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Emotions ↔Cancer Nexus from Homoeopathic Perspective

Emotions ↔Cancer Nexus from Homoeopathic Perspective

Dr. Sujata Naik presents an observational study of the emotion cancer nexus from a homeopathic perspective. Lacking characteristic symptoms, it is suggested that predisposing personality traits and precipitating emotions be included in repertorization to find the simillimum.


This article is based on a retrospective observational study conducted across our clinics in Mumbai. 93 patients with a history of malignancy were earmarked and data regarding their premalignant state was recorded with special stress placed on constitutional characteristics, the personality traits, mental state and emotional triggers that could have been the precursors to the pathology.

Common Personality Traits observed in the documented Ca cases:

  • Fastidiousness – obsessiveness
  • Inflexibility
  • Censorious
  • Conscientious
  • Authoritarian
  • Melancholic
  • Poor self-esteem

Unresolved Emotions acting as precursors to cancer:

  • Unresolved emotions are those emotions which are beyond control of the person and are very strong, persistent and constitutional in nature.
  • Emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, grief, fear, humiliation, guilt have been observed to be some of the trigger emotions.
  • Persistence of any of these emotions acts as a chronic stressor which may eventually lead to cancer.

How Emotional Stress Causes Malignant Changes At The Cellular Level

Emotions ↔Cancer Nexus from Homoeopathic Perspective 1

Homoeopathic Approach in Cancer:

  • Cancer is a disease which is highly complex involving deep pathology. Therefore, symptoms elicited are generally related to the disease pathology and are rarely characteristic. Here, one can use the Hahnemannian approach of one-sided diseases.
  • Devise a common totality of the particular type of cancer regarding sphere of action and symptoms related to the organ involved.
  • Consider the predisposing personality traits along with common totality.
  • Add to it the predominant and precipitating emotion.
  • Select the rubric/s which include/s the above two characteristics (the pre-disposing personality trait and precipitating emotion).
  • Repertorize


Case 1 A case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Nasopharynx with local metastasis:

  • A 47 years old female patient presents with recurrent complaint of cold with stuffiness of the nose and with 2 episodes of epistaxis in past 1 month along with right sub-mandibular swelling since 1 month.
  • On examination: Lump is hard, fixed about 2.5cms in diameter. Patient is referred to an ENT Surgeon for further investigations and diagnosis.
  • This was done and excision biopsy revealed cancer of naso-pharynx.

Clinical History of the Patient

  • Patient is pre-menopausal, non-diabetic, non-hypertensive.
  • Patient is known case of Hypothyroidism and is under treatment (Tab Eltroxin 100mcg) for last 10 years.
  • No past history of major illness

Life Situation of the Patient:

  • Patient married since 18 years, widowed since 6 years
  • Husband died tragically in drowning accident
  • Has two children- 16 year old son and 12 year old adopted daughter
  • Her mother-in-law and unmarried brother-in-law have been staying with them since her marriage.
  • Trouble starts when brother-in-law announces his marriage.
  • Vacillates between intense hatred for her brother-in-law’s wife and a deep sense of guilt about the way she feels.

Evolution of Disease:

Emotions ↔Cancer Nexus from Homoeopathic Perspective 2

Predisposing Personality Traits:

  • Melancholy
  • Reserved – Suppressed Emotions

Precipitating Emotions:

  • Intense Anger
  • Hatred and Revenge
  • Guilt

Repertorisation- CA-Nasopharnyx

Symptoms Covered978677776876677
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Cancer, general, (see Tumors): 123343222112211
[Boenning ] [Nose]Internal:Posteriorly, naso-pharynx: 302303014104000
[Boericke ] [Nose]Stoppage, stuffiness: 232322300323003
[Murphy ] [Nose]Bleeding, nosebleed, epistaxis: 213222333312323
[Murphy ] [Throat]Sore, pain, throat, bruised, (see Inflammation, Pain, throat): 103322333211211
[Boenning ] [Aggravation and Amelioration]Emotions:Anger, vexation, etc.:Silent grief, suppressed etc., with agg.: 230420000000031
[Murphy ] [Mind]Remorse, feelings, regret, (see Guilt): 441022211130122
[Murphy ] [Mind]Guilt, feelings: 441032122232322
[Murphy ] [Mind]Hatred, feelings, (see Malicious):Revenge, hatred and: 323000130130320


  • Indicated Remedy:Natrum Mur 30 C

Case 2

A case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Esophagus:

A 83 years old male patient known case of CA-oesophagus moderately differentiated SCC.

Complaint started in Jan 2015 with loss of voice and difficulty in swallowing. 25 cycles of radiation taken.

Now, complaints of difficulty in swallowing.

Abdomen feels full – Gases+. Indigestion. Constipation.

Has lost weight.

Bronchitis << summer.

Life History of the Patient:

  • Patient was a renowned filmmaker.
  • Made films with a social purpose, very popular and huge hits at that time.
  • Never compromised on his principles, refused to give in to the trend of adding sex and violence for the purpose of commercial success.
  • Faced major setback 30 years ago, when his films started flopping.
  • Patient suffered severe mental depression following this.
  • Then began a series of ailments finally culminating in cancer.

Evolution of Disease:

  • DM almost since 30 years
  • Fungal infection 20 years back on neck and chest
  • Gangrene in 2002 -right foot-3 toes amputated
  • HTN since 10 years
  • Pacemaker since 2014
  • Cancer esophagus 2015

Predisposing Personality Traits:

  • Fastidious
  • Inflexibility: Aversion change to
  • Censorious
  • Conscientious about trifles

Persistent emotion: Chronic grief.

Symptoms Covered1069999899877887
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Cancer, general, (see Tumors):441312343302212
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Esophagus, cancer:220200021000000
[Murphy ] [Throat]Pain, throat:Swallowing, on:312212312312213
[Murphy ] [Generals]Burning, pain:Internally:403223323212332
[Murphy ] [Throat]Swallowing, general:Difficult:203211321223112
[Murphy ] [Throat]Spasms, throat, (see Choking, Constriction):102112122133210
[Murphy ] [Stomach]Burning, pain, (see Heartburn):Esophagus:201011212100000
[Murphy ] [Mind]Fastidious:442231011020231
[Murphy ] [Mind]Conscientious, about trifles:442333100232121
[Murphy ] [Mind]Grief, sorrow, general:242142111242234


  • Indicated Remedy:Arsenicum Album 30C.

Case 3:

A Case of Adenocarcinoma –Jejunum:

  • A 30 year female patient had history of recurrent episodes of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting with dark stools for past six months. Temporary relief with Antibiotics/Antihelmenthics/Antiprotozoals
  • History of reduced appetite with gradual weight loss since 3 months.
  • P/H of episodes of frequent boils on the body some of them turning into major abscesses requiring I&D.
  • Examined by a general surgeon. Advised CT Scan. Revealed scattered mesenteric lymph nodes. Underwent an exploratory laparotomy on suspicion of Koch’s Abdomen.
  • During surgery, a mass measuring 3.5 cms discovered stuck to the jejunum and was excised.
  • Histopathology report confirmed Ca Jejunum.

Life History:

  • Patient is married since 1 year and working in an IT firm since 2 years.
  • Changed job six months ago.
  • Patient expected a promotion after her appraisals.
  • Experienced shock and humiliation when her junior colleague(her best friend) got the promotion instead of her.
  • This lead to friends turning into professional rivals.
  • Patient became jealous of her friend.
  • Patient suppressed her emotions outwardly exhibiting the same behavior with her friend, all the while harboring intense jealousy and animosity towards her.

Evolution of Disease:

  • After the incident in office, patient started getting abscesses in gluteal region which spread to other parts of the body.
  • She was treated with antibiotics like Cephalosporins, Amoxycyllin and Sulfamethoxazole
  • Following this, patient started developing non-specific abdominal complaints.
  • Loss of appetite and gradual weight loss noted.
  • Provisional diagnosis was Intestinal Koch’s.
  • On exploratory laparotomy, an undifferentiated mass was noted in jejunum which turned out to be adenocarcinoma.

Personality trait:

  • Conscientiousness – obsessiveness

Precipitating Emotions:

  • Jealousy
  • Humiliation
Repertorisation- Ca- Jejunum
Symptoms Covered998887776677657
[Murphy ] [Cancer]Cancer, general, (see Tumors):141232320011241
[Murphy ] [Abdomen]Pain, abdomen:233112324342303
[Murphy ] [Stomach]NAUSEA, general:433221233423213
[Murphy ] [Stomach]Vomiting, general:433223333412332
[Murphy ] [Stool]Dark, stools:221212121210200
[Murphy ] [Mind]Jealousy, general:332423011111021
[Murphy ] [Children]Jealousy, ailments from:313212200000000
[Murphy ] [Mind]Jealousy, general:Women, between:210000000002001
[Murphy ] [Mind]Humiliation, mortification, (see Abused):Ailments, from:222230123143242


  • Indicated Remedy:Nux Vomica 30C


  • Intense, persistent negative emotions are malignant emotions, which may corrode the constitution when unresolved and may result in physical malignancy.
  • Study of the emotion↔ cancer nexus may help the homoeopath to nip the malignancy in its bud. Further, the simillimum given in timely manner can help the cancer patient through with minimum suffering.
  • Observational studies on a larger scale are required to extrapolate and confirm this theory.


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