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Homeopathic Drug Remedies – Speed up, Slow down, Go somewhere else…

David Johnson shares a beautiful collection of homeopathic remedies derived from drug substances, poisonous plants and mushrooms.

  • One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small
  • And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all
  • Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall
  • And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you’re going to fall Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar has given you the call
  • And call Alice, when she was just small
  • When the men on the chessboard get up and tell you where to go And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom, and your mind is moving low Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know
  • When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
  • And the white knight is talking backwards And the red queen’s off with her head Remember what the dormouse said
  • Feed your head, feed your head

General Themes and Case-Taking With Drug Remedies

Speed up / Flame out:

Thea, Coffea, Piper methysticum, Coca, Ephedra

Slow down / Numb out:

Alcoholus, Tabacum, Cannabis, Nux moschata, Oxytropis Papaver somniferum (Opium,) Morphinum, Heroin

Go somewhere else / Fly out:

Fungi sensations, themes

Bovista, Agaricus, Psilocybe

LSD, Convolvulus duartinus (Morning Glory,) Moonflower (Ipomoea alba,)

Anhalonium (Peyote,) Ayahuasca

Nabalus Serpentaria

Salvia divinorum; Sassafras

Clinical Cases

To understand the energetic imbalance of the client, we recognize their own words as the material which will gradually reveal the fuller “gestalt” of their experience.

So we patiently wait for “words as the building blocks for themes” to be repeated by the client. Otherwise we can prematurely and prejudicially superimpose our own ideas upon their history. That is, we may attempt to confine and contort their words into building blocks of our own making, rather than perceiving themes more fully, which often lie in wait and safety before fuller expression. Our confidence and trust in notknowing is very important in this regard.

‘Look for correspondence between various symptoms and traits, little by little, into emerging groups and themes…one looks for coherence, that is, for strength of association between the symptoms in a theme.

As one maps the various themes, they can begin to be configured in relation to each other. Some will be determined to be more central while others are more peripheral.

Eventually they converge into an overarching unified model…’ (Sobraske)


  • HEAD


Genial cordiality, brilliance of intellect, loquacity, interesting and witty. Delirium with great ecstasy; incessant laughing, constant talk in rhyme; feeling extraordinarily well, self-confident, nervous excitement. Then the opposite: irritable, sensitive, disposition to quarrel at the most harmless speech or action.’ Self-confidence wanting; gloomy self-reflection; aversion to thinking and conversation.

Malicious to loved ones; desire to strike. Disturbing impulses: to commit suicide; to jump out window; to throw baby downstairs

Coffea cruda/tosta

Increased sense of beauty, well-being and liveliness; veneration for the Supreme Being and love for family; desire to perform good

Feels strong enough to do anything; quick to act; witty

Mental and physical overactivity; plans, fancies, theorizing, whirling thoughts and sensation in head; abundant ideas in evening, causing sleeplessness (china off.)

Ailments from sudden emotions, especially surprises

Delusion floating in air, of being light, without body Sensory hyperactivity; oversensitivity to pain; starting when touched

Headache as from a nail

Averse and worse open/cold air

Piper methysticum (kava-kava)

Happy, carefree and talkative; unusual liveliness and exhilaration, pleasant youthful vigor of body and mind; desire for amusement, easy comprehension

Buoyancy, eloquence and exaltation with fullness of vessels of brain, followed by brain fag and dull aching; nervous as if every nerve was strung up to the highest pitch; sensitive to external impressions Social and gregarious vs. self-centered, narrow and limited; drastic reduction in range of interests; their complaints are all they can think about; fear of pain and suffering; boredom where everything feels the same; ennui > entertainment

Anxiety with autonomic symptoms: restlessness, hurry, trembling, perspiration and pulsation in head


Rising, high expectations, high standards, high social   positions. Ambitious, industrious, mania for work,  gigantic plans

Feeling extraordinarily well; unusual vigor; lively and ready for work, buoyant and elated in evening; little need for food or sleep; photophobia

High-powered performance vs. bashful timidity; mental brightness vs. prostration

Ascending/rising to great heights vs. dropping, falling, going down; fear of falling, fear of letting things fall; issues with high altitude: dizziness, dyspnea on ascending

Vigor keeps increasing until overworked nerves are shattered and exhaustion follows Sensation of isolation from external world


In high spirits; laughing about serious matters; tries to cheer others; elated, unrestrained, flying high, on cloud nine; incessant loquacity, open-hearted, witty Calm and relaxed in dangerous situations. No sense of danger, ‘no one can harm me.’ Driving too fast, approaching traffic lights too quickly. Hurry while eating

Everything seems funny; clowning, playing tricks on others; teasing, provoking, bugging, annoying; turns everything to ridicule

Sudden change of mood from elation to taciturnity, depression

Hovering vs. falling/plunging down

Kleptomania, compulsive shopping; sexual desire increased; fantasies


Inner gratification, kindly intentions toward others; cheerful with wit and humor; sees only agreeable objects with predominant feeling of love and desire

Increased self-esteem: weak grow strong, despondent grow bold; sanguine and choleric temperament grows sentimental and passionate

Courteous to an enemy; sneers at a friend

Loquacity, all secrets divulged, all hypocrisy ceases; chats, scolds, brags, curses

Rapid changes of mood: mirth, petulance, anger, moroseness, and melancholy

Loss of control: immoderate laughter; even the coarsest of desires and inclinations become uncontrollable Unreasonable inclination to quarrel: imagines an insult, challenges to combat or demands reparation

Mania with excessive irritability, excited by the slightest causes; disposition to kill or light fire


Great excitement: cheerful, high spirits and loquacity as if intoxicated

Calmness, tranquility and stoicism vs. sudden, overwhelming anxiety and apprehension Feeling something terrible could happen Apprehension, melancholy as though anticipating death; oversensitive to music, talking, slightest noise; aversion to and worse from smell of tobacco Sudden cold sweat; profuse, free secretions: salivation, perspiration, lachrymation, vomiting Motion sickness, deathly nausea; slight movement causes horrible nausea; teat < cold air, uncovering >

Angina pectoris

Cannabis indica/sativa

Theorizing, abstraction of mind

Exalted ideas, perceptions, mental excitement Quick, wandering thoughts; long-term memory activated for past events

Excessive loquacity; immoderate laughing;

sensation of floating

Clairvoyance, prophetic dreams

Loses thread of narrative; confusion of mind; time passes too slowly, mistakes in judging distance; loses way in well-known streets

Fear of losing control; fear of things that can’t be controlled; rationalizing to control fears: provides overwhelming information and very divergent stories and explanations

Ravenous appetite

Nux moschata (nutmeg)

Everything has changed, ludicrous, as if in a dream Distances are enlarged, surroundings do not exist; floating in air

Dazed, detached, disoriented, spaced out Absentmindedness; reflects long in answering; wandering speech; vanishing of thoughts; starting on recovering consciousness

Confusion of identity; knows not where she is; loses way in well-known streets

Overpowering sleepiness, drowsiness; fights to stay awake

Dizziness; faintness


Cold air <

Oxytropis (“loco-weed”;“crazyweed”)


Marked action on nervous system. Disinclined to work or talk. Desire to be alone. Mental depression. Feeling of intoxication. Thinking of symptoms <

Sight obscured; pupils contracted, do not respond to light. Paralysis of nerves and muscles of eyes.

Paralysis; staggering gait; reflexes lost. Loss of coordination. Numb feeling around spine. Vertigo, full warm feeling about head. Pains come and go quickly but muscles remain sore and stiff.

GI/GU: Rectal sphincter relaxed; stool slips from anus like lumps of jelly; Urging to urinate when thinking of it; profuse flow. Male: no desire or ability

Astragalus creates similar symptoms because both plants produce swainsonine, a phytotoxin harmful to livestock.

Nevertheless, some animals will continue to seek it out.

Papaver somniferum (opium)

Resting in pleasant nothingness; unaffected by external impressions. Flight and withdrawal to an inner world. Indifference & apathy. Painlessness; lack of vital reaction.

Asks for nothing; doesn’t complain; judgment of situations diminished. Rash, inconsiderate boldness. Fearless, courageous, liar

Delusion is a criminal to be executed; about to receive injury; he was dead; dreams devils, dragons

Ailments from shock, fright, head injury,

embarrassment, grief, mortification; reproach, shame

Sleepiness, constipation; black balls for stool

‘Opium is a charismatic lover who takes you to heaven, giving you years of warmth and affection, and then inexplicably and without warning begins putting you through hell’

– Steven Martin, former opium addict and author of


Morphinum (alkaloid of opium)

Dream-like state. Sleepy vs. sleeplessness. Shock induced by terror. Profound depression. Irritable, fault-finding, hysterical. Dishonest, manipulative; lying

Wide variety of nervous system complaints, including restlessness and hyperesthesia, trembling, twitching, jerking, convulsions. Very susceptible to pain; intensely painful  neuralgias

Tachycardia and bradycardia; dyspnea and cough; constipation


Numbing of pain on all levels

Delusion ugly

‘The main difference between Heroin and that of Morphine or Opium is the feeling of being an outcast, despised by society and in many instances hunted down by the forces of law and order.’ (Janet Snowden; supervisor for heroin proving)

Sensation Words of the Fungi

  • Expanding
  • Spreading
  • Burrowing Invading Digging
  • Eroding
  • Excoriating Devouring
  • Decomposing Dissolving

Themes of the Fungi

  • Integration and disintegration: death, destruction, sexuality
  • Dependent on others for their feeling of self-worth (carbon); lack of identity
  • Far from the core: ungrounded, vulnerability
  • Rapid/quick growth; expansion/expansive; restlessness
  • Control vs. lack of control; adaptation
  • Psychotropic, clairvoyant
  • Complaints of the nervous system, central & peripheral
  • Complaints of circulation
  • Complaints of skin and mucus membranes
  • Desire/averse sweets; taste sweet


Enlarged sensation–“puffed up:” courageous and vigorous, would like to fight with everyone

Boundary issues: indiscretion; unreserved conversation, tells the plain truth; reveals secrets, open hearted

Inflation vs. deflation / alternating moods: hope alternating with despair; exhilaration in the morning, peevish and irritability in the evening; lively in company; sad, depressed,

loss of interest when alone

Confusion, easily intoxicated by wine (yeast)

Distention (“puffiness”)

Clumsiness; awkwardness

Tendency to bleed

Worse before and after menses


Magnifying, exalting, aggrandizing, increasing self in greatness and mightiness; increased self-esteem; reciting his exploits

Energetic, fearless or fearful

Disturbed sense of perspective & proportion: little problems are exaggerated, mountains made out of molehills; small holes appear as  frightful chasms

Curious and inquisitive, possibly invasive, (fungus) nosy and meddlesome

Preoccupied with death, dying (fungus) great interest in weird subjects

Involuntary, irregular, uncertain, exaggerated movements; awkwardness/clumsiness (bovista) Trembling, twitching, spasms

Indolence in am; brightens up in evening Burning, itching, hot needles; chilly

During winter solstice festivals in Eastern European countries, local shamans would travel via reindeer to yerts–which could be snowed in–so then gifts of agaricus needed to be dropped through the chimney.

Reindeer would eat mushrooms, often growing under pines;  psychotropic chemicals minus the toxins would be passed in the urine


Sensation of being in visual touch with God; telepathic speaking with superior spirits vs. indifference to everything surrounding her; want of religious or ethical principles; withdrawal from reality

Sensation of being two or three different personalities at the same time that cannot fuse; idea that one can be in several places at the same time and think differently in each place. Sensation of being able to understand any language or to resolve any problem in math. Ameliorated by vs. over-sensitive to music Distortion of time; distraction; loses thread of conversation; forgets everything but not worried about it

Recalling the past as if something was left undone;

melancholic Weakness and nausea

Voracious appetite but slow digestion (fungus feeding on decaying vegetation) Cold, wet weather <

LSD proving themes (Misha Norland)

Sacred: awe and reverence for nature; supreme well-being

Merging: delight or fear of merging with other; loss of ego Innocence/Childlike: experiencing things/events as if for the first time; giggling; finding things hilariously funny

Youthful: Unrestricted, space, freewheeling; exuberant excitement, music, dance, romance

Expansion/Restriction: exploration, journeys vs. earthbound, gross, materialism, restlessness, disorganized Timelessness: confusion, distortion; clairaudience/clairvoyance

Disconnection; desire to be alone; numbness, apathy Apprehension: Fear, suspicion, jealousy, fear of impending danger, fear loss of self; distortions of time and space–

disorientation and forgetfulness Sense of alienation and loss; depression

Death / decay (LSD made from ergot alkaloids

Morning glory (Convolvulus duartinus)

Morning glory seeds contain the alkaloid compound ergine, also known as D-lysergic acid amide (LSA).LSA has a similar chemical structure to lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and produces hallucinogenic effects

Exaltation of fancies; life experiences seem to be ineffable

Withdrawal from reality: desire for protection from that intensity (e.g., autism)

Delusion alone in the world; forsaken Dreams flying; floating; flying along lighted street; ghost, and then waking with a start (retreat from “color” to “black and white”)

Concentration difficult; vacant feeling

Heedless, careless, indifference, apathy; too little self-aware

Numbness of the entire body

Moonflower (Ipomoea alba)


Anhalonium (peyote)

Sees, hears, feels beauty; time is suspended; feeling of oneness with God, of immortality

Disorientation; confusion of / loss of identity; dissociation/separation from or self-identification with environment (shrinking vs. expansion)

Shrinking: Retreat from objective reality into an inner life so rich and so varied the other world has lost its meaning; visual hallucinations overpower all mental functions; weakness / complete absence of will and initiative

Expansion: Sensitive, oversensitive; loss of boundaries between themselves and the outer world; delusion body is dissolving; loss of adaptability

Numbness, formication and anesthesia of tongue and extremities


Sense of unreality; contentedly abstracted; spiritual pride; clairvoyance, clairaudience; telepathy which may be illusory

Loss of purpose; sense of uselessness and inability to find one’s path, sense of having been derailed

Deep and unrelieved grief; desperate and acute anxiety; prolonged anguish and fear which has heightened every sense

Unmitigated misery; mood swings between rage and wellbeing; irritable and negative; forgotten memories Sense of being oppressed by familial ties or ancestral energy

Tiredness, exhaustion, debility; detachment; poor memory, muscle soreness and weakness; heightened sensitivity vs. numbness and general malaise; after injuries in which the person has sustained potentially chronic damage due to a twist pattern being established in their musculoskeletal structure.

During a candid sit-down conversation with David Letterman on the former late-night host’s Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” — which was taped months before the viral slap — Smith recalled a premonition of the sort that he experienced while under what he claims was from the effects of ayahuasca — a psychoactive herbal drink that reportedly holds some hallucinogenic properties.

“Once you drink it, you’re going to see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself,” Smith explained to Letterman, adding, “One of the experiences was the individual most hellish psychological experience of my life.”

I started seeing all of my money flying away, and my house is flying away, and my career is going away, and I’m trying to grab for my money, and my career and my whole life is getting destroyed. This is my fear, and I’m in there, but I’m going to vomit,” he recalled. “I hear a voice saying, ‘This is what the f— it is, this is what the f— it is.’ And I’m going, ‘Oh s—, and I fear Willow screaming, ‘Daddy, help me, daddy, how come you won’t help me?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t see you, baby.’”

Smith continued, “I stopped caring about my house, I stopped caring about my career, and I get to the point where I settled down, and the voice is still at 100%; I still hear Willow screaming, my money is still flying away, but I’m…totally calm, even though there’s hell going on in my mind.”

Through the experience, the actor said, “I realized that anything that happens in my life, I can handle it. I can handle any person I lose, I can handle anything that goes wrong in my life, I can handle anything in my marriage, I can handle anything that this life has to offer. That’s part of the psychological training that happens in ayahuasca.”

The main takeaway for Smith was that “99% of your pain and your misery is self-generated; it’s not real.” He added, “I developed a trust and a love for me that I never had. I trust me to be okay, no matter what happens.”

Nabalus Serpentaria

‘… split between two worlds: the real and the unreal … inhabiting the world of elemental spirits, fairies, gnomes and elves, a world which only reveals itself, so the story goes, to children and the pure of heart …

… Most drug remedies do live in or visit another world, but they do not feel pain about the fact that their special world is unrecognized or denied by others…Nabalus is unique in that the individual needs others to recognize their perception and participation in that other world.’


Salvia divinorum (not proven)

Used by Mazatec natives (Sierra Mazateca area in Mexico) in shamanic rituals

Short-lived, intense hallucinations

Strong dissociative properties; sense of disownership of the body; changes in felt sense of gravity

Sassafras (not proven)

Safrole oil from the Sassafras tree can be used to synthesize MDMA, aka ecstasy or molly

General Themes and Case-Taking With Drug Remedies

Speed up / Flame out:

Thea, Coffea, Piper methysticum, Coca, Ephedra

Slow down / Numb out:

Alcoholus, Tabacum, Cannabis, Nux moschata, Oxytropis Papaver somniferum (Opium,) Morphinum, Heroin

Go somewhere else / Fly out:

Fungi sensations, themes

Bovista, Agaricus, Psilocybe

LSD, Convolvulus duartinus (Morning Glory,) Moonflower (Ipomoea alba,)

Anhalonium (Peyote,) Ayahuasca

Nabalus Serpentaria

Salvia divinorum; Sassafras

About the author

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David Johnson, CCH, RSHom(NA) is a homeopath residing in the southern Wisconsin area of the US. He is the author of “Radiance, Resonance and Healing: The Homeopathic Periodic Table” (Emryss Publishing) which is based on his 20 years of experience of matching the theoretical schema of Series and Stages with the words of clients. His email is [email protected]

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