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Some aspects of the Calcarea Carbonica Personality

Written by Banaras Khan Awan

Banaras Khan Awan discusses some aspects of the Calcarea carbonica personality. Calcarea is seen as a stay at home type, with little interest in adventure or new experiences.

In my practice I have always focused on the personality profile of the patients. It had been my field of interest. The personality of the patient will frequently give you the guiding symptoms so that you will many times be able to select the remedy before your patient has stated his/ her case. In this article we shall look upon the Calcarea carbonica personality.

Cal. carb is one of the pivotal remedies of the materia medica and a great anti-psoric remedy. We see, there are people of different temperaments in the world. When we talk about people of Calcarea temperament, they are loose, flabby, chilly, worldly, and have a straightforward temperament.

Unlike lively and playful people like Lachesis and Sulphur who prefer to make fun and have outdoor activities, Calcarea prefers to sit at home and boil eggs, fry potatoes sit on the sofa, eat and keep herself busy at YouTube, watching T.V, etc.

He likes every job that doesn’t involve a lot of running, exertion, and hard work. He prefers to watch games rather than play games. Cal. carb, like many other types, has a sense of insecurity. Every remedy demands security according to its mood.

For example, Lycopodium is happy and satisfied with the praise of his work from others.  When Calcarea’s security is at stake, it is important to avoid strangers and to stay at home with her family and loved ones. Every change in life is a message of danger and apprehension for her.

According to Philip Bailey, Calcarea is seen in three times more women than men. As has been said, she strongly dislikes changing daily routines, so you will see that Calcarea Carb personalities spend years in the same office on the same type of job.

Sometimes she loses golden job opportunities because of her fear that the whole environment will change. He keeps on going to the same barber for years and won’t change her tailor etc.

Calcarea carb likes to eat good food and drink. In this respect, it is very close to Nux. vom and Sulphur. He gets fat by eating. The funny thing is that for years he doesn’t even care about his obesity. With Natrum mur obesity gets on her nerves. If you see a patient who is obese but has no interest in losing weight think of cal. Carb first.

To understand the Calcarea carb personality, remember the tortoise and rabbit race. And think of Calcarea carb as a tortoise. This person slowly and consistently completes the task at hand.

Unlike Sulfur, she is not very philosophical or theoretical. Her concerns are what will be cooked at home today? Who likes which dish at home? In which shop in the market you can find shoes of good design. Who makes good pizza?

Global politics, philosophy, and climate change do not fall within the scope of her thinking. It doesn’t matter how much the ozone layer is damaged or the environment polluted.

When she has a fight with someone, she behaves like a child. For example, she will close the door loudly or if she is in the kitchen, or she will throw the pot around loudly.

Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between Calcarea and Pulsatilla, because both seek help and support from others. However, in Calcarea there is more simplicity and stagnation, while in Pulsatilla there is a rise of emotion.

Like phosphorus and Causticum, Calcarea cannot tolerate oppression and injustice, but Phosphorus and Pulsatilla are strong emotional drugs. And Causticum is on a much higher level than the other three in terms of not tolerating oppression and injustice. Causticum is deeper than phosphorus.

During the days I had a job in the middle east, a friend of mine came to visit an Indian relative. That person had come from the UK and now he had to go to India after performing Umrah.

Cal. carb is a slow and down-to-earth personality. Adventure does not suit him. Similarly, a Calcarea carb prefers to sit quietly at home. Does not participate in social activities. In sports, he prefers a game with less physical activity. For example, cards, chess or video games, etc. Calcarea carb children do not go on picnics because there is a lot of running and fear of getting tired. And secondly, they miss home very much.

The job which Arsenic or Nux vomica may complete in a matter of hours are completed in a matter of days by Calc. carb. Every small task of daily life looks like a mountain.

The following words fit in Calcarea carb. : Friendly, Shy, Uncomplicated, Sincere, Slow, Worse exercise, Informal, Loves to eat, Stubborn, Sedentary, Always late, Homesick.

Calcarea personality. The children tend to be plodders and have delayed mental development. They fear insects, scary stories, and ghosts; they are fascinated with the supernatural.

Calcarea carb baby milestones are late. Walking is also late. The mothers of such children often complain that the baby does not like milk and vomits. The baby smells sour whenever he vomits. All Calcarea discharges are sour, whether it is saliva, urine, stool or sweat.

Calcarea Carb is a special medicine for children suffering from Rickets. Calcarea carb and Sulfur are special medicines for children who are scared or frightened in their dreams.

Unlike Sulfur and Nux vomica, these children avoid new experiences, such as making new friends, moving to new places, eating new foods, traveling, and so on.

She needs the sympathy and consolation of others like Pulsatilla and Phosphorus. The slightest carelessness in eating and drinking would be enough to upset her stomach. Calcarea sometimes goes into depression due to health concerns and thinks herself incurable. She worries not only about her health but also about the health of her loved ones.

In addition to the fear of cancer, there is also the fear of insanity and heart disease. George Vithoulkas wrote that in such a situation, fear becomes the main pathology.

Relations. Complementary: to, Bell., which is the acute of Calc.

– Calcarea acts best: before, Lyc., Phos., Sil.

– It follows Nit. ac., Puls., Sulph. (especially if pupils are dilated); is followed by, Kali bi. in nasal catarrh.

– According to Hahnemann, Calc. must not be used before Nit. ac. and Sulphur which may produce unnecessary complications.

– In children, it may be repeated often.

– In aged people it should not be repeated, especially if the first dose benefited, as it will usually do harm. (Ref Allen keynotes)

About the author

Banaras Khan Awan

Doctor Banaras Khan Awan is a classical homeopath from Pakistan. He graduated from Capital Homoeopathic College Islamabad, 1994, and has travelled the world to attend seminars and to study. He’s been in practice for twenty years. Dr. Banaras is Ex Principal, Ghandara Homeopathic Medical college, Taxila (the old historic city) and visiting lecturer at a number of homeopathic colleges. He presents lectures throughout the world especially in Materia Medica, and some of his video lectures are available on YouTube. Dr. Banaras is well known in Pakistan where his articles are published regularly in homeopathy journals. He authored two books “Lectures on Homoeopathy” and Mere Mehman (my guests) (Urdu language), published by The Society of Homeopaths, Pakistan. Dr. Banaras is an active member of many Homeopathic organizations including the Asian Homoeopathic Medical League. He is the General Secretary of the Society of Homeopaths Pakistan. He practices in Wah Cantt, Pakistan.


  • Thanks Dr. Khan for an enlightening essay on Calc. Carb. In the middle of the essay there are these lines seem to be the beginning of an illustration but incomplete – or am I missing something?

    “During the days I had a job in the middle east, a friend of mine came to visit an Indian relative. That person had come from the UK and now he had to go to India after performing Umrah.”

  • What Sri Sriram Natarajan expreesed in his comment is also felt by me.Anyhow, the C.C mental makeup has been explained beautifully.I am immensely pleased about the article.I am very grateful to him for his insightful article.

  • CALC CARB,cold leucophlegmatic exudative diathesis,Marcy and Hunt say see excessive secretion mucus in eyes and milky leucorrhoea overflow from lymphatic system,mind fear swelling pit stomach and pupils inclined to dilate irritable weak nervous system esp evening head is normally not hot.see early age Scrofula child and homeopathy treatment save future consumption rachitis by improving assimilation of food.

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