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Tidbits, Part-8 – Convalescence


Getting better.

How to bring someone back to normal (when supposedly nothing can be done, or the condition is chronic, or you’re recovering from surgery or a long hospitalization or even worse).


Sooner or later, it will happen.  Some family member will have some health crisis and everything will come to a screeching halt while you figure out what to do about it!  For most of you, it will be out of your hands; all your choices will be taken away from you.  The hospital will take over.  The doctor will say you need surgery right now, or you have to be started with chemo and radiation immediately, or maybe the hospital will say that your loved one needs to be put in a nursing home.  Events spiral out of hand very quickly.  The surgery doesn’t heal well, antibiotics are given, the IV line becomes infected, lengthy hospital stay leads to pneumonia which leads to more antibiotics.  Before you know it, you or your loved one is sent to a nursing home for long-term care.

And here’s what you can expect from the nursing home in the form of immune support–nothing!  Their idea of immune support is the ever-popular Ensure, which is mostly water and sugar!  And what does the body need to recover from a health crisis?  NOT This Stuff!  You need nutrient-dense foods, whole foods, super-foods, raw juices…and I have to emphasize, this protocol is for ANYONE with a threatening or chronic condition.  If you want to make a difference in this person’s life, here’s what you can do:

Bring your family member home.  You’ll need a juicer and a blender (preferably a NutriBullet).  You’ll need to go on a shopping spree for (organic where possible) fresh fruits and vegetables and you will need a few things from the health food store too:

Vitamin C

Every sick person is deficient in vitamin C, especially people who have issues with bleeding, bruising and anxiety–a sign your adrenals are shot.  Stated simply, you need Vitamin C to heal–whatever is wrong with you!  99% of mammals manufacture their own Vitamin C, and they make thousands of milligrams of it when they’re sick or injured.  What this implies is that we, as a species, are constantly in a deficit where this vitamin is concerned.  If you’re sick, you need this vitamin!

Vitamin C is pivotal in wound healing, prevention of cardio-vascular disease, strengthening of blood vessels, lowering cholesterol levels, alleviating joint pain and swelling, strengthening connective tissue, bone, collagen, fighting infection…there is almost nothing you can name that Vitamin C doesn’t have something to do with.  Add a tsp. of this powdered vitamin C to your health milkshake in the morning.  (More on the health milkshake later–I guess they call them “smoothies” now?)  For more information on vitamin C, read my interview with vitamin C expert and owner of “Sufficient-C”, Caralyn Vessal


According to Caralyn, here’s what you’re risking by not getting Sufficient C:

High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Edema (swelling)


Poor wound healing


Diabetic complications

Autoimmune diseases


Stomach ulcers


My only warning about vitamin C is that too much at once causes stomach rumbling and diarrhea; so, try to spread small amounts of it out during the day–500 mg. here, 1,000 mg. there– rather than taking a big dose all at once and thinking it will last you all day–it won’t, it will be gone in 4 hours–because it’s water soluble.  And I have to add, Sufficient-C, as shown above, contains L-Lysine which, together with Vitamin C, clears the plaque and cholesterol out of your arteries, making Sufficient-C a must-have for heart patients!  This particular vitamin C is a powder and you can mix a tsp. into a half glass of water, stir, and you’ll have 2,000 mg. of vitamin C taken very easily; it’s very mild, easy to drink, and I use it myself!  

Order it from:



Vitamin E Complex

Vitamin E Complex

“Linus Pauling long recommended 400 to 800 iu of vitamin E for cardiovascular disease. Several authors have pointed to an extensive study conducted by the World Health Organization on thousands of men and women from sixteen nations. The study illustrated that a low level of vitamin E in the blood was more than twice as predictive of heart attack than either high cholesterol or high blood pressure.”


This is for blood pressure problems, heart and artery health, anything you’re taking a blood-thinner for.  Take one or two 400 i.u. softgels a day.  

Many of you will be dealing with patients who have heart and circulatory problems, so, besides Vitamin E Complex (and I have to emphasize the word “complex” here, as there are cheaper vitamin E’s but you may wind up with the synthetic version; so, definitely make sure you’re buying Vitamin E Complex), I recommend Dr. Christopher’s Hawthorn Berry Syrup, a tonic for the heart and very delicious!  See below:

Hawthorn Berry Syrup

Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup, 4 Ounce

Great for all around heart problems, regenerating the heart and the arteries, lowering blood pressure, and it tastes great!  Order from www.HerbsFirst.com or www.Amazon.com.  Dr. Christopher was my teacher, by the way; he was the only herbalist to have a practice in the United States Army.  Dr. Christopher called hawthorn berries a “cardiac food”.

Cod Liver Oil

 Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a super-food!  It protects the heart, the arteries, it’s anti-inflammatory and a source of vitamins A, D and K.  Some of the conditions addressed by cod liver oil are high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, stroke, allergies, asthma, cancer, colitis, Crohn’s disease, mental problems, ADHD, and, as an anti-inflammatory, it’s for anything you’re taking Prednisone for.  It’s a source of the healthy omega 3 fatty acids. 

It also exerts its influence on the brain–improving memory, addressing behavior problems.  It contributes to bone health, rebuilding the bones, combating osteoporosis, bone pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, difficulty climbing stairs, etc. even curing arthritis.  I cured my dog of arthritis with cod liver oil.  And dogs love it, they have no trouble eating it right off the spoon; though I must tell you that it comes in flavors now–orange, lemon, etc.  The idea is to stir a tsp. into 2 ounces of milk, stir vigorously, and drink it down, twice a day.  Why milk?  Because cod liver oil is not water-soluble, it’s fat-soluble and should be taken with a fatty substance, like milk; but, not supermarket milk, please, which is no health food!  This brings us to our next purchase, our next super-food….

Raw Milk

Raw A2/A2 Milk - 100% Grass Fed - Tussock Sedge Farm

Unlike the fake milk sold in supermarkets, full of hormones for fattening up the cow and antibiotics to prevent mastitis (so common in factory farms), raw milk comes from well-treated cows living on real farms with pastures for them to graze on (can you believe that pastures have become a thing of the past?) 

Plus, it is not subjected to boiling which kills all the enzymes and friendly bacteria.  If you can’t get raw milk, try almond milk…

almond milk  or Flax milk     Flax milk

or coconut milk (make sure there’s no sugar added–read labels!)  And speaking of reading labels, you want to avoid drinks with carrageenan added, an ingredient whose only purpose is to keep food from “separating” when all they have to do is put “Shake Well” on the label, how hard is that?  

I went to Whole Foods today and read the labels on the almond milk and flax milk and only one brand had no carrageenan, guar gum, etc. and that was the store brand; so, you do have to read the ingredients list, even when you’re in the health food store; you just can’t assume anything!  As to where you can get Raw Milk, go to Mom’s—it’s a health food supermarket.  Otherwise, do a google search for “raw milk” and your state, or go to www.realmilk.com .

You’re going to need milk of some sort to make your…

Protein Shake (or “Smoothie”)

This is why you need a blender–or a NutriBullet, which is what I have.  Some people just add water, but, I don’t know… you can try it, but, I feel some kind of milk would be more appealing; but, you have to understand, I grew up in the age of “milkshakes” and “malt shoppes”, so, I’m prejudiced in that way.  Every Drug Store had a “soda fountain” and not only were milkshakes made from scratch but they would ask you, “Do you want an egg in that?”  Yes, they meant a raw egg!  And back then, all eggs were organic and all chickens were free-range.  But OK, I just want you to know that I’ve got an update for you.  I’ve got below a picture of a blender, a NutriBullet, but there’s something new on the market!  It’s called a BlendJet-2 (don’t get the BlendJet-1; BlendJet-2 is an upgrade), and here’s the advantage over the NutriBullet: no electrical cord, it’s smaller, all one piece and super easy to clean and takes up very little space on your counter top.

Health Milkshake nutribullet

Blender                                        NutriBullet                                      BlendJet2

Pour in however much milk or water you need (adjust the amount depending on how many people you’re serving, how many ingredients you’re adding and the thickness you want.  To tell you the truth, you actually need very little milk so don’t pour in a whole bunch!  I’m going to say no more than half a cup.)  Some people are really industrious and they make their own coconut milk as Chris Wark demonstrates here:

add some fruit like a banana, grapes, berries, peaches, mangoes or whatever you prefer, and a handful of baby greens.  Don’t worry, you won’t taste the baby greens, they have no taste!  You’ll only taste the fruit!  Vegetables are important to increase your potassium levels which is very important in healing!


These are the organic baby greens: 

power greens 2

Don’t they look adorable?  They come in plastic containers in the produce section of the supermarket or health food store and are so easy to work with!  Just pick up a handful and drop them in your blender.  (I have to warn you though, these baby greens don’t last long, they start to go bad in about 2 or 3 days; so, try to use them up fast–there are all kinds of ways to do it, you can juice them, put them into stews, put them into sandwiches, salads, etc.)  And PS, if you’re suffering from constipation, buy the all-spinach baby greens.  Spinach is great for constipation!

Also, add an organic raw egg to your milkshake for protein.

organic raw egg

And/or, you can add protein powder but make it plant-based.

Then add a tablespoon of..

Lecithin Granules

Lecithin Granules

Lecithin is for cardiovascular health, brain function, liver damage, gallstones, immune damage and heart and liver problems.  Your brain is 30% lecithin.  The myelin sheaths that protect the spine, brain and nerves are 2/3 lecithin.  It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.  You can see how valuable this supplement is!  You will also want to add a tsp. of…

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been touted as a super-food super-star!  Some of the health benefits:  lower cholesterol, anti-bacterial, anti-parasite, bone health, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, alzheimers disease, heart disease, acid reflux, hemorrhoids, normal bowel function, intestinal problems, prostate enlargement, epilepsy, inflammation, neuropathy, normal brain function; in fact, any opportunity you have to use coconut oil?  Feel free to use it!  Use it in cooking, in place of butter.  You can start out small but as you find out how you tolerate it, you can use more.  Then also, add 2 tbs. of ….

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse, a source of protein, omega 3’s, calcium, iron, fiber and more.  Two tbs. of chia seeds = 11 grams of fiber!  They have no taste, no flavor; so, add them to whatever you can think of.  Now, you’re probably thinking, “Can I stop adding things to this milkshake now?”  Almost!  There’s just one more thing you need…

Acidophilus Powder

Acidophilus Powder

This is to repopulate your intestines with friendly bacteria which help protect you from bad bacteria and yeast and help digest your food.  Read the instructions on the label regarding how much to add.  Probably a teaspoonful or two.  Now, blend it up in the blender until it’s good and smooth; oh wait, you can also add a tbs. of vanilla if you like the way it tastes; make it the thickness that suits you by adding more or less liquid; pour, and serve!

I have to tell you, I found a fruit smoothie recipe on Chris Wark’s website–www.ChrisBeatCancer.com — and it’s so delicious, it tastes too good to be good for you!  

Here’s how I make it: half a cup roughly of raw milk (again, milk is my preference but it might not be yours)—depending on how thick you want your smoothie to be, an organic raw egg, a cup of organic frozen mixed berries which you can get in the freezer section of Whole Foods Market or your health food store

mixed berries

–or, if they’re in season, just buy some berries; then, a frozen banana (you just peel a bunch of bananas and put them in a plastic bag in the freezer so they won’t go bad) and a handful of baby greens and some grapes.  (Tonight I forgot the grapes and it wasn’t sweet!  I quickly corrected my mistake and added 24 small red grapes, but use your judgment as to how many.)  Turn on your Nutribullet or BlendJet-2, etc. and let it run for a minute; the whole thing liquifies!  It’s insanely delicious!  And the nutritional value must be through the roof!  It tasted like ice cream!  You’d never suspect in a million years there were vegetables in it! 


Your convalescing patient may not feel hungry enough in the morning for this very filling smoothie that will give him pep and energy for hours; so, start him off with something simple like a glass of raw juice–simple, but nutritionally powerful.  How about carrot/orange?


Or carrot/apple?  It’s very refreshing.  It’s nutrient-dense and requires no digestion!!!!!  By the way, people with colitis should be drinking cabbage juice.  In fact, if you’ve got colitis, see this web page, click below:


And, I might add, if you’ve got gallstones, watch this video:

The nutrients from raw juices get right into your cells!  Think of how easy this is going to be on your recovering patient!  In fact, it may well be that your convalescing patient can only ingest juices for a while, and that’s OK!  You can actually live on these things!  Here’s Jay Kordish, the “juiceman”; he answers all your questions about juicing, he drank nothing but raw juice for 2 years while recovering from bladder cancer:

This is a glass of spinach/pineapple juice I made myself.  Keep in mind this is real medicine, people, real medicine!!!!!  A sick person is deficient in nutrients, they need nutrients!  Drugs may be necessary in an emergency to save a life but they’re not going to restore health!

spinach pineapple juice

However, remember that drugs are so suppressive that if you decide to wean yourself off of drugs, it has to be done very slowly, and preferably with a doctor’s or pharmacist’s instructions on the right way to do it—assuming they even know what that is, as they have no inclination to ever take you off a drug!  I have instructions for how to do it in my “FAQ” article, which is on my website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com 

What if your patient is able to eat just fine and has a good appetite, what can he eat, other than the smoothie and the raw juices?  The next most important meal of the day…


The Salad!!!!!  I happen to have made this salad myself!  Maybe you can’t tell, but, there’s a piece of fish in the center of it; salmon, I think.  The dressing is Paul Newman’s Ranch dressing.  Use whatever you want but hopefully it’s from the health food store, and even so, check the ingredients on the label and make sure it’s not full of chemicals!  Maybe just plain organic olive oil and perhaps a dash of raw apple cider vinegar would be best for your recovering patient, especially if he’s diabetic, and most commercial salad dressings contain sugar.  This salad contains lettuce, baby spinach, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.  And that’s a huge bowl, by the way, that’s a whole meal right there! 

What else can your patient eat?  Here’s what I made for dinner tonight:


This is a big pot of kale!  Kale is extremely nutrient-rich and high in potassium!  The kale is cooked in water with garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt (throw out your sodium chloride, it’s toxic!), and some sesame seeds, plus there are also two chicken legs in the pot because Shana won’t eat kale without chicken!


I can’t help it if I’m rigid!

Good grief!  Shana!  There is nothing wrong with just kale and rice!  Get me a picture of the rice we had for dinner.



Needless to say, this is brown rice!  White rice is not a food, it exists nowhere in nature!  To make white rice, they have to start with brown rice and then, somehow, take everything out of it, including the fiber, until you’re left with nothing!  Why do they do this?  So it can sit on the supermarket shelf forever without going bad–it can’t go bad, because there’s nothing in it!  And if there’s nothing in it, it’s useless as a food.  So buy brown rice from now on!  I buy brown basmati rice as it has a nicer flavor.  And this goes for white bread as well and white flour in general!  Buy whole grains!  OK, Shana, get me a picture of our dinner….



Shana calls this “stew”–kale served over brown rice with chicken; but actually, this is what I call stew:


Now doesn’t that look a lot healthier?  Below you see it served over brown rice:


Does this look nutritious or what?  The ingredients are: yams, beets, carrots, celery, potatoes, kale, snow peas, tomatoes, bean sprouts, corn (not from a can! but maybe you can buy frozen corn), lima beans (again, you might have to buy frozen lima beans), peas (again, frozen), sugar snap peas, onions….  Anything that cooks fast should be added at the end, like cherry tomatoes, snow peas and bean sprouts.  No, it is not hard to make!  It’s ridiculously easy!  Pour water in a pot, boil it, I like to add garlic granules in lieu of chopped garlic, it’s just easier; chop up your vegetables, drop them in the pot, add spices if you want, it’s done when you can sink a fork in the vegetables.  Slice the beets very thin because it takes them so long to get soft.  Store the pot it in the fridge and heat it up when you get hungry.  So simple and easy!  And listen, you can use any vegetables you want, you’re not limited to what I’m using!  Some people don’t like beets!  The point is, it’s very filling and very nutritious.

What else can you serve?  This is a baby spinach, tomato, onion and cheese omelet:


What else can you have?  Here’s a stir-fry I made.  It’s baby kale and baby spinach stir-fry with bok choy, sugar snap peas, mushrooms and onions sauteed in coconut oil; but, organic butter is fine too:


Here’s one I’m making in the frying pan.  Looks like tomatoes, onions, broccoli and mushrooms:


All finished:


Here’s another salad–


It’s a tuna salad.  That’s tuna fish salad in the center, surrounded by baby spinach, baby kale, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, onions, tomatoes and a slice of raw milk cheddar cheese on the side; however, not everybody can eat cheese.  And you know what’s great about this meal?  There’s nothing in it made of flour!  Why is flour bad?  It turns to sugar in your stomach–just what you don’t need–sugar is addictive like a drug, it’s fattening, it promotes candida overgrowth; plus, a lot of people are allergic to wheat; so, a meal like this is ideal–and very filling!

You might ask, “What can I serve when a person is just hungry and needs to grab something fast?”  My answer?  Fruit, raw nuts and raw milk cheese!  This is the cheese I buy:


Any fruit will do, like grapes, an apple, a pineapple…whatever is in season and tastes best.  Here are some walnuts, cheese and grapes.  It’s very filling but nutrient-rich:


Sugar Cravings?

There are people who tell me they crave sweets.  They’re actually eating candy bars, and, I mean, what better way to encourage cancer growth, cause migraines, diverticulitis, over-growth of yeast and bad bacteria, constipation, diabetes….  The candy bar has no nutritional value whatsoever.    The protein shake above will help with your sugar cravings.  People who crave sweets need protein and they need fruit and vegetables!  Why?  Because fruit and vegetables are sources of Potassium, and if you don’t get enough potassium, your liver can’t store sugar—so you’re constantly craving it!  So that protein shake,  baby greens and fruit, will really go a long way towards stopping your sugar cravings and giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal.


Who in this country isn’t?  There’s no fiber in anyone’s food!  I want to show you what helped me:

Kellog’s All-Bran Original.  It has to be Original!  Amazon has it.  And I would hope that you can eat it with raw milk; but, at least buy organic milk.  And by the way, I should have mentioned this earlier, but, in raw milk, the cream rises to the top; so, you have to shake the bottle before pouring.  OK?  Just remember that.  Anyway, All-Bran Original provides a ton of fiber—and that’s what you’re missing, that’s why you’re constipated!

Now, there’s something else I want you to consider:  

The Coffee Enema!  

Most convalescing patients–people with chronic disease–are very toxic!  They’ve gotten this way through years of consuming processed food and pharmaceutical drugs; let me be clear that there is no drug that is not toxic to your liver and kidneys.  You need a functioning liver to detoxify.  Coffee enemas allow your liver to release its toxins!  At the Gerson Clinic (renowned natural healing center), they do 5 coffee enemas a day for cancer patients along with a cup of raw juice every hour for 13 hours.  Charlotte Gerson says that within 3 days, all the pain is gone!  Pain from whatever source!  So I’m going to show you a video explaining how to set up a coffee enema but keep in mind that you can find many of these videos on YouTube.com:


Let’s recap what we have here for our convalescing patient:

1.  A smoothie

2.  A tsp. of cod liver oil twice a day stirred vigorously in 2 oz. of raw milk or almond, flax or coconut milk–or, you can simply take it right before your meal.

3.  At least one glass of raw juice a day–more would be better.  BUT!!!!!  People who have been eating nothing but cooked food all their lives and abusing their digestive systems in a multitude of ways, might over-react to raw juices and even some supplements and homeopathic remedies!  They might get diarrhea, gas pains, who knows what!  I would say, go slow with all of this!  Those of us who want to help our friends and family tend to go overboard!  We want results fast, we want their diet changed all at once!  We think if one glass of carrot/apple juice is good, three glasses would be oh so much better!  But if going overboard is going to give your patient diarrhea and cause him to say, “No more!” then, what have you accomplished?  So be aware of this.  

Remember:  Baby Steps!

And P.S.  Please buy a juicer.  No, it’s not the same as a blender!

5.  Salad

6.  Some kind of stew or stir-fry with green leafy vegetables.  Chances are your patient almost never eats vegetables!!!!!!

7.  A vegetable omelet with organic eggs and raw milk cheese—if it appeals to the patient.

8.  Hawthorn Berry Syrup or tincture and Vitamin E Complex for high blood pressure, heart and artery disease.

9.  Himalayan Pink Salt, which is actually good for you.  It contains all the minerals, not just sodium.  It’s ancient sea salt!

10.  Vitamin C, Vitamin E complex, etc. and let me add Vitamin B-Complex-50 or 100 for people with mental illness–they need the B-vitamins!  Go back, read again, and take notes.  If you eat this way, you can get well!

11.  Please, no microwave ovens!  The microwave changes the molecular structure of food, destroys nutrients and in general is a health hazard; no one can get better this way; use a real oven!

We are emphasizing here a few super-foods like chia seeds, coconut oil, Lecithin, etc.; raw milk, raw juice, raw milk cheese, raw nuts–only raw and lightly-cooked food is truly healing; we are severely minimizing grains, especially wheat and white rice because grains are addicting, turn to sugar in your stomach, foster candida over-growth and are not healing in the least; plus, diabetics need to avoid grains (products made of flour) at all costs.  

Let me be blunt.  If you think you can recover from a disease on processed food and frozen dinners with the idea that you will make up for it by taking vitamins, drugs or even homeopathic remedies?  Forget about it!  Food is fundamental.  It’s basic.  I’ve healed people, including my mother and my dogs, on nutrition alone before I even knew about homeopathy!

You have to tailor this protocol to fit your patient’s needs–some people can’t take dairy at all, some cultures don’t eat meat; some people over-react to citrus, some are too debilitated and emaciated to tolerate anything other than a glass of raw juice at the start, so, make adjustments where needed, don’t force-feed anyone when all they can do is drink; and don’t make weight-gain your goal!!!!  Make health your goal, and the weight will take care of itself.  If your patient is thin, and you make weight-gain your goal, you’ll be forcing him to eat French Fries and ice cream rather than the food that will make him healthy.  You’re better off thin and healthy than fat and sick.  

These nutrient-rich foods contain the building blocks of the human body.  With these foods, you can put a depleted, toxic, frightened, depressed, sick person back together and give them their energy and their life back.  I’ve done it!  And you can too.  When you know that you’re doing something positive and restoring health, you can stop feeling like a victim, like a sitting duck who can be attacked by disease at random without any warning, rhyme or reason!  

It is not normal to be sick.  People with heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, colitis, cancer, anxiety, depression, mental illness, etc. are either toxic or undernourished!  They’ve done something to themselves–though unknowingly, of course.  They’ve eaten improperly, they’ve taken drugs, binged on sweets and processed foods, destroyed their intestinal flora with antibiotics, enabled bad bacteria to flourish, starved their cells of nutrients by eating food made with sugar and white flour, deprived themselves of sleep, overworked, over-exercised without supportive nourishment, over-cared for loved ones while neglecting themselves, etc.; all this can be corrected!

Chronic disease isn’t something that’s out there, we cause it!  And what’s good about that is, what we can cause, we un-cause, and that’s what this protocol is all about!  

There’s just one more thing.  A lot of you think it’s OK to skip meals and go hungry!  Some of you just have coffee in the morning and don’t eat until lunch time!  Some of you are doing it as a way to lose weight and others of you are just in too much of a hurry to eat. 

The worst thing you can do is let your blood sugar drop which is what happens when you skip meals!  Missing meals throws your body into a state of alarm; the adrenals over-react, they become exhausted, anxiety ensues, then headaches, panic, dizziness and even fainting spells!  People wait too long to eat, start feeling panicky, and grab the first thing they see, which is often a candy bar or a so-called “health bar”, which will eventually result in disease since nothing could be worse than a candy bar!  It’s not just what you eat but WHEN you eat it!  You don’t have to eat a lot, just eat something when you feel hungry, even if it’s only an apple and a piece of cheese, a cup of raw juice or a grapefruit! 

Now, here’s somebody who’s already been through this!  This is Chris from www.ChrisBeatCancer.com—I have fallen in love with his website and have learned so much— and at 26, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  He was supposed to get chemotherapy but he said No and instead instituted steps similar to what you’ve seen above and here is Chris Wark now to tell you how he beat cancer—I love this video!  

For those of you who are highly motivated and want to learn more, go to my website, which is linked to below, click on “Food Fight!” and see what other treasures I’ve got for you there.  They all contain important information on getting your health back!  OK? 

I’m just now thinking about what I did when I got to Houston to help my mother on her first day home from a month-long stay in the hospital.  It was 2001, I think; give or take a year.  Like with most elderly people, there were only frozen dinners in her refrigerator, nothing else.  I threw out all her corroded aluminum/teflon cookware and replaced it with stainless steel.  I bought her a big stew pot.  I went to Whole Foods and bought vegetables, I made a huge pot of stew.  I think it may have been the first real food she’d had in years.  Well, she completely recovered in a month’s time.  This is all you need, you just need someone to cook real food for you!  Sick people can’t cook for themselves and they can’t shop for themselves.  Plus, it should tell you that whatever is in frozen dinners?  It’s not real food!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases.  Write to her at [email protected] 



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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • I have gone through a bout of Dengue. The fever lasted for four days, there were no pains and aches thanks to Homoeopathy, though the joints say loud and clear that they have taken a beating. A small area of hardness, redness and pain when touched still exists on the right leg just above the ankles.(It was the first noticed symptom. perhaps there was some swelling too but I was too sick to notice) It is now two weeks since the first attack of fever. (I have been treated with Rhus tox, Eupatorium perfoliatum and Belladonna as and when required.) But this debility I feel, is still bad. It tires me to eat, bathe or even walk around a little. Is there any thing that can help me?

  • I would suggest Kali phos. 6X four times a day. Why? For neurasthenia. (exhaustion) Not having a complete case in front of me, it’s the best idea I can come up with under the circumstances.

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