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Nux vomica: The Pre-eminent Remedy for Modern Day Life

Shirley and Elaine chat about Nux vomica, with a little help from their friends.

The following is taken from a Forum chat that Elaine, Barb, Lousie and Shirley had on Nux Vomica.

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Shirley Reischman

     Shirley Reischman



Elaine: By the way, Shirley, why don’t you tell our friends what you explained to us last night about Nux vomica?

Nux vomica 30  Shirley: Oh, you mean that you can pop ’em like Valium?  Yeah, it’s a great remedy for STRESS and overdoing things, insomnia and general calming of the nervous system.  Just like Nat-mur is the constitutional remedy of the British (stiff upper lip and all that rot), Nux vomica is the constitutional remedy of the U.S.

Everyone should keep a bottle of Nux vomica 30C at home, in the car, at work, in your purse, and anywhere else you can think of.  I tell newbies that if they can only buy one remedy, make it Nux vomica.  While our injury remedy, Arnica, seems to be more popular, how many times are you going to injure yourself compared to the number of times you’re going to feel stressed?  Nux vomica is a lot more useful.

Louise: So, I wonder if Canadians could also use Nux vomica for stress and the fast paced life?  Would taking it interfere with a constitutional remedy you are being treated with?  I wonder if it would calm my easily agitated son when he gets overwrought.

Shirley: First of all, yes, it will definitely antidote any other remedy.

Some examples of situations where it is a good choice:

1) You’re on your way to an important meeting and you get stuck in traffic. 

road rage

If you’re a yogi, you’re calm and accepting.  If you’re not, take Nux vomica.

2) You’ve had a rough day and you feel too tense to fall asleep that night.


3) You’re traveling on business and working long hours and eating too much restaurant food.


4) You stayed up too late watching TV the night before and now you’re having trouble getting going in the morning. Arnica could also help.  I tell people if they stayed up late doing a bad thing, take Nux vomica; if they stayed up late doing a good thing, take Arnica.

5) You just got home from work, the kids are squabbling, you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer, and hubby calls saying that he’s bringing an out-of-town guest home for dinner.

6) Your college student calls.  He was on his way home for the weekend with his laundry and his car broke down – 150 miles from school and 150 miles from home. You were planning on a relaxing weekend with hubby and now you have to drive three hours to pick him up, three hours to bring him back and then figure out what to do about his car and how he’s going to get back to school.


7) You just had an argument with your hubby.  Your shoulders are in spasm and your tummy is doing flip flops.

There are many, many more situations, but I think you get the picture.

Barb: How about – the kids are constantly bickering and your new dog has started barking and growling at strangers and hubby is having lots of strangers over for a recording session in the basement and needs things to be quiet and every time the dog hears the drums he goes nuts and your youngest daughter is doing headstands on the couch and you told her to stop 30 times and she won’t and you can’t find an important phone number you are looking for and you have laundry to do and puppy decided that since it is raining he should just poop and pee on the carpet so he won’t get his paws wet.  Sigh.

Shirley: Running away from home would probably work better,

but Nux vomica is worth a try.  Give a dose to everyone, including each of the band members and the dog.

Barb: Running away from home… there’s an idea.

Elaine: Yeah, even I can see that you’re having a Nux vomica moment; but, Shirley, why everyone in the house?

Shirley: Why everyone in the house you ask?

1. The kids are constantly bickering = irritability

2. The dog has started barking and growling at strangers = aggressive

3. Hubby is having lots of strangers over for a recording session in the basement

garage band

and needs things to be quiet = having trouble going with the flow – or maybe stupidity (not a Nux vomica rubric) thinking he can do a recording session with a house full of kids and a dog.  I’m thinking more of everyone’s mood when they discover that quiet just ain’t gonna happen!

4. Every time the dog hears the drums he goes nuts = sensitive nervous system.

5. My youngest daughter is doing headstands on the couch and I told her to stop 30 times and she won’t = hyper

6. You can’t find an important phone number you are looking for and you have laundry to do = harried and stressed

7. The puppy decided that since it’s raining he should just poop and pee on the carpet so he won’t get his paws wet = worse from getting feet wet!  So there you have it!  Nux vomica, the pre-eminent remedy for modern day life!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Will Nux Vomica help in diabetic patients with Erectile Dysfunction and so
    impotent.Patients need a strong and steady intercourse lasting for sometime
    stipulated by the nature ? Please answer.
    Thank you.

    • Homeopathy is always prescribed based on the totality of the patients symptoms. If Nux-v fits the person, then it will help. If it doesn’t fit the person, it won’t. You need to take the full case to determine the remedy. There are no easy ways out. Homeopathy cannot be prescribed allopathically and expect to get good results.

  • Excellent details on Nux Shirley, am currently having hypertension n have nervous temperament ….not getting sufficient sleep and generally sleep as soon as i get into bed but get up arnd 2-3 that sleep is not sound …will Nux help n in what potency/frequency …?

  • Dear Shirley

    Nice description and wonderful explnation.I am using this NUX VOMICA 30 with excellent results on my knees.At night i was not able to stretch but now i can easilt stretch….i was having permanent pain in my knees but now i can walk fast ( not run but i m trying :::))) ) You can add this to wonderful NUX VOMICA.I m frm PAKISTAN and living in same office life.Yeah it gives sound sleep as well .THANKS DR.SHIRELY ;;))) for wonderful blog on NUX VOMICA.


  • For ur kind information, NUX is also used the other way round i.e for the sedentary life!—-students or office workers who sit too much needs nux frequently.

  • How would I take NUX for insomnia – I wake EVERY morning at 3am- can’t easily (sometimes never) get back to sleep- but have to be up at 6 for work 🙁

  • You might want to simply google Nux vomica and the name of your city, or the name of your city or larger community or country and Nux vomica. Actually, by all rights, you should have a 30C Emergency Kit at home so you can handle problems like this as they arise. Any Emergency Kit would contain Nux vomica.

  • nux is limited to spinal irritation excessive not balanced countered by parasympathetic cranial nerves.indian ayurveds use aswagandha as stress relief medicine.nux homeopathy is best for calming 1st 2nd chakra indian yogis believe lumbar region there is coiled serpent which irritates you and interfers in meditation of mind.david lilley homeopath sadhu types have best explained 7 chakra unless there is total balancing alone nux may be palliative only.

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