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Homeopathy for Everyone May 2006

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Homeopathy for Everyone May 2006

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Alan V. Schmukler (Chief Editor)
Manish Bhatia
Rochelle Marsden
Firuzi Mehta
David Johnson
Elaine Lewis
Katja Schütt
Neil D. Shere
Leela D’Souza
Shirley Reischman
Edward De Beukelaer
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 Feedback & a Little Jest! – Dr. Manish Bhatia

“Your encouragement and constructive criticism is essential for our growth. and this ezine is a community effort. Don’t just be passive readers.”

Letters to the Editor

Hot-Seat Interview
 Mati Fuller – interviewed by Elaine Lewis

“They are both dealing with vibration. There is healing vibration in the remedies, and there is also healing vibration in sound. You know what the sound of Elaine feels like…”

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New Papers
 Hahnemann’s Advanced Methods – David Little

Part 2: The Medicinal Solution

“…a homoeopath needs a flexible dosage system that allows for the adjustment of the remedy for each individual case. This is something that the medicinal solution supplies.”

Poll Summaries – Nancy Siciliana

Online Consultation | Vital Force | Kent & Hahnemann

Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke – Dr.Kulbhushan Juneja

“Heat-related disorders can be largely prevented by avoiding strenuous exertion in the heat of the day, spending as much time as possible in the shade, consuming large quantities of liquids, and avoiding alcoholic beverages.”

From the Clinic
 An unexplained weakness – Nancy Gahles

“A few hours later the nightmare began; I noticed a change in Justin’s gait and balance. He appeared ‘drunk’—clumsy, veering from side-to-side, and throwing his head and neck back when he walked”

How I got into Homeopathy – Angela E.

“I ripped my nightshirt off and sure enough I had raised bumps all over my body. I screamed for my husband to bring me the phone and called my midwife in a panic…”

  Human Homeopathy – Veterinary Homeopathy – Edward De Beukelaer

“Two cases of the same remedy to ponder over the question of whether there is such a thing as ‘veterinary  homeopathy’.”

  Homeopathic Remedy Browser -reviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia

“All you need to do is select a medicine and all the rubrics which contain that remedy get listed. “

  Carpet Cleaning Ends in Coughing– Elaine Lewis

Find the right medicine ..and win exciting prizes!

Revisiting: “Come Fly With Me!” – Elaine Lewis

and the winner is…

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