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Tidbits 85: Case-2: Vaccine Damage Treated with Moderna 1M

Old case of Plantar Fasciitis triggered by the Moderna vaccine. The vaccine in potency saves the day!

We have here with us today another case, a great example, of how we can undo damage from the COVID vaccine by giving the vaccine in potency!  “In potency” is another way of saying “as a homeopathic remedy”.  (All homeopathic remedies are followed by a number; and that number is the potency.)

There’s a wonderful website,, and it has somehow managed to acquire all the COVID vaccines in potency!  In Tidbits 83, I explain how to order these remedies from Homeopathy Plus:

Whatever a substance can do, the homeopathic version of that substance can do the opposite!  The most famous example of which is: if coffee keeps you awake, then homeopathic coffee will put you to sleep!  It doesn’t get much clearer than that—especially if you’re awake because of excitement, being “all keyed-up”, as it were… give homeopathic coffee, or Coffea 30C, and it should put you to sleep.  (And no, I didn’t misspell “coffee”, all our remedies are in Latin—and there’s a good reason for that:  The common names of substances, like plants for example, change from region to region but the Latin name is consistent regardless of where you are or what country you’re in.)

Now, given that homeopathic remedies are capable of doing the “opposite”, if you need to antidote or cancel-out a substance that you’ve taken, that substance “in potency”, will do the “opposite”, meaning it will cancel that substance out!

Some of you, understandably, may not want to wait around to see if anything bad will happen after getting vaccinated, and for those people, I would suggest taking the remedy—the vaccine in potency— immediately following the shot!

Fainting is a common side-effect of vaccines!  I myself once nearly fainted while crossing 19th Street after getting the flu shot many years ago!  If the light had been red at that corner, forcing me to stop and stand still, I really would have fainted, I just barely made it home which was only a few doors away!  I shudder to think about it!  And this is probably the most obvious reason you’d want to take the homeopathic remedy right away, to prevent this very dangerous occurrence from happening.  Imagine if you were driving away from the clinic and suddenly started feeling faint behind the wheel, oh my goodness!  One of my friends from India actually did faint after the AstraZeneca vaccine and had to be taken to the hospital.  Luckily, he was at home at the time with people around.

So, OK, we’re going to get to our exciting new case now!  This is a case one of our Quiz participants, Mary K, brought to me.  Oh geez, I promised I would give her an exotic name!

OK, “Mary Queen of Scots”!

Ahem!  “Queen Mary”, as she liked to be called, sent me the case of her husband, “Lord Darnley” who was suffering with a recurrence of Plantar Fasciitis after the Moderna vaccine, a very painful foot malady.  She ordered Moderna 1M (shorthand for 1,000C—“M” being the Roman numeral for 1,000) from Homeopathy Plus because Moderna was the vaccine he had been given.  I want you to take note of the following:

  1. The remedy has to be in water!  You can take the first dose “dry” if you want, but all subsequent doses have to be in a small, half-filled water bottle with 1 or 2 remedy pellets dropped in.  “Succuss” the bottle five times before each dose, a dose being a sip, and so you’ll know what I’m talking about, you can read my FAQ article, but you can also watch this video called “How To Make A Remedy Solution Bottle”:

(P.S. Don’t concern yourself with the part of the video where the homeopath is going to the “first cup” and then to the “2nd cup”, that’s for advanced prescribing; just ignore.)

  1. You will notice that, just like with “Cathy’s” case a month ago, the remedy might stop working after initially doing great!  Do not panic!  This does not mean that you have the wrong remedy or that homeopathy doesn’t work!  It just means that you have to repeat the remedy!
  2. At some point, you may find that even repeating the remedy does not work!  Again, this is no reason to panic!  It just means your potency needs to be raised!  This happens, don’t assume the worst!  Now you will see why the remedy has to be in water: it’s so you can “Plus” your bottle (raise the potency)!  When this happened to “Lord Darnley”, I told “Queen Mary” to “plus” the bottle 7 times, bringing her 1M (1,000C) potency up to 1,007C.  As soon as she gave him a dose of that, “Lord Darnley” bounced back immediately!  How do you “plus” your remedy bottle?  That’s in my FAQ article too, click below:

  1. Notice that when you give the correct homeopathic remedy, everything changes for the better!  Your sleep improves, your energy improves, your outlook on life improves!  As soon as you see a relapse, especially in these areas, it is definitely time to redose!

I give you now…. “Mary Queen of Scots” and her husband, “Lord Darnley”:


Dear Elaine,

Pasted below is the symptom and dosing timeline for “Lord Darnley” from October 15-31, 2021, regarding his taking the potentized Moderna vaccine in the 1M potency from Homeopathy Plus.

Things haven’t changed for a few days, and I am unsure about what to do now. – so – first questions:

Do I need to wait?

Should I give Lord Darnley another dose?

Should I plus the bottle again and if so to what potency?

Or do you advise something else?  I’ve filled out the questionnaire, see below.

Thank you,

“Queen Mary”


Questionnaire For Acutes and Pathology

Name:  “Lord Darnley”

Age:          74


Weight:     166

Height:      5’9”

Date:         October 31, 2021

Email Address: [email protected]

Lord Darnley’s timeline:

February – March 2021 – Lord Darnley received two doses of Moderna vaccine.


During the pandemic, since he was unable to go to the gym, he had been walking every day for exercise, 1-3 hours daily, but since September was so hot here, he curtailed his walks and waited for cooler weather.

The weather turned cooler on 10-6.  Happy to be outdoors, Lord Darnley went for a 3-hour walk.  He says he ‘over-did it’.


Lord Darnley’s left heel became painful.  He started to limp.  The pain in the heel was sharp, worse on waking in the morning, painful with first movement, but improved with continued movement.  Naturally, I gave him Rhus tox 30C, dry dose first, and two to three wet, succussed doses over the next two days.  There was no change.

Lord Darnley’s left wrist started to hurt as well – inside the wrist, tender, sprained feeling, sharp pain if he bends it backwards.

I began to think that perhaps these pains were side effects of the Moderna vaccine, and ordered the Moderna potentized vaccine in the 1M potency from Homeopathy Plus.  It arrived on 10-15; so, in roughly one week.


8:00 PM – First dry dose – Moderna 1M


9:00 AM – Lord Darnley reported that he slept well.  Less pain in heel.  Less sharp.

12:15 PM  – “Boy, my heel feels a lot better.”

2:00 PM – “My wrist feels a lot better, too.”

5:00 PM – “I also feel more normal – like myself.”

9:15 PM – “It’s stayed the same all day.  Before, if I sat for an hour and got up, my heel would hurt and I’d be limping.  That hasn’t happened.”


9:00 AM – Heel the same. No worse, no better.  Good solid sleep, woke refreshed.

1:00 PM – Wrist still has a tender spot.

11:00 PM – Heel pain a little sharp now.


8:20 AM – Heel – now the pain is a little sharper.

10:00 AM – Took a dose in water, succussed.  No change all day.


Heel is the same all day.

10:30 PM – Took a dose in water, succussed five times.


9:50 AM – Heel is the same.  Wrist is the same.

4:30 PM – Heel now more painful (he had been out walking from 1:00-2:00 PM).  Heel pain sharp and now there is additional pain along both edges of foot.


9:30 AM – Slept well.  “Heel is as bad as it ever was!”

8:30 PM – “I’m sitting here and it just starts to hurt – really painful.”


Elaine sends me “plussing” instructions to save Lord Darnley!  🥰

2:00 PM – Plussed and raised the potency to 1,007C.

Gave Lord Darnley a dose.

2:30 PM – Lord Darnley started to dust the house (actually our small apartment – it’s his household task which he always does with no complaint but now seemed energetic and cheerful).

2:45 PM – “I feel pretty good!  The foot’s not as sore.  I don’t feel so tired.  I feel like going out for a walk and testing it out.”  (He’s not actually going to go out, but that’s what he feels like he could do.)


8:30 AM – “My heel feels less painful than it usually does in the mornings.”

4:00 PM – heel a little achy.

Gave him a dose (succussed 5 times).


9:00 AM – “I slept so well last night.”  Heel is the same.


9:00 AM – “I slept a lot last night.”

2:20 PM – “My foot is feeling a bit better today.”

9:30 PM – “Today, the foot and wrist are milder.  There were no sharp pains at all today.  Just a mild ache.”


9:00 AM – “I slept so well last night.”


Everything the same today.


9:00 AM – “I slept long and well.  The heel is a little bit improved from yesterday.”

9:30 PM – The foot stayed stable today.  No change.


10:00 AM – “I slept very well.  I could sleep forever.”

Wrist and heel are the same.

3:00 PM – Even though he walked a bit, his heel stayed the same.


Elaine, what should I do now?

Mary—I mean, Queen Mary—plus the bottle twice and get back to me.

After plussing the bottle twice and giving Lord Darnley a dose (last night at 9 PM), nothing has changed.

OK, but, based on what I read of his time-line?  It appeared that there wasn’t much wrong with him.  I heard things like “sleeping well” and “sharp pain gone”…how much of his case is really left?

Exactly.  I don’t think much of his case is left, either.  I think the potentized Moderna vaccine has done its work.  Thanks again for everything.


Five-Month Follow-Up:

Elaine, Lord Darnley’s last dose was December 12, 2021.  His plantar fasciitis is gone.  I asked him today how it was and he said, “I don’t even think about it anymore; I don’t think I have it now, it’s gone.” 

What great news!  Get your orders in at Homeopathy Plus now and don’t forget to go back and read “Tidbits 83” for instructions on how to order from


Update from Queen Mary after 6 months: “Lord Darnley continues to do well, with no hint of any problems returning.”

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases. Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website:

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at: and


  • Thank you – I’m going to order them all – never know when a friend or family member may “wake up” and I want to be ready!

  • Hi, I think its great that someone got their hands on these vaccines and created remedies from them. My concern is I read that pfizer has different batches of vaccines that are not the same vaccine given thoughout the year. I dont know about the others, but pfizer has also asked the FDA to ban from the public the list of ingredients in their vaccines for the next 55 years. The inserts pharmacists receive are intentionally left blank.

    Do you know if the people who got batches of these vaccines, took a look at what they are made of?

    Thank you

  • Great! Congratulations! Very good if you could help with that. But please allow me two comments that are very important in my eyes.

    1) First to the video:
    Stirring in homeopathy should be much longer and more intense, with a vortex (not as slow as a cup of coffee to distribute the milk). This is the only way to really efficiently transfer the power of the remedy to the smallest parts of the glass of water.

    2) And then on vaccine nosodes in general:
    This approach does not always work, unfortunately. If it did, homeopathy would be quite simple: we would no longer need lengthy medical histories and repertorizations; just the conventional medicine remedy in high potency, and the case would be solved. This was already described in a booklet by Tinus Smits from the Netherlands, after which some colleagues work here in Europe. Partly with success, partly without. And never as profoundly as one would wish.

    This nosode therapy is not always crowned with success. This was already explained by Henry C. Allen, Professor of Materia Medica at the Hering Medical College and Hospital (1892-1909) and author of the comprehensive “Materia Medica of Nosodes”: “It is folly, then, to expect to treat symptoms with its nosode, and the folly is the more apparent when we realize that the character of this nosode is essentially changed in the process of potentizing. The only way, therefore, to use a nosode is to prove it on the healthy like any other drag, and note its symptoms in the regalar way.”

    And also – I have often enough experienced in my practice that vaccine-damaged children have received the vaccine nosode, but their epilepsy or autism have not changed. Certainly, acute reactions and relief occur after such an administration. But no one can say whether long-term damage may occur or not. Only with a homeopathic chronic, anti-miasmatic treatment did real movement come into such cases.

    It is certainly worth a try to proceed with nosodes, but the certainty that really no damage occurs, there is not so! Unfortunately.

    I am writing this so that therapists around the world will be aware of this and not be lulled into a false sense of security. I have been treating a variety of vaccine injuries for over 30 years. (see the website [but only in German])

    Still, a great paper. Thanks for that.

    • Dr. Gratz, I agree that the stirring of the cup in the video was inadequate and I believe I wrote that in the “comments” section on youtube, but I couldn’t persuade the author. Here’s what I wrote and her reply:

      11 years ago
      the only difference I would have with the video is the “gentle” stirring. I believe the Organon said to stir vigorously. See footnote a. of aph. 248. He says, “stir vigorously”.

      Yes you are correct, he says stir vigorously. However, I have found stirring vigorously to have the same effect as succussions, so we stir gently. 🙂 Thank you for the comment though!


      Next, you are calling these vaccine remedies “nosodes”. They’re not. Nosodes are made out of diseased tissue or discharges. I would certainly agree with you that Nosodes will not cure every case of illness. In fact, I wrote an article about when to give a nosode called “Nosodes! When Do We Need Them?”:

      Making a remedy out of drugs to cancel out their side-effects is called “tautopathy” and I have found that very little else will work in that regard. Please see Dr. Bhatia’s article “Tautopathy–An Introduction”:

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Sorry for writing again, but I think it is very important for our homeopathic students as well as our colleagues all over the world.

        Nevertheless, vigorous stirring is important so that the information can be transferred to the molecules of the water. Of course, this has a similar effect as succussions, but here the amount of liquid is much larger than in a small vial and therefore also more sluggish. This is the reason why the force development is also not as intense as with succussing vigorously.

        Take a glass of water of 200 ml and stir in one drop. Is it exactly the same as two drops to 400 ml? – Mathematically “yes”, but physically and homeopathically “NO”! Because the vortices of the different liquids are differently inert. The one drop on 200 ml of water has a more intensive effect, because the vortex is much faster and more intense.

        And about the term nosodes: In Germany, we speak of vaccine nosodes, and this term is also commonly used in pharmacies. Of course, the term is not quite correct, we all know that. But the term has become so common. – Similar to “anti-miasmatic”; correctly it should be called “homeo-miasmatic”!

        But term or not: What I have noted in my comment is extremely important. And these are the experiences of a seasoned practitioner with decades of observation time, who has a lot to do with vaccination reactions and vaccination damage as well as their homeopathic chronic treatment during his entire practice time. Also with homeopathically pretreated patients and also by means of potentized vaccine medicines from previous practitioners!

        I have written several books about this; one of them is also available in American: “Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health”.
        See the review by Francis Treuherz, well-known homeopath from London:
        A large part of this work deals with vaccine damage and its homeopathic treatment and cure with impressive case studies.
        Please see

        Thank you so much.

  • Congratulations, this is great hope you bring to us. Was there ever a follow-up with patients who took the Vaccine Remedies? Any adverse side effects at all or any takeaway points?

    • Joselyn, I follow up with these people all the time. Mostly what I’m taking away from their cases is that they are not using the remedy as often as they should, that they are not redosing when needed; for example, one person I know from India who fainted 2 weeks after the AstraZeneca vaccine was taken to the hospital and I said, “Why didn’t you take your AstraZeneca 1M?” Well, he just didn’t think of it. So, I think people are becoming easily discouraged and not being aggressive enough. And people don’t know how to “plus” (raise the potency of) their remedy bottles! This is a big impediment towards moving their case forward! You know, you might not believe it, but, “illnesses”–for lack of a better word–are not passive entities, they fight back if you take a medicine that’s designed to get rid of them, which means that your remedy has to keep getting stronger and stronger. Surely, your initial potency that was once so effective will be too weak in short order; so, knowing about “plussing”, and even just knowing to put the remedy in water and succussing before each dose, is so essential to getting better. Other than that, I am not hearing that the vaccine in potency is causing adverse effects, only that the vaccine itself is the source of unrelenting trouble.

  • The moderna vaccine caused Graves disease for me with weight loss starting the day after the first dose. Now at 17 lbs. Took the homeopathic moderna 10/28/12. Irritable and cursing for a month with improved mood afterwords. No change in the Graves. Autoantibodies at 156. History of hypothyroid for the previous 21 years. History of SLE for 60 yrs. At least I am hoping the remedy acted as a booster shot. On methimazole 5 mg now, which has brought a thyroid panel to normal.

    • Eileen, I just heard from another person that after the Pfizer vaccine, her father developed hyper-thyroid. So, this might definitely be a thing to watch out for! Let me ask you, have you given the remedy enough time to act? It seems you had to overcome an aggravation. So, I would say a bit more time might be needed. Healing takes place on the mental plane first, you know. The physicals follow. Also, the methimazole is a wild card that may be obstructing the action of the remedy with regard to your thyroid; so, it’s hard to know what to expect.

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