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In Memoriam – Jacques Millemann – April 27, 1935 – July 28, 2021

In Memoriam – Jacques Millemann – April 27, 1935 – July 28, 2021 – Alan V. Schmukler

Born April 27th, 1935, Jacques Millemann received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the National School for Veterinary Surgeons (Alfort, France) in 1960. He settled as a rural area veterinary surgeon in Soultz-sous-Forets (France), catering to pets and cattle.

Disappointed in mainstream medicine he began experimenting with homeopathy and published his first clinical cases in 1976. Fluent in German and English, he became a tutor for the French Homoeopathy Society and joined the International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy. He tutored in Switzerland, Germany, Austria etc.

Jacques retired from practice in 2000 and, as member of the IAVH, coordinated the writing of the first International Veterinary Materia Medica, which includes clinical cases, using the research of internationally renowned veterinary practitioners.

The first volume was published in France and Germany and the second in Germany. He also collaborated with Dr Philippe Osdoit in writing Homéopathie vétérinaire : de la théorie à la pratique (Veterinary Homoeopathy “Theory and Practice), published by Marco Pieotteur in Belgium and Sonntag in Germany.

During an interview I did with him in January 2012, he explained how he got involved in veterinary medicine. He said:

When I was 6 years old I decided to “cure”, and my parents asked “What do you want to cure, people or animals?” I answered “I don’t know”. At age 10, I said “Animals are more grateful, so I’ll be a vet.”

Jacques was a brilliant practitioner and a warm hearted and generous man. He treated my animals on a number of occasions, always taking very careful and detailed notes before repertorizing. He had a wonderful intuitive sense and an extraordinary knowledge of materia medica.

Jacques lived a life of loving service to animals and his contributions to the science of veterinary medicine were immense and will continue to serve. We will keep him in our hearts always.

You can read his interview and cases and find his books here:

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Cases:  https://hpathy.com/author/jacquesmillman/

Books: https://www.narayana-verlag.com/Jacques-Millemann/a563

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