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A Brief History of Homeopathy Venezuela

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Written by Jose Luis Cestari

José Luis Cestari presents a brief history of homeopathy in Venezuala.

Homeopathy was created by Samuel Christian Hahnemann, a doctor from Saxony, born April 10, 1755.  He followed the principles of Hippocrates, Father of Medicine.   In Venezuela, it was Dr. Manuel Porras,  who first practiced homeopathic medicine (1850). On July 8, 1880, Count Fernando de La Ville opened the first Homeopathic School in our country. On January 22, 1881, then President of the Republic, Dr. Antonio Guzman Blanco, issued a decree authorizing the practice of homeopathic medicine in Venezuela.

First period…

Distinguished colleagues such as Drs. Delgado Palacios, Sanoja, Rus, Francisco Rísquez, Pepe Izquierdo, Hermogenes Rivero, Rafael Ayala, Andres Romero, Luis Velasquez, Pedro and Eduardo Fleury Cuello Montemayor founded, in 1934, the Friends of Homeopathy Center. Dr. Francisco Rísquez, who was Principal of Central University of Venezuela, requested that the Congress include homeopathy in medical studies.  Others involved in homeopathy at the end of this period were Drs. Martin Kelber and Luis Olazo Nicolini in Caracas, and Dr. Luis Lozano in Maracaibo.

Second period…

In October 1959 Dr. Martin Kelber taught a course in homeopathic medicine. In 1962, Dr. Fernando Rísquez was elected Vice-President of the Homeopathic League of Venezuela.

On 25 November 1969 the Medical Association of Homeopathic Medicine was created.  The Venezuelan Society of Homeopathic Medicine was initially created in the office of one of its co-founders, Dr. Fabio Vecchionacce. In April 1975 it started its activities including a Hahnemann Homeopathic Dispensary, which was inaugurated by President Luis Herrera Campins.  In July of that same year, Drs. Hernán Porras and Gonzalo Diego Rísquez Prato created the Venezuelan Foundation of Homeopathic Medicine. Subsequently, Dr. Fernando Rísquez was elected President of the International Homeopathic League.

Third period…

Homeopathic medicine is a form of input to the complex network of the human vibrational field that we call the Aura, Vital Enregy or Bioplasma, which must be harmonized to restore health. Homeopathic cure is performed through the energy of a medicine released by a process called dynamization. That process is the basis of classical homeopathy.  However, the molecular energy released by this procedure has shown equal and in some cases even better results through Electronic Homeopathy. This was developed by the English scientist Bruce Copen, who died in 1998, but left a large amount of his research in this field.  Dr. Jose Luis Cestari V., a disciple of Dr. Copen, along with Drs. Fabio Vecchionacce and Julio Morillo, practice Electronic Homeopathy in Venezuela, with Bruce Copen Laboratories, England, and some other devices from Tecnolaser Industries, Venezuela.

Dr.Jose Luis Cestari, president of the Venezuelan Society of Electronic Homeopathy has designed a course in Electronic Homeopathy which consists of basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Topics of special interest include the Electronic Systems, Quantum Physics and Radionics. The courses are geared for doctors, dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists, and a diploma is awarded by the Venezuelan Society of Homeopathy Electronics.

On April 23, 1992, the Nº 10 Commission of the National Academy of Medicine recommended allowing medical professionals who are duly trained to practice this homeopathic method.

On May 13, 1998, by order of the President of the Republic, published in Official Gazette No. 36,452, the Ministry of Health and Social Development decided to create, on a permanent basis, a Commission to regulate and supervise the practice, teaching and research of Homeopathic Medicine and other disciplines that the Ministry called “Complementary Therapies”.

On February 6, 2001, by order of the President of the Republic, in a resolution published in Official Gazette No. 37,135, the Ministry of Health and Social Development created the National Commission on Complementary Therapies, on a permanent basis;  the aim would be to advise the Ministry Health and Social Development in the analysis, review, standards development, implementation and evaluation of  Complementary Therapies, as well as regulation and supervision of the teaching and research in this field.  There are fourteen articles that regulate the functioning of the commission, culminating with the items: “Other legal areas” and “Projects”, in the new model of comprehensive health care, including Complementary Therapies (Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Neural Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Natural Medicine, Manual Medicine, etc).

After much effort to validate homeopathy, which has immense intrinsic value, and after considerable scorn, taunts and insults by some esteemed colleagues, friends and even family, today we can say, loudly:

We legally practice Complementary Therapies in Venezuela!

About the author

Jose Luis Cestari

Dr. Jose Luis Cestari studied at Universidad Central de Venezuela and received his Medical Doctor degree (1975), Post-Graduate in Psychiatry (1980), Homoeopathy and Radionics, Brantridge Forest School,
Sussex, England. (1978), Natural Medicine, Brantridge University, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and Sussex, England. (1983). He also is a board certified Hypnotherapist (2015), U.S.A. and Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine (2015), U.S.A. Currently his is a private consultant and President of Sociedad Venezolana de Homeopatía Electrónica, Director of Asociación Venezolana de Investigaciones Psicobiofísicas and speaker and instructor of courses and workshops. He has 40 years experience in medical practice. www.drjlcestari.com

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