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Bird Flu (avian influenza)

Written by Peter Chappell

Bird Flu (avian influenza) is possibly the greatest immediate threat to the human race right now. We don’t know when, or how severe, but that it definitely will happen and within a few months or years, seems likely. For the worst case SCENARIO, it’s really impossible to prepare, and there are no good solutions on the table.

The Context

Bird Flu (avian influenza) is possibly the greatest immediate threat to the human race right now. It’s nothing like ordinary epidemic flu in consequences and the similarity of names is very confusing and helps obscure the seriousness of the situation. When flu’s like this have arrived before, tens of millions of the fittest people died in three months (1918) and then it ended as suddenly as it started. This is well documented.

For most people global warming is the key threat to civilization, or nothing is. This illusion will soon be shattered, as bird flu is likely to happen much sooner. We don’t know when, or how severe, but that it definitely will happen and within a few months or years, seems likely.

Preparedness for the epidemic is minimal, because it’s hard to plan for even the least severe option, and it’s not a high profile world event. It’s more a sleeping issue people prefer to forget and it’s happening under the radar. For the worst case SCENARIO, it’s really impossible to prepare, and there are no good solutions on the table.

Here is an April 2007 update based on a recent scientific report. Avian Influenza has spread too far to eradicate. Every few months its area of infection expands and it’s now virtually global. Over 220 million birds have already died of it, and it is birds that spread it, mallard ducks in particular. It has infected 265 people and 159 have died. Scientific studies have shown that the exact Bird Flu virus is becoming progressively more deadly every few months. For example, it can live much longer in the environment than before. It is more deadly to an increasing range of species, i.e. it’s more virulent. More potentially dangerous mutations are occurring. The WHO says that when it evolves to human to human transmission, its lethality will either reduce drastically or that the present 60% mortality could remain in a pandemic.

Preparedness is not sufficient. There is a fog of confusion and attention is not on the pandemic, as planning fatigue has set in. No vaccination production can start until the pandemic starts and we know the virus strain, as the virus is rapidly changing. The WHO cautions against buying current vaccines as these may offer limited or no benefits. Tamiflu may help stop infections but even if this proves true, delivery will be a huge problem.

For an expert opinion try the Foreign Affairs April 07 journal- foreignaffairs.org, April 07, by Michael Osterholm, Research and Policy Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases.

There are three Bird Flu (avian influenza) scenarios the experts, foresee. I am afraid it’s a really bad situation, with no easy answers.


It never happens! Completely unlikely. Many top experts think it’s inevitable. It is just a question of when and how bad it gets. There are no predictions by experts that it won’t happen, that I have read.


It happens in a mild form.

It spreads around the world in four days, before it’s realized it has made the human to human genetic transition. It’s unstoppable, for even in 1918 it only took ten days to envelope the world, and birds did that. Human birds – airplanes, will do it quicker now.

Last Bird Flu about 2% of the world’s population died, which is also the current WHO guesstimate in the best case, about 144 million people. There will be many severe complications like pneumonia, liver and kidney damage and the effects of muscle ripping coughs to contend with. As the medical services will be completely overstretched (there will be few drugs like antibiotics and as it’s viral., they are not expected to help) little help beyond self help is likely, so being prepared is essential.

However there is another complication, as many people will be incapacitated for a month or so, and as the food is now delivered in a just- in- time system in the west, there will be huge breakdowns in food supply. Only those with food stores at home can be certain of eating and as the epidemic will last for months this could then be really a double catastrophe. And it’s no good just stocking up for your home; think about what you will do if friends, relatives and neighbours want food as they are starving? Electricity, heating (relies on electricity) and water supply could collapse temporarily and it’s hard to imagine the consequences. Has your government published its preparedness plans to reassure you? In 1918 people had food stocks at home, and were more reliant on coal; now, that safety net of home reliance has diminished. Your government cannot suggest you create food stocks as there is then the possibility of a food shortage, and it would be seen as alarmist, as well as being unprepared.


The worst case scenario according to the WHO, is that it is a much worse bird flu than last time and three quarters of the population may die. The current lethality, 60% with intensive care, continues. With no medical support, it will obviously be a higher death rate. This is a WHO considered possibility, as this is one direction the current Bird Flu mutations are actually taking. It’s impossible to imagine such an event and there is no easy way to plan for it. Obviously it will be a BC/AD event and while the human race will survive, it will take generations and a century to recover. Things will never be the same again. For this you need food as stated above and lots more besides. All the essentials of life need to be considered. Food, coal, wood, water etc need consideration to survive months at least and then there will still be a long aftermath.


We can’t give proof that these downloads or pills for Bird Flu (avian influenza) will work. It’s new technology. However, homeopathy, from which these downloads developed, has an excellent track record in epidemics, including during the Bird flu of 1918. And it works for animals as well. So we believe the download will be a realistic means of survival. It will work, in my opinion, based on the evidence from the use of downloads made for other epidemic diseases using the same technology, because these are effective.

In our opinion this download/pills will be the only specific, exactly targeted immune stimulating healing approach on the planet, except homeopathy, which is very similar, but homeopaths will not realistically be able to treat millions in a few days. You can however buy a homeopathic pill survival kit.

You can download this complete bird flu survival download kit for free now (or buy pills) and keep it safe for later. If by then other options for treatment exist, fantastic, get them too. When the bird flu comes you will quickly be able to see what works, or use them all.

You can download the bird flu healing download and the others you could need right now and keep them safe in your MP3/Ipod/cd/laptop. If bird flu comes then this free option is there to try, and within an hour of bird flu happening you will know if it’s working or not. So you can play it non-stop till it brings the bird flu into manageable proportions and then as often as you feel it is needed. There is also the possibility that this could abort an attack, but we cannot know that for certain till afterwards, unless research on animals happens for these downloads/pills, which seems unlikely. Make no mistake, it will be a personal fight for survival for many, so it will be very hard but you could live through it. That’s the best I can say in this worst-case scenario. There are other downloads needed, so see the full suggested treatment program below.


I need to tell you about fever. Fever in illness is your friend. Stop the fever and you are inviting death quickly in bird flu. Fever is your immune system working. There is usually a 48 hour fever period. This is to stop the virus spreading while the immune system manufactures a massive immune response with billions of T ‘killer’ cells. If you drop the fever there will be a massive increase in the number of viruses, billions more, and it’s a simple equation. Billions of T cells fighting billions of viruses and if the balance on numbers is hopelessly on the virus side there is a greater chance of dying as the immune system has less chance to win. It’s that simple, understand this! It could save your life.


With any new virus, humanity has very little immune resistance, (except there have been versions of bird flu probably ‘for ever’ so we have some inbuilt resistance). It takes several episodes of such a disease to build up sufficient resistance to ride it easily. For example, people in Africa have malaria often. So they have built in immune resources to fight it. A resonance for malaria (download or pills) works rapidly in this situation. But for a white person first visiting Africa, with no inbuilt immunity, the first bout of malaria is devastating and a fight for survival. A resonance will help this process, as will herbs like Artemisia, but it will still be a fight for survival. It cannot be an instant or easy cure without time to build immune ability.

So when the Bird Flu (avian influenza) comes, this Bird Flu resonance, personalized, may be the best bet, or one possibility, targeted exactly at the Bird Flu, and you would be wise to have it now. It’s free, completely free, as a download. So download it now, or buy the pills if downloads are too hard to swallow as a concept! A personalized, free download is the best choice aided by fresh juice (preferably made directly from fruit, not a carton) and other general immune boosters like red grape juice, Vitamin C in large doses, Echinacea etc. Drinking fresh water and eating reduced to light soups etc will aid recovery. Cola is not water, it’s toxic.


Listen once daily for a month now, as a prophylactic, and for one week every three months thereafter. It is to build up immunity. Listen to the download hourly once the Bird Flu (avian influenza) starts anywhere on Earth transmitted human to human; ignore bird to human outbreaks.

Listen virtually non stop once it happens in the home/office/workplace, and when you have it.

Listen after recovery five times a day for a week for protection and to stop relapses.

If you choose the pills/drops, take pills or drops as often as the listening. You can buy Bird Flu made up in a dropper bottle. To use it bang the bottle on wood five times, do that once daily, and take one drop (more is wasteful) the same rate as recommended for listening. There are about 200 drops in a dropper bottle. You will need a few bottles. Vitalremedies.com

The music is not the healing (nor the pills or drops), it only carries the healing information to activate specific, targeted self healing to bird flu. The resonance alerts you to when to listen. However poor the quality of the music reproduction, it can still work fine.

Pre Care – Building up resistance

We recommend the use of the resonance, pills or downloads, ahead of time to help or begin to build up resistance. There is evidence (anecdotal, but over centuries of experience) that prophylaxis works and immunity can be built up, so we recommend this but cannot guarantee it! We think it’s definitely worth doing, as it could lessen the impact of the Bird Flu. Homeopaths have used this process for centuries but there is no real science to back it up. This advice could be heavily criticized; I suggest you do it anyway but don’t rely on it.

Download now

We will, in the event of Bird Flu (avian influenza), try to make our web site sustain a million visits an hour, but we cannot guarantee that as electricity might fail, so it’s much wiser if you get supplied now.

After care

It is likely many people who survive will not fully or easily recover. There will be many complications and very few people to help you in the worst-case scenario. They will either be very sick or dying so be prepared.

A most likely complication is progressive, primary pneumonia (viral), acute breathing problems, and liver and kidney damage. It could have extremely violent symptoms such as a cough that rips your muscles apart.

Also massive grief for lost relatives and friends will occur. For the loss of loved one, long lasting grief trauma download is the first one to think of, this will help you process massive grief and stop you collapsing into pneumonia. Pneumonia often happens after grief is suppressed. Grief is held in the lungs, just as anger centres on the liver and fear on the kidneys.

The pneumonia and pleurisy download are also the ones to have ready as it’s for the likely complications after surviving bird flu itself. Antibiotics are unlikely to help here as the infection will be viral.

The other downloads to consider are:

  • Pleurisy
  • Pneumonia
  • Injury (from coughing to hard, it could be very painful)
  • Shock from the general world wide panic – that’s debilitating

The other possibilities are:

  • Tonics for liver and kidneys
  • Chelidonium for the liver
  • Berberis for the kidneys

Both Homeopathic 3x or herbal from homeopathic pharmacies-see below

  • Vitamin C I gram tablets and other general immune boosters.
  • Batteries for MP3s etc.

Two types of download

The regular download for Bird Flu (avian influenza) maybe sufficient for normal healthy people with good immune systems and it is free; just click on this link now and it will immediately arrive on your computer. You listen for about 15 seconds. It is in MP3 format so you can transfer it to your MP3 player, CD, tape, or mobile phone. You can also give it to your friends.


The personalized download is also free. This has a double action because, since it’s personalized to you, it boosts not only your immune system for Bird Flu but also your total immune system. For example it calms the fears you might have about being sick, the urge to carry on working, and softens various immune compromising attitudes. Immunity is really in two parts, the mind, the macro part, the will to live, being peaceful rather than agitated, rushed, driven etc and the micro part, the cells that fight off the bird flu in this case. This personalized version addresses the total immunity.

The downloads are also available as pills, – vitalremedies.com – but then you need homeopaths in support as they are not personalized. It would be good to have homeopaths in support anyway, but that’s something to arrange before hand.. But realistically that’s not an option for many.

Peter Chappell FSHom.

Peter Chappell has seven grandchildren and was a founder of the UK Society of Homeopaths. Over the last decade of the 20th century he was involved, as the creative driving force and principal of a college of homeopathy, in putting homeopathy on the map in around fifteen countries where previously it did not exist. Many millions of people have access to homeopathy as a result of this team initiative. In the last five years he has worked mostly in Africa on AIDS and in the last years on other diseases as well world wide. He lives in the remote mountains of the Czech Republic and can be contacted by [email protected] and free videophone via Skype – stanlake.

About the author

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell was a founder and co-creator of the UK Society of Homeopaths, and prior to this an aircraft and then business machines research and development engineer, with patents in air navigation, word processors and the internet, before these latter two things became well known realities. He became a homeopath when he was around 30 and created/directed three significant clinics in London at various stages of his homeopathic practice. He made the first homoeopathic repertory computer, the Micropath, that worked effectively in the consulting room. In the 1990’s he directed homeopathic training programs in 20 countries where previously Homeopathy hardly existed. In celebration of his 60th birthday in 2001 he went to Ethiopia to start his work on AIDS, and at least 10,000 people are alive and well because of this. Peter lives on Dartmoorin, in the UK and has three children and eight grandchildren. You can access all his websites, organisation, blogs, remedies etc. through Amma-Networks.com. He does not run a practice.

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