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Tidbits 48: What To Feed Your Kids So They Won’t Wind Up Sick, Or Stupid! (Part-2)

Elaine Lewis
Written by Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 48: What To Feed Your Kids So They Won’t Wind Up Sick, Or Stupid! (Part-2)

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If you didn’t see Part-1, read it now or Part-2 will seem incomplete; click on the link below:

Tidbits 47–What To Feed Your Kids So They Won’t Wind Up Sick, Or Stupid!

Let’s recap some of what we learned from last time:

We talked about how there’s the REAL food and the FAKE food, the latter being what most of us are eating (made largely from 2 ingredients: white flour and white sugar, neither of which exists in nature, both totally fake, and since white flour turns to sugar in your stomach, we’re all getting a huge overdose of sugar!  No wonder diabetes is at an all-time high!)

Excessive amounts of sugar act like an addictive drug in our brains, triggering the production of natural opiates, making kids into addicts, craving junk food, causing them to find real food distasteful and inedible.  It’s the kids who are calling the shots regarding what food they eat; the reason being, like any addict, they are quite demanding and go into extremes of behavior if you don’t give them what they want!  Try telling a drug addict to stop using so much cocaine, see where that gets you!

We talked about the need to substitute white flour products with whole grains.  We talked about shopping at farmer’s markets, natural food stores and buying whole foods as they come from the earth and cooking them from scratch (in other words, avoiding processed food which is heavily laden with sugar and chemicals).

We mentioned a lot of different foods your kids can eat which would actually be good for them instead of making them sick and dull-witted; we talked about how sugar actually slows down immune function, putting children at risk for catching colds and and other viruses.  So let’s move on with Part-2 without any further delay!


Kids like sandwiches–who doesn’t?  But generally, what passes for a sandwich these days, is some kind of meat with processed cheese on white bread with mustard or mayonnaise.  Totally useless as a “food”!  There’s no fiber, and therefore, constipating, and no nutrients to speak of either!  And I have to tell you, constipation is a big problem that parents face regarding their children, some say that it’s so severe, the child refuses to try to use the potty at all!  So, white flour and meat, with their lack of fiber, is causing a real problem!  You know you need fiber to move your bowels, right?  How do we correct this?  What should a REAL sandwich look like?

Well, here’s one.  I made all this food myself.  This is some sort of sandwich on black bread, it’s probably chicken salad, but here’s the thing: it is surrounded by vegetables!  I see baby spinach and a ton of cherry tomatoes.  Why so many tomatoes?  Because they’re farmer’s market tomatoes and they’re out of this world!  Delicious!  Spinach is excellent for constipation!  And I have to tell you, you will NOT taste the spinach.  Uncooked baby spinach has no taste–at all–and easy to chew because, well, they’re babies.  Just eat it along with the sandwich, all you’ll taste is the sandwich, I promise you, and you’ll be the beneficiary of all the extra nutrients and fiber.

Here’s another one of my sandwiches, on whole wheat bread.  Remember, whole grains have fiber!!!!  You can also see the baby spinach and lettuce and cherry tomatoes on the side.  What’s in the sandwich?  Russian dressing, raw milk cheddar cheese, onions, cucumber slices and avocado slices.

How do you make Russian dressing?  Very simple, you mix ketchup with mayonnaise.  Half and half.  About half a cup’s worth, a tablespoon or so of each–assuming you’re making just one sandwich.  Adjust your proportions as needed.

What about pizza?  It’s nothing but white flour, tomato sauce and processed cheese–a complete disaster; but if you eat the baby spinach along with it, you can undo a lot of the damage, and again, you won’t taste it!

Let’s say your constipated child refuses to eat the baby spinach you place alongside his sandwich; well, this brings us to our next kid snack which they will love, the ever-popular…


For this you’re going to need a special blender that liquifies, like a NutriBullet:

Here’s my NutriBullet, you can see it’s got the spinach in it, along with a frozen banana, a raw organic egg, some peaches or mangoes, blueberries, grapes for sweetness, a cup or so of raw milk and presto!

You blend it up for a minute, pour, and all you taste is the fruit!  It will taste like ice cream!  Your child will never know there’s spinach in it, and it’s very high in nutrition and fiber, great for constipation!  Makes a great breakfast drink–high in protein and will keep your child focused in school; it’s a complete meal!  And for kids heavily involved in athletics, this smoothie is a must!  Because when you over-exercise, as kids on sports teams often do, you have to be able to support all this extra exertion with nutrients, otherwise all this supposedly “good for you” exercise just becomes a big form of stress that your body can’t deal with!  And you might even want to add organic raw vegetarian protein powder to that smoothie if your child’s on a sports team; even if he’s not, the fact is, sufficient protein keeps your child from craving sweets; so, this protein shake in the morning could be a big step towards getting your child off of junk food, and don’t let your efforts be undermined by letting your child have cookies and candy as a snack, as a “reward” for being good; it’s just sugar, and sugar is inflammatory, acidic, constipating and will cause your child to dislike foods that are actually good for him.  And listen, one more thing:  Cod Liver Oil is a must for the brains of badly behaved children!  The brand I use is Arctic Cod Liver Oil, it comes in flavors.  Orange and Lemon are the best.  Take it right before a meal because it’s fat soluble, not water soluble.

Speaking of breakfast ideas…

Breakfast Ideas

Does your child like the Egg McMuffins at McDonald’s?  Well, here’s the real version of that:

I buttered two halves of a multi-grain English Muffin after toasting them first.  I fried two organic eggs, melted slices of raw milk cheese on top of the eggs.  Looks like there’s lettuce on the side; and you just pick them up and eat them.  Yeah, it can be a little messy–but good!  Very filling!  And if you want to put a piece of bacon on top?  That’s alright with me, just make sure it’s organic; something like this:

Raw milk cheese….  Whole grain English Muffins:

You might say at this point, “Elaine, why does everything have to be ‘raw’ with you?  It’s always raw-this and raw-that!”  Good question!!!  Cooking destroys nutrients; but, not only nutrients, it destroys enzymes too, and it is the often-overlooked ENZYMES that are actually the food’s magic ingredient!  Enzymes are needed to make chemical reactions take place, they’re catalysts!  Nothing happens without enzymes!  The more raw food you eat, the more healing takes place.  Raw milk and raw milk cheese contain enzymes and enzymes make healing possible!  Cooked food, not so much!  In fact, watch this video, it’s about Dr. Pottenger’s famous experiment on cats, half the cats got cooked food, the other half got raw food.  You’ll especially want to see this if you have cats!  Look at what happens to the health of the cooked food cats:

I know it’s shocking because we were brought up to believe that the ultimate diet was 3 cooked meals a day!  But you see the results of that, right?  Cooked food causes disease.  Try to eat as much raw food as you possibly can.  

What else for breakfast?  Oh look!  A whole wheat pancake with strawberries on top!

Below is an omelet made with organic eggs, raw milk cheese, onions, baby spinach and feel free to add anything you want!

You can serve it with fried potatoes too; only, don’t peel the potatoes first, the fiber and the nutrients are in the peel, and that reminds me, when you bake a potato, eat the whole thing, jacket and all.

We talked about cereal in Part-1 so no need to mention it again.


Learn to make stews and stir-fries!  Look at this great stew I made!

So many vegetables!  OK, first you boil water.  You add chopped garlic; then carrots, celery, yams, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, onions…add baby greens at the end because they cook so fast; and really, you can add any vegetable you like; but, it’s delicious, very filling, and no grains!  Which is good because grains are addicting, even though white flour is the worst offender and whole grains so much better, still, a lot of people develop allergies to them–wheat allergies–and, you’re just better off if you can find meals that don’t have them.  What’s great about stew?  You make it once and it lasts for days!  Your kid comes home from school hungry, you just heat up the stew!  Heat and serve, so simple!

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