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The Theory of High Dilutions –   One of the Scientific Bases of Homeopathy  

high diution theory

Dr. Hugo Arturo Aldana Quintero discusses research in electromagnetic radiation, intercellular communication and the theory of high dilutions, all of which help explain the mechanism of homeopathy.

Translated by Katja Schütt and Alan Schmukler

Molecular biology seems to be the interpretative basis for all cellular and physiopathological phenomena. Also, in neuronal and psychic occurrences one tries to explain the etiological mechanisms of the disease by means of quantitative and/or qualitative modifications of particular molecules that affect one or more anatomical or physiological systems.

The relationship between the molecular paradigm of the disease and the medical treatment is based nowadays mainly on the conventional pharmacological approach. However, there is currently a need for additional research in various fields because biological phenomena are characterized by having high levels of organization, which manifest in molecular and intercellular communications of a biophysical nature. As suggested by Kroy [Kroy, 1989], living creatures have an ancestral functional order that is not based on the central nervous system or the humoral system. This ancestral system is thought to be of an electromagnetic nature.

Electromagnetic radiation is the most basic form of information present in nature. Electromagnetic signals have constituted and constitute the language of communication between atoms and molecules and are a means by which organisms receive information from the environment (sunlight, cosmic waves, among others). There is no doubt that there is intercellular communication between tissues, organs, devices and systems through electromagnetic signals that contribute to maintaining all homeostatic processes.

On the other hand, consider that most health problems such as neoplastic, degenerative, auto-immune, endocrine-metabolic, and neuropsychiatric diseases, are not explained only by their modifications in specific genes/molecules. Often the subtle and less important changes of the genetic predisposition to disease that in turn react with a multiplicity of environmental factors, is what determines the final risk for the development of the disease and its symptomatology. Therefore, understanding the organization of the systems that regulate these interactions is necessary to treat these diseases correctly, and to define the nature of disease processes at their highest levels of organization, which is increasingly difficult using the conventional molecular paradigm.

In this context, the emerging bio-electromagnetism paradigm will play an important role as it reevaluates communication not only at the intermolecular but also at supra-molecular levels in the organization of biological systems. The study of the effects of electromagnetic fields in the body has gained importance and gained scientific credibility in recent years, and at the same time it has favored the exploitation of such phenomena by charlatans, so that the interest has constantly declined.

The interactions between electromagnetic fields and living systems in current health systems include a) the use of the magnetic pulser in therapy, and most notably in orthopedics, b) from a public health point of view, there is a growing knowledge of the risks associated with technological development and also the exposure of electromagnetic fields generated, for example, by high-voltage power lines, video terminals, diagnostic equipment, electrical applications in the house, and other sources. The issue is being addressed with increasing interest in experimental terms with cellular studies and molecular models, and possible explanations of the biological effects of low energy magnetic fields are beginning to emerge.

Based on what has now been said, the following questions arise with regard to homeopathy: Does the homeopathic remedy contain electromagnetic energy? And therefore, will it be able to act at the atomic, subatomic, cellular and molecular levels?

The work carried out by a group of French scientists whose normal work is completely unrelated to homeopathy, (Dr. Rolland R. Conte, Henri Berliocchi, Yves Lasne and Gabriel Vernort), which included mathematicians, physicists and physicians was conducted to answer these questions and is published in the book, Theory of High Dilutions and Experimental Aspects. Their contribution will help to get a better understanding of the biophysical paradigm that emerges in medical therapeutics and the possible relationship between electromagnetic phenomena and homeopathy.

In this work, the authors, coming from different scientific disciplines focus their knowledge and experience to provide one explicit model of nature and of the working of high dilutions. This original and multi disciplinary consensus has integrated the mechanism of the high dilutions into the body of the science and is in harmony with S. Hahnemann’s statement: “Each science can only discuss objects that pertain to its domain”.

This research has a lot of applications, among which the modeling of Hahnemann’s work is not the least. For 200 years, certain questions about homeopathy still remained to be solved: “How can weak doses of medication potentized such as those used in homeopathy, still have impact?

When matter disappears, it leaves what the authors called a “white hole” as opposed to a “black hole”, in which matter is super-dense. This implies that, for any dilution level up to Avogadro’s number, remanent waves of a neutronic nature are created, and will reorganize the structure of the diluent. This organisation subtends the concept of the Hyper-protons modelled as free protons in a space-time having singularities of the “white hole” type.  So, a diluted and succussed solution will contain contonian remanent waves whose quantity is proportional to the density of matter having disappeared, and whose frequency is characteristic of this matter, which allows the authors to introduce the first model of the drive of animated matter.

Therefore, this work brings an answer to the question, “Why do the High Dilutions Work?”. In addition, the authors research evidenced the emission of Beta radiations from these solutions, whatever their concentrations are, further confirming in the field of the physics, the basics of their theory of High Dilutions.”

In this work, mathematical theories with real numbers were used (Levy’s theory and Solovay’s theory), axioms with mathematical physical meaning, quantum physics, contonian statistics (used for the study of chronological series in the area of economics), making an interface with biology and medicine. All this in order to interpret the properties of high dilutions above the 12th centesimal potency used in homeopathic remedies. The research included exposure to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) to measure the time of electromagnetic relaxation (T2 or Spin – Spin) of some remedies.  They observed that, unlike water, homeopathic medicines had longer electromagnetic relaxation times the more potentized they were.

It was shown that this period of electromagnetic relaxation was accompanied by the emission of energy (accelerated electrons, also emitted by the tritium in nuclear reactions) generated by each remedy, which was corroborated by a measuring instrument, the Beta Counter.

Louis Rey, a French scientist, conducted a study with highly diluted lithium chloride and sodium chloride 10 -30g cm -3 (surpassing Avogadro’s number). These substances were irradiated with X-rays and gamma rays, then progressively heated to room temperature. During this phase, their thermoluminescence (thermal process, calorimetric analysis – electron emission) was studied and it was found that, despite their dilution beyond Avogadro’s number, the light emitted was specific to the original salts initially dissolved.

The work developed by these and others authors offers the scientific foundation that homeopathy needs and that every homeopathic doctor must necessarily know.

This with the sole purpose of possessing qualitative and quantitative scientific support, for creating security and assertiveness in his daily work and for personal satisfaction. Even if such research can’t yet fully explain our medical model, the homeopathic doctor can certainly continue practicing, considering what has been written in paragraph 28 of the Organon. I quote: “It matters little what may be scientific explanation of how it takes place; and I do not attach much importance to the attempts made to explain it.”  Master Samuel Hahnemann definitely knew that it will be difficult for us to elucidate said scientific explanation.

Hugo Arturo Aldana Quintero *Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados CINVESTAV Sede Sur, Dpto. de Neurofarmacobiología



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About the author

Hugo Arturo Aldana Quintero

Dr. Hugo Arturo Aldana Quintero at 35, is a Mexican physician who specializes in surgery, homeopathy, experimental therapeutics and neuropharmacology. He works as an advisor and researcher at the Free School of Homeopathy of Mexico. Dr. Quintero is a member of the Scientific Committee of the National Homeopathic Hospital, a member of the editorial board of the journal La Homeopatía de México, and a member of the Mexican Nutrition Association AMENAC A.C..


  • THis only reinforces my faith in Homeopathy. Unbiased research only can prove that Homeopathy is not placebo ,term frequently used by selfish allopaths /pharma cos , to weanaway patients from Homeopathic treatment.

  • Relationship of remedies is the most important aspect to probe into the mechanism involved in homeopathy. This thermoluminescence no doubt shows that information is conserved irrespective of the dilution. But doesn’t tell why those capable of causing a disease totality alone are capable of curing similar diseases totalities.
    But remedy relationship shows that all the remedies span a Hilbert space and every homeopathic cure or effect is an orthogonal vector rotation in that hilbert space. This is a superior find associating homeopathy with quantum mechanics.

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