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Potentized Conventional Vaccines as the Remedy for Cancer

Written by Mirza Anwer Baig

A useful article about Potentized Conventional Vaccines as the Remedy for Cancer.Full details about Potentized Conventional Vaccines as the Remedy for Cancer

Potentized conventional vaccines as the Remedy for Cancer

This is a new approach in treating cancers and tumour through the homeopathic oncology. Author of this (Mirza Anwer Baig) has termed this the “Homeopathic-Panch Karma” means cleansing of toxins!

Keywords: BCG-Num, OPV-Num and. Carcinosinum: Nosode III, Nosode X and Nosode I are synonym.

Abstract: Toxic substances released by Tuberculosis germs can damage genes, so is the BCG or HIV? But the victims are the immuno-compromised or starving children who cannot fight with the microbes of even a vaccine. Because they have no trained immunity marker cells (T-cells) to fight, therefore they compromise with them or get affected. The proof is they cannot form BCG Scar like a normal child.

Introduction: Awareness is the key of success? Do we know that (in India) about one 3rd population is either immuno-compromised or immuno-suppressed which means this group has no genetic information about how to combat with the germs or a virus. I call this as an HIV-constitution. That is to say such children may not be having infected to HIV but may be having a susceptible soil for that.

As we know viruses are instrumental in formation of cyst and tumour and also help in resolving them by bringing out dead cells from within the body in form of eruptions and natural discharges. Like other vaccines homeopathically potentized vaccines (nosodes) can also trigger immune system and bring back the body’s ability to fight against disease by bringing healthy genes into action against the disease forces.

Such as a homeopathic Polio-drops (Nosode X) has cured Brain Tumour while Surgeons at KEM Hospital and Jaslok were clueless. Yes indeed this is an incredible truth, the other example, such as a toddler was suffering with some mysterious liver disease was operated at the Wadia Children Hospital, Mumbai some time back but soon after the surgery got relapse of the same in a more mysterious way. When she treated through homeopathy her condition improved. Surprisingly she had also started forming BCG scar?!

Photo: 1 Photo: 2

The Evidence with Proof: Author of this has carried out a study with a number of such cases who had mysterious diseases and which looked like Cancer and AIDS, in the year 2004. He also sent this report to the Director General of Health of Maharashtra Govt. in the same year.

However, the characteristics of such mysterious pathology, which he termed the Polio-BCG Syndrome, were the changeability and with a confused picture. The one thing certain was most of the sufferers had no BCG mark though they received it at the time of birth! Yet one more surprising observation was, as they improved with what were suffering, they started forming the BCG mark! Some even at the age of 10 year?

Rationale: Certain viruses like HIV and Polio, are similar in many ways, are instrumental in formation of cyst and tumours. Since they can also temper genes and therefore if also being used homeopathically they may be instrumental in resolving them too.

This is how I got the idea for preparing these nosodes (BCG-Num and OPV-Num) from the BCG and OPV (Oral Polio Drops) vaccines.

Cases: Are many though two have discussed: (these have also published in the National Journal of Homoeopathy, India in the issues of June and November 2007). Here is their brief description with discussion and conclusion, is as follows:

Case 1: Baba Alfaran; Born on 10.9.02 through Caesarian, although intragravid sonography performed on 9.8.02 was normal. But premature birth has taken place because of rupture membranes. History revealed his mother during 7th month of pregnancy had severe stiffness and pain because she traveled in train from one state to another. However, baby’s birth weight was 1.5 kg due to premature birth. Child underwent phototherapy and was given sedatives, also underwent for an ophthalmic check up which was normal.

Child received 3 live vaccines, BCG, Hepar B, and Polio together at the age of two months. Prior to that he had BCG when was just one week old. BCG was repeated because it had not taken since he had no BCG scar. There after he had routine immunization more or less for all. Surprisingly the 2nd BCG scar had also not taken.

History further revealed that by the age of 7-8 months he developed the symptoms and signs of Dolichocephaly, which means had no milestones. Child was not able to suck mother’s milk, was not holding his head, no other milestones seen even smiles. Head’s circumference was 40 cm, height 61cm. On dated 24.6.03, head circumference was 41 cm, and height 68 cm. On this day measles vaccine was given, soon after that, child developed brain cry with bulging of eyes, (proptosis).

History yet further revealed child was not able to suck mother’s milk till 1 & a half months, thereafter although was playful but was not able to propel himself backward in bed with his feet. At times not able to hold head, cannot sit unsupported or if even supported, would slide forward. Child was not able to gain weight, was not able to pass urine in sleep. On awakening passes urine enough to soak nappy, which goes for 20-30 minutes i.e. in 5 minutes after passing urine soaks nappy again. It appears; again he does not empty bladder completely but in 5 minutes installments taking 20-30 minutes to empty bladder, while stools pass once daily.

The neurosurgeon, Dr. Sunil K. Pandya, (Jaslok Hospital), who examined the child on 3.7.2003, examined his vision and noted in his record; As far as the family can say the child can follow objects, persons, with full eye movements. Eyes prominent, good facial movements, tries to hold objects so that he can pull them to his mouth. He added, “When we attempt making him stand, keeps hips, knees somewhat fixed. Doesn’t stand, bearing weight on lower limbs. Occasional feeble attempts at stooping, all Fontanelle closed except small anterior fossa”. He diagnosed it as a Towering Vertex, spine was normal. He suggested surgery to allow brain expansion, also wanted to know preoperative pediatric neurological assessment from other specialists to document the extent of brain dysfunction, whether the brain has already damaged due to this tumour like condition where it was stuck. He sent him to yet another child specialist Dr. Goleria.

The case was referred to him by Dr. Bhupendra Avasthi, a child specialist, who noted in his notes, (dated 25.6.03): x-ray films showed deformity of skull and delayed development i.e. a Tower Skull (Craniostenosis), the Turret Cephaly. There was generalized silver beaten like appearance of wall of skull with early closure of sutures? He found marked gyral markings on inner table. Blood chemistry on 25.6.03 was; Serum Alkaline Phosphate 467, Serum Calcium 9.5, and Serum Potassium 6.7.

Photo: 3 Photo: 4

His CT SCAN (28.6.03, Nanavati Hospital) revealed small skull with shallow anterior fossa with elevated vertex. The parietal and (Rt.) occipital emissary chambers were very prominent, and the cerebral sulci were flattened.

In fact the child was also seen by us, (by the author), on 28.6.03, when parents were desperately taking him to one doctor to another, since some Doctor had told them if they will not go for immediate surgery, the child will die any time within 11 hours.

The author (myself) prescribed him Natrum Mur and followed by Apis on 28.6.03. The criteria for prescription was prominent proptosis and brain cry, and with the history of 3 live vaccines at a time. The intercurrent remedy was Thuja. However, the parents decided to come to the author again on 7.7.03, since they didn’t want to go for surgery. Neurosurgeons wanted to open his skull like a wooden box, as the final option. According to them the child’s brain was already dead and the surgery was only as palliative and was very very expensive. It was therefore the parents had no choice other than alternative therapy.

Then there was a long battle fighting for his survival, the remedies which helped to some grade as per the symptoms were, Zincum Met, Iodium, Silicea, and various other. But the remedy, which helped him maximum in bringing down the tumour like structure, was specific nosodes, (Carcinosinum-Nosode I and OPV-Num-Nosode X) in which Nosode X was in repeated doses, which brought his tumour cells out from within in form of exanthematous discharges by raising his immunity! After that the child showed much more improvement in all his milestones, could stand and walk with support.

Nosode I has been given to him previously (in molecular dilution), repeatedly, which initially helped in bringing out BCG mark, when was one year.

Photo: 5 Photo: 6 Photo: 7

BCG Scar appeared during treatment Started walking with support

Today he has completed his five years by this September and is having no complication. His behaviour and milestones are just like a normal child. The abnormality of head is decreased to normal. He is absolutely fine like a normal sibling, eating, playing and doing whatever likes. His favourite singer is Adnan Samee, sings his songs.

Photo: 8 Photo: 9

Photo: 10; Al-faran: Recently photographed, is 5 year old now.

He visited us very recently in the month of November (2007), normal in all respects except his leg shakes while standing as a year old child experiences while learning to stand. He tries to hold something as if he would fall. This shaking is still persisting. He is still under observation and OPV-Num in molecular dilution (as a preventive by raising immunity to bring out exanthematous tubercular type of discharges through skin) is the only remedy he is taking along with some bio-chemic medicines.

Case 2: 7 year old Master Naushad Ali had a huge enhancing Brain tumour and declared incurable. He is now 8, healthy, active and playful and living with his tumour. His father Jamshed Ali Shah is an artisan worker, staying at Kaaf Kaneri, Ghoonghat Nagar Jhopadpatti, Near Noor Masjid, Bhiwandi, Thane. The child was admitted to a Neurosurgery Unit in KEM Hospital (IP No. 06/1037) on 11.2.06. He had Enhanced Hydrocephalus, and for that was operated earlier in the same hospital. Now his MRI of Brain revealed a huge mass inside, he discharged on 15.2.06 since nothing was possible at this stage. So (by them) was declared incurable by all standpoints. They asked the parents to take the child home, since he would die anytime, after giving some symptomatic treatment. Then the child was brought to us at the Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy & Research, Mira Road, Thane for the Homoeopathic treatment on 5.4.06 in a critical conditio n.

We treated him homoeopathically on constitutional, clinical and specific lines and in few months when he recovered almost to normal (though he was still under our observation) sent him back to the KEM; since he was the subject for the research? But they showed no interest! It is because when they heard that the prognosis is due to Homoeopathy they started laughing and looking at each other’s face. One Doctor shurred his shoulders and said, “OK continue with Homoeopathy” and that’s all!?

History in detail: At the age of 1 ½ year the child started showing the symptoms of Hydrocephalus with squints of both the eyes and was diagnosed as a congenital acquaductal stenosis. For that he goes for a VP shunt at the Department of Neurosurgery, KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai. After the surgery he was on regular check-up till few months. Patient was better for few years but then again the sign of hydrocephalus restarted, in the year 2006, the child started getting intermittently episodes of headache, vomiting, fever, dullness with double vision or shut sites, etc. The fever used to gradually decrease but reoccur after every 3-4 days.

Details of his MRI: 8th February 2006, noted a large well defined, lobulated extra-axial collection measuring 13.4 x 6.2 x 5.5cm was seen in the left parieto-occipital region. This tumour was heterogeneously hyper intense. The other findings were, peridural enhancement of it was noted on the post contrast study, which was causing mass effect on the adjacent brain parenchyma with compression of the left lateral ventricle and minimal subfalcine herniation towards right side and which was the cause of hydrocephalus. Rest of the brain parenchyma was normal. The brainstem and cerebellum were also normal. VP shunt was noted in the right lateral ventricle, the forth ventricle was normal.

Mentally: Co-operative, sensitive, alert and intelligent. He had ear discharges somewhere in the early childhood. He had BCG inoculation but no clear mark only a tiny white spot was there. He was suffering from ear discharges and diarrhea but had no convulsion that shows that his immune system was strong and was trying to eliminate TB Germs through ear discharge. We consider his BCG mark as a concomitant. A poor BCG mark shows that the child is not protected against it rather he has affected to it.

We prescribed Phosphorus as his clinical and constitutional remedy and Thuja as intercurrent, considering the child was in some way affected to BCG and possibly the cause of acquaductal stenosis was sycotic induced by vaccine and not syphilitic as congenital.

Follow ups: Follow-up of the child was on 9.4.06, he came with the ear discharge. We prescribed him nothing except only Carcinosinum to antidote sycotic miasm induced by vaccines. Carcinosinum is also helping in building Bruton’s type of immune system, mother’s milk helps this. Nosode-I has prepared from a mothers milk who had scirrinum of nipples thus also helps in building this response. I found, in my clinical practice, (within the body) some special Gama globulins are required in this which fight against TB and Typhoid like infectious diseases and form specific antibodies against such infections. A mother passes this type of immunity to her growing child through her milk. Which also means that as long as child is on breast fed, doesn’t need any vaccination.

Carcinosinum (the nosode from cancer patient’s milk) triggered his immune system and brought back original symptoms, headache, vomiting. While OPV-Num (Nosode X) also as an intercurrent worked wonderfully by raising immunity.

Result: After he received Nosode-X, the recovery towards health started very fast, the child became more active and more playful. At this stage I sent the child again to the KEM Hospital with a note that they should take his MRI as the parent couldn’t afford it. But the Doctors who declared him incurable at one time had no time to look upon him to know about the actual condition of the child. They simply turned him out by saying (to his parents) as “they are not taking medicine from here so don’t come.”

However, parent managed to get his MRI privately. In this study; dated, 13 April 2007, although the size of the tumour had not reduced significantly but had changed in its appearance by changing texture. In which dead tumour cells drained out and healthy brain cells appeared? The size of the tumour measured was 12cms x 6.1cms x 5.14cms which in fact also means that in fact the size of the tumour had also reduced by around 2cms: See the photographs

Discussion and Conclusion: Oncogenesis is stray behaviour of a cell triggered by a gene (oncogene). One may also call this as a defence mechanism of the body or a neoplastic response to check the pathogen within the tumour or cyst. In homeopathy same thing termed as sycosis.

Hahnemann described sycotic symptoms, by giving the example of Thuja, where fibrosis is forming tumours and cyst, warts and condylomatas etc. Burnett found this in form of vaccinosis, where, after smallpox immunization some children showed similar pathologies in form of wart and tumour at the site of injection. Now I am finding these lesions, in a little different way, not at the site of injection but away from that? Also at the level of genes! since vaccines can even temper genes.

Such as for example in this child (Photo 1 & 2: BCG Mark). Born full term but had no birth cry so they gave her photo-therapy for some time and also the child is receiving BCG and OPV at the time of birth. After some days she developed fullness inside her liver with signs of obstruction of the hepatic surgery where they found some mysterious fibrosis and formation of tumours within the liver parynchyma. What they did, God knows? They operated her abdomen and closed, child didn’t recoup her health, became totally emaciated, thereafter.

When we treated her we found the possible cause was vaccinosis, treated on the same line, she started improving in her health. Surprisingly also started bringing out the BCG Scar! Yes indeed this is what happening in most of the children of India. One may call them as immuno-suppressed or immuno-compromised.

And this is how a mysterious sycotic pathology takes place. Today the immune system of certain children is so weak that its phagocytes don’t know how to encounter TB Germs, (the bacilli of the vaccines), so they get diffuse within the system and then the neoplastic response taking place deeply inside the organs since pathogens enter deep. Leading to mysterious cancerous like lesions, that too of different types at a time are (in one case) occurring, where our old understanding about a cancer is totally failing. Most of such cancers are oncogenic now, occurring due to tempered genes, or inducing by the immune system itself in form of auto immune diseases, etc.

Now about the first case, the child was in very severe agony, his eyes were protruted out (proptosis) very badly, was crying and very restless. With the help of Kent’s Repertory I analyzed the case quickly and gave him “Natrum Mur”. Though it was not covering ‘brain cry’. On the contrary ‘Apis’ has brain cry but no ‘proptosis’.

The child was listless until he received Measles vaccine. After that was crying, that was the stat of brain cry of Apis which also covers the symptom of ailments after vaccine. In this stage the child was seen by allopaths one after another he only brought to us when this stage has passed and was entering into the sub-acute stage where his brain was also getting damage (injury).

Natrum Mur has proptosis and injury of brain (See section Mind and Eye). Natrum Mur is also a complementary to Apis. So I selected Natrum Mur as the first prescription with Apis as second. Thuja and Nosode I were intercurrent which brought out his BCG Mark. Thereafter we didn’t see the child for many days. He was brought to us only when even after few years he was finding difficulty in standing. At this stage we tried Nosode X (OPV-Num) as intercurrent along with some other clinical remedies. To our surprise this helped him much!

OPV and BCG both are live vaccines and in India it is a common practice most of the children are receiving two to three live vaccines together at the time of birth which certainly confusing the immune system of a child and as a result most mysterious immunity related problems are emerging. Since most of these vaccines contain genetic material in them and which temper genes because in most of the cases they are like HIV find way to enter inside genomes (cells which contain DNA of human) and infect them thus gene also gets affected.

In the second case, the boy was operated for intracranial obstruction (Hydrocephalus) but was also receiving OPV’s boosters repeatedly without considering his nature of disease. And when this child developed a huge tumour inside his brain they turned him out by telling that this kind of problem has no known treatment.

However, Nosode I and III which are the homeopathic vaccines of oral polio drops and BCG played a remarkable role in these two cases. Now it is their term to test these children and get the explanation in their own language. Provided they may come to know, what Research is?

About the author

Mirza Anwer Baig

Mirza Anwer Baig
His professional life began as a surgeon. A growing interest in natural medicine took him to rural areas where over a number of years he learned the traditionally used healing arts.

Gradually he came to see the effects of homoeopathic medicine, even in surgical cases, and now treats patient using homoeopathic and naturopathy. He is the author of various books in Urdu, Hindi and English. His particular research interest lies in the fields of Cancer and AIDS.

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