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Written by Marcus Fernandez

Marcus Fernandez, Director of the Centre for Homeopathic Education NY, discusses his dream to spread homeopathy throughout the U.S. (transcript of recording)

My feeling in bringing homeopathy to America, was America’s great history with homeopathy. I was reading that 25% of all physicians in America at the turn of the 20th Century were homeopaths. The first female doctor to ever qualify as a medical doctor was from a homeopathic medical school.

Philadelphia, New York, Chicago – there’s seems to be such a great heritage coming from America – which has petered away over the years. So, my vision and my passion was to bring homeopathy back and to ignite that spark again so people look at health in a different way. They look at health in a holistic way—both mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

We knew it would be different. We knew people would be different in America from teaching them and educating them, but hopefully you know we will integrate American teachers as well as teachers from England and the UK, so we have a synergy between the UK and America and bring the message forward.

I think people have a lot more access to information than ever before—you know with the internet. People are looking into things –especially around allopathic medications. You can now look on the internet for side effects.

People want more than that—you know—they are starting to wake up and say ‘you need to get to the core of the problem—not just treat the effects’. Consciousness is definitely shifting thru America, thru the UK, thru Europe.

I think in the East, in China and India they have a rich history of thousands of years of complementary medicine, so I think that’s going to influence –as they rise as nations and economies—that’s going to influence the West even more so…I think the truth is starting to reveal itself.

People you know—want more. They realize that it’s not just by coincidence or accident that people get sick—they are actually linking the mind and the body together and realizing we are a whole—mind, body and spirit—and we’ve got to get to the cores of the problem—not just treat the effects. I think there’s a huge consciousness shift we are seeing not only politically around the world—but around our health and well-being.

I was in my early 20’s when I got into homeopathy. Not long after I heard about homeopathy I went to India and I saw that it’s used everywhere there. 100 million people in India use it as their primary care healthcare. So when I came back to England I was excited. I knew where homeopathy could be. I knew it was the future. I wanted to be part of that future—not only to study to treat people, but as I went on—to form a college, the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London, so we could teach people how to use homeopathy and spread the message of homeopathy much much further.

It’s the synergy…. In England you know we have the Homeopathic Hospital—we have a rich heritage in England…the Royal family, the Queen, the Homeopathic Hospital has been there since 1849, so there’s a great heritage in England. It’s also part of our national healthcare system since its inception. So, it’s bringing our rich heritage again back to America – where it was before.

Sue has that American way of thinking—with our British way of thinking—together will create something quite unique…hopefully that it can spread throughout America—and bring it back to as it was before—in its former glory.

My pie in the sky dream would be that it will be in every state in America—that everybody knows about it—and around the world. 450 million people around the world use homeopathy but in America it’s still hardly used. South America, Central America, India, China…you know – half a billion people use it across Europe and England… So in America we want to get them up to speed. The pie in the sky idea would be to have colleges—west coast, east coast, north, south—all over—spreading the word.

Homeopathy is a whole system of healthcare—you know. It looks at your mental/emotional.. as well as physically. You are born here and you’re here now, so often when you present with a set of symptoms your body is saying there’s something wrong in the system. So we have to go back…when did that start?…It’s like a car dashboard light. Allopathic medicine just takes the bulb out—but we actually go into the engine. If you only take the bulb out—the car will break down – four miles down on the road. So we go into the engine and sort the problem out with the oil and that’s the difference with homeopathy.

For people who want to learn homeopathy and become a practitioner—then it’s an exciting time to do it, because I do believe we are beginning a revolution around homeopathy again—and you know—it’s join the party and become beacons, become a lighthouse and other people, other patients will be attracted to it and we can spread the message much further.

We can sit in England and just carry on what we are doing, but we want to bring it to the world. ..inner realization…we are here to heal ourselves first – before we can heal the world.


About the author

Marcus Fernandez

Marcus Fernandez has been practicing and teaching homeopathy for 15 years in the UK and now in the U.S. He co-founded the successful Centre for Homeopathic Education and has been an integral part of the new Centre for Homeopathic Education NY as well as the new collaboration between the Bush Homeopaths and CHE. He is Director, Centre for Homeopathic Education NY and Trustee, Bush Homeopaths.


  • Hi Marc. your vision and passion to bring homoeopathy in everyone,s life for health is great. i heartly appreciate your efforts. i m with you and really want to bring revolution in homoeopathy.

  • Dr Marc, you have an excellent vision out there in USA , ALL GREAT WORK NEEDS OBSTACLES TO SUCCEED !

  • Hi Marcus! It is a great pleasure to know about your passion for Homeopathy. For more than 15 yrs i was a Marriage & Family Counselor and a Homeopath Practitioner in India. Now since I have migrated to USA. would like to be a part of your program of revolution in Homeopathy.Appreciate your thoughts and efforts. My best wishes are with you.

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