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AtamA (version 2.1)

AtamA (version 2.1) – Homeopathic Software

AtamA is an entry level homeopathy software from ‘Anahata Software’. It is a standard repertorisation software with limited features. Some of these features are:

  • Basic repertorisation using Kent’s abridged repertory with about 10,000 symptoms.
  • The numerical and totality based results are given with the facility to weigh the symptoms.
  • The materia medica given for reference is Boericke’s abridged materia medica with 100 medicines.
  • Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine is provided as a reference book for philosophy.

AtamA leaves a lots to be desired even as an entry level software. With so many cheap entry level softwares available with lot’s of features, using abridged versions of books is not a good idea. Even Kent’s repertorie’s 6th edition had more than 60,000 rubrics. And now a days when people are going in for new repertories like Synthesis, Combined, Complete, and Murphy’s Repertory with many more rubrics, the abridged version of Kent becomes a limitation.

The same goes for Boericke’s materia medica. The full version has more than 700 medicines and even these do not cover all the new remedies in vogue. So a software with 100 medicines to refer may be useful for students but not for a practicing homeopath.

For more details and recent changes visit the Anahata website.

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