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Tidbits 29–“My Favorites”–More Outrages from the Drug World

Written by Elaine Lewis

…from the friendly corporations who bring you junk food and “medicine”

Over the years, when I find something outrageous or incredible on the internet, I save it to “my favorites” with the idea that I’ll get back to it sooner or later.  Unfortunately, I never do–until now!   So, here’s a bit of what I’ve been squirreling away:

GlaxoSmithKline Caught Bribing Doctors in Germany

doctors money

Well, you know, it’s all part of a day’s work for drug dealers–pay off the police, the politicians, the news media…anyone who could possibly blow the whistle on your sleazy operation!  So, this is from a U.K. newspaper, The Independent:

“German prosecutors said yesterday that they suspected the British drug company GlaxoSmithKline of paying bribes and perks to about 4,000 doctors.  Hospital doctors had been given cash sums…”


Wow.  And you wonder why the hospitals don’t know about Arnica or any other natural product?  Wonder no more!  Meanwhile, there’s more bad news for GlaxoSmithKline.  I know, hard to believe.  Seems their Swine Flu vaccine causes brain damage!  Yes, I’m shocked too.  According to International Business Times:

“Patients who suffered brain damage as a result of taking a swine flu vaccine are to receive multi-million-pound payouts from the UK government. … The Pandemrix vaccine was manufactured by pharmaceuticals giant Glaxo Smith Kline, which refused to supply governments [with the vaccine] unless it was indemnified against any claim for damage caused. The company will pay the bill, and claim the money back from the government.”


I hope you caught that last part.  Governments are shielding multi-billion dollar drug companies against law suits for vaccine injury!  Why?  What’s the message here?  “We know we can’t make a safe vaccine, we don’t want to be bankrupted by lawsuits, so, YOU pay for it!” 


Code Words for MSG

MSG rats

MSG, the food additive and neurotoxin that’s supposed to be a “flavor enhancer”, has gotten such a bad reputation that no one dares put it on their food label anymore–it’s the kiss of death as far as sales are concerned!  Hence, it is now being referred to by fake names!  Check your processed food label for any of the following and be forewarned as any of these could mean MSG:

Glutamic acid

Hydrolyzed protein

Monopotassium glutamate

Autolyzed yeast

Yeast extract

Calcium caseinate


Natural Beef Flavoring

Corn starch

Corn oil

Flavors and Flavoring



Natural flavors

Soy protein isolate


Powdered milk

Citric acid




Natural pork flavoring

Natural chicken flavoring



This is another reason to avoid processed foods altogether!  (Clearly, it is hiding in all processed food; and, for some bizarre reason, in your vaccines as well!  See next topic.)


According to the CDC, MSG Is in Your Vaccines Too!

vaccine ingredients

This is taken from the CDC’s own website:

Additives used in the production of vaccines may include

  1. suspending fluid (e.g. sterile water, saline, or fluids containing protein);
  2. preservatives and stabilizers to help the vaccine remain unchanged (e.g. albumin, phenols, and glycine); and
  3. adjuvants or enhancers to help the vaccine to be more effective.

Common substances found in vaccines include:

  1. Aluminum gels or salts of aluminum which are added as adjuvants to help the vaccine stimulate a better response. Adjuvants help promote an earlier, more potent response, and more persistent immune response to the vaccine.
  2. Antibiotics which are added to some vaccines to prevent the growth of germs (bacteria) during production and storage of the vaccine. No vaccine produced in the United States contains penicillin.
  3. Egg protein is found in influenza and yellow fever vaccines, which are prepared using chicken eggs. Ordinarily, persons who are able to eat eggs or egg products safely can receive these vaccines.
  4. Formaldehyde is used to inactivate bacterial products for toxoid vaccines, (these are vaccines that use an inactive bacterial toxin to produce immunity.) It is also used to kill unwanted viruses and bacteria that might contaminate the vaccine during production. Most formaldehyde is removed from the vaccine before it is packaged.
  5. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and 2-phenoxy-ethanol which are used as stabilizers in a few vaccines to help the vaccine remain unchanged when the vaccine is exposed to heat, light, acidity, or humidity.
  6. Thimerosal is a mercury-containing preservative that is added to vials of vaccine that contain more than one dose to prevent contamination and growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

For children with a prior history of allergic reactions to any of these substances in vaccines, parents should consult their child’s healthcare provider before vaccination.


Sounds really safe!  If you can’t eat it, don’t put it in your bloodstream!


Just How Bad Is Tylenol, Really?

tylenolThere’s a new theory that the reason vaccines are causing autism is because of the Tylenol (aka Paracetamol) that’s routinely given after and before the shot!  I remember back in 2004, I interviewed Cindee Gardener in this ezine about her vaccine-damaged/autistic child (who happily is OK now, thanks to homeopathy).  Truly, she’s one of the lucky ones.  I decided to go back and look at our interview to see if Cindee had, indeed, given Tylenol.  See below:

“In the days after the vaccine, [my daughter] had what most people think is normal: a high fever. The Doctors asked me to give her Tylenol. Within the week, she stopped digesting her food, became constipated, nursed for a few minutes, coughed and choked, stopped sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time. Within months, she stopped growing, lost eye contact during feeding, arched her back, screaming, and developed strange expressions on her face.”


So, yes; she gave Tylenol.  I have always said, and have been saying, repeatedly, at every opportunity, STOP TREATING FEVERS WITH DRUGS, its’s very dangerous!   Any time you interfere with a natural bodily function, the immune system has the potential to go nuts–because it can’t reason, and it knows it’s supposed to be creating a fever in the presence of viruses–which of course are in your vaccine!  The immune system is no joke, ask anyone with auto-immune disease and they’ll tell you.  Don’t poke at it and push it to do something unnatural, don’t think you can out-smart it, because truly, it’s like swatting at a hornet’s nest!  This is why homeopathy is soooo much preferable to standard medicine, because what we do is MIMIC what the immune system is doing–we don’t oppose it!

But back to Tylenol, according to an article in Medical Daily, comparing autism rates in Cuba with the United States, the US has approximately 300 times more autism than Cuba, though Cuba has a higher rate of vaccination!  What’s the difference?  Well, I don’t know, but, here’s one possible explanation.  See below:

Declining to enter the debate on whether vaccines contribute to autism, Shaw wrote “a topic much less frequently addressed in association with autism is the therapies that are given in conjunction with vaccines.” A widespread practice among American pediatricians is to prescribe acetaminophen [Tylenol], which is an … over-the-counter (OTC) medication, as a prophylactic fever preventative. Yet, it is quite uncommon in Cuba, where it has never been approved for OTC purposes. In Cuba, when a high fever persists for more than two days after a baby is vaccinated, parents are advised to bring their child to a physician who can then prescribe metamizole. Although used in many countries, this drug is banned in the U.S. because of an association with agranulocytosis, a condition where the bone marrow does not make enough white blood cells.

In fact, Shaw noted that some American physicians even advise parents to give their children [Tylenol] on a daily basis during a five-day period prior to childhood vaccines. Some of the children placed on this kind of pre-treatment schedule “had an autistic regression that began prior to vaccination,” Shaw concluded.


Good heavens!  Autism from Tylenol alone?  Parents tell me all the time, “I gave my child Children’s Tylenol for this, I gave my child Children’s Tylenol for that….” and it’s all I can do to keep from screaming!  I hope you can see now how dangerous it is to do this just because your child has a fever, which is very normal, by the way, and shows that you have a healthy child!  The healthiest children put out the highest fevers!  Fevers burn up pathogens, which is a good thing!  And the highest fevers get rid of them that much faster!  Get to know homeopathic remedies for children’s fevers!

The same Dr. Shaw did experiments with mice, injecting aluminum hydroxide as per the vaccination schedule, here’s what he found–damage to motor neurons and behavioral and cognitive deficits.

Acute Liver Failure

What’s the number-one cause of acute liver failure in the United States?  Oh look, it’s Tylenol!

tylenol crossed out

Even at recommended doses, it’s liver toxic and a recent study revealed that regular Tylenol users are more likely to develop blood cancers, asthma, high blood pressure, brain damage and COPD.  Should you be giving this drug to your child?  I don’t think so!  And then there’s the whole question of whether Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Tylenol, even deserves your business.  Dr. Mercola writes about J&J in his newsletter in 2011:

Last September, Johnson & Johnson CEO William Weldon testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, apologizing for the numerous recalls the company had in recent months.

This included:

May 2010: Recall of Children’s Tylenol and Motrin

September 2009: Recall of 21 children’s Tylenol products

2009: A “phantom recall” involving more than 80,000 Motrin tablets. (Rather than announcing the recall and having stores remove the product from shelves, Johnson & Johnson allegedly sent in undercover agents disguised as regular shoppers to buy up the remaining stock.)

Since then, more recalls have taken place, including a January 2011 recall of Tylenol 8 Hour, Tylenol Arthritis Pain, and Tylenol upper respiratory products, and, most recently, a June 2011 recall of nearly 70,000 bottles of Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets.


You really have to wonder what kind of quality-control this company has!  Is it at all surprising that AllBusiness.com put Johnson & Johnson on its list of Top 100 Corporate Criminals in the 1990’s for destroying documents related to a criminal investigation?  I think I’ll pass on Tylenol, thank you.


Polio Eradicated In India?

Every time I write an article citing the dangers of vaccinations, someone inevitably pounces on me, claiming that thanks to the polio vaccine, India is now polio-free!  Can we possibly clear that up?  Polio WAS declining in India on its own, according to Pushpa Bhargava, director of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad, that is UNTIL the mass vaccination initiative with OPV (oral polio vaccine) was launched and intensified in 1997.  Polio was concentrated in just a few sections of Uttar, Pradesh and Bihar, accounting for 96 per cent of all the cases in India.  Polio elimination was not even on India’s radar screen, as basic needs are not even met, and obviously they should come first–needs like clean water, sanitation and nutrition.  Improvement in none of these areas was considered to be part of the polio-elimination program, making it insane on the face of it!

So in marched this accelerated Polio Vaccine program, and guess what?  The number of children with paralysis increased!  The Oral Polio Vaccine isn’t even given in the US anymore–too dangerous!  It actually causes polio, even Jonas Salk said so; he said it was the sole cause of all polio cases in the United States from 1961 on!


So here are the statistics for India: childhood paralysis cases in 1996–1,005.  Childhood paralysis cases in 2012–60,992!  So, no polio in India?  Do you know why?  They changed the name! Now they’re calling it NPAFP (non-polio acute flaccid paralysis).  According to Neetu Vashisht, pediatrician at Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya associated with Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, polio and NPAFP are one and the same disease!  You can’t distinguish one from the other!


An article titled “Polio Programme: Let Us Declare Victory and Move On”, stated, “Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio [vaccine] received.” (Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 2012 9(2): 114-117)

The oral polio vaccine: a disaster for India!

Just say no.


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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