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Tidbits 39: Ordinary Housewife Buys 30C Emergency Kit, Turns Into “Wonder Woman”!

Wonder Woman
Written by Elaine Lewis

“Wonder Woman” takes on one assault after another with her newly-arrived Homeopathy Emergency Kit!

She didn’t want to do it, but reluctantly, “Wonder Woman” plunked down the hundred (or so) dollars for the 50-remedy Homeopathy Emergency Kit that she bought from Amazon and she never looked back!  See her entries below:

9/12/2016–Hey doc, remember I mentioned my problem with recurring boils?  Well, on that note, I can feel a boil starting off because the area is a bit sore.  It’s worse touch, feels sore, better from cold applications.

Take Arnica 30C three times a day in water for the next 3 days, with 5 succussions before each dose, let me know what happens.  Believe it or not, Arnica is in the rubric, “Skin: boils”, and, soreness, worse touch and better cold, all help confirm Arnica.

Good news, the boil has not erupted.  Usually the soreness lasts 1-2 days and then a boil erupts but this time boil has not erupted at all.  So, looks like remedy is working!


9/16–Elaine, I have a headache from crying all day.  My husband and I were arguing.  He doesn’t believe in naturopathy, acupuncture or homeopathy because he says they’re not scientific.

Now I’m getting a headache!  Try Ignatia 30C.

Elaine, I took the Ignatia; now my left-sided migraine is better but the back of my head feels heavy and I have a stiff neck.

Take a dose of Gelsemium 30C.

Thanks, I definitely feel better than what I felt this morning; thanks for recommending Gelsemium.


9/21–Elaine, I had an avocado milkshake 30 minutes ago.  Now I’m having severe gas, bloating, pain in stomach and back!

Take Carbo veg. 30C which is a remedy we think of when we hear stomach pain and bloating from gas.

I took carbo veg , it did help for sure.  I felt relief after about 30 minutes.  Thanks Doc!


9/23–Doc, I am beginning to catch a bit of a cold–runny nose and sore throat.  Please let me know what can I take to prevent it from getting worse.
We will be out camping in a tent for two nights, hoping it doesn’t get any worse.

Take Ferrum phos. 30C and let me know what happens.  Ferrum phos. is thought to be the remedy to take at the beginning of any cold.

9/25–Thanks doc, I have taken 3 doses of ferrum phos 30c. I think it’s working, I still have stuffy nose ‘n’ cold but it’s manageable…I would say about 80% better.


We had Chinese dinner today.  I am a vegetarian, I had ordered white rice and schezwan tofu ‘n’ brocolli curry.  I ate 3-4 tofu and 7-8 brocolli with rice.  The moment I finished my dinner, the same pain (full circle around my stomach and back) started along with bloating and gas.  I have taken carbo veg just now.  Will update you in the morning.

Tofu, it turns out, is not the health food we thought it was.  Very hard to digest.  I hope Carbo veg. works again!

9/25–Yes, I felt better 30 minutes after taking Carbo veg.


9/29–Today my son got stung by bees during a field trip from school.

OMG!  This is why I always carry Apis with me in the summer!

The school nurse gave him Benadryl.

Oh, that’ll help.  (Not.)

He had swelling in school, it subsided after sometime and is not visible now.  He took a nap after coming from school which he never does usually.  He has been feeling warm and says has some irritation/itch where the bee stung him.  I just checked his temperature and it is little above 99F.  He felt more warm when I picked him from school.  Please let me know what I can do.

Our remedy for bee stings is Apis.

Hopefully Benadryl hasn’t added a new layer to this case. Try a dose of Apis and let me know what happens.

Doc, he says his ear is itching still and he is feeling more warm, temperature seems to be going up.

Is this after taking Apis?

He is unable to sleep.  Please let me know if I should just wait ?  If fever goes high, what can I give?

This is all very confusing now.  Was he stung on the ear?

Earlier I used to give Tylenol when he got fever.

Well, don’t do that again!

What is the alternative in homeopathy?

I wonder if this is an Apis aggravation?  Sometimes a case gets worse for about half an hour after a remedy, and then gets better.  So, I’m waiting to hear if everything went bad after Apis was given or if Apis seems to be unrelated to what’s happening now?

Yes, I gave him 3-4 pellets of Apis 30c.  Bee stung him on cheek and ear.  He has fallen asleep now and temp is around 100 as of now.

If he’s asleep now, it may have been a temporary aggravation that he recovered from; he may be OK now.  Don’t rush in to give Tylenol and cause a bigger problem.  Keep me apprised of anything new that happens.  A temp. of 100 degrees is nothing to worry about.  Is he sleeping in a relaxed way or a distressed way?

He seems to be sleeping in a relaxed way now.

OK, so that’s it, the case is over.  I think the reason he had an aggravation to Apis is because he was given Benadryl which suppressed the case.  After Apis, the case rebounded and then subsided.  I think if he had taken Apis right away when he got stung, he wouldn’t have had an aggravation nor a fever.


9/30–My son woke up fine and just left for school.  Thanks a lot, doc.  But now I have another problem.  In the morning, I ended up carrying a heavy backpack.  My back has been hurting today and aggravated now.  Can you please tell me some remedy to reduce the pain?

Take Arnica; but, you should always have Arnica in your pocket so you can take it right away when you hurt yourself.  Now that you’ve waited so long, the pain is “aggravated”.  The Remedy Kit should always be with you.  Arnica is our main remedy for injuries.  Anyway, drop one or two pellets of Arnica into a disposable cup of water and take a swallow.  Let me know what happens.

Oh, will carry it always from now on.  I took Arnica, pain is bearable now.

10/1–Backache is gone, and boil never erupted.  Soreness gone too.

We’re batting 1,000 here!  Has your husband noticed yet that homeopathy works?

He is getting convinced–slowly.


Doc, yesterday night I was at friend’s place–ladies night out.  I didn’t drink any alcohol but we kept chatting and hardly slept all night.  I slept in daytime but now have a really heavy head and feeling very tired.  Please let me know if there is any remedy to help for this.

Take Cocculus.

It’s a good remedy for when your sleep cycle is thrown off and you wind up with a headache, dizziness, nausea, etc.

Doc, my headache seems in control now after one dose of Cocculus.  It’s not bothering me much now.

I have another issue though:  I have a very big boil/swollen area near my anus (right side).

Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do, isn’t it!?

I have got this in past too but very infrequent.

I wonder if it’s “return of old symptoms” because of Arnica?

Its like a big fat swollen pimple with a very pointed head.  Its painful if touched.
Its late now doc, please help to reply in morning. no hurry.

Try a dose of Belladonna for that, in a disposable cup of water.

How long has it been there?  If it’s been there a while, you may need to take Bell. 3 times a day.  Does this boil pre-date Arnica?

Regarding boil, I guess it started yesterday or day before but its bothering me only today. Its really fat with very pointed head. It came after started Arnica. I will take Belladonna now…phew, it just doesn’t stop in my case!  My husband used to make fun that I need full-service from head to toe…sorry to bug you with so many issues doc.

You’re just proving that homeopathy works!

(one day later):  Regarding the boil, surprisingly it has shrunk a lot in size overnight.  Now, mostly the pointed head is still there and that hurts but the big bump disappeared after taking Belladonna.  Will take another sip now.

Don’t forget to either stir or shake first.

Yes doc, the boil has shrunk even further, but still there.  I will succuss and take another sip in evening.


10/3–Good morning doc, my son woke up with very bad cold…he is sneezing a lot, has stuffy nose, throat pain, says he is feeling feverish and doesn’t want to go to school.  He usually never says that he wants to miss school.  Please help doc with the remedy.  Also, do you think he should have hot shower to clear his throat?

Alright, everybody, this brings us up to the present because this last entry is this month’s Quiz!  Please go to the Quiz section to see the entire case and guess the remedy, or click below:

“Wonder Boy” Sneezes 100 Times, Uses Up 100 Tissues!


I also want to point out that today as I am writing, 10/13, “Wonder Woman” informs me that the Aethusa 30C I told her to get for her son’s constant sneezing


(based on what I think is a milk allergy) is working and he is down to 2 or 3 sneezes a day!

For the fun of it, let’s look back over what remedies came to the rescue for “Wonder Woman” over the past month:  Arnica, Belladonna, Ferrum phos., Ignatia, Apis, Gelsemium, Cocculus, Carbo veg. and Aethusa–oh, and our quiz remedy (not gonna tell!); so that’s 10 remedies altogether.  (10+ illnesses/injuries that could have caused prolonged suffering but instead are all gone!)

So listen, are you dragging your feet over buying a remedy kit?  Look at what “Wonder Woman” has accomplished in the past few weeks!  She’s gotten rid of headaches, backaches, stomach pains, boils, bee stings and colds!  She’s a marvel!  It’s time you were a marvel too!  By the way,  “Wonder Woman” bought her 50-remedy Emergency Kit from Amazon.com.

See you in the Quiz!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • I love your article on the emergency 30c kit. I happen to have a kit of 200c’s and it has saved me from so much suffering. Just the Hypericum alone made the kit invaluable when 3 of my finger tips were pinched in heavy-duty wire. (The roll sprang out suddenly.) It hurt so much I had to sit down but after taking just one pellet of Hypericum, the pain was gone in less than 60 seconds. You never know when some little emergency might pop up so it’s good to have a kit available – and we have to know how to use the remedies before we need them! Next on my list to buy: Aethusa Cynapium!

    • Linda, hi! I just now saw your comment! Yes, if you’re suddenly attacked by heavy-duty wire, what are you going to do, order Hypericum 200C from Amazon and wait a week for it to come in the mail? No, the remedies have to be there where you are–not at the health food store or at Amazon.com! People don’t want to spend the money, it seems so expensive! And they think, “I can always buy a remedy if I need it.” Good luck with that! Thanks for writing!

  • DEAR DR,

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