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The Covid Pandemic Causes Confusion in the Way We Prescribe

Dr. Filip Degroote discusses the treatment of Covid 19 and the functions of the innate and acquired immune system.

Editor’s Note:  Dr. Filip Degroote refers to his method of “Energetic Examination”( E.E. ) whcih he describse in a previous article:


How homeopathy should be applied in the last two years has not essentially changed, not even due to the covid pandemic. The administration of the patient’s ‘individual’ remedy remains central. A genus epidemicus has turned out to be an illusion! Yet we are not powerless, because with the supplementary application of isopathy, adjustments can be made.

With this article I want to address a cry for help to the homeopathic community. The reason for this is the observation that the covid pandemic has in turn managed to undermine again the fragile unity in our community so that it has divided our ranks into 3 camps* , despite the great need for unanimity, especially towards the outside world and public opinion.

The Covid pandemic has made it painfully clear that a simple solution could not be mapped out and that the search for a genus epidemicus turned out to be a fata morgana.

In the last two years, the majority of homeopaths have erroneously divided their cases into two categories: the normal classical chronic (and accompanying acute) cases and separately, the pure prevention and treatment of covid pathology.

This second part has drowned out the practice of many in recent years. Every patient with covid symptoms was treated by many of us exclusively as a covid case, mixing the subjective ‘individual’ symptoms with pathological covid/viral symptoms.

For example, there was the search for an alleged ‘genus epidemicus’ (following Hahnemann’s idea: Organon, § 101 and 102) but no remedy or group of remedies emerged convincingly!

What exactly is the error:

To continue on this, we have to start from the known pillars:

That is why we must distinguish between ‘ the patient ‘s own field (a combination of heredity, the patient’s own personality, linked to his mental energy and the accompanying ‘inner soul’) and the external environment that applies to everyone (to which include pollution and epidemics).

In terms of immunity, the patient’s ‘own field’ is closest to ‘innate immunity’. In contrast, the specific defense against aggressive external agents depends on the ‘acquired immunity’.

Depending on the aggressive nature of these agents, this acquired immunity is able to restore the balance itself, but in the event of too strong a disruptive agent, this can still lead to adverse consequences and death of the individual. cf. Hhn § Acute diseases

We can subsequently say that one’s own internal field consists of different layers that can unfold in the course of life (cf. remedies that follow well; the onion peel theory of Vithoulkas). But the external environment also consists of different layers (aggressors: emotional and physical trauma, an unhealthy environment, life-threatening infections from outside).

Our immune system consists of two parts: the innate immune system and the acquired immune system. The main difference between the two is that the first is active as soon as we come into the world, while the second has to be trained first.

Another important difference is that the innate immune system works against a broad spectrum of pathogens, while the acquired immune system works specifically against certain pathogens.

A virus easily gets through that basic defense, because the innate immune system always reacts in the same way and does not adjust. It always shoots the same bullets (the innate antibodies and immune cells) at the virus or bacteria.

– The acquired immune system***, on the other hand, can be trained (by going through an infection or via vaccination and homeopathic isotherapy). Once trained, it provides better defenses as it fires with much more efficient, armor-piercing bullets.

The specific antibodies as a result of going through an infection or of vaccination and homeopathic isotherapy (vaccine antibodies and B and T cells) are of a different order than the innate defense.

The innate immune system forms the first barrier against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It makes type I interferon. This is a signal protein that prevents the virus from multiplying. In addition, the innate immune cells fight the virus-infected cells.

If the virus has not yet been switched off, the so-called T cells are activated. Those are the immune cells of the acquired immune system, which form the second line of defense, along with the production of antibodies produced by B cells.

How does an allopathic corona vaccine work?

When a person is vaccinated with an allopathic m-RNA corona vaccine, the immune cells of the innate immune system make a piece of spike protein from the coronavirus and present it to the immune cells of the acquired immune system, the T cells. Those T cells then become smart memory cells and stimulate other immune cells – the B cells – to make neutralizing antibodies. Those antibodies immediately recognize the SARS-CoV-2 virus and defend against it, aiming to eliminate the virus.

This reaction also occurs in unvaccinated people when infected. In their case, however, those T cells only become active 3 to 4 days after exposure to the pathogen. Meanwhile, the virus may have already made the patient sick and have already spread in the body. Thanks to the vaccine, those smart T cells can immediately take action.

Importance of Supplementary Use of Isotherapeutics

As homeopaths we are not inclined to intervene in an epidemic if there is a chance that specific immunity can be acquired in a natural way without many additional risks in terms of morbidity and mortality.

Our arsenal of the known classical homeopathic remedies and possibly isotherapeutic agents helps to stimulate the patient’s immunity sufficiently to completely overcome the infection.

In case of a very deadly epidemic/pandemic, in my opinion, a compromise to still recommend vaccination may be appropriate!

After more than 20 years of homeopathic experience in controlling the annual flu through an exclusively homeopathic approach, the SARS-CoV-2 virus could also be approached from this angle.

In this context, both ‘preventive’ and ‘curative’, isotherapy emerges as a perfect complementary therapy, in addition to the application of individual homeopathic therapy.

Isotherapeutic homeopathic remedies that have emerged – with advancing insight – can be divided into two categories:

Note: The correct isotherapeutic agent can be correctly identified using the EO.

It should be noted that the same approach is still being followed as at the start of the covid pandemic – see my article 19 May 2020 : “Homeopathic treatment of COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 ”, published in ” homeopathy-for-everyone “.

ISO’s of the different virus mutations:

COVID-19 (ORIGINAL VIRUS): radionic code 894835
Hypotony of the right m. supraspinatus little finger upward
Hypotony of the left m. latissimus dorsi
Hypotony of the left m. gluteus medius
Hypotony of the right m. soleus
Hypotony of the right m. quadriceps femoris
There is also a Therapy Localization at the Acupuncture point Lung 2, left.

COVID-19 (alpha): radionic code 494825
Hypotony of the right anterior deltoid muscle
Hypotony of the left m. latissimus dorsi
Acupuncture point: M-UE-48, left (at shoulder at caput longum of m. biceps)

COVID-19 (delta): radionic code 494725
Hypertony of the left m. supraspinatus
Hypotony of the left m. hamstrings
Acupuncture point: Stomach 4, right
With Eyes Closed: Switching 1/1; 1/1; 1/1; … and sensitivity of the second cervical nerve on the right side.

COVID-19 (omicron): radionic code 395625
Hypertony of the right upper trapezius
Hypotony of the left m. gluteus medius
TL on the fifth dorsal vertebra
With Eyes Closed: Switching 1/1; 1/1; 1/1; …

Iso’s of the different vaccines:

Pfizer/BioNtech – COMIRNATY® (2021) 
The right-handed patient tests left-handed as well with E.O. and E.C. (and vice versa)
And the following energetic marks can be noticed as well with E.O. and E.C.
–         Sensitivity of the fourth dorsal nerve (n. D4), on the right side.
–         Hypotony of the left m. popliteus

Astra-Zeneca – VAXZEVRIA® (2021)  
The (right)handed patient tests right-handed with E.C.
The (right)handed patient tests left-handed with E.O.
Also with E.O. (= left-handed) we find a hypotony of the left m. pectoralis minor

Moderna – SPIKEVAX® (2021)
With E.O.
There is a dysfunction of the coccyx chakra.
–         Sensitivity of the third lumbar nerve (n. L3), on the left side.
–         Hypertony of the right m. rhomboideus
–         Hypotony of the left m. coracobrachialis
With EC we find a switching present (during the calibration test): 2/1; 2/1; 2/1

Application Possibilities:
In my practice, an isopathic agent from a covid mutant can also be administered preventively, supplementary ‘after’ intake of the individual remedy, in most patients.
Also after a covid infection, supplementary ‘after’ intake of the individual remedy, an isopathic remedy from a covid mutant is usually also indicated.
If after vaccination, after a few days, serious complaints still persist, an isopathic vaccine in combination with the individual remedy of the patient is usually necessary. In such cases, this restores the negative side effects of the vaccine.


It is striking since the Covid pandemic that the annual flu epidemic has almost completely been supplanted by corona. This is also confirmed by the Energetic Examination.


Yet 5 to 10% of viral symptoms are still due to influenza. So consequently, an isopathic flu remedy is indicated.

Since the last twenty years all the different isopathic flu remedies have been energetically mapped by me, with the new variants being added every year. About thirty in all!

See my publications, including on www.filipdegroote.be

Influenza and Sycosis.pdf

– “Influenza and its Relation with the Sycotic Miasm”, The Homoeopathic Heritage, Vol. 37, no. 9, December 2011, p. 43 – 46.

– “Influenza and its Relation with the Sycotic Miasm”, Similia – The Australian Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine, Vol. 24, no. 2, Dec 2012, p. 36 – 39.



Incorrect is the statement that homeopathy is harmless – a common opinion amongst most homeopaths:

The lack of harmful side effects of homeopathic treatment gives homeopathy tremendous advantage in flexibility. The principles of homeopathy allow homeopaths to use multiple symptom interpretations and experiment with different medications. ( László V. Szabó; Homeopathy for Everyone – Dec. 2020 )

Although in practice a homeopathic treatment sometimes works after a few attempts with a weak similar homeopathic remedy, it is crucial to start with the correct remedy for the patient.

Because one of the most frequent obstacles to the deep functioning of a correct homeopathic remedy is a pre-administered ‘wrong’ homeopathic remedy (both a unitary and a complex homeopathic remedy).

When the correct homeopathic remedies do not appear to work (long enough) as a result, a lot of homeopaths tend to find a way out by prescribing a wrong unitary or simply symptomatic complex homeopathic remedy.

Hence the importance of initially being able to start with the perfect remedy, appropriate to the patient.

Correct prescribing is possible thanks to the Energetic Examination (E.E.), whereby each remedy shows its own energetic pattern (established by research through, among other things, the application of Applied and Clinical Kinesiology) so that perfect verification is possible and ‘trial and error’ is a thing of the past****.

This E.E. exists already 30 years and is the only way to not only confirm the individual remedy of the patient, but also to recognize and treat every obstacle so that the homeopathic remedy can work in depth.

Thus, finding obstacles to healing, such as a structural flaw or the need for the supplemental administration of an isopathic remedy, is possible for a trained therapist.

It is also through the application of this E.E. that the blockages, which prevent the action of a correct homeopathic, can be noticed.

As already mentioned, these blockages are mainly the result of a recent ‘wrong’ deep energetic treatment, especially homeopathy and acupuncture. This energetic disturbance can easily last up to six months and during that period can only be corrected through a combination of intensive osteopathy / chiropractic and the repetition, sometimes several times, of the correct individual homeopathic remedy of the patient.

By applying this Energetic Examination homeopathy can be applied in a ‘mathematical’ and verifiable way, so that necessary additional steps – such as the administration of a nosode or an isotherapeutic remedy – can be recognized and applied.

See: website: www.filipdegroote.be
See: RadarOPUS : Degroote energetic remedy picture

E.E. = Energetic Examination (Filip Degroote)
E.O. = with eyes open
E.C. = with eyes closed

*: broadly speaking: the pro-covid vaxers, the anti-covid vaxers, and those in between who are generally against unnecessary vaccinations, but accept an efficient vaccination in a deadly pandemic as a compromise.

**: Innate (natural immune system: = to intervene quickly!

Innate (natural) immunity is so named because it is present at birth and does not have to be learned through exposure to an invader.

This immune system is the first rough body barrier (across proteins to cells) and are represented by cells that are approximately the same in everyone.

In a viral infection, type I interferons (alpha and beta interferons) are produced. They provide defenses against future viral infections and induce an antiviral state in neighboring cells. The cell types sensitive to type I interferon include macrophages, dendritic cells, lymphocytes, hepatocytes, adipocytes, neurons, and endothelial cells.

***: Adaptive or acquired immune system: builds up and is more specific!

Consists of millions of B and T cells.

B cells produce antibodies.

The first kind of T cells can recognize infected cells.

T lymphocytes produce gamma interferons, also called type II interferons or immune interferons. They regulate the immune processes in the body by stimulating or inhibiting certain substances depending on the circumstances and activate the macrophages. .

The helper cells support various processes of the immune system.

****: RadarOPUS : Repertory ‘Degroote energetic remedy picture’

About the author

Filip Degroote

Dr. Filip Degroote graduated as Doctor in Medicine in 1978. He has had a full-time classical homeopathic practice for 28 years. Under the guidance of doctor A. Pladys, he developed pioneering work concerning clinical and energetic examination in homeopathy which were put in the book "˜Physical Examination and Observations in Homoeopathy"™ (1992). A second book was "˜Notes on Miasms and Heredity"™ (1994) he indicated a difference between individual and hereditary energy in every human being.
The crowning achievement of his many years of practice is the development of a data-base of dreams, coming especially from his own practice.

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