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Homeopathy: Economical and Effective

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The European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products reports on a study which found homeopathy both economical and effective.

European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products

Securvita, a German health Insurance company, has released an analysis of data from its policy holders that shows that those who receive homeopathic care are significantly better off and need fewer conventional medicines than those who receive ordinary conventional care without homeopathic treatment.

The new study, ‘Studie zur Homöopathie: Wirtschaftlich und Wirksam’ (Economical and Effective), compares the data of nearly 16,000 Securvita policy holders who have been regularly treated by homeopathic health insurance physicians for at least three years with an equally large control group that has received ordinary conventional care without homeopathic treatment.

It shows the real life benefits and improvements of homeopathic treatment, documented in the insurance data over several years. This applies to both children and adults, suffering from a wide range of conditions.

The effectiveness of medical homeopathic treatments is demonstrated through a number of measures, such as the lower consumption of strong drugs, a reduction in the number of days off work, fewer hospital admissions and shorter hospital stays.

Specifically, the study shows a reduction in the use of antibiotics in children treated by homeopathic doctors compared to those in the ‘conventional medicine’ group. This reduction continues over the three year study period, with the number of antibiotic treatments declining by 17% in the homeopathy group while it went up by 74% in the comparison group.

It also shows large differences in the care of patients with depression, cancer and multiple serious illnesses — cancer patients in the homeopathy programme required antidepressants less frequently than in the comparison group; the need for painkillers decreased amongst cancer patients and those with multiple illnesses during homeopathic treatment, while it rose in the control group.

Small children experienced a reduction in allergies, neurodermatitis and asthma with homeopathic treatment, compared to increased frequency in the control group. The number of hospital admissions for adults suffering from depression dropped by 10% under homeopathic treatment compared to a 33% increase in the control group, while the number of days off work for those with depression reduced by 17% with homeopathic treatment compared to an increase of 17% in the control group over the 3-year period.

Securvita is one of Germany’s leading health insurance companies and promotes itself as a ‘pioneer of naturopathy, provider of modern medicine and driver of prevention services.’ It has been voted Germany’s best health insurance company (2012-2020). Board member Götz Hachtmann says of the study that it “…is strong evidence that homeopathy deserves an appropriate place in health care.”

The study was conducted by the Leipzig Health Forum, an independent analytical institute specialising in health services research. The basis for the data collection was a contract between the health insurance company Securvita and the National Association of Legal Health Insurance Physicians (KBV). Compulsory health insurance physicians with additional homeopathic qualifications have been treating Securvita policy holders since 2009 and offer them in-depth medical history discussions, homeopathic counselling and therapeutic support.

This study confirms that medical treatment with homeopathy is an important and effective addition to conventional medicine. In daily care, homeopathy shows a clear positive therapeutic effect and a better cost-benefit ratio for selected diseases than purely conventional therapies.

SOURCE: European Coalition on Homeopathic & Anthroposophic Medicinal Products

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