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A Layman’s Stories from the Home Front

Written by Adrienne Pelletier

A short little piece about a person’s experiences of using homeopathic remedies at home.

I grew up in France where homeopathy is as common as Tylenol is in the U.S. My grandfather always had Arnica granules at home. Homeopathy is covered by insurance and much cheaper (1.40 Euro a tube). You can see a homeopath for the same price as a regular doctor and it’s covered by health insurance. Homeopathy is a recognized and respected science in France. When you are visiting someone and you ask for some homeopathic remedy, they check in their cabinet to see if they have it. They don’t look at you like you have three heads.

My husband and I have known so many friends and family members (in France and USA) who had had terrible side effects from vaccines (developed deadly allergies to foods, became diabetic, became crippled, got pneumonia from flu shots), that we opted to give our children homeopathic nosodes in place of most common vaccines.

When my friend Sonia felt sharp pain (fast onset) in her kidneys, she knew she had an infection. She took two different homeopathic remedies along with cranberry herbal supplement, and within few days she was fine. She was aware that this fast physical onset was started by some emotional upset.

On several occasions (usually travelling abroad) my son at two years of age got a sore throat with white spots on his tonsils. Since we were in France, we just went to the pharmacy and asked what remedies were necessary to treat it homeopathically. We gave him Mercurius solubilis 9CH 3gr 3X a day, then Lachesis 9CH and followed with Lycopodium 9CH. He was healed in less than a week. He was cured every time with no side effects. He has never had antibiotics in his body to this day. His is strong and I believe that remedies such as homeopathy, energy healing and herbal will continue to keep his immune system efficient and strong.

My nephew upon receiving a vaccine, became limp like a vegetable until the next day, and then seemed “normal ” again. However he could not get to sleep anymore and was restless. My sister took him to a homeopath who prescribed various remedies. Within 2 weeks he was sleeping, and was fine without any more prescriptions.

My sister after receiving the Hep B vaccine became deadly allergic to nuts, and in particular hazelnuts. My brother after getting one of the childhood mandatory vaccines had a serious fever, then some food (possibly an olive) just touched his lips and they became so huge that he was taken to the ER. This all happened within 72 hours of the vaccine (in France).

A friend of mine, a nurse in America, got a shot for Hep B, and right away felt her right leg become numb. Today she looks like she had polio. It is 10 years later and she finally got financially compensated by the state, which recognized that it was a side effect of the vaccine. She used to be a karate black belt.

Recently two other friends had their kids vaccinated with the ROR vaccine. The girl became “ADHD” and was unable to process normal amounts of information or to handle music or people talking. Her cousin developed some kind of autism. I know that not every child has a terrible reaction to the preservatives used in the vaccines, but it is too risky to inject such poisons into their systems. The vaccines used to be pure (like the nosodes today) with only the virus, like polio, attenuated so it would not give the disease. Now in order to increase shelf life and profits, the pharmaceutical industry adds many toxins to the vaccines. It has become a citizen’s duty, to let people know about the many dangers of today’s vaccines.

A pro-vaccine nurse in France was appalled when she learned how many vaccines are being given to American children. There are many more given, and it seems there is much more autism and asthma in the U.S. than France.

When a stressful event happens, (interview, tests, voyage) we have found that Gelsemium 9CH takes the stress away, allowing us to be fully present and efficient.  For fever we have often been successful with Belladonna or Aconitum, but of course symptoms are the guides to what is necessary.

When our son was four he had an asthma attack at 2 am. I was very scared and called my homeopath friend in France. She prescribed a remedy to take every 15 minutes, and we saw the crisis abate quickly and surely. It happened again a few nights later and we gave the same remedies and they worked again. Subsequently, when he started to wheeze, I panicked and took him to a regular doctor. That doctor put him on Advair for a week and told us to return for more treatment. She gave us samples of this drug, but it normally costs $85. Its effects only last for 2 weeks and it is addictive. Within a week of inhaling this poison, all the symptoms had disappeared, but once we stopped the treatment, the wheezing came right back. Upon this news the doctor decided to put our son on Advair for 6 months and Singulair for 3 months! These drugs were prescribed without doing any testing as to what might be triggering this disease.

Luckily for our son, my husband came home that night and threw the drugs in the trash. I was so plagued by fear of my son dying suffocating that I was not seeing other solutions. He recommended we take him to a holistic energy healer that we have known for over a decade. She worked on my son and talked with him for two hours. Within a couple of days, our son asked my husband if I was going to die when the baby came out (I was pregnant with his sibling at the time). My husband reassured him that that would not happen. After that he never wheezed, nor had an asthma attack, ever again. I know Asthma can be triggered by conflicting feelings which is what our son was experiencing; the desire and love for his sister to come and the fear that his beloved mom would die in the process.

I am very happy to share this story, for it is too common in America to put kids on asthma medicines that are very bad for them. People rarely look for different options. I have studied Ayuvedic science which informs us that conventional drugs treat only symptoms, not the cause, and often trigger other diseases in the process. Homeopathy encompasses the whole human being. It acts on the body by giving an image of the disease to trigger the natural defenses, but without side effects.

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Adrienne Pelletier


  • When my husband and I were serving with a mission group, we had to get the Hep B vaccine. My husband was fine, but I was sick for a few days. Our group leader kept thinking I was faking it but finally realized that I was, in fact, running a rather high fever. Fortunately, that seemed to be the only “side effect” and I wouldn’t hear about homeopathy for at least another decade.

    When my son enrolled at the local community college, the doctor wanted to give him the Hep B and I objected. Fortunately, we have a long history together and he knows when I say “Don’t do that.” I’m not joking around. My son did have to get a final PPT shot, but I was able to counter the effects with homeopathy as soon as I got home. He’s not had the Hep B, nor will he unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

    I truly don’t think that people realize how potent vaccines are. People tend to “pooh-pooh” my story about the Hep B until I mention the 102 fever and the fact I was an adult. That usually stops them cold.

    Also, we Americans have a mind set of if a little is “good for you, more is better”. Not so. That’s why so many people have trouble understanding homeopathy.

  • Only laymen can asses the actions of both pathies for they are unbiased and have original UNDERSTANDING .They can share their experiences with others , so people can opt safe and best therapy . LET THEM DECIDE . EVERYONE MUST KNOW HOMOEOPATHY TO SAVE HIS BODY AND POCKET BOTH .

  • There is no doubt that homeopathy is proper science and one should be qualified to practice it but at the same time a layman can also use it in case of emergency.Many a times when you go to homeopath you some how can’t describe your sufferings in exact words or forget to explain some details, reason being he is forced to treat you with trial and error basis.In such situations if you have some basic knowledge of homeopathic remedies you can take care of most of the sufferings.In short it is your body and mind you can take care of it by little practice, for normal day to day problems.

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