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Tidbits 76: Dog Scratch! Another Picture Case

Written by Elaine Lewis

More proof that homeopathy works!

Who remembers “Rosetta Stone” from the spider bite Quiz?  Well, her arm is swollen again!  Not because of a spider bite this time, but from a dog scratch!

Wed, Dec 2, 2020 2:15 pm

“Rosetta Stone” (****@yahoo.com)

To:you Details

Elaine, I’m having some really bad luck with my arm!  Remember the spider bite and how my arm swelled up?  Well, no sooner did that get better (thanks to Apis 200C) than my dog decided to use my arm as a spring-board to leap over the back of the chair!  She dug her nails into me.

My arm is feeling hard and swollen.

The scratches don’t look that bad but my arm below the elbow is swollen.

Is there a remedy for swelling?

Now on picture a new pink lump that looks like a red dot in it comes up from underneath the skin and there’s another red dot in elbow crease, this is so weird!

See those little reddish dots?

Maybe I’m over-stressing.

This is so weird.

Arm feels tight, constricted.

I just want to cry.

I put some calendula, comfrey salve on it and wiped it off.

Stays swollen.

I’m really stressed.

What are those brown marks?

An herbal tincture.

Well, Rosetta, our remedy for cuts and scrapes is Calendula; so, take a dose of Calendula 200C and let me know if anything changes.

Wed, Dec 2, 2020 3:22 pm

Rosetta Stone (****@yahoo.com)

Elaine, just took calendula 200 c and then I cried.


Fri, Dec 4, 2020 7:42 pm

Rosetta Stone (****@icloud.com)

Elaine, here’s my arm now.

Wow!  What a difference!  That’s amazing!

Yes calendula 200 works.

Arm is much, much better!  Thank you!


So, our lesson for today is, do you have Calendula in potency?  Calendula is a remedy made out of Marigolds.  It’s the Latin name.  All our remedy names are in Latin because the common name changes depending on what region you’re in.

I know a lot of you have Calendula cream and Hypercal (as well you should, as it’s the pre-eminent first-aid cream!  Hypercal is a combination of Hypericum and Calendula) but how many of you have Calendula 30C or 200C?  I am always shocked to find that a homeopathy first-aid kit does not have Calendula in potency!  (That means Calendula as a homeopathic remedy.)  This is a big mistake!  Calendula is for cuts, scrapes, scratches, chafing, even when all the skin has been scraped off, you can drop a Calendula 30C pellet in water and pour the water on the area, then you can take a sip internally and repeat it often (always stir or succuss a few times before each dose).  Germs do not thrive in its presence!  You can see what an amazing healer Calendula is.

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