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Exploring Sarcodes as a Physiological Process

Written by Ghanshyam Kalathia

A discussion of sarcodes from the perspective of Sankaran’s Sensation, along with two illustrative cases.

As classical homeopaths we know about sarcode remedies, and most of us prescribe them, but we have very little in-depth information about sarcodes as a group. Here I present a detailed explanation of sarcodes from my cases and what I learned from my teachers (Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his team).

The sarcodes are prepared from healthy tissue or secretions, so they have the potential of that particular tissue. If we understand that potentiality of tissue then we can easily prescribe the sarcode. With this article I’ll try to make you familiar with sarcodes as a group.

First I’ll present two cases and then discuss sarcodes in detail.


  • The illustrating cases are taken and analyzed using Dr. Sankaran’s method of levels and sensation.
  • D: = Doctor, author; P: = patient; HG = hand gesture. My comments are in (brackets).

Case # 1

First consultation on 27th may 2007

A student of commerce, a 24 year old boy came to my clinic complaining of allergic rhinitis and his verbatim comments are as follows…

D: Tell me what’s your problem?

P: I have attacks of continued sneezing since 2 years. It is after environmental change or after exposure to dust. I think my problem is purely allergic.

D: Tell me more this allergy.

P: Allergy means you have some problem, I mean you missed something in your body or you have adverse effect of something or you are sensitive to it. In my allergy constant sneezing is there, and because of sneezing I can’t walk, talk or do anything properly.

D: Can you tell me more about this allergy?

P: Allergy means your body has not capacity to bear a particular thing. Any waste or anything like… virus, bacteria, chemicals that don’t like your body. You have some deficiency that’s why this allergy happens. Your body has not capacity to bear it.

(I want to know about local details of the complaint, but he is describing the allergy only according to his way, so it’s a flow with him)

D: What do you mean by deficiency?

P: You have any kind of deficiency and from that your body can’t fight with bacteria and finally your capacity is going low. (HG-he moves both his palms slowly towards the ground.)

D: Capacity?

P: Your body’s bearing capacity is your capacity and your body’s working capacity is your power. If sometime things go beyond your power, then your body cannot bear it.

D: Tell me more about power?

P: You are taking food, right! From the food your body gets energy (HG-he uplift his both palms.) and energy will give you power and power is essential to maintain working of all organisms. (HG-he makes circular action with right hand.)

D: Tell me more about energy?

P: Energy will bring the balance. (HG- he balances both his palms horizontally.) Energy keeps the balance of blood supply and balance of all organs. It supplies whatever any system requires. The energy is generated from digestion of food and by the help of energy you do all your work. If energy is not enough, you feel weakness and you start wasting gradually.

(At this stage I believe that all this information is a product of his thinking, but he talks spontaneously and fluently ‘as if he is giving lecture on this topic’. Later I got to understand why he spoke this way. According to Dr. Rajan Sankaran this thing is tuning as “non-human song in the human being”. Let me explain: He talks about something other than himself, I mean he talks ‘as if he is observer of this topic’. He didn’t realize he was talking about himself… so capacity, power, deficiency, energy these are non-human words of his story.)

D: Can you tell me about this weakness?

P: If you don’t take food then you feel a weakness and your body is not able to do any work and then your good heath is gone and finally your balance is disturbed.

D:Can you talk about this balance of the body? (He’s following beautifully so I do not change the questions)

P: The body can generate (HG-he makes circular action with right hand.) the energy and that generated energy will give all requirements (HG-he moves his right hand from right to left.) to all systems and at that time there is not any deficiency. Energy also gives an immunity and immunity fights all foreign particles.

D: What is immunity?

P: In your body you have some natural forces, and those forces are created (HG-he makes circular action with right hand.) from foods by the body. Forces are required for protection of all systems, otherwise allergens are killing you.

D: Tell more about forces.

P: They are naturally created (HG-he makes a circular action with his right hand.) and automatically doing their work. (HG-he moves his right hand from right to left.) They give protection. They have potential for all deficiencies. That is an arrangement of nature, you can’t change them. That was generated in the body and destroyed in the body. (HG-his hands flow apart.) They work non-stop, everywhere and any moment in the body. You can’t see them or feel them. They are there and work automatically, naturally.

(He does “circular action with his right hand” repetitively when describing ‘maintaining’, ‘creating’, ‘generating’. So I think this HG is his energy pattern so I ask the next question for HG.)

D: When you talk about ‘energy being created’ you do a movement like this (I do same HG.,What do you mean by this action?

P: I mean energy is created in your body (HG-circular action) and then energy does work (HG-flow right to left) in your body according to your body’s requirement and then that energy is automatically destroyed (HG-falling apart) in the body.

D: Tell more about energy being created, working and being destroyed? (I do all three HG)

P: I think this kind of process happens in everyone’s body. Some energy or force is generated in the body and it works spontaneously according to rules and regulation and at one point it is destroyed in the body. Then your body creates new energy, then it works and after some time it is destroyed and this cycle goes on and on.

(He beautifully describing one process, like… something created, worked and then destroyed in the body. Everything happens in the body so I think his described process is a “physiological process” and my experience from other cases is that the sensation in the form of “physiological process” is the sensation of sarcodes.)

D: Now tell me about your nature? (I have confidence now, so I change the topic because I want to relate the above process in another area of his life.)

P: I like a calmer environment. I don’t like noises. I like a little cold in the environment. I like to do my all work according to a timetable. I don’t like dirtiness. I prefer cleanliness. If things are according to my way, I feel satisfied.

D: Just talk about satisfaction.

P: If I finish my routines regularly I feel satisfied. If the environment is friendly I feel really fresh. You can’t get tired and your energy is pouring in your body. You feel excited; do this…. body feels balanced. Your systems works automatically without applying too much mind. At that time you want to do more and more work. Your body can get rejuvenation (navchetana). Your all systems feel fully healthy. (He pauses for some time.)

From work you get experience; from experience you do new work more easily and from that you balance your systems spontaneously. In the same way our body also make balances, with the help of some kind of processes like digestion, metabolism and finally these all processes give you life-governing force or energy. This all happens cyclically and automatically.

(In the other area of his life he also describes “physiological processes” with the help of the following words…’Balance’, ‘Work’, ‘Digestion’, ‘Metabolism’, ‘Energy’, ‘Everything happen cyclically and automatically’. So this is the confirmation of a sarcode. We’ll discuss this latter on.)

D: What food do you like, dislike?

P: I like sweets too much and I always want a balanced diet. One thing I want to tell you doctor, is that after eating I require some food in the form of sugar every one to two hours.

D: Can you tell me about your dreams?

P: I never get dreams.

Plan: He describe spontaneously his perceptions of energy, so I think his state is at the delusion level. I give him RNA 1mk.

Analysis of case-1

We get his story in the form of ‘physiological processes’ so the sarcode kingdom is confirmed. I want a remedy that has the potential of “created, maintained and destroyed”. At this stage I didn’t have any idea of the remedy, so I’m going through all sarcode remedies and I get one beautiful reference from Murphy’s Materia Medica… “Hunger with need to nibble throughout the day, especially sugar (written in bold)” for RNA. But what about the above mentioned process? I checked in a textbook of physiology, medical dictionary and RNA related information on the internet and I got some references which made everything clear. These are the references…

“RNA is nucleic acid that controls protein synthesis in all living cells. In the cell there are three types of RNA…Messenger RNA, transfer RNA and ribosomal RNA”. Here I am impressed with word “synthesis” because it is a process of creating something.

“The RNA control protein synthesis” …it means RNA helps to create the proteins from amino acids and maintain protein’s work by controlling its biochemical activities. Whenever any cell requires heat or energy, RNA destroy proteins, so protein turns into amino acids and this process gives heat and energy to the cell.

Some important references about proteins…

“Proteins are a source of heat and energy to the body and they are essential for growth, the building of new tissue, repair of injured tissue and maintenance of body weight.”

“Protein has the ability to elicit an immune response when coupled with a hapten.”

Follow up after one month

D: How are you?

P: I’m fine. There have not been any sneezing attacks from one month and energetically I also feel well. Since I started your medicine, I feel fresh in the morning.

D: How is your desire for food even after eating?

P: My eating habit is changed now, but mentally I feel that I want something in the form of sweets. Taking something every one or two hours is changed now. I take some sweet one hour after eating and then I require nothing .

Plan: He has not had any attack of allergic cold and he is physically feeling good, so repetition of dose is not required.

Follow up after 6 months

D: How do you feel now?

P: Good, I have not any problem regarding allergy, and mood wise I also feel good.

D: From 6 months ago to today what difference do you see?

P: At that time I was very narrow minded, I mean I was very time bonded. At that time I was like… “You do something at any cost”, but now I decide before I do anything if a situation requires that I do it. In short, I’m free from that narrow mindedness. I mean I’m free from “Do work according to time table” and “health consciousness”. Before I took food according to its nutritional values, but now I take any food, whatever I have in our house.

Plan: I think mentally he is free from his perception and till today he had not any physical complaint, so I didn’t repeat the medicine. (In total he required two doses of 1mk, the last dose on 3rd September 2007)

(After 7 months, he has not come to my clinic, but since I’m his family’s doctor, one or another of his family comes to me, so I’m indirectly in contact with him. He is still alright till today)

Case # 2

First consultation on 11th September 2007

27 years old female lab chemist came to me for treatment of falling hair and pimples. These are her verbatim comments:

D: Tell me about your problem

P: I suffer from constipation since long ago and I also have pimples and my hair falls out. With the pimples, black heads and dots are the main thing. These complaints all increase during my menses. I have more oily skin so I think this is the cause of pimples.

D: What’s bothering you most?

P: Constipation. Because of constipation my routine gets disturbed. You don’t like to do anything and that’s why your regularity is disturbed. I think these skin related complaints are because of hormones.

D: Tell me more about skin related complaints.

P: I want an attractive face… I mean spotless skin is important for your life and career. If you have good hair growth then you feel good, you feel confident and you feel that you have a good personality.

D: Talk more about personality?

P: If you have knowledge it is ok, but you must be lucrative and by this way you make good impact on others. I think all my complaints happen because of my irregular lifestyle. If your blood purification is not perfect, then you get skin complaints and finally all things depend on your cleanliness.

D: Tell me about irregular lifestyle?

P: If your diet is irregular, I mean you eat outside too much or don’t maintain body cleanliness or don’t take a bath regularly then your body’s purification system gets disturbed. Your habit of sleeping, drinking and eating is not perfect or regular then also your purification system is disturbed and disturbed purification produce skin problems.

D: Tell me more about body purification?

P: You get ill frequently by imperfect purification (HG- she makes fists with both palms.) and finally you get weakness. You do any little work and get tired or your eyesight gets weak. You have hair loss and pimples.

D: What is imperfect purification?

P: Imperfect purification means…from your body excretory materials are not totally discarded and because of that there’s some impurity stuck (HG- she makes fists with both palms.) inside your blood. In the constipation also some materials stay inside. (HG-makes fists) If your system is not regularly discarding waste (HG-she open up both fists and hands falls apart) then that bad materials stay (HG-makes fists) in your blood and that impurity produce the effects on your skin. But you are regular in your routine the problems are solved automatically; I mean regularity is important for maintenance of your health.

(She makes forcefully two fists when she describes “imperfect purification” and she opens up her both fist and hands move outward when she describes “discarding waste” so I think this is the energy pattern in her and I ask about HG for more confirmation.)

D: When you describe ‘impurity’ you do some actions with your hands. What you mean by this (I do same HG)?

P: By impurity some unnecessary products are staying (HG-both fists) in your blood and that will produce the problems. Purification by excretory systems and filtration are essential for your life and health.

D: Excretory systems? (New word)

P: With the help of excretory systems the body removes (HG-hands falls apart) waste from blood, but if purification system is disturbed then some impurity stays (HG-fists) inside your body then impurity circulates in your blood and may produce problems. So process of filtration and purification by excretory system is essential for maintaining the health.

(She describes “purification” and “filtration” as a process of excretory system, so this is clearly a sensation of sarcode as ‘physiological processes’.)

D: What is your personality, your nature? (Now we do confirmation of same sensation in other areas of her life.)

P: Whenever I’m fully satisfied from my work or from my life, I have a good mood. At that time I take everything positively. When I was satisfied and anything is the wrong way, I take it as a challenge and I try to solve it with my best efforts.

D: Tell me more about self-satisfaction?

P: Suppose I do hard work and I’m getting a full result. At that time my confidence is on top. At that time I’m fully satisfied and I try to make impossible things possible. If instead, from my hard work I didn’t get a result, then I get stuck (HG-fists) in it. I want always to have easy flow (HG-make flow with hands) of work, otherwise I get frustration (HG-fists). In my whole life I want a certain type of clarity. I mean I must be clear (HG-flow of hands) from where I am and where I want to go. If clarity is not there, then I get frustration (HG-fists).

D: More about clarity & frustration?

P: You want clarity. In future you must know where to go and where to stop or what you want. This is an easy flow of life (HG-flow). If my way is fuzzy (HG-fists) then I become frustrated, but if clarity is there, I work with double force. If anything is full of hope, why not get going?

(Her problem lies between “stuck” and “flow” and she describe her whole story with the help of the same HG as ‘physiological processes’, so a sarcode is confirmed.)

D: Can you tell about your dreams?

P: I don’t get any dreams. Actually I’m a heavy sleeper.

D: Please talk about your interests and hobbies?

P: In my life I want to develop new ideas and try to make them true. This is my hobby.

D: Your likes and dislikes in foods?

P: I like onion, spicy things and potatoes very much. I don’t like all guts.

D: Any problem related to urine or stool?

P: Yes, very good question, otherwise I forget it. My urine smells so strong that if any drop remain on my under wear this will smell a lot and I feel embarrassed when I sit with others. You know doctor, I have to pass urine every 20 to 30 minutes.

Plan: She has strong and clear perception that her complaint is due to impurity, so I think she is at the delusion level and I give Urea pura 1mk

Analysis of case-2

She clearly talks about the process of ‘purification and filtration’ so I’m sure about a sarcode and she describe that all processes happen in the ‘excretory system’, so she required any medicine that has potential regarding ‘purification and filtration’ of excretory system. Urea pura passed through all above mentioned processes in the excretory system, so I prescribe her Urea.

I got the following references for Urea…

  • Reference from Murphy’s M.M. : frequent urging to urinate with complaints of much sediment in urine.
  • Reference from internet… Urea is a colorless, odorless white prismatic crystal that is the chief nitrogenous constituent of urine. It is formed in the liver from ammonia derived from amino acids by deamination. Then it is excreted because it is waste (un-necessary) product.

Follow up after two months

D: How are you?

P: I have less problems regarding hair falling and now I’m not suffering from constipation, but the pimples are still not improving.

D: Complaints regarding urine?

P: Thank you very much doctor. My desire to urinate in short intervals is changed, now I go one or two hourly. And the most important thing is now my urine does not smell too strong.

D: Now generally how do you feel?

P: I feel energetically better and I do my routine regularly. I think constipation is gone so my morning routines get regular and because of regularity most of my problems are solved. But doctor when will you make my face free from pimples?

Plan: She does well with Urea, so no repetition only SL

Follow up after nine months

She is doing well with Urea till today and in total required two doses of 1mk. These are her comments:

“I’m regular in my routines and office work”

“Initially I’m pushy towards my work, but now I do work according to its demand”

“I believe… now I’m not demanding that ‘all work must be easy going'”

Plan: No repetition of dose.

Follow up after one and half year

D: What you see as the difference now and before treatment?

P: When I was coming initially to you at that time I was focusing on my goals… one after another, that is changed now completely. Now I take interest in other things also. Initially I was always searching for new things, otherwise I got bored, but now I’m get settling down. Now I can enjoy everything instead of only doing one thing after another.

D: Any complaints?

P: Really not anything is bothering me. Internally now I feel calmness. Thanks a lot from my heart doctor; you make me free from that all nuisance.

Information on Sarcodes

You get some explanation about sarcodes from my article “The Language of sarcodes” in ‘Homeopathic Links 1/10’. These are some selected paragraphs from the article:

  • The sarcode is prepared from healthy tissue or a part and that tissue and has a useful and healthy function. So the question arises, why would anybody require a remedy made from useful and healthy tissues? The answer is, because when the whole being responds as if it were that one part, this can be considered as disease and that person requires a sarcode (The Sensation in Homoeopathy, page: 681).
  • My understanding of sarcodes is as follows: If we understand the behaviour of healthy tissue we easily understand sarcodes. The function and usefulness is a healthy tissue’s quality. Healthy tissue functions in an appropriate and perfect way… no hyper-function, no hypo-function. To work properly, perfectly and appropriately is its aim.
  • A sarcode is prepared from healthy tissue, so it has a direct relation to physiology. The physiological process, phenomenon or function is the sensation of a sarcode.

So in any patient requiring a sarcode you get the issue about ‘physiological process’ and the above two cases give you a beautiful illustration of how ‘The physiological process’ is their central issue. The sarcode patient’s language can be confused with the minerals because they sometime speak about functions, but a mineral’s function is related to structure. The mineral sensation expresses as… “I’m missing something” or “I’m losing something”. The sarcode function is expressed as…”I must function properly, perfectly, appropriately and as it is required, neither less nor more”.

Some sensation words for sarcodes:

Body, Nutrition, Energy, Filtration, Metabolism, Digestion, Power, Strength, Balance, Co-ordination, Cooperation, Handling, Caring, Immunity, Deficiency, Capacity, Generated, Created, Maintained, Destroyed, Health, Food, Weakness, Wasting, Blood circulation, Healthy systems, Organs, Works according to rules and regulation, Everything happen cyclically and automatically.


About the author

Ghanshyam Kalathia

Dr. Ghanshyam Kalathia, is a practicing homeopath with a busy local as well as online clinic based in Ahmadabad/India. His articles and cases have appeared in world various journals including Homeopathic Links, Homeopathy International UK, Similia-Australia, Hpathy.com and Interhomeopathy.com. He passionately teaches students from all over the world with his current four international video master courses and his “Journey with Dr. Kalathia Series”. His systematic approach regarding the understanding of case studies merges the spiritual and practical aspects of homeopathy into a synergy of true and lasting healing. He is well known teacher and mentor for Indian as well as western homeopaths. He is the first person to explore kingdom sarcodes in-depth. His work includes the study of mammals and birds. He is author of the book “Invertebrates in Homeopathy”.
His published articles are available at www.drkalathia.com and http://www.interhomeopathy.org/august-2016 and homeopathic software like “Radar Opus” and “Synergy homeopathic software” (Formerly known as mac-repertory)


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