Tautopathy – An Introduction

An introduction to Tautopathy and Tautopathic Medicines.

Tautopathy (Tauto-same) is the method of curing or removing the bad effects of conventional drugs by means of identical potentised drugs. For. e.g., If you are suffering from the bad effects or side-effects of the antibiotic Penicillin, you can use potentised Penicillin to remove its side effects. This idea has been confirmed not only clinically by large number of homeopaths but has also been studied scientifically. There have been studies in which potentised lead and potentised arsenic have been used to promote excretion of the same substances in cases of poisoning. The results have shown that such use of potentised substances can help remove the symptoms caused by the toxicity, by enhancing the elimination of the toxin from the tissues.

Tautopathy is not based on ‘similars’. It is not homeopathy but it is pretty close to it. It is more in the realm of Isopathy. Tautopathic drugs have two advantages –

1. They can be proved like homeopathic medicines and can be assimilated in homeopathic materia medica. This provides a chance to use these medicines on the principles of homeopathy too.

2. They can be given to antidote or remove the bad effects of conventional drugs.

Long term use of allopathic or conventional drugs has often been found to work as an obstruction in providing a cure using the most similar homeopathic medicines. The administration of tautopathic medicines can help remove such obstructions and can facilitate a cure. A tautopathic medicines is not just administered on the basis of history of known drug intake, but there should be definite guiding symptoms for the selection of a medicine.

As conventional medicine has progressed the chemicals and drugs used by it have become more stronger. The more stronger a drug, the more stronger are its side effects. The long term use in chronic diseases compounds this problem. Patients with chronic disease often come to homeopaths after taking conventional medicine for many years. By the time they arrive at our office, it is often difficult to discern which symptoms of the patient are due to the disease and which are due to the drugs. There is often a layer of drug-symptoms that needs to be removed before the ‘similimum’ can work effectively. The use of tautopathic medicines can help clear the case in many such cases. Tautopathy is not an isolated system of medicine, but it is an enhanced tool for the homeopaths to use in difficult cases coming to us from the allopathic stable.

Two such medicines that have showed positive results in my practice are, Cortisonum and Roaccutane. I have used cortisonum in many difficult cases of asthma and allergic dermatitis with a history of long-term steroid inhalation or application. Such application has often moved a stuck case in the right direction. Potentised Roaccutane has helped in dealing with the cheilitis and hair-fall which results as a side-effect of this drug. Some of the patients who were given Cortisonum have reported some form of elimination reaction in which their sweat or urine becomes more offensive that usual for a few days.

There is hardly any modern ‘wonder-drug’ that does not have any serious side-effects. One has to understand that the ‘medicines’ are not part of body’s physiological requirement. The antibiotics, antipyretics, pain-killers, steroids – are all as foreign to the human body – as foreign as any other disease causing agent. The body reacts to the medicines in very much the same fashion as it reacts to the bacteria and viruses. So there is no wonder that the modern wonder-drugs, produce there own set of symptoms (drug-disease) when used for long time. Tautopathic medicines can play a vital role in countering such drug-disease or toxic symptoms produced by conventional drugs.

Preparation of Tautopathic Medicines

Tautopathic Medicines are made by potentising the conventional drugs. The process of potentization is similar to that used for homeopathic medicines, i.e., trituration and succussion. Both the decimal and centesimal scales are used.

Following are some readily available Tautopathic medicines –

Aspirin Cortisone acetate Penicillin
Adrenalin Diphtheria antitoxin Phenobarbitonum
ACTH D.D.T. Prednisolone
Alloxan Durabolin Progesterone
Amphetamine Diphenydanton Quinine
Anti rabies vaccine Ergotin Rastinon
Aminophyllin Ephedrine Sulphanol
Bismuth Erythromycin Streptomycin
Benadryl Gammaexane Stilboestrol
BCG Insulin Sulphacetamide
Chloroform Dimethycenlortac/Ledermycin Sulphaguanidine
Codeinum Mytomycin Tetracycline
Chloramphenical Methionine Thizamide
Chlorpromazine hydrochloride Terramycin Triple antigen
Chlortetracyclin hydrochloride Phenacetin Vitamin A, B, C, D, K

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- Associate Professor, Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy, SKH Medical College, Jaipur
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  • Hello,
    I have a question about using Cortisonum 30Ch in a case of a teenager with stretch marks on his skin. This is the most visible sign, but he has also a frontal headache above the right eye, a moody disposition (well, he is 15 years old) and I think his hipercorticism is constitutional (his father and his paternal grandmother have stretch marks and a cuhingoid constitution too).
    This boy has also the tendency to be alone and is not very communicative.
    Is it corect for him to take Cortisonum 30ch 5 plts weekly?
    Thank you,
    B Talif

  • Dear one, there is no creature on this earth who has not been given cortisone in one form or the other so, giving a dose or two of cortisone will not harm them. @ case :Info that you have given is insufficient to prescribe a Homoeopathic Remedy.
    (I dont go by provings when I use Tautopathic drugs) When I find a person’s prescription contains a steroid,I give this remedy weekly 200c for 3 wks + sl bd or 0/3 bd / sl -closely noting down the minutest changes in the patient before giving the patient’s constit. Regards, Prof. Dr.Rajan Iyer(MD, FF. Hom)

    • DR.JUDITH-sl bd or 0/3 bd / sl

  • Doctor … I have read the article about tautopathy …. I need the potentised gardenal or PHENOBARBITONUM …. Where will I get the medicine as you have written readily available ….
    Please need help …..

  • Dear Dr.Manish Bhatia

    Namaste. Thanks a lot for your beneficial article on such an important world wide health challenge. Would you please determine the most effective potencies you have used so far for your patients? Are they manufactured globally or only certain companies produce them?

    Best Wishes, Dr. Sadeghi

  • Hello

    I have been suffering from eczema since I took roaccutane. I am now taking homeopathic remedies to help the eczema but am wondering if maybe i need to take a potentised form of roaccutane before the homeopathics? I had eczema prior to taking roaccutane only briefly as a baby so i know had it not been for roaccutane I would’ve never had the eczema. Please help. Thank you

    • Dr.Alicia , doesnt make any difference dear because it is Vita A
      Remember dear, That the right constitutional remedy will work and may also nullify the rest …. Eczema…… briefly as a baby… Atopic Dermatitis…so have faith in your Homoeopath speak the truth of life ( howsoever confidential) so that he/she can select the best remedy to treat you… tc.

  • Dear Doctor
    Thanks for this information
    I want to discussed about side effects of contraceptive pills
    Can we treated through this tautopathy
    Dr Saira Mughal

    • I do intend to use these medications in my practices. Wish to learn further too in this regard.

  • Sir,
    Wishes to you. I am student who is interested on the topic Tautopathy and doing a research paper on treatment of adverse effect of insulin with homoeopathic drug ‘insulin’. Could you please help me by providing information regarding the Tautopathic use of Insulin. Thank you sir.

    • In stroke from Astra Zenica vaccine how often should 30 potency be continued please
      Patient is elderly & quite weak in hospital, sadly drugs being used, he has rejected Statins. Blood pressure medium,.

  • Would you please advise me what to use to Detox from Johnson & Johnson Covid Shot? I have been weak not feeling well since getting shot months ago …

    • Norma, you have to read “Tidbits 83: The Vaccine In Potency Is Here!” There you will be shown how to order the J&J Vaccine as a homeopathic remedy. That should cure you of Ailments From J&J.

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