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Our Beloved Homeopathy comes from the past and gloriously continues into the future, becoming the Medicina Futura for all humankind! THE ART OF HOMEOPATHY COMING FROM ANCIENT HELLAS (GREECE).

The word HOMEOPATHY is Hellenic (Greek), comes from 2 words.
HOMEO = Is the Greek Omoios which means Similar
PATHY = Pathos which means Suffering.
Pathos has also other meanings in the Greek Language.
The Greek word “pathisi” comes from the same root, “pathisi” is disease.
In Greek Language, one word can have many meanings.
Pathos also has meanings, suffering, ardour, fervour, mania, obsession, emotion, feeling, animosity, blood, passion, illness.

Hippocrates the father of Medicine (460-370 B.C.), was the first Homeopath. In the mystic tradition of Greece the Law of Similars was known and taught in the mystic schools of Greece like the Pythagorean School. Hippocrates had a Pythagorean Teacher.

There is a very famous Greek quote that comes from Hippocrates: “Omoia Omoiois Eisin Iamata” which could be translated “Similars cure Similars”. Hippocrates followed the belief that disease resulted from an imbalance of the four bodily humours and the influence of outside forces, he believed that the goal of medicine should be to build the patient’s strength. Hippocrates probably had an inkling of Mendelian and genomic factors in heredity, because he noted not only many of the signs of disease but also that symptoms could appear throughout a family or a community, or even over successive generations.

In ancient Greek philosophy, the four humours (blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile) were linked with disease. The four humors correspond to the four elements of nature, the four seasons and the four basic temperaments. The sanguine buoyant type, which is a combination of fire and water, corresponds to spring. The phlegmatic, sluggish type, a combination of water and air, corresponds to winter. The choleric, quick-tempered type, a combination of earth and fire, corresponds to summer. And the melancholic dejected type, a combination of earth and air, corresponds to autumn

The element of earth is connected with the senses.
The element of water is connected with the feelings.
The element of air is connected with the mind.
The element of fire is connected with the knowledge.

The vow of Pythagoreans.

Numerology is a sacred science in Greece, the number 4 is connected with the “Tetraktys” according to the vow of the pythagoreans it is the external recognition of the 4 elements that come from Eternal Nature, but also the internal attunement with the one and only psychic substance and Unity. The nature of the number 4 composes in unity 4 different types, beings, ideas, attributes, situations that all together working harmoniously display the concept of the visible and invisible world. The vow is the base that the whole world is built upon. Without the knowledge of the 4 elements we cannot understand the world, we cannot understand the miracle of the Ancient Greek Civilization, we cannot understand Homeopathy.

The application to Homeopathy of this “tetraktys” (tetraktys could be translated like “four rays”) could enlighten the reason of disease in man. The separation from Unity, the “fall” of Christian tradition is the beginning of dis-ease, the Psoric Miasm (all else Miasms follow Psora) that penetrates human kind. After that, the disruption of the elements follows in the human body, first seen in the mind symptoms of the patient. We as Homeopaths are not only doctors of a human body but of the SOUL. Homeopathy is a sacred science, leading man to freedom from disease and uniting him with the Eternal Self.

In ancient Greece the Homeopathic Law was known and the mystics of those times created systems and applied the Law to the masses in the ancient theater of Epidaurus which is the most perfect theater not only in Greece but in the whole world. Is it by chance the perfection of audibility in this sacred place?

The first subconscious mass “Purification” of the people was made with Homeopathy in all the big theaters of Greece. Because “Purification” is not only the happenings to the actors on the stage but mainly the imprint of the play in the soul of the spectators.

Through sym+pathy (similar pathos, similar sufferings) the spectators feel remorse for the actors on the stage but also they think that similar things may happen to them, in other instances according with the play, many spectators experience healing during the play, because the Law of Homeopathy is in action here. Seeing similar sufferings or joys the spectators heal themselves.

The wife of Dr. Constantine Hering, one of the Fathers of Homeopathy, died before him. Hering was so dedicated to Homeopathy that he didn’t pay much attention to his wife. When she died Hering felt such remorse that he got depression, nothing could help him. Then by chance, one friend of his invited him to attend a theatric play. Without Hering knowing what it was about he went to attend the play. The story was of a man that didn’t pay attention to his wife because of his job, then she suddenly died and the man fell into a deep depression. When Hering saw that, he was moved so much that he was cured of his depression.

Our Beloved Homeopathy comes from the past and gloriously continues into the future, becoming the Medicina Futura for all humankind!

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