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Homeopathy Tips and important news. This month, tips from J.T. Kent, William Boericke, beehive collapse from pesticides and electromagnetic fields, and more.

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LIGA 2021

The Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) is an international homoeopathic medical society that represents homoeopathic physicians in more than 70 countries.                                                        The LIGA Global Colloquium is being held from Dec 10th – 12th  – 2021      VISIT: 


Little pills for Little Ones” –  An International Conference on the Role of Homeopathy in Pediatric Cases

November 12 – 14, 2021 8:30am – 12pm EST | 2:30pm – 6pm CET | 6pm – 9:30pm IST

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Email[email protected]
Dr Padmakar   (For India)
Dr Soni  (For Other Countries)

Some Tips from Dr. J.T. Kent

Cuprum, Camphor, Veratrum
These three remedies tend downward into collapse and death. Now to repeat: Cuprum for the cases of a convulsive character, Camphor in cases characterized by extreme coldness and more or less dryness, and Veratrum when the copious sweat, vomiting and purging are the features. That is little to remember, but with that you can enter an epidemic of cholera with confidence.

Ammonium Muriaticum
It cures capsular cataract, when the symptoms agree. Yellow spots before the eyes. Burning of the lids and balls in twilight or dim light. Mist before the eyes in a bright light. Sensitive to cold. Many complaints increase while in the open air. Flushes of heat, ending in sweat.

Cactus is also a remedy for hypostatic congestion of the lungs. He cannot lie down, must sit up in bed, and there is a dullness of the lower part of each lung, gradually growing higher and higher from an effusion of serum into the lower portion of the lungs.  This hypostatic congestion is due to a cardiac weakness.

Calcarea carbonica
Calcarea has cured many cases of opacity of the cornea (Bar, iod.). Often when a patient is prescribed for on his general symptoms, such a state of opacity of the cornea will, after a while, begin to pass away. In an old case a cure can never be promised.

In sciatica, where the pain is better from hard pressure and from heat, where it is worse during repose and drives the patient to despair, Colocynth will generally cure.

The mind is full of strange things that have come little by little, and when the family look over the many things that he has done and said they begin to wonder if he is not becoming insane, but he is traveling toward a state of imbecility.

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent, M.D.

Injured by Covid Vaccine in the U.S.?

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Tip from:  Eileen Dannemann – Director, National Coalition of Organized Women
Founder, (archives)

Some Tips from Dr. William Boericke

Ammonium Causticum – (Hydrate of Ammonia — Ammonia Water)
Spasm of the glottis with suffocation: patient gasps for breath.  A powerful cardiac stimulant. As such in syncope, thrombosis, haemorrhage, snake-bites, chloroform narcosis. May be given by inhalation. First to third potency; also five to ten minims, well diluted with water.

Rhododendron  (Snow-rose)
Rheumatism in the hot season. The modality (worse before a storm) is a true guiding symptom. Dread of a storm; particularly afraid of thunder. Breathless and speechless from violent pleuritic pains running down the anterior chest.

Ammoniacum -Dorema  (Gum Ammoniac)
A remedy for the aged and feeble, especially in chronic bronchitis. Ill humor.  Sensitive to cold. Sensation of burning and scratching in neck and oesophagus. Heart beats extends to stomach.

Kali Carbonicum
Never use any Salts of Potash where there is fever (T. F. Allen). Sensitive to every atmospheric change, and intolerance of cold weather. One of the best remedies following labor. Miscarriage, for consequent debilitated states. Early morning aggravation is very characteristic. Never wants to be left alone.

Lac Defloratum (Skimmed Milk)
A remedy for diseases with faulty nutrition; sick headaches, with profuse flow of urine during pain. Car sickness. Constipation. Stools hard, large, with great straining;

Formic Acid
Chronic arthritis of traumatic nature can be cured by formic acid. In general the disappearance of the stiffness of the joint is the first sign of improvement. Then the pain and swelling cease gradually in 1-6 months.

Caution is necessary where skin and intestines do not perform normally. Fear of dogs, animals especially. Desire to use foul language, curse and swear. Averse to meat. In chronic cystitis, brilliant and permanent results. (Dr. Nebel Montreux.)

Eschscholtzia Californica  (California Poppy)
Acts more powerfully than morphine which is contained in the plant. It causes general weakness, torpor, accelerated respiration, complete paralysis of the limbs. Slowing of circulation. A soporific remedy which is harmless. Use the tincture.

The power of Hydrastis over smallpox is seen in modifying the disease, abolishing its distressing symptoms, shortening its course, lessening its danger and greatly mitigating its consequences. (J. J. Garth Wilkinson.)

Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica -William Boericke M.D.

New Study: Pesticides Together with Electromagnetic Fields Can Stress Bees Leading to Colony Collapse Disorder

A 2021 study entitled, “Combined Effects of Pesticides and Electromagnetic-Fields on Honeybees: Multi-Stress Exposure” published in the journal Insects by scientists of the University of Milan Italy, found the combined effects pesticides and non-ionizing electromagnetic fields on bees potentiated disease, higher mortality, behavioral alterations (queen changes, excess of both drone-brood deposition and honey storage) and biochemical anomalies.

One Simple Solution to Methane Pollution

While mad GMO scientists claim they can genetically engineer cows to reduce cattle methane gases by up to 50%, scientists at UC Davis have discovered a natural solution. Researchers added small amounts of seaweed to the diet of 21 beef cattle. Cattle that consumed about 80 grams (3 ounces) of seaweed gained as much weight as their herd mates while burping out a whopping 82% less methane into the atmosphere.
Read more:…/2021-03-seaweed-supplements…

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