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A Research Survey on Potency Simulators

A Research Survey on Potency Simulators

Although we as practitioners and students of homoeopathy know of it’s efficacy, controversy amongst the wider scientific community still rages. This is especially true regarding the more unusual aspects of our modality, such as the use of potency simulators by some practitioners – also a controversial issue within the homoeopathic community. I felt this would be a fascinating aspect of homoeopathy to research for my final year bachelor article.

While I have witnessed positive remedy reactions from patients who take potency simulated remedies, in one instance a second dose of the same remedy 3-4 months later did not appear to exert any effect. Of course we may argue for the case of accidental anti-doting, or simply the patient required a higher potency after the positive effects of the first dose, however these answers did not sufficiently quell my curiosity. Thus I have decided to study the growth rate of plants treated with remedies produced by the potency simulator as a means of assessing their short and medium term effectiveness.

I plan to measure the effects of the potency simulator produced remedy against an equivalent hand succussed remedy, and the possible capacity for degeneration and resulting loss of effectiveness of both these two methods of remedy preparation over a 6 month period. The results will be available by November 2008.

I am interested in comparing the results of the experiment with pracitioners’ own experiences in their clinics using remedies prepared in a potency simulator, and I have prepared a short questionnaire below regarding this. If you would like to participate, please cut and paste the questionnaire into an email addressed to myself at [email protected] with your responses.

All respondents identities will be kept confidential.

You participation in this is greatly appreciated! Thank You.


A. Do you use a potency simulator in your practice? (if no, go to question F)

B. If so, in what instances and why do you use the simulator? eg for all your dispensing or only when the required remedy in hand succussed form is unavailable to you i.e. purely as a “Plan B”?

C. If you use the simulator purely as a “Plan B”, why is this? what is your attitude towards this method of remedy preparation?

D. In comparison to hand succussed remedies, do you find a difference in the frequency of remedy reaction of your patients to these 2 methods of remedy preparation?

E. Do you find any variability between the effectiveness of hand succussed and potency simulated remedies over time, eg after 6 months, 1 year, 2 years of storage?

F. If you do not use a potency simulator, why is this? What are your attitudes towards this method of remedy preparation?

Any other comments regarding this method of remedy prepartation?

Any other comments regarding this method of remedy prepartation?
Thank you for your time in taking part.

Please cut and paste the questionnaire into an email addressed to [email protected] with your responses.

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