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Tidbits 83: The Vaccine In Potency Is Here!

Great news! If you’re forced into taking the COVID vaccine to keep your job, or if you’re around people who might be “shedding” vaccine, now you can protect yourself with a homeopathic remedy made from the vaccine!

Dear Elaine,

I was trying to write an email to you, and I lost it.  I love what you write!

Thank you!

I am a nurse.  Since taking the Pfizer vaccine 4 months ago, I’ve had a rapid heart rate.

You’re not the only one!

Is homeopathy able to help with this?  I have total vaccine regret.

Please let me know.

Thank you so much!


Just so you know, I told Cathy how to order the Pfizer vaccine “in potency”, she has it now, but I need to explain it to the rest of you.  Click on the link below if you’ve taken—or are going to take— the Pfizer vaccine:


By way of explanation, it’s the Pfizer vaccine made into a homeopathic remedy, and as such, it should antidote anything bad the vaccine is doing!  Homeopathy Plus is selling all the vaccines “in potency”, as we say.  When a homeopath says “in potency”, he’s referring to something that’s been made into a homeopathic remedy.   

The vaccine remedies are all on the same page at Homeopathy Plus, but they’re abbreviated and you have to know how to recognize them.

Click below (Simplex C), you will see all the vaccine remedies there at the top of the page listed as follows:

Simplex C





The operant letters are the ones in the middle.  A stands for AstraZeneca, J is for J&J, M is for Moderna and P is for Pfizer.  Click on the one you want to order (not here, once you’re at the website, which you get to by clicking on “Simplex C” above—“Simplex C” is just their way of saying all the single remedies that start with the letter C).  After you click on the remedy you want, you’ll need to select the potency  (I am suggesting the 1M potency, and “pills” have already been pre-selected).  A person should ideally take a dose immediately after injection.  To take a “dose”, unscrew the remedy cap, tap the bottle gently into the cap, whatever falls out is a dose, then pop them into your mouth.  They will melt on your tongue.  I will explain later how to make a “water potency” out of this remedy and the reason for doing it.

But now… we’re back to “Cathy”:

Thank you!!  I know lots of people who have regrets.  So many of the nurses I work with, we all felt coerced into taking it.  Frankly, I have a lot to say on the subject because I am sooooo upset.  I am seeing a lot of side effects to the vaccine, and no one is talking about it: dementia, parkinson’s disease, brain bleeds, arthritis, heart problems, etc.  Why does “Hands off my body” not apply when it comes to the vaccine?  Autonomy is so valued that I thought everyone had the right to refuse medical treatment?  The divisiveness that has been created in communities, and even in families is beyond destructive.

I know.


Elaine, it arrived!  One dose means the whole bottle??

No!  No!  No!  Just a few pellets.  They melt on your tongue.  Certainly NOT the whole bottle.

Rapid heart rate, I still have it but I didn’t check my vital signs today.  Let me just say that normally, my vital signs are: 115-120/70 and my pulse rate would normally be 65-74 but nowadays it can be as high as 89.  Sometimes it is worse than other times.  Early mornings are worse.

Then if I were you, I would take the dose at night and see if the morning is any different than usual.  But wait half an hour after you brush your teeth.  Mint can sometimes antidote homeopathic remedies.


This remedy is interesting.  This morning I felt better but then around 11:00 the rapid heart rate came back.

That’s OK!  All that means is you have to repeat the remedy because it wore off.  And it proves that it really is the vaccine that’s causing your problem.  The remedy would have no effect on you if the heart issue was from another cause!

I also have a phantom cigarette smoke smell which comes and goes depending on whether I take Monolaurin, which you wrote about in your first COVID article.  So, it’s hard to know at this point if the remedy will work on that.  That also started post vaccine.

I am going to take the second dose tonight.

OK, so here’s what you have to do now so pay attention.  Tap the bottle again into the cap.  But instead of popping the pills into your mouth this time, drop them into a half filled small bottle of spring water and take a sip of the water.  If the remedy works again but then stops like it did today at 11:00, succuss your bottle 5 times and take another dose.  A dose is a sip.  By all rights, you should have dosed again immediately at 11:00 today as soon as the symptom returned.  To see how to succuss your bottle, watch the video in my FAQ article:


Basically, “succuss” [Pronounced: Suh-Cuss’] means: pound the bottom of the water bottle into your opposite palm.  Succuss means “bang” or “hit”.  And what this does is raise the potency of your remedy bottle a tiny bit before each dose, so each dose is stronger than the one before.  I strongly urge everyone to read my FAQ article because you’re going to have many questions going forward, like what to do when the water in your remedy bottle gets near the bottom.

Is it possible to take the remedy for more doses??

Yes, absolutely!  Any time you start to relapse, take another dose!  Succuss your bottle 5 times and then take another sip.

Overall I would say that there is something to the remedy.  I know the rapid heart rate is from the vaccine since it started right after I got it.

I will keep you posted. 🙏🏻

Yes, please do.


I redosed at 10:30 pm, at bedtime.  Symptoms were gone until about 1330-1400.

OMG, is that military time?  Are you saying you were good until 2 pm the next afternoon?

Yes.  I have not yet succussed my bottle.  I am just about to do that but I wanted to wait until I finished lunch and had a clean/clear mouth.  I seem to remember that it was important not to have a strong taste in one’s mouth when taking homeopathic remedies.  

Yes, mint, camphor, Vicks Vap-O-Rub, etc. can antidote homeopathic remedies.

I am going to do the succussing of the remedy.  The rapid heart rate is milder this time, but still present.

OK, so, I took 2 sips of the remedy and in about 1.5 hours the rapid heart rate went away  🤗

Wow.  OK, so, now you know to repeat the remedy as soon as a relapse occurs and not to wait.  It’s probably relapsing in this manner because you got the vaccine months ago and this has been going on for a long time.  The idea would be to get people to take this remedy as soon as they’ve been vaccinated, in which case you might only need one dose. 

And P.S., everybody, let me set everyone’s mind at ease!  The vaccine in potency will NOT antidote anything good the vaccine is capable of doing!  It will only antidote deleterious and life-threatening effects, making it safe for everyone to comply with vaccine mandates if keeping your job depends on it!  In this way, homeopathy is a blessing to all concerned, you don’t have to argue with your boss, or the restaurant owner or the airline or your doctor; all you have to do is have your little bottle of “spring water” with you and as soon as you get your shot, take a sip of the water, and you’ll be safe and no one will be the wiser! 

If everyone knew about these remedies, perhaps the country could get back to “regular order”.  Wouldn’t that be something!

Just to let you know, HomeopathyPlus.com is really awesome!

I agree.

I took one small dose when I felt the beginning of a flutter, and now I feel perfectly normal.

Such important news, to know that this isn’t just a theory, that it really works, and to know there is actually something people can do to help themselves!


Overall, what I am noticing is that my heart rate is still slightly elevated but my blood pressure is more normal, so, that is good.

This morning my vital signs were: 113/79  77

11:26: 86 pulse rate
12:33: 87 pulse rate
2:07: 1 dose of remedy
2:24: 80 pulse rate
2:48: 80 pulse rate
3:47: 76 pulse rate
4:53: 73 pulse rate
5:15: 1 dose of remedy
5:30: 68 pulse rate

Most of my ride home, I felt OK.

9:00: vital signs– 113/79 89
9:10: 1 dose of remedy
9:34 PM: vital signs– 121/84 74

As a nurse, I would describe it as “wobbling vital signs.”

No, I wouldn’t call it that. You have consistent high blood pressure and fast heart rate caused by the Pfizer vaccine, which is now responding to a homeopathic remedy made from the vaccine itself!  The principle of cure in homeopathy is that “likes are cured by likes”. 

The remedy periodically wears off and has to be repeated, not because you have “wobbling vital signs” but because you have a chronic case of vaccine damage and chronic cases don’t go away all at once.  Periodic relapsing is the norm in chronic cases, and the remedy simply has to be repeated when this happens.

It is not where I want it to be, but, at least it is better than it was.

The important thing, what we want to see, is that when your heart beat goes back up and you repeat the remedy, it goes back down quickly, that’s the test right there. You’ve got a chronic case, it’s not going to go away all at once like an acute case will.  It’s going to take a lot of whacks at it before it finally gives up and stops fighting back.  People don’t realize that diseases don’t go away passively just because a medicine is given, they fight back, they dig in their heels, and you just have to keep hitting back at them until they finally get the message and leave.

Plus, I went a whole day, and only now, (9:38) do I have the faint whiff of cigarette smoke.  That is also positive.

OK, so, at first we weren’t sure if the remedy would act on that but, apparently it will.  This is very encouraging!

I hope that I am not giving you too much information.

Not at all, you’ve been very thorough, and hopefully an inspiration to thousands.

Thank you for all your help!!!!!  

Keep us up to date, I’m predicting a complete recovery!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org


  • Hi
    I am texting from Canada. My question is … can one just take this remedy instead of having the jab? Or does this work only afterwards.?

    • Olesia, if you want a remedy to protect you from covid 19, go to HomeopathyPlus.com and order Novus-CV USA 200C. The vaccine in potency would only protect you from the side-effects of the vaccine, plus it wouldn’t be recognized as fulfilling a “vaccine mandate” if that’s what you were taking it for.

  • Thank you so much for this information. Sooo valuable. Re; Novus-CV USA 200C. I take Influenzium 9ch and mucococcinum every year for the flu season. Would this be taken in a similar way…… for example such as one dose a week for 5 weeks etc…. are there instructions with it.

  • Marnie, if you go to the Novus-CV page at HomeopathyPlus.com (click on ‘shop’, then ‘single remedies’, then ‘N’ for Novus, scroll down til you find it) you might find directions there. Me? I use the “sway test” to determine when I need to take the covid nosode before leaving the house to go shopping, etc. Click here to find out about the “sway test”, a kind of muscle-testing:

  • Love this! Can one take this long after the jab (5 months), or does it need to be immediately administered? Homeopathy rocks, and so do you Elaine. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • This is such wonderful news and information! A lifesaver, I have no doubt. I too am from Canada, and in the process of ordering the 4 remedies suggested in the newsletter, but it seems that the one recommended in above comments might be the best one? I am unsure so may order them all. Thank you again, for this information and conversation.

  • Maureen, I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. Do you want the remedy that protects you from getting COVID? Or are you looking to antidote a vaccine side-effect? If the latter, you have to order the remedy that was made from the vaccine you got.

    • Hi, sorry to be vague…I have not got the jaab, or tested or sick at all! I am trying to be prepared if I am forced to take it, hence ordering the various brands.

  • Well…if you want to order all the brands in potency, it’s up to you, but, know that Pfizer is getting the most adverse reactions reported. J&J is getting the least.

  • Thanks SO much! Any bit of info is helpful. JnJ is not common here in Alberta, so I got the others. We are a small group of dissidents here and some have been forced/coerced and most of us are under pressure. I will pass along pertinent info to them.

  • So take 1M right after the shot. Then if we see symptoms we take another 1M dose? Or a different potency?

    I’m wondering if we use a lower dose after the 1M for the repeat doses or the water remedy.

  • I had JJ. (Also cause I was threatened with termination from healthcare job.) For 3 days I had fever, headache, could not get out of bed. Then day 4, 5 got terrible stomach pains. Lasted a week. Total symptoms post jj: 10 days. (The handout i was given by hospital who gave shot said u can get clots up to 42 days post jj v.)

    Can u take this homeopathic remedy when u are also taking quercetin, zinc, C, D?

  • Hi all, my name is Shulamit and I am a classically trained certified homeopath as well as former nurse, psychotherapist and now healer, life coach and more but now am talking from my homeopathic expertise.

    I’ve been a homeopath since the 1980s and I know how remedies work. I also have in-depth knowledge about these “vaccinations quote and the material inside them and what their functions are.

    I’m sorry to break anybody’s bubble here but there’s absolutely not one good thing that this vaccine is doing and in fact it is not a vaccine at all. It’s a manipulation of the genetics in your cell. It’s an assault on your immune system. We can try to reverse the effects of the graphene oxide which is in every single one of these. Graphene oxide is used in technology to increase conductivity to computers.

    By having that in you it makes you more reachable by the frequencies of the 5G that will be rolled out.

    Graphene oxide is the predominant I’m sorry to break anybody’s bubble here but there’s absolutely not one good thing that this vaccine is doing and in fact it is not a vaccine at all. It’s a manipulation of the genetics in your cell. It’s a salt your immune system.

    Graphene oxide is the predominant material that is in this shot. The other substances are also assaulting to the system. PEG has been known to create cancers and so has polysorbate 80. There is a reason why people who get vaccinated end up with Covid and now more cancers.

    The CDC has changed their own writing about it on their website without letting people know, that this shot does not protect you against Covid. In fact the predominance of people in the hospitals are the ones that have been double vaccinated. many less have been unvaccinated. The fact is that the vaccinated are spreading the infection to the unvaccinated.

    Recent study that came out finds that healthcare workers that are vaccinated Carrie 251 times the viral load in them then the unvaccinated Carrie. That should tell you everything.

    Doctor Judy Mikovitz who some of you may know has made it very clear that if you take the flu shot which is being pushed now which also has graphing oxide in it this will fuel the next wave of Covid.

    There is absolutely no good reason to take this shot. It’s playing Russian roulette with your life. We now know the different dosages have been used during this whole time because everyone who took the shot has taken part in an experiment of the most mass proportion as possible ever in the history of humanity.

    The ones that had no reaction got saline and the ones who had minimal reaction got a slightly higher dose of the actual “vaccine “and the ones that got the highest doses are the ones that were seriously injured or died.

    Most of the deaths that occurred happened within 14 days of the shot and those were considered people that were unvaccinated because the CDC determined that it wasn’t until the 14th day after the shot that the person was considered vaccinated.

    In Israel they are calling the people that are double vaccinated now unvaccinated. Because the antibodies have waned so much that they no longer consider it at all protective. Therefore you are only vaccinated if you are taking the booster. The booster will be 30 mg of Pfizer and that is highest dose.

    Boosters are supposed to be a small dose compared to the original vaccine however there is no accident here that this is going to be the highest dose. It will be interesting to see what they say about the wreckage that the booster shot creates because it has already killed people.

    I think if you’re looking at Homeapathy to help you before you Take this shot or the death shot as Dr. Zelenko put it so appropriately since the spike proteins was created with DARPA and Moderna and Fauci all in concert, is that you need to find a homeopath who can order for you the homeopathic potencies of the vaccine that you’re going to take. By doing that you have the possibility of preempting the shock from the vaccine on your energy field so that when you do take the vaccine it has less of an assault on your system.

    However having said that since the mRNA is an instruction into the genetics in every cell of your body changing the proteins that your genes were made to create, I’m not sure how much assistance that will be but it’s worth trying.

    If you have already taken the shot then I suggest that you do everything that you can to reverse the damage from the graphene oxide. You need to increase your glutathione because the graphene oxide lowers glutathione which is necessary for healthy immunity which then would result in all of the people getting infected and ending up in hospitals in serious condition despite the fact that they were “vaccinated “

    There is a lot of resources and information online that you can find to help reverse the damage and then become educated and educate others and stop the slaughter that is happening in our planet by this shot.

    Be well and don’t take anymore of these shots. And definitely don’t give them to your children. They are already killing children.

    You can text me at +19734182116 if you have questions. ❤️ I keep my cell on silent so don’t worry about when you text.

    • Thank you for posting this as I was thinking the same thing regarding the mRNA spike protein factory created by these jabs. Can a homeopathic remedy undo the revision to our blueprint? As far as the other stuff in these shots, IE graphine oxide, mercury, aluminum, aborted human fetal tissue, etc–those ingredients are typically in all the vaccines in various brews created before covid and we were using Thuja or Ledum to counteract side-effects. Do you think thuja or ledum would help offset the side effects of the adjuvunts or other ingredients used to trick our cell walls into accepting this covid witches brew they call medicine?

  • I’d like to buy the nosode or the antidote to the shot
    I’m not good at
    Websites. can you help guide me to buy it. Thanks

  • Hello! Thanks for your homeopathy! I have a question: do your homeopathic pills only work to relieve unpleasant symptoms after vaccines – heartbeat, pressure, pulse? Do your pills work on a long-term basis to prevent cancer, stroke, heart attack, myocarditis of the heart, etc., which may occur in half a year or more as a result of vaccines? And how regularly in this case they need to be taken and for how long: after all, no one knows when a terrible disease may appear? Thank you very much for your answer!

    • Nelly, here’s the idea. If you take the remedy immediately after vaccination, by all rights, it should cancel out the vaccine completely. So far, all the cases I’ve gotten have taken the remedy months later, requiring frequent repetitions due to lots of relapsing. Once an “illness” takes hold, it’s not so easy to get rid of. Hence, the necessity of taking the remedy right away and not waiting.

  • Thank you, Elaine for your answer! And how long and according to what scheme do we need to take homeopathic pills then in order to prevent serious diseases like cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. further? And what can you advise for blood thinning after vaccine, because all vaccines make the blood viscous and thick, which leads to blood clots.? Thanks a lot!

  • This is great info, Elaine! Thanks!
    I’m UNVAXXED, but recovered from Omicron (symptoms & pos antigen test Jan 22)
    On Day 10, I tested neg but developed itchy, raised, stinging, prickly heat-type rash across my upper chest. I take Apis (200c) whenever itching gets intense & it works fast! (as it always does for mosquito bites) I’ve also been trying every otc powder/treatment for heat rash, but nothing has eradicated it.
    Yesterday read an article on homeopathic remedies for prickly-heat, so I took Apis 3x yesterday. No improvement today so now trying Hep Sulph. Next is Sulphur; then Natrum Mur. if needed. I have no clue if rash is from continual on/off fevers & sweating, or would have happened anyway from the bioweapon virus. I’m reading that many types of rashes are developing post-omicron.

    BTW- my hubby also broke out on his Day 10 – but with shingles! He got sick first – it took me 14 days to catch it from him. I say “him” as I quarantined with him so no exposure to anyone else.

    Would love your thoughts. If you’ve treated this post-covid rash, let me know if I need to consult with you if I’m off-base on what I’m doing.

    • Lynn, try Histaminum 30C for the prickly heat rash, it works for my daughter, Shana. For Shingles, I had that once. Nat-mur 30C worked. That’s the best advice I have without having an actual case in front of me—details, etc.

  • I am so grateful I found this page Elaine!
    My mom, 77 years old, received two doses of the covid vaccine and since her first dose she developed sudden hearing loss and a tinnitus on her right ear. Despite the loss of hearing and my suggestions to do not take the booster, she decided to get it again, which now she regrets. The sudden hearing loss can be fixed with a hearing aid, but the tinnitus, she says, is like listening to the sea all day long, it starts mild in the mornings and gets worse during the day. She doesn’t want to go out because she feels disoriented. I only wish I could help her to be able to enjoy her life again, I gave her homeopathic ear drops and magnesium pills that that didn’t help her. Actually the magnesium pills gave her some kind of shake in the jaw, we don’t know why. Do you think the pills will help her?

    • Claudia, just out of curiosity, how did you find this page? What happened to your mother after the booster shot? Geez, now you have to antidote the Magnesium tablets too! Go to my website and click on “How To Make Your Own Remedy”: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com. Her only hope to restoring her hearing is the vaccine in potency. Because of her age, I would order the 30C and the 200C and start with the 30C and try to follow the guidelines laid out in this article. But remember our caveat: A striking improvement means stop dosing for as long as the improvement lasts. An aggravation means stop dosing! An improvement may follow when the aggravation wears off.

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