Dr. Raino discusses the field of Hydrobiotronics in which, it is possible to pick up a signal directly from a patient and give him back the same signal (after adequate amplification) to produce a valid homeopathic therapeutic action.

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A homeopathic remedy triggers in a healthy person (during a proving) and eliminates in the ill person the same symptomatology. Therefore symptoms are at the center of a possible oscillation between health and illness. The patient corresponds to the same energy frequency as the correct remedy which is capable of healing him. With my new device, it is possible to pick up a signal directly from a patient and give him back the same signal (after adequate amplification) to produce a valid homeopathic therapeutic action.


An automatic sequence of steps for preparing a homeopathic remedy, based on a new continuous dilution system, patented by the author, was realized. It permits one to automatically achieve the correct remedy and also confirms the mechanism of homeopathic remedies.

Other clinical homeopathic elements were clarified, confirming that the homeopathic theory is correct and that quantum physics is the future of Homeopathy.


A special sensor was used to gather information from different sources, including : the third eye point on the forehead, a homeopathic remedy (liquid) and a pharmacologic substance. In the first case, a signal was picked up from a subject and its frequency imprinted on a virgin sugar granule. This granule was then taken under the tongue for therapy. In the second case, the frequency of an ordinary remedy was imprinted on a virgin granule and used both to treat a sick person and induce a proving in a healthy person.

In the third case a signal was taken from a chemical substance and used to stimulate healthy subjects into producing a modulatory response.


The sources used for the signal uptake allowed for different kinds of effects:

  1. A rapid resolution of acute symptoms.
  2. A deep therapeutic action by repeated use of the prepared granules in chronic cases, with an initial return of symptoms related to previous periods of life – typical during well managed homeopathic therapy.
  3. A transfer of the specific action from a source remedy onto virgin granules which were then able to induce symptoms in subjects.

Functional modifications were induced from granules imprinted from a drug and from a “donor”.

There is evidence of an intelligent discretion in response to a drug beyond the specific effects of the drug, and of the ability to transfer information of all kinds.


It was possible to pick up a signal directly from a patient in order to give him back the same signal (after adequate amplification), providing a valid therapeutic action.25 It was possible to accomplish an automatic homeopathic diagnosis and therapy, probably based on biophotonics, according to the theories of quantum physics (as the studies of Fritz-Albert Popp and other authors seem to demonstrate.) The results allow us to understand that homeopathic principles work in a manner different from pharmacologic mechanisms.

A therapy based on signals, being an extraordinary leap in the water’s memory concept for the future of Homeopathy.


For readers not yet familiar with the findings of Prof. Popp and others, it is useful to summarize the connections between homeopathy and quantum physics. It is clear that there exists an ultra weak emission of light from living cells and this peculiarity permits communication among them.

In a biological system, water is the common matrix that allows for   vibrations, both of electromagnetic or other kinds, to be used by cells as a common language for recognizing signals and giving coherent answers. This is based on resonance theory.  The theory of “water’s memory” is the basis for the possibility of transmission from one subject to another.

One of the strongest arguments against homeopathic medicine is the extreme difficulty in proving the action of a remedy with objective tools. The allopathic perspective maintains that only a drug can give a precise action on precise biological receptors and that this action is local.  The homeopathic perspective, on the other hand, is that the action of a remedy occurs on the totality of an organism, considered as a global vibrational entity.

Clearly, in the first case, a steric complementarity with activation of chemical mechanisms is involved. In the second model, the mediation of the effect is physical and explainable with arguments relating to the field theory. Many studies show the presence of an electromagnetic energy field around and within the body of living beings.

These studies clearly explain the value of these fields and their functional importance regarding the transmission of signals of bio-informatic value, not only within the organism, but also between it and the external world .

For example, some points on the skin’s surface demonstrate emission of  higher energy flow than others. This phenomenon is related to studies on the energetic meridians and to the well consolidated techniques of acupuncture.

After a vast review of the literature concerning these topics, it appears  necessary to revise many chapters of Physiology and Pathology in the light of new paradigms that interpret phenomena about transmission within the body beyond the endocrine or nervous, blood and lymphatic systems.

There is a field of physical energies, in many cases recognized as of a luminous nature, that preside over many subtle modulations of life and that permits further explanation of the mysterious phenomena of existence, consciousness (memory and awareness), and the most subtle dimensions of the emotional experience and neurosensorial global perception.

It is not a coincidence that these subjects are currently part of the most advanced studies of quantum physics. The luminous nature of these emissions and their role as bio- information is clearly justified by the measurement of an ultra weak emission of biophotons measurable with very advanced photomultipliers. It is clear that biology needs new methodologies to allow for use of this information in diagnostics as well as therapeutics.

Homeopathic medicine, especially as relates to methods of preparing the remedies, seems to find plausible explanations in theories of quantum physics. The utility of the dilution and dynamization process which is  the basis of remedy synthesis, becomes clearer.

Water is the link between homeopathy and physics. The bipolarity of the H2O molecules, the cooperativity models and intermolecular coherence, and the theory of quantum electrodynamics, are able to establish the importance of hyper-radiance, with a gain of energy of the system and the creation of the “coherence domains”.

Other studies suggest that water molecules may be a valid means to speed up positive charges (protons) within living beings, by accomplishing a fast transmission of pieces of information at the speed of light.

The number of frequencies that can excite the vibrations of water macromolecules and the domains of hyper–radiance, is highly inclusive:

”A domain of coherence of water can assume almost all the frequencies and so it can simulate all the voices”

Homeopathic succussion is probably the most important process in creating energy and promoting the exchange and diffusion of information, related to these mechanisms. The electromagnetic nature of the homeopathic information signal is confirmed by many studies so that, in homeopathic medicine, it is very important to protect the remedies from external magnetic fields that may cause a deleting of their specific characteristics.

Crystals in general, as well as crystals used for electronic memories, the molecular structures of the fluid crystals of water, crystals solidified at low temperatures and the crystals of all ferromagnetic materials, can play a role as a memory matrix and acquire, maintain and transfer pieces of information. Therefore, the luminous emissions of biological systems, called biophotons, may be the means with which it is possible to establish (via water) a connection  between different living beings and with sensitive crystals or sources of information that can regulate functions of any kind.

Materials and  methods

This study is above all a clinical work, and is based on Hydrobiotronics, a new patented invention which makes use of advanced knowledge of homeopathy and quantum physics.

The particular importance of Hydrobiotronics consists in the easier and more  accurate realization of the classical Hahnemannian therapeutics with which it is possible to obtain very deep healing. According to the perspective of homeopathy, the evaluation of therapeutic results is always considered holistically as a comprehensive improvement.  It is also possible to list the nosographic descriptions in Table 1 after extracting them from their allopathic classification.

333 patients were studied (Table 1). The experimental remedies positively influenced the acute ailments as well as the progressive evolution of the ailment, requiring subsequent lesser dosing.

Table 1.

Type of disorder treated with taught granules and number of the cases (total: 333 cases)

Psychic and emotional disorders

anxiety disorders50
obsessive-compulsive disorders14
post-traumatic stress disorders5
panic disorder8
somatization disorder42
irritable bowel syndrome23
migraine and tension headaches7
dissociative identity disorder3
behaviour disorder8


Sleep Disorders

circadian rhythm sleep disorder2
nightmare disorder5


Sexual Disorders

hypoactive sexual desire disorder5
male erectile disorder16
premature ejaculation11


Other disorder

multiple sclerosis3
chronic fatigue syndrome2
pain from acute flogosis15
edema for retention of liquids7

According to the similarity criterion of the homeopathic medicine, and in relation to the principles of bio-resonance, a useful piece of information corresponding to that expressed from a remedy was considered as if it was interpolated between a healthy prover and the corresponding patient.

The concept on which this device is based

Here is an explanation of the philosophy that permitted me to conceive of the device.

A homeopathic remedy triggers in a healthy person (during a proving) and eliminates in the ill person (in the therapy) the same symptomatology.

Healthy subject     <->     Symptoms      <->      Ill

Therefore the symptoms are at the center of a possible oscillation between health and illness.

The patient corresponds to the same energy frequency that the correct remedy, capable of healing him, should exert on a prover. This means that the patient is resonating at a frequency that can be used curatively on himself, as it is the same frequency of the curative remedy.

Prover          <->         Remedy       <->       Patient

With my device, it is possible to pick up a signal directly from a patient and give him back the same signal (after adequate amplification) to produce a valid (homeopathic ) therapeutic action.

The device: (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3.).

Water runs into a closed circuit, in which a pump not only operates as a means of propulsion, but at the same time exerts an intense electromagnetic action, capable of breaking down the water’s three-dimensional structure, considered as a matrix of pre-existing memories, in order to accomplish a magnetic reset. This system provides a means of erasing the acquired electromagnetic memories of water. The particular kind of magnetic field employed in the pump is composed of the one generated by an electric current at 50 Hz which crosses an inductive coil and interacts with that of a rotating magnetic cylinder made of alternated radial sectors (the World Patent also includes other possible embodiments).

Let me explain this concept more fully. Water is a memory matrix, exactly as a hard disk of a computer in which it is possible to record and erase  instructions, thanks to an electromagnetic field which involves the three-dimensional structure of its siliceous layer. Important factors are the speed with which the hard disk is rotating, as well as the frequency resulting from movement of the polarized molecules and the electromagnetic field. Water has a bipolar structure which allows it to be influenced by an electromagnetic field.

It is strange that, nearly always in the literature, the interaction between a magnetic field and water is considered only as an additive effect to the water. An effect of this kind is possible with a static magnetic field.

Fast flowing water in a rapidly alternating magnetic field (which field also rotates in space), responds as if it had no previous energetic imprint and will imprint the first frequency it encounters when the “stress” is finished.

Cyril Smith puts water in an iron box, isolating it from the geomagnetic field, and so erases its memory. He obtains the frequency of plants by bringing a magnet in proximity to a tube of erased water which is next to a leaf. This model evidently considers a polarization of water with respect to external magnetic fields of the earth.

Hydrobiotronics uses an innovative concept for erasing memories of water and places it in an equally new context: the magnetic stress of the water creates a condition of high sensitiveness to new information. According to  experiments that I conducted, this magnetic field hasn’t an additive effect, but rather a subtractive effect.

This fact supports the idea of water’s memory. Cyril Smith explains a similar idea. The water needs to be able to flow and it is not possible to potentise water that is being spun in a centrifuge with a magnetic field applied from outside.

In short, the compartment of the circuit in which the water undergoes   mechanical and electromagnetic stress can function as a point of cancellation of memories.

The memory of water is linked to its three-dimensional structure (a precise order).  It is easier to imprint water once its previous memories have been erased by vigorous animation within a constantly changing field.

The order comes after the end of the “magnetic distraction” and depends on the environment.

FIG2. A subject using the device: Water in the circuit, after having its previous memories (frequencies) erased, reaches a sensor (an enlarged section of the tube) that creates a slower flow and allows the acquisition of the (hypothetically) biophotonic data emanating from the third eye. In the sensor there is a special light that contributes to the exchange of energy between the skin and the water.

FIG. 3 Particular of Hydrobiotronics

Hydrobiotronics was recently presented with success to the world community of theoretical physics and magnetism at Cosmos & Biosphere, in Crimea. (Section related to: “Biological activity of extremely low intensive physical and chemical factors. The water is as the sensor of extremely low intensity influences”).

The strong action of a rotating magnetic field is probably able to disrupt the basic structure of the water, allowing the molecules to redistribute themselves  according to the very next energetic stimulus. In this way, it is possible to realize some “exchange phases” for the transformation among different information levels.

The clinical results are very clear using this method. When we are talking about water’s memory, misunderstandings are possible if the water is not put in an absolutely neutral state (erased of previous frequencies) prior to the experimental manipulation. As matter of fact, in experiments without the application of this kind of magnetic field, it is not possible to have predictable results (including accurate provings with Hydrobiotronics).

The crystal structures of water behave as all crystals. They can exist in resonance with electromagnetic waves which hit them, can preserve their energy configuration with characteristic information and broadcast it to other crystal structures on contact with them. In this area, the studies of Masaru Emoto are very relevant. This is the so called “memory of water”.

A particular advantage of the device for Hydrobiotronics is that there isn’t the interference of electronic systems. The magnetic field collected by the sensor and offered to further levels of processing is quite natural (ultra-weak magnetic field of the body) and this is a very important point concerning resonance therapy. This new device which employs new methodology, affords the perfect application of Hahnemannian therapeutics.

Informatics based on electronics, support memories which use a binary code. However, the binary code permits only the duality “ON-OFF”.  Instead we can imagine a myriad of broadcasting signals much more faithful to the biologic language which is not “forced” to be mediated by electronics, informatics or binary logic.

Because of the extreme avidity of information of water so treated and the unlimited number of frequencies that can excite the vibrations of the water macromolecules, the water is subsequently led through a sensor which is in direct contact with the relevant substrate from which the information is consequently obtained.

Water that has lost its memories behaves as if it is strongly “needy” of whatever instruction! Probably, water already containing information is not able to promptly recognize a new instruction and guarantee a faithful “broadcasting”.

Now let us see the succussion. It is measured with a stroboscopic light, is  adjustable, and according to the time used for the shaking and the speed, it is possible to have different potencies of a remedy.

For example, accomplishing a classic market remedy at a power 30CH Hahnemannian is usually done with a series of 100 succussions in 6 seconds. With Hydrobiotronics, which is a combined method of succussion and  continued  flow, we have the opportunity, during the water flow in the circuit, of modulating the strength and the number of the succussions, and the length of the proceedings (this permits the approximate calculation of the power of a  remedy with which we are working).

In my experience with this device, I used a low speed of succussion for  few seconds to treat physical ailments and a high speed for more time to treat ailments related to the typically mental levels.

When we are acquiring the information for a remedy, the device collects its power, but we can increase this power by working with a longer cycle of Hydrobiotronics.

The water coming rapidly from the sensor is strongly dynamized by an energetic succussion of extraordinary mechanical efficacy and then (in a further portion of the circuit) it flows beside a transparent glass tube containing virgin sugar granules. In this step, a new, lower level of energy, enables an informational flow, probably in the form of biophotons, solitons, or other electromagnetic signals.

A soliton is a self-reinforcing solitary wave (a wave packet or pulse) that maintains its shape while it travels at constant speed. The crystalline structure of a sugar granule is probably a substrate sensitive to this information.

The succussion effected by Hydrobiotronics at its minimum regimen, (measured with a stroboscopic light), allows for imprinting the granules contained in the loading system with a centesimal Hahnemannian scale. According to the time used for the shaking and the speed, it is also possible to have different potencies of a remedy.

The sources used in these experiments for gathering the signal information before proceeding to the last steps include:
– one of the most important points of the body’s skin, the so called third-eye,

on the forehead between the eyes

– a common homeopathic liquid remedy – hydro-alcoholic ;
– a pharmacological substance with well known properties.

The “informed” granules were taken under the tongue by the treated subjects.

Another experimental model (Table 2) was done to study, during a three day experiment, whether it was possible to transfer some individual  psychological patterns from a “donor” – from whom the sensor had got the information – to a group of ten persons in good psycho-physical balance, by repeated use of “informed sugar”  three times  a day.

Also, twenty healthy subjects took some granules every hour to verify if it were possible to have a challenge using granules imprinted from an already constituted remedy as the source of the frequency (Belladonna 30 CH).

Ten other subjects were administered granules imprinted with cigarette smoke, and ten with granules imprinted with Red Bull (an energy drink).

An auto-observation was conducted before, during and after the challenge and used to record the changes by the end of the experiment.

The provers made a written record of their symptoms before, during and after the challenge and recorded the changes at the end of the experiment.

Tabella 2: Other types of  granules used

Type of source used to teach the granulesTarget
un donor10
liquid homeopathic remedy20
pharmacological  substance20

 FIG.4 Crystals of Water

FIG.5 Geometry of water


The use of the granules under the tongue stimulated a quick response in acute diseases and a progressive improvement of total symptoms in those with  chronic problems.

In both these conditions the comprehensive well being was very much improved and, especially in treatments over longer periods, significant changes were very clear.

In 29,4 % (98 cases) of the treated patients included in Table 1, there was an initial return of the previous symptoms, as often occurs during homeopathic therapy after the well selected remedy (simillimum).

These data were easily discernable during the experimentation are really very important as we will better see later in this article. This is significant in relation to the theory of water memory in homeopathy.

The responses of the patients were rapid in all the temporary ailments.

The patients that took the granules three times a day for several days improved their general conditions in a significant way.

In all the cases with more intense ailments, the granules were taken more than once, every ten minutes, until the ailment was overcome.

When the patients received a longer treatment, the sampling of their information was repeated every day and imprinted onto virgin sugar granules.

The follow up presents a picture of an ideal homeopathic treatment carried out correctly.

One indication of well being is increased awareness. During the follow up through the visits, it was noticed that the patients have used many times, in their speeches, particular words and sentences which characterize wellbeing.

Here are some of those expressions: “awareness, new dimension, immensity, freedom, feeling of flying, enlarged vision, harmony with the body, feeling of energy that freely flows in my person, sensation of health and beauty, universal love, freshness, absolute integrity, serenity, feeling of a happy life, peace, absence of worries and of anxiety, courage, feeling of hope, feeling of lightness, children playing with the water, feeling as if one dove into a blue sea, quiet, water, clearness, expansion, universe, origin of life, balance, feeling of being in the maternal uterus, feeling of water that flows, silence, without limits”.

In 10 subjects treated with granules imprinted from a donor there  appeared some extraordinary variations in behaviours and intimate perceptions and thoughts, such that the subjects of the experimentation had difficulty recognizing the changes during the experiment.

Challenges with a signal (frequency imprint) taken from a conventionally produced remedy on 20 healthy subjects have produced a homeopathic pathogenesis rich in symptoms, while some pre-existing symptoms have disappeared (if corresponding to the symptom picture of the remedy used).

Some granules imprinted with a thick aqueous solution of cigarette smoke were able to substitute for cigarettes and helped to decrease the addiction and induce an aversion to smoke in ten experimenters.

Some granules imprinted with an energy drink, Red Bull, were taken by other 10 experimenters.

In this case the challenge provoked an extraordinary reaction that allows us to truly understand the exceptional effect of Hydrobiotronics and invites us to think carefully about the action of homeopathic medicine. At first, the taste of the granules became extremely sweet: the sweet taste of Red Bull is well known. After the use of these granules, a rapid and transitory excitation appeared with a light nervousness, but soon the experimenters showed the following symptoms: a significant fall of blood pressure that brought them to collapse, profound weakness, vertigo and sensation of pins and needles in the arms and tachycardia. These features are exactly the opposite of what we might expect from a normal use of Red Bull.

Taking again the same granules, it was possible to observe: a cold feeling, bouts of sleeping, confusion, a need to escape, an extreme aversion to noises, an increased urine flow, difficulty in keeping the eyes open, boredom, impatience, intolerance to light.

The effects of the experimentation were interrupted by a drink of mint, which is a standard method of antidoting a homeopathic remedy.

It is very interesting that the tiredness of 10 subjects deprived of sleep was quickly overcome by taking the granules imprinted with Red Bull.

As we are going to see, this experimental behaviour is explainable if we think of a therapy based on signals.

Discussion and conclusions

A crucial question in homeopathy is, what does succussion accomplish? 18 In this study the succussion has been clearly linked with clinical evidence.  The information collected by the sensor could not have been collected if the water has not been “reset” (erased) immediately prior to the test.

Misunderstandings about the repeatability of some studies on the memory of water are perhaps explainable by the interference of magnetic mixers used during the experiments. Such interference would produce inconsistent results.

Hydrobiotronics rapidly accomplishes a dynamic sequence so as to maintain  the water in an effective state, without break, with a continuous flow in which the mechanisms for erasing the water, acquisition of a signal, dynamization   and the restitution of a therapeutic signal can occur.

Regarding this type of functioning, the present study can be a milestone.

I believe succussion in Hydrobiotronics creates solitons representative of a specific substrate used to inform the water.11,19,37 The persistence of solitons would provide for long-term memory, which homeopathic medicine require. Solitons have optimal properties as information carriers.

Homeopathy could be explained in terms of the specific remedy modulation bound to the solitons created by succussions that are able to work as  substance-specific information carriers. The mechanism could then be described in terms of the medicines’ resonance absorption of the similar.19

Practically it is already demonstrated that the delayed luminescence signal of high homeopathic potencies in a sucrose globule are measurable by a modified photomultiplier  and the medicine was excited by means of its characteristic resonance frequencies in the MHz region and with visible light.

Water treated with a particular magnetic field can recognize a signal from a substrate, and it is possible to reproduce phenomenologically a kind of  clinical experiment  based on the memory of water. If this were not the case,  it would be impossible to demonstrate the above effects with this device.

Virgin granules are sensitive to instructions which are probably of a luminous nature that pass through transparent surfaces (of the sensor as well as of the pipe containing the sugar granules) and can be influenced with water already “informed” by different substrates. The fast resolution of ailments in so great a number of cases confirms the hypothesis.

The initial aggravation observed in some patients and the return of symptoms clearly confirm that we are in the presence of a homeopathic phenomenon as well as the correctness of the homeopathic clinical theory. Homeopathy is truly the medicine of the memories evoked from matter in particular situations.

Evidently, the signal is an instruction for the organism which uses it in the best way. Healthy subjects react to the Red Bull signal, defending themselves from a pharmacological hyperstimulation that energy drinks provoke. On the hand,  subjects deprived of sleep recognized the signal of Red Bull and reacted by conveniently staying awake.

The dual possibility of reaction reasonably indicates the utility of a therapy based on the signals able to induce a particular homeostasis and invites us to consider with prudence the too easy use of drugs.

Therapeutic effects, quite precise, can be induced with Hydrobiotronics, in line with the principles of homeopathy.  The advantages are many: correct extraction of a remedy, saving of drugs, elimination of toxic effects, absence of side effects, and the possibility to hit the functional ailment with precision, with a signal that evokes a response tailored for the person in that moment.

About the author

Salvatore Raino

Salvatore Raino

Dr. Raino is an MD and specializes in Allergology and Clinical Immunology and Internal Medicine. He holds a degree in Homeopathic Medicine at LUIMO of Naples with a three year Degree in Experimental Methodology, Therapeutics. He also holds a degree of advanced Homeopathic Methodology and Clinical Practice at LUIMO. He has gained knowledge from Alma Rodriguez, Carlo Melodia, Thomas Paschero, Antonio Negro, S. Proceso Ortega, Roger Morrison, Nancy Herrick, George Vithoulkas and Rajan Sankaran.

Dr. Raino has an eclectic approach to science and has familiarity with many disciplines. For several years he has worked with concepts from medicine, electronics, computing, chemistry, physics and bio-energy, developing research and ideas that led to his present inventions.

Dr. Rainò is the author of numerous scientific and popular articles, interviews, speeches in Congress and Conferences of allopathic medicine and homeopathy. He is the author of "Homeopathy "“ heaingl themselves without medicine" (alternative press), which explores the deeper meaning of homeopathy. He also authored Tre sensa sesso una sola persona, an account of the dynamic effects of homeopathy on three people during the course of one year.

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