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Homeopathy tips from Dr. James Compton Burnett and news from India committee to deal with false propaganda against Homeopathy.

Mother jailed for refusing to allow son’s vaccination

Rebecca Bredow, 40, of Ferndale California served five days in the Oakland County Jail for refusing a judge’s order to get her 9 year old son vaccinated. While she was in jail, her son was vaccinated. The judge, Karen McDonald, also ruled that Rebecca Bredow will no longer have primary custody of the boy, but will have joint custody with her ex-husband, James Horne. The ex-husband had insisted that the boy be vaccinated. Prior to being jailed she said: “I would rather sit behind bars standing up for what I believe in, than giving in to something I strongly don’t believe in”.

NHS to Stop Funding Homeopathy

In the UK NHS England is proposing to stop funding prescriptions for  homeopathic and herbal medicines. The British Homeopathic Association is  working with a number of homeopathy and herbal medicine organisations to fight this proposal. We are calling on all supporters of natural health to write to their MP, take part in the NHS England consultation and sign an online parliamentary petition. Details of the campaign can be found at

Homeopathy and Alzheimer’s

Homeopath Peter Chappell who developed successful treatments for AIDS using his homoeopathic resonance remedies, is now focusing on research into remedies for Alzheimer’s and in general, dementia. He’s launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the research. You can help support this project here:

Human Chemistry and Homeopathic Detox Therapy – The Art Of Healing With Hdt – Taught By Homeopath Ton Jansen 
Nottingham, Uk November 3rd – 5th 2017 – Beginners part I -23 – 25 February 2018 – Beginners part II – Contact Roger Savage – [email protected]  or

Some Tips from Dr. James Compton Burnett – 1898


Leucorrhcea is often a manifestation of a tubercular constitution, and when suppressed leads to graver developments of the same diathesis. I always treat leucorrhcea as a disease, though not locally at all, but constitutionally.


“No sooner does night come on than I am a prey to such dreadfully sinful desires that drive me mad” calls for Lueticum. Now are all these sin? I cannot think so. To my mind they are no more sinful than colic or neuralgia. They are just the sufferings of our common humanity.

Bellis Perennis

When given at night, Bellis is very apt to cause the patient to wake up very early in the morning, hence I order it to be taken not too late in the day. I have often cured with it the symptom “wakes up too early in the morning and cannot get off again,” and here the higher dilutions act much more decidedly.


I say that Ringworm and fungi notwithstanding, is dynamically curable by Bacillinum. I cure case after case almost always. I say the same of Vaccinosis and its cure by Thuja and the like in dynamic dose.


After the change of life ladies are not infrequently troubled with inability to hold their water. The causes vary considerably and where the sweat glands are inactive Jaborandi is a good friend.


The indications for Glinicum (Medorrhinum) are: roused in the small hours of the morning by the pain, acidity, coated tongue, filthy taste and breath, uncleanably dirty tongue, weakness, palor, chilliness, worse from cold wet, and moreover it is largely a left-sided remedy.  It wipes out half the cases of sciatica that pass my way. What a record!

Bellis Perennis –Cerebral Stasis

In the giddinesses of elderly people (cerebral stasis) it acts well and does permanent good. Likewise, and particularly in fag from masturbation, in old workmen, labourers, and the overworked and fagged, it is a princely remedy.


The totality-of-the-symptoms principle works exceedingly well, particularly where the pruritus seems to exist by itself without any diagnosable anatomical pathological basis. Taken by itself, the most frequently successful remedy in my hands is Caladium seguinum. It almost always does some good. Sepia comes next, but personally I generally have recourse to nosodes before I can really and radically cure it.

Post-Climacteric Cataract

In spite of jibes and jeers, sneers and snubs from many very superior persons whose world is spectacles, I still maintain that many cases of cataract can be cured by medicines. Cataract in women at and after the change of life is, probably, the least difficult of any to cure with medicines. My plan is to subject patients to a given constitutional course of treatment by high dilutions, and when this seems to have done all that can be achieved, I put patients on small material doses of uterine remedies, principally Pulsatilla 0, in from five to ten-drop doses once or twice a day. The result is often very satisfactory.

Change of life in women – James Compton Burnett -1898



U.S. Vaccine requirements/ exemptions state by state

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) website provides information on the vaccine requirements and exemptions in the U.S., state by state.  If you have children, check out this website!

India -Committee to deal with false propaganda against homoeopathy

A committee that includes the chairpersons of various committees including the ‘Scientific Advisory Committee, Sub-committee on clinical research and Basic & Fundamental research’ has been set up to address issues related to false propaganda against homoeopathy

Some Tips frm William H. Burt, M. D -1895

Antimonium Tartaricum – Lumbago

Lumbago, violent pain in the sacro-lumbar region. Slightest motion causes retching and cold sweat. Best remedy in the Materia Medica for this painful malady. Aggravation damp, cold weather and evening.

Hyoscyamus Niger in Cough

Nocturnal spasmodic dry cough, excited by a recumbent posture, relieved at once by sitting up. This is our most valuable remedy in incessant dry, spasmodic cough, greatly aggravated at night, and especially by lying down, or in cold air.


As a remedy for styes, it has no equal as, in a majority of cases, it will cause them to abort before pus forms.

Thuja in Smallpox

In the treatment of variola of every degree, it aborts the pustules and prevents suppurative fever. It is a grand prophylactic.

Trillium Pendulum –Uterus and Kidneys

It is especially useful in hemorrhages of the uterus and kidneys, either of an active or passive nature. Often better than Sabina, Secale or Hamamelis.

Urtic Urens

Urticaria, where the skin becomes elevated, with a white central spot and a red areola, attended by stinging, burning pains; requires to be rubbed all the time; relieved by lying down, reappearing immediately after rising.


Much itching of the anus. Ascarides and lumbricoides.  About specific for lumbricoides (roundworm).

William H. Burt, M. D., Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer-1895

Tips from R. W. Nelson, M.D. (Circa 1882)

Chilblains itch and burn— specific – Cantharis.  Itch and burn very much, and are very red. Agaricus

Long lasting, great coldness of the skin, unwilling to be covered, with sudden and complete prostration of the vital forces – Camphor.

Severe chill ending with vomiting – Eupatorium perf.

Cholera Infantum – Typhoid type, child restless at night, has to be changed to get relief. Rhus tox

Colic  — In infants, children, or adults, bordering on spasms, almost immediately relieved by Magnesia phos. 6x

Cyanosis  — In the new born babe. Laurocerasus

Cystitis — Constant desire to urinate, much pain about the glans penis, passes about two or three drops of urine at a time. Apis

Debility — With sensation of tremor – Sulphuric acid

Neuralgia:  Of the face, tensive and tearing. Motion and touch increase the pain, better from rest and warmth. Colocynth

Neuralgia:  after rising gradually to an intolerable acuteness, ceases

on a sudden. Belladonna

A Clinical Assistant: Being An Index Of Diseases, Their Symptoms, And Homoeopathic Treatment   – R. W. Nelson, M.D.

SRP symptoms from Dr. J.H. Clarke’s M.M.

Abies_C.  – Sensation as if the right lung were small and hard

Acon. – Flow of urine, with sweat, diarrhoea, and colic.

Rhus_T. – Swallowing causes pain in middle of back.

Ars  – When lying down, the patient feels stronger, but on rising, falls from weakness.

Thanks to – Ganesan M.



Warning on Tylenol and other Acetaminophen Drugs

Acetaminophen is a commonly used antipyretic and analgesic in children. Acetaminophen overdose is the most common identifiable cause of acute liver failure in children.1  Also, Acetaminophen use after measles-mumps-rubella vaccination was significantly associated with autistic disorder in children 5 years of age or less2.

  1. Squires RH, Jr, Shneider BL, Bucuvalas J, et al.Acute liver failure in children: the first 348 patients in the pediatric acute liver failure study group.J Pediatr 2006;148:652–8 [PMC free article] [PubMed]

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