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Tips & Secrets – October 2020

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy Tips, Secrets and Important News. Tips on Arum Triphyllum, Bromine in hypertrophy, Bryonia for metastasis of rheumatism to the eyes and much more….

Dr. Manish Bhatia has received the Best Author Award for his books on Organon from the Dr. Mahendra Singh Memorial Trust.


Help Save Homeopathy in the U.S.

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed regulations that would allow them to ban homeopathic remedies. Americans for Homeopathy Choice is asking the FDA to adopt a different regulatory policy that would protect homeopathy in the U.S.

Homeopathy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

A new study found that quality of life improved significantly in the homeopathy group compared with placebo. In addition, survival was significantly longer in the homeopathy group versus placebo and control. This was a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, three-arm, multicenter, phase III study, using homeopathic treatment compared to placebo in patients with stage IV NSCLC.  Announced in the Oncologist, 2020 Oct 3.

(See abstract in this issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.)

How I Came to Practice Homeopathy

Catherine Smith

My father, Dr Geoffrey Douch, trained as a doctor first at UCL, then he studied homeopathy under Marjorie Blackie at The London Homeopathic Hospital. In fact, he is mentioned as one of her most promising students in her biography. After joining the Faculty of Homeopathy, he went on to study Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophical Medicine and was a Medical Advisor at Weleda for many years.

I grew up with homeopathy, though my father kept a foot firmly in both camps, instilling in me an appreciation and respect for the wonders that modern medicine can offer, while always looking for the most holistic route towards health. Homeopathy was used first, backed up with cautious use of the medical route when necessary.

It wasn’t until I had children of my own, that I began to fully appreciate what a special approach to health I had grown up with. As I ventured into parenthood, I began to use homeopathy for my children, and when I suffered with serious health problems after my second child was born, I discovered just how powerful homeopathy can be.

I decided to study homeopathy myself, though initially my father had reservations about my following in his footsteps. He was concerned that without a medical qualification I would not have the depth and breadth of education he felt was needed.

I deliberately chose a course that had a significant proportion of medical education alongside the homeopathy, and now I can understand his concerns. I have always felt the broader my knowledge, the better I can serve my patients.

Now I work both at Helios Pharmacy in Tunbridge Wells, and in my own practice based at home in Forest Row. Despite my father retiring before I qualified, I have even been fortunate enough to inherit some of my father’s ex-patients over the years. And my father, now 88, is still asking me to pick up remedies that he needs from Helios on a regular basis.

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Some Tips from E. A. Farrington, M.D.  (Circa 1897)

Bromine in Cardiac Hypertrophy

Bromine produces a very characteristic picture of uncomplicated  hypertrophy of the heart (muscular enlargement without valvular  lesion).  The patient finds it difficult to exert himself on account of the oppression about the heart.  He has palpitation when he begins to move.  The pulse is full, hard and rather slow. It has  cured many cases of this hypertrophy of the heart.

Arum Triphyllum  – An interesting history

Some twenty-five years ago there appeared an epidemic of scarlet fever, in the course of which nearly every case that was not promptly cured in the beginning died.  The percentage of losses under homoeopathic as well as under other systems of treatment was truly frightful.  The reason for this was, we had no remedy which covered the symptoms of the epidemic.

In a poor family, living in a small street, there were five children sick with this epidemic form of scarlatina.  The physician who was called to attend them, had  lost so many cases under the usual remedies that he thought it useless to have  recourse to these. He thought it better to try something new. Arum triphyllum had been known to produce certain symptoms which led him to the selection of the drug, which he administered in a low potency.  All the cases recovered.  It was afterwards prescribed in other cases during the same epidemic, with marked success.  From that time to this, Arum triphyllum has been looked upon as a valuable drug in the treatment of diphtheria, malignant forms of scarlet fever, and also other fevers having a typhoid form.


The Nux patient is always better after an uninterrupted sleep.  Led by this symptom, Dr. P.  P. Wells cured his friend, Dr.  Dunham, of diphtheria with Nux, a  characteristic symptom  of the case being marked relief from  a nap.


Verbascum is to be thought of as a remedy for catarrhs or colds when they are associated with neuralgia of the face which appears quite periodically, generally twice a day, the same hour.

Plantago  major

Plantago major is to be thought of when earache is associated with toothache.


Bryonia is to be thought of for metastasis of rheumatism to the eyes. The pains are  violent and shoot through the eyeball into the back of the head, or  up toward the vertex.  It is aggravated by any motion of the head or eyes.


Dreams are of the most extravagant character.  He dreams that he is chained to the bed, or that he is swimming a river, or undergoing some such ordeal as makes a great demand on his strength.  He may suffer from nightmare, from which he awakens with a sensation as though the room was insufferably hot, making breathing almost impossible.

Carbo animalis

Carbo animalis is indicated in induration of glands, of the axillary glands and of the glands in the groin, particularly in syphilitic or gonorrhoeal patients.  These buboes are hard like stone.

In eye affections we find Carbo animalis indicated when the patient is far-sighted.  While walking along the street objects seem to him to be far off.  The eyes seem as if they were loose in their sockets.


The patient complains of a disagreeable taste in the mouth in the morning, as though he had been eating eggs.  The patient is worse from all meats. Sweet things nauseate and disgust the patient.


Petroleum is particularly indicated in rheumatism, when the knees are  stiff, this  stiffness being associated with sharp sticking pains in them  and with stiffness of the neck and cracking sounds when moving the head.


Kaolin has been used successfully for membranous croup even when the membrane dips down deep into the trachea.  There is extreme soreness of the chest.   The patient does not want anything to touch him.

Lac defloratum

Lac defloratum has cured intense headache, located principally in the fore-part of the head.  The pains are of a throbbing character, and are associated with nausea, vomiting and the most obstinate constipation and great chilliness

Artemisia vulgaris

Artemisia vulgaris is an excellent remedy in epilepsy, especially when it has been caused by fright or some exciting mental emotion.  The attacks are repeated one after the other, and are followed by profound sleep.

Some Tips from W. A. Dewey M. D


Sabina is a remedy useful to prevent impending abortion occurring about the third month, ushered in by the appearance of blood, then follows pain in the small of the back, going around and through the pubes. The flow is bright red and

Cinnamonum is useful for abortion from a strain or misstep with profuse hemorrhage and slight pain.

Arnica – Threatened miscarriage from traumatism.

Secale – For miscarriage in the early months of pregnancy. Also useful for checking the tendency to miscarriage in the later months. It is indicated by frequent labor like pains, a copious hemorrhage of black fluid blood, a wan sunken countenance, tingling and formication of the extremities and a desire for air.

Viburnum Opulus – Threatening miscarriage when the pains come from the back around to the lower part of the abdomen and go into the thighs. It is a remedy to be used in frequent and early miscarriages.

Sepia is one of our most important remedies as a preventive of miscarriage. It is indicated by nervous irritability, laxness of tissues and a sense of weight in the anus.

Belladonna. Threatened miscarriage with profuse hot hemorrhage, backache, headache and the peculiar uterine tenesmus of the remedy and violent aching of the body. The least jar is painful.

Cimicifuga. One of our most powerful restrainers of abortion. The pains indicating the threatened miscarriage fly across the abdomen from side to side doubling the patient up. It suits habitual abortion in women of a rheumatic diathesis.

Aconite. Impending abortion from anger, also Chamomilla. The mental conditions, however, will be different with Chamomilla; great nervous excitement will accompany the pains.

Caulophyllum is a very useful remedy in false labor pains and also as a preventive of abortion. There is severe pain in the back and sides of the abdomen, feeble uterine contractions and scanty flow.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics -Ed. W. A. Dewey M. D. (1901)

3 Tips from James Tyler Kent


Hallucinations of smell, sight and taste, in the delirious state, after taking cold, or on waking from sleep; wakes up with the delusion. Things taste and smell differently. The senses of taste and touch are exaggerated or perverted.

Cistus Canadensis

All over the body there is a sensation of crawling; formication tingling and creeping like ants, and no eruption. He scratches till the skin is raw trying to get relieved of the itching and prickling.

Cardus Marianus

Taste bitter, insipid, or wanting. Foul tongue. Nausea, and vomiting mucus, then bile. Painful retching, and vomiting sour greenish fluid. Drawing pains from left to right in the stomach. Burning in the stomach. Vomiting blood, very black.  The most important of all the liver symptoms. Dragging pain in right hypochondrium when lying on left side ( Arn., Mag. m., Nat. s. and Ptelea.)

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent, M.D.

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