disturbance in digestive system and heart palpitation,” the report says.

The committee was chaired by Ram Kumar, advisor (technology), department of telecommunications, and had Arvind Duggal from the department of biotechnology and R N Jindal from the environment ministry among its other members.

Member scientist, ICMR R S Sharma said that compared to Europeans, Indian cellphone users are more at risk for adverse affect of radiation due the country’s hot tropical climate, low body mass index, and low fat content. “We have recommended amendment in the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 and rules so that only mobile handsets satisfying radiation standards should be permitted in the country,” he said.

The report suggests that children, adolescents and pregnant women should avoid excessive use of cellphones. People in general should use hands-free technologies to minimize the contact of the head with cell phone. “People having active medical implants should keep their cellphone at least 30 cm away from the implant,” it adds.

Said Girish Kumar, professor in the department of electrical engineering at IIT Bombay, whose research on hazards of cellphone use was taken as a reference for the committee decision, “There is a 400% increase in the risk of brain cancer among teenagers using cell phones for long periods. The younger the child, the deeper is the penetration of electromagnetic radiation as children`s skulls are thinner.”

Another government-funded study on radiation from mobile phones and towers at the Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU) found that the exposure to radiation from mobile towers and mobile phones could have an adverse impact on male fertility and pose health hazards by depleting the defence mechanism of cells.

There is vast scientific and medical evidence that exposure to cell tower radiation, even at low levels, can have profound adverse effects on biological systems.

Scientists and advocacy groups say that the current FCC “safe” standards are based on 1985 research, and fail to consider more recent research that found brain cancer, memory impairment, DNA breakdown, and neurological problems with RF at much lower levels. The earlier studies considered only the “thermal”, or heating effects of the radiation – in other words, the level at which the radiation would heat tissue, or “cook” a person, in the same exact manner that a microwave oven works. The FCC levels may ensure our tissues are not “cooked”, but they fail to address long-term chronic exposure at low levels, or what is called “non-thermal” effects.

Doctors say that RF radiation is wreaking havoc with normal biological cell functions.”RF alters tissue physiology”says Dr. George Carlo, an epidemiologist who found genetic damage in a $28 million research program, paid for by the industry.He now fights to have safety levels lowered.

In 1998 the Vienna Resolution, signed by 16 of the world’s leading bioelectromagnetic researchers, provided a consensus statement that there is scientific agreement that biological effects from low intensity RF exposure are established. It says existing scientific knowledge is inadequate to set reliable exposure standards. No safe exposure level can be established at this time.

The world’s leading electromagnetic researchers say existing scientific knowledge is inadequate to set reliable exposure standards. – The Vienna Resolution, 1998

The Salzburg Resolution, adopted in 2000 at the International Conference on Cell Tower Siting, would prohibit any cell site from emanating more than .1 mW/cm2 – 10,000 times more strict than the current U.S. standard.This limit takes into account the growing evidence for non-thermal RF bioeffects.

Cell phone towers expose the public to involuntary, chronic, cumulative Radio Frequency Radiation. Low levels of RFR have been shown to be associated with changes in cell proliferation and DNA damage.Some scientific studies show adverse health effects reported in the .01 to 100 mW/cm2 range at levels hundreds, indeed, thousands, of times lower than the U.S. standards. These harmful low levels of radiation can reach as far as a mile away from the cell tower location. Reported health problems include headache, sleep disorders, memory impairment, nosebleeds, an increase in seizures, blood brain barrier leakage problems, increased heart rates, lower sperm counts, and impaired nervous systems.

Long term and cumulative exposure to cell tower radiation has no precedent in history. There are no conclusive studies on the safety of such exposures, and the growing body of scientific evidence reports such bioeffects and adverse health effects are possible, if not probable.

Dr. Neil Cherry, Ph.D. biophysicist from New Zealand, reports that “There is no safe level of EMR radiation.”He said the standards are based on thermal effects, but important non-thermal effects also take place, such as cell death and DNA breakdown. Dr. Cherry wrote a 120-page review of 188 scientific studies. “The electromagnetic radiation causes cells to change in a way that makesthem cancer forming.”It can increase the risk of cancer two to five times, he said. “To claim there isno adverse effect from phone towers flies in the face of a large body of evidence.”
“To claim there is no adverse effect from phone towers flies in the face of a large body of evidence.” – Dr. Neil Cherry, biophysicist Public health officials caution that we err on the side of conservatism, given the massive public health risk that is possible.
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  • It is very very informative article in the best interest of common people and such towers are built without any consideration in India. It should be checked immediately in the best interest of common public.

    With best regards

    Sincerely yours
    Dr. Sayeed Ahmad

  • The radiations emitted from mobile phone are more dangerous than radiations reaching to user from the cell phone tower, because the intensity of the radiations drop below the danger limit when it reaches a user who is usually hundreds of meters away from the cell tower, but as the mobile phone is usually very very close to our body most of the time and the intensity of radiations reaching us from it is very high compared to the radiations from cell tower.

  • This article should be read in all schools of the world as children are ths most exposed. It is criminal not to inform the children about the potential danger and violates the human rights.Article 17 of the childrens rights:
    States Parties recognize the important function performed by the mass media and shall ensure that the child has access to information and material from a diversity of national and international sources, especially those aimed at the promotion of his or her social, spiritual and moral well-being and physical and mental health.
    The media plays a very important role. The radiation will increase,now SmartMeters are introduced. Very good lettre of Olle Johansson about the situation:

    We are playing with our futur, we are electromagnetic beings and we are cutting us off our natural electromagnetic inputs from the Schumann resonance and the planets.

  • There seems to be a spurt in thyroid dysfunctions in the young and supposedly healthy. I wonder how much EMFs are responsible for this? Has anyone come across any such studies or links?

    • i am a living example for this research of yours. there are 2 mobile towers literally on top of our head; one with our adjoining house and another just in front of us.

      it has been 3 years since these towers were installed and both me and my sister have developed thyroid at the same time. mine is of the worst form called as TAO(thyroid associated ophthalmology) wherein my rt eye bulged out and my whole appearance has changed.
      i am under huge depression due to this.

      the reason i am so conclusive of my thyroid associated with mobile tower radiations is the fact that thyroid normally doesn’t happen in young males like me and on top of that my sister is just a kid(16 yrs of age)

      thyroid might develop in mid aged women due to hormonal imbalances but it normally doesn’t happen in kids and adults in early twenties.


  • No doubt there is a serious issue on the health by the electromagnetic radiation emitted and it is for the benefit of humans that we should avoid the pros and cons produced by it. Thanks for this article which is for our sake and full of information.

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