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Written by Donna Fox

Donna Fox discusses the goals and methods of the Allen College of Homoeopathy.

The Allen College of Homoeopathy operates in India, the UK and worldwide, with undergraduate and post graduate courses, as well as correspondence courses. Students are prepared to function under the most demanding conditions, such as the clinics in Calcutta where scores of patients are seen in one day.

The Allen College exists to educate others in and promulgate Homoeopathy as expounded in the 5th & 6th Organon of Medicine and other Classical authors and to carry Homoeopathy as a respected, effective form of healing into the 21st Century.

The Allen College is aware that to educate practitioners to make effective prescriptions is only the beginning, not the entire picture. The College therefore aims to produce professional practitioners who embrace the client/patient relationship and the science and art of Homœopathy with:

Confidence                      Dedication                Enthusiasm                  Integrity                         Humility                            Knowledge              Motivation                     Reflection

In order to meet the above criteria Allen College graduates will be educated:

  • To be able to work from a classical theoretical base
  • To be able to be critical thinkers and make critical judgements
  • To make discretionary judgements
  • To behave ethically and morally in serving of humanity
  • To be aware of one’s own personal and professional values
  • To be empowered in one’s own process and be involved in empowering the patients
  • To reflect on one’s work and those in the peer group

Allen college was born because there is so much confusion and varying interpretation of the Organon and in a sincere endeavour to educate practitioners who have the skills to practice, we teach the simplest, straightforward method.  That is the one outlined by Hahnemann himself.

The true essence of the diseased patient is matched to the most simple pure medicine, with no false interpretation, misinformation or misunderstanding.  Materia Medica is taught thoroughly, thereby practitioners rely less on the repertory and cover the Miasm, Totality, Essence and Keynotes of the case.

Success in prescribing depends on knowledge and applying that knowledge without confusion or bewilderment. Allen College practises this in the clinics and demonstrates the power of simple application of a few principles as demonstrated in the articles which follow.

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About the author

Donna Fox

Donna Fox (Dip Hom ACH; PGHom; RSHom) I have been part of the Allen College since 2005. I trained for 4 years part-time for the undergraduate course and graduated in 2009. In my last year I attended the Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Calcutta. I enjoyed the course so much, that I went again in 2012. I completed two years postgraduate studies at the Allen College and presently I am Technical Supervisor for the video-link courses with my colleague Beth Hatwell. We organise the long distance and overseas students, who join our courses via video-link. I also practice at the Leigh Clinic, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

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