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This is Chronic Homeopathy!

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz describes the ideal health of a baby which would result from antimiasmatic homeopathic treatment along with avoidance of many standard allopathic medical interventions.


The effects of chronic, anti-miasmatic homeopathy – using the example of baby Sophia


  • An extremely satisfied baby.
  • Sleeps a lot.
  • Only reports when hungry or in need of a diaper change; but even then, not immediately with vehement crying, but very discreetly.
  • Never nagging and whining.
  • Is fully breastfed.
  • No so-called three-month colic (infantile bloating colic), no conspicuous intestinal noises, no crying, no constant holding in the “tiger in the tree” position for unsettled crying babies, no belly massaging.
  • No immediate violent crying when awakening or when hungry.
  • Sleeps 4 to 6½ hours straight from the start!
  • Several times a day a diaper full of stool; no pressing and nothing or hardly anything comes out.
  • No sore bottoms (diaper rash, diaper thrush, diaper mycosis [red, baboon butt“]).
  • No diaper rash ointments containing zinc oxide.
  • Unvaccinated; no conventional medications.
  • No vitamin K, no vitamin D, no fluorine.
  • Only rest and loving attention at home.
  • Was a home childbirth.

Sophia’s mother, 32 years old, first-time mother:

  • Unvaccinated, never received antibiotics or any orthodox medicine
  • As an infant received neither vitamin K nor vitamin D, nor fluorine.
  • Received only homeopathic care throughout life (acute and chronic, i.e., anti-miasmatic, eliminating the chronic miasms).
  • Three-month colic as an infant.
  • From time to time diaper rash, sometimes with open, wet, or even raw sores.
  • Slept through the night about 4 weeks after her birth.
  • Breastfed fully for a year, partially for another few months.
  • Always a healthy diet, rich in vital substances; initially vegetarian; later also without animal proteins; no sugar, no white flour.
  • Never took the pill or any hormones, always used natural contraception.
  • Until pregnancy, never been to the gynecologist; and in the pregnancy also only once at the request of the freelance midwife, because of her insurance due to the planned home childbirth (ultrasound control).
  • No Doppler sonography, and certainly not vaginally.
  • Homeopathic anti-miasmatic pregnancy support due to individual symptoms (Med. LM18, Sep. LM18, Puls. LM12) as well as acute support.
  • No standard medication by a gynecologist.
  • Only care by a midwife, not by a doctor.
  • Homeopathic preparation for home childbirth.
  • During pregnancy, much concerned with the subject of home childbirth; talked to young mothers who had experience with it.
  • During this time also talked frequently with her child in the womb; visualized a natural, gentle birth again and again.
  • Home childbirth together with midwife and the father of the child

Maternal grandma, mother’s mother, about 60 years old:

  • Pregnancy homeopathically anti-miasmatic accompanied due to her individual symptoms e.g. nausea, anemia, PPP (placenta praevia partialis which partially covers the uterine exit), red moles etc. (Calc. LM18, Sep. LM12) as well as acute support.
  • This was the beginning of her homeopathic pathway and that of her family as well.

Is Sophia an exception?

If you compare this baby to other babies of today who barely sleep two to three hours at a time, who cry all the time, who have to be carried around constantly to keep them reasonably content, who sometimes suffer from constipation (quite possibly no stool in the diaper for up to 11 days), who have to suffer from very painful infantile bloating colic for months, who have no reasonable day-night rhythm, who have painful diaper rashes, in whom the eyes are occasionally sticky, who suffer from infantile rhinitis (snuffles) and have a blocked nose more often, etc., then one is inclined to say: “sure”.

But actually, it should always be like Sophia! Actually, this should be normality!

Chronic anti-miasmatic homeopathy

If one is cared for biologically correctly over generations and does not mess with nature’s handiwork and can build up a sense of basic trust, what Sophia shows is the normality and not the exception! And that is where chronic anti-miasmatic homeopathy can really move mountains over generations.

Then chronic symptoms already in the tender baby age, as they are described by John Henry Allen, an American homeopath and professor of skin and venereal diseases at Hering Medical College in Chicago, as “sycotic infant” and listed here above, do not occur at all (detailed description see “Gentle Medicine”, chapter 2.9.1 The Sycotic infant by John Henry Allen).

These are not independent acute diseases, even if they partly sound quite harmless (for an adult), but acute exacerbations of a chronic event in infants, namely Sycosis!

And all these symptoms disappear, if the blood relationship, especially the parents of the child, are free from it, free before the conception of the child or at least during the pregnancy. And then the child also develops biologically normal, without miasmatic complaints, which would otherwise appear with time, such as tendency to infections, sinusitis, allergies, ADHD, tendency to bladder infections, menstrual problems, rheumatic complaints, to name just a few. (Of course without vaccinations and immunosuppressive treatments, that goes without saying).

This is homeopathy! This is chronic homeopathy! This is anti-miasmatic therapy.

This is where true homeopathy really begins! Not whether one gives the tick bite nosode or Ledum for a tick bite! This is pure acute homeopathy of only one symptom. The fruits of an anti-miasmatic therapy can be seen over several generations up to the fact that at some point one really does not need the homeopath anymore, simply because one lives with nature and the miasms have been largely eroded.

As Dr. Eichelberger used to say: “A healthy person does not get sick!” Meaning that a person who is free of miasms stands solid as a rock. Healthy in the sense of (almost) absolute health, and not that one has just no cold or no fever. For example, a diarrhea with vomiting is going around the kindergarten right now, but your child is not affected by it!

It is about the tendency of diseases and discrepancies to disappear. The chronic miasms (psora, sycosis, syphilis, the tubercular miasm and the drug miasm) must be eliminated! Only after that, is there (almost) absolute health.

Sophia shows us this quite clearly. Already at this tender age! She is neither a sycotic infant, nor a syphilitic or tubercular one! She will also certainly never be vaccinated, never receive antibiotics or other immunosuppressive treatment, or take hormones.

In today’s world, the normal – unfortunately – has become the extraordinary.

Whoever wants to learn more about this subject, especially about the removal of chronic miasms towards (almost) absolute health, is cordially invited to read or “study” my book ”Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health”, with many complex and very instructive case studies.




  • Allen, J. H., The Chronic Miasms, 1921, Reprint Edition 2006, B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Dehli
  • Grätz, Joachim-F., Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health, 2021, Balboa Press, Bloomington, USA

About the author

Joachim-F Grätz

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz, Germany, has been working very successfully as a classical homeopath for over 30 years, taking into account the so-called miasms (chronic basic diseases, disease behind the diseases) and is known far beyond the borders of Germany. The uniqueness of his form of therapy consists in his holistic worldview whereby he also integrates insights from dealing with other natural laws into his homeopathic thinking. This enables him to recognize the causal relationships of every illness and to treat them accordingly. – An extraordinarily successful practitioner, even with the most severe diseases.

Dr. Grätz studied homeopathy with the well-known German homeopath Dr. Otto Eichelberger in Munich, who was one of the first to take the miasms into account in therapy and who made the LM-potencies (Q-potencies) public in the German-speaking countries. He attended seminars of Gerhard Risch, Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, Georgos Vithoulkas, Dr. Michael Barthel, Yves Laborde, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Paul Herscu and got acquainted with different directions of homeopathy.

For a time Dr. Grätz was also a lecturer in classical homeopathy at various academies of naturopathy and homeopathy in Munich, Zurich, Köthen, Gauting, Salzburg, and Vienna, and also at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich for interested medical students. He wrote several books on cassical homeopathy and the miasms with a variety of impressive case studies, on the nature of potencies in acute and chronic homeopathy, and on vaccinations, and published a double DVD.

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His latest book is in English, published in the USA:
Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health
, 2021, Balboa Press, Bloomington, USA.
THE book in today’s world

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